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57 Splendid DIY Photo Booth Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Please say you do not believe that pictures are supposed to be perfect if clicked naturally! There's a reason why photo shoots are trendy nowadays. Smart people have realized that if the photo background is not pretty, images will not be picture perfect, and hence they get dressed up to go to beautiful places and have their private photo shoots.

57 Insanely Beautiful DIY Photo Booth Ideas for Your Next Celebration

But why make this such an expensive deal when you can create diy photo booths yourself? And not just one, you can make plenty of them for various occasions. So, without wasting a minute, let's be creative!

Splendid DIY Photo Booth Ideas Follow

  1. Paper Chain Backdrop

If you want to click pictures with your best friend on friendship day, create this backdrop and surprise your best friend. Let's take it that you know how to make paper chains. If you don't, just grab a pair of scissors, papers of vibrant colors, and glue, you can use a paper guillotine to make your job easier.

Now, cut the paper into multiple strips, glue them in a way to form a ring. Take the next piece and glue both the ends to form a loop with the first ring. Take a pole like the ones holding your curtains and hang all the paper chains similarly. You have got yourself a beautiful backdrop for your next photo shoot.


More details at bespoke-bride.com

  1. Chalkboard Backdrop

Are you aware of the chalkboard backdrop? It is the simplest DIY Photo Booth Idea. All you need is a cloth and chalkboard paint. Take a rag and paint it with the chalkboard paint. Once the paint is dried up, it can act as a board.

Then you can draw anything you want on i, the best part about this is it is customizable. So feel free to give it a geeky look, or you can make it like the cool backbenches. This idea is precisely used during farewell parties in high school or colleges.


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  1. Ticket Backdrop Photo Booth

The ticket backdrop is one of the most creative DIY Photo Booth Ideas ever. We all have a thing for collecting tickets for sure. Now is the time to put them into use. The requirements are a roll of tickets, poster putty, double-sided tape or glue dots and a blank wall, of course. It will take max 30 minutes to make this backdrop.

Firstly, measure the height and width and mark them with tickets forming the boundary. Fill the area within the boundary with tickets and your backdrop is ready.  This idea is popular for carnivals around the world.


More details at lovelyindeed.com

  1. Instax Pineapple Frame

Willing to have a fun photo shoot for absolutely no reason? Make an instax pineapple frame and create your photo booth. The process is simple; you can make it yourself. The required materials are x-acto, tape runner, scotch tape, adhesive dots, ruler, black duck tape, scrapbook paper and lastly, foam board.

First, cut out three pineapples and the strips for their bodies. Once the pineapples are ready, trace the square of your frame and cut it out. Use the black duck tape to create stripes on the frame but leave one edge for the pineapples. Now glue the pineapples on that side and decorate it in your way.



Full tutorial on youtu.be

  1. Door Screen Backdrop

The door screen backdrop is probably one of the most intimate photo booths for a wedding. You can have clean doors, or you can give a rusty and vintage like feel to it.

The glass allows view of the background which doesn't make it superficial because weddings are real, it is best to be kept realistic. The work is pretty easy; just attach the door screens, and you will have the most stunning backdrop for your wedding photo shoot.


More details at notjustahousewife.net

  1. Minecraft Balloon Wall

Are you looking for birthday DIY Photo Booth Ideas? The minecraft balloon wall is the perfect backdrop for a birthday party. The first thing you need to keep in mind while making this is to keep the size of the balloons uniform. The process is pretty simple, just get balloons of contradicting colors, blow them with a pump and stick them on the wall.

You can stick them in a way to form alphabets or numbers to make it funkier. One little tip, include more people in this making because more the number of people, more number of helping hands and thus, less time consumed.


More details on youtu.be

  1. Paper Fan Backdrop

The idea of paper fan backdrop can be used for any celebration or party. The main ingredient required for this photo booth is patience. Supplies needed are foam core poster boards, packing tape, colored copy paper, glue gum and straight pins.

Let us take it you know how to make paper fans as it is taught in kindergarten. So make as many paper fans as you need and create the actual background by joining the foam core poster boards. The arrangement of the fans is up to you; go along with your instincts. Just to let you know, this backdrop will get destroyed if you leave it outside.


More details at aprettycoollife.com

  1. Batman Photo Booth Frame

Is your kid a huge fan of Batman? Surprise him with a Batman costume and photo booth frame on his next birthday where he can pose as Batman and get awesome pictures clicked. Wondering how to make the structure?

Take a black foam core board, cut out the centerpiece of the board to create the frame and you can make the letters from colored paper. Print out the Batman symbol and then, glue the letters, logo and other Batman stuff on the edges of the frame. Keep the batman colors in mind while making this; you do not want to mess that up.


More details on youtu.be

  1. Gold Sequins Backdrop

The gold sequins backdrop is apt for New Year's Eve. This photo booth idea is not only glamorous but will also set the party mood. It is pretty easy to make, but it will be a lot easier and fun if you could involve your friends in the process.

First, take the measurements of the area and order the sequins accordingly. The size of the sequins is your call. Cover the area with foam board, use gold wrapping paper or any other color of your choice to cover the board so that it doesn't look tacky and then just glue or tape the sequins to cover the area. By the way, you can keep it permanently in your home if you are a party person.


More details at ohhappyday.com

  1. Floating Confetti Backdrop

Are you having a housewarming party? Well, then you will need the floating confetti backdrop for sure. The process is pretty simple, and the outcome is fantastic. You will require giant wall confetti along with the glue dots, sturdy clear thread or fishing line, scissors obviously and last but not the least, tape.

Now you just need to attach the threads to the confetti with glue dots and tape them on the ceiling. That's it! Your photo booth is ready. A little advice, you can keep this decoration permanently; it will set a happy atmosphere at your place.


More details at studiodiy.com

  1. Scalloped Backdrop

The scalloped backdrop is a perfect idea for pre-wedding photo shoots. Materials required for this photo booth backdrop are pretty basics- rolls of wrapping paper, removable glue dots, circle cutter tool and the obvious, a blank wall to put it up.

Firstly, cut out the circles from rolling papers with the help of a circle cutter to keep the size uniform, place the glue dots on them and just start sticking them on the wall. Make sure they are adequately attached like the skin of a fish so that it doesn't leave any space and your pictures come out flawless.



  1. Flower Garland Backdrop

If you are planning any marriage, aren't you concerned about the garland ceremony? Here's a little help, make the flower garland photo booth backdrop for the occasion. Wondering how to make it? The procedure is pretty simple. Get five leaf prints, ten yellow and thirty white flower prints, scissors, twine needle, glue and a branch to hold the garlands.

First, trim all the leaves and flowers. Then, fold the leaves into halves and curl both the edges. Curl each petal with the edge of scissors and put glue to make the petals curl inward. Repeat the similar process to make the rest petals curl outward. Arrange the petals within a thread to form garlands and hang them from the branch. By the way, do not forget to trim off the excess thread from top and bottom.



  1. Harry Potter Photo Booth

A day with wands and magic is always welcomed by everyone. This photo booth is probably one of the most popular ideas. The requirements to make this backdrop are two foam boards, many sheets of bright ink jet paper, extra strength spray adhesive, quite a lot of printer ink, bamboo skewers, hot glue and frame hanging eyelets.

These were the printed props. Now, coming to the faux brick wall, you will need one refrigerator cardboard box, base paint, craft paints, newspapers, tape, and nails. The making is easy. Get the refrigerator box, paint a base coat, and use tape to mask the brick mortar, paint the wall and remove the tape. The wall is ready. Now, the props are printed and glued on the foam boards.

After trimming the sides, attach the props to the wall. Just a tip, you can form the platform nine ¾ and ask the kids to put on the robes according to their houses. And you are all set for the Harry Potter theme party.



  1. Backdrop Frame

Are you looking for a basic and cheap photo booth backdrop frame? You got it! This backdrop frame comes only for $10. The supplies required to make this frame are three PVC pipes, two PVC L-shaped pieces, four PVC T-shaped pieces and four PVC end caps.

The making process is effortless. Just attach the pipes with the help of end caps to form the frame and the stands would come from the T-shaped pieces. Once the frame is ready, you can hang any cloth of any design apt for your celebration, and it's prepared. Get some awesome pictures clicked with this backdrop frame.


More details at happinessishomemade.net

  1. Cut out Boards

The cutout board photo booth is the kids' favorite and why won't it be? Clicking pictures with your body being of some cartoon or fantasy character is the dream. The primary material required to make this frame is pressed board.

All you need to do is paint the figures you wish to make cut-outs of. After the paint is dried up, just cut out the face of the figure. Just place your head in the hole and get pictures clicked pretending to be your favorite character.



  1. White Tinsel Backdrop

The white tinsel backdrop is a perfect photo booth for a baby shower. It's not just cute but bright and refreshing. Welcoming a life in a pleasant atmosphere is necessary, and you can make that.

You will need to cut long strands of white tinsel into multiple strands and using one strand as the base, fold the others in halves placing the loops along the base strand. Tuck the loose ends through the middles to tighten them down. You have got yourself a beautiful yet sophisticated photo booth backdrop.


More details at kojo-designs.com

  1. Ombre Tissue Backdrop

Who thought we could pull off a photo booth backdrop with tissues? Well, we didn't, but we can! The requirements are tissue paper (of course!), scissors, chicken wire, wire cutters, zip ties and photo backdrop framework. The making is pretty simple.

Cut a bunch of tissues into large shapes like rectangles or squares, cut the chicken wire according to your measurements, attach the wire to the frame with the help of zip ties and stuff the tissues into the fence in any arrangement you wish to make. One little advice, fluff it up a little and make sure you didn't leave any area unattended.


More details at lovelyindeed.com

  1. Metallic Fringe Backdrop

We just keep looking for a reason to party, but when we get one, we are not very good at planning it. Well, here's a suggestion. Make the metallic fringe backdrop for the photo booth of your party because it's not only cool but also consumes less time than to blow up a hundred balloons.

Wondering how to make it? Get metallic fringe garlands, double-sided tape, and a black sheet. Place the black layer on the ground and use double-sided tape to stick the wreaths on the sheet, like a waterfall. Once all the garlands are taped, lift up the sheet and attach it to a blank wall.



  1. Ribbon and Lace Backdrop

If you are planning your daughter's birthday, you have to make this beautiful ribbon and lace backdrop photo booth. You can use two or three of her favorite colors for this backdrop, and she will be amazed. The necessary materials required are glue gun, cord, ribbon, lace, measurement tape, rope, and scissors, of course.

Take the measurements and cut the laces and ribbons accordingly. Lay them in any manner you want and wrap the tip of your laces and ribbons around the cord. When the whole cord is covered up, hang it on a wall, and your backdrop is all set.


  1. Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth

Are you planning your kid's birthday? Wondering what would be fun for him/her? Make the hot air balloon photo booth for your baby. You will need a laundry basket, a huge balloon, blue paper, helium, scissors, heavy yarn and tape or staple.

Firstly, inflate the balloon and tie it to something heavy to weigh it down. Make an X with the yarn on the balloon and tie it to the corners of the basket. Adjust the yarn correctly so that it holds the balloon tightly and staple the yarn with your adjacent wall.

Place the blue paper in the background and make some appropriate crafts on it to give the sky-like feeling. And that's it. Just be careful when you put and pull the baby out of the basket.


More details at ohhappyday.com

  1. Raining Photo Booth

The raining photo booth seems like fun, right? It is! And it is effortless to make. Find a blank wall, hang up a white sheet on it, use giant woolen balls to create clouds and cut out raindrops from blue chart paper. Stick the raindrops on the sheet in any way you want. Use fun props according to your wish, just don't forget an umbrella and you are ready to set up the camera and say cheese.


More details at caughtonawhim.com

  1. Newspaper Backdrop

Can you guess the classic photo booth backdrop? Newspapers, of course! This backdrop is not only classy but beautiful and antique. Even in the 21st century, the newspaper backdrop is the best and easiest. So just pick out the wall which you want to work on, gather a whole lot of newspapers and start sticking them on the wall. Your photo booth will be ready in no time.


More details at pinterest.com

  1. Tulle and String Lights Backdrop

Looking for a fairy tale like photo booth backdrop? You should go with the tulle and string lights backdrop. We all have string lights at home, right? If not, you can go and get some. The procedure to make it is pretty easy. Just lay a cloth on the wall of any color you wish to and hang tulle, string lights and beads on it. Keep one thing in mind while making it: use command hooks to set them in positions.


More details at hoosierhomemade.com

  1. Invitation Backdrop

The invitation backdrop photo booth is perfect for wedding photo shoots, and it is pretty easy to make if you follow the instructions. You will need plywood, projector, paint, and brushes. Now, take plywood of whatever size you need to make it and paint it any color you want. Trace the words and designs using a projector and highlight them with contrasting color. And it is ready to be photographed.


More details at averielane.com

  1. DIY Photo Booth

You want a photo booth, but you are completely broke and cannot spend a penny on it? No worries! You can make one at home. We usually store the refrigerator or freezer or air conditioner box in the garage. Well, it's time to get that dump out of there.

Cut the box into halves and join them with woods in the top and bottom. Put curtains on the insides of the box and paint the outside. Decorate it in your way and cover the open spaces with black curtains like in a real photo booth. That's it!


More details at meadowstreetmemoirs.blogspot.in

  1. One word  Marshmallows

Do you like winter? Do you like snow? You got it right! Marshmallows backdrop! This backdrop is perfect for a wedding. It shows tenderness, kindness and the feel of warmth in winter. The process is pretty easy.

Just thread the marshmallows and hang from the ceiling. That'll do the work! You can use different colors of marshmallows and just top it with a fantastic background made of layers. You get the picture, right? It's beautiful.


  1. Chicken wire and napkins can do wonders

The backdrop made of chicken wire and napkins will make you stunned. Here's the process of how to create a minimalist red heart out of napkins. You will require a staple gun, hammer, nails, wood for the frame, chicken wires, spray paint and red napkins, of course!

Firstly, paint the wooden pieces and the exposed side of the chicken wire. With the help of nails and hammer, create a square frame with the wooden pieces. Attach the chicken wire to the frame by using a staple gun. Hang it on the wall and mark the heart shape by tucking napkins in the wire. Once you have formed the shape, fill in the heart with lots of red napkins, and you're done!


  1. Spring Foliage Backdrop

Do you like spring? Everyone loves spring and so would you for sure. The spring foliage backdrop is famous for wedding photo booths, but you can use it in during Christmas Eve too. The requirements for making this are yarn, string, twine, lace, fabric, fake flowers, scissors, leafy garland, hammer, nails and a glue gun.

Now, choose a blank wall, nail down a long twine on the wall and hang strings of yarn from the twine. Make sure they are of various lengths. Tie a bunch of strips and drape it using nails or another string. Make some more and do the same. Take the fake flowers and attach them to a piece of twine and hang it along with the drapes. Lastly, use the leafy garlands to form the frame. There you go! It's ready!


More details at blog.freepeople.com 

  1. Plates Backdrop

If you are looking for a unique photo booth, create the plates backdrop. It's a bet most people have not seen one. By the name, you get the idea for sure. Pick the plates you want to use, attach them to a blank wall, that's it!

You have to keep two things in mind while making this. Firstly, the color of the wall and the plates should be contrasting else it will look messy and secondly, be careful that the plates don't fall and break. Otherwise, you are good to go!


More details at in.pinterest.com

  1. Pixelated Paper Backdrop

Are you planning Thanksgiving dinner? You must have the pixelated paper backdrop for the gathering. You will need colored papers, glue gun, scissors and sheet of plywood according to your measurements.

First, think of the image you want to form. Cut every piece of small paper into three sections and create fringes on every one of them by cutting multiple strips but keeping them intact. Now start gluing them on the plywood forming the image you have in your mind. You will be amazed seeing the result.


More details at ruffledblog.com

  1. Yarned Backdrop

Making of the yarned backdrop photo booth seems like fun, right? It is pretty cool. The procedure is easy and less time-consuming. The requirements to create this backdrop are yarns, neon masonry line, glue, scissors and wooden dowel as per your measurements.

Cut the yarns into groups of strings of various lengths and colors. Glue these groups on different dowels according to your wish and trim the ends. Finally, hang the dowels on a blank wall in any manner you prefer to. That's it!



  1. Paper Rings Backdrop

If you are an art-loving person, then you would surely want to make the paper rings backdrop. Firstly, you need to cut strips of papers (any colors you want) and then sew them with a long thread leaving some at the front as well as at the end so that you can hold or balance them.

Start gluing the ends of each strip in a way that they form rings. After the glue is all dried up, you can attach the thread from the ceiling, or you can stick them to the ground. That is entirely your call.


More details at ohhappyday.com

  1. Free Tree Backdrop

Are you totally broke after arranging everything for a party but you still need a backdrop? Here's an idea. Go outside; get the best-shaped leaves and few long twines, that'll do the work.

Pick a blank wall and attach the twines in any manner you like. Now all you need to do is stick the leaves to the twine. One little tip, you can write some quotes or draw a funny smiley on a paper and clip on the twine along with the leaves.


  1. Streamers Backdrop

What is the most cliché thing we buy for decorations no matter what the occasion is? Not balloons! Okay, the second most clichéd thing? You got it correct this time, streamers! But you have probably never thought of streamers backdrop. Here is the plan.

Collect the listed materials- glue, large paper for the base of the backdrop, scissors and streamers, of course! Cut small but even pieces of streamers and glue them on the base paper in any arrangement you want. The color of streamers is your choice.


More details at ruffledblog.com

  1. Vellum Backdrop

Are you looking for something calm, serene and peaceful? Well, the vellum backdrop won't disappoint you in that case. This backdrop will give you an ethereal feel. You will have to cut out petals and leaves from colored papers and thread them with a string. Now all you have to do is uniformly hang those strings on a blank wall creating the essence or aura of heaven.


More details at shopruche.com

  1. Butchered Paper Backdrop

Do you like pine cones? If yes, you are in for the butchered backdrop. You will need materials like a glue gun, large butcher paper, scissors, and pencil. As kids, we all have learned the technique to form pine cones by curling the spiral-shaped butcher paper.

So what are you waiting for? Make those. Add glue in the centre of each flower to hold it together. Now stick them on the wall and put tiny leaves cut out from papers along with it. That'll do the trick.


More details at greenweddingshoes.com 

  1. Floating Stars

Who doesn't love stars? We all have grown up counting stars in the sky. Now you can have stars in your home. Floating stars backdrop is one of the most popular and creative ideas among teenagers' parties. You can make this yourself; just get the required materials- colored papers, scissors, glue, and strings.

Firstly, cut out the stars from the colored papers and stick them on a thread. After you make multiple threads consisting of stars, just hang them from your ceiling or against something to support them. It'll look magical once you are done.


More details at sharnacious.blogspot.in

  1. Gold Fringes

The gold fringes backdrop is usually famous for prom nights. With all the sparkle and dazzle, any evening can turn into a prom night. The procedure is nothing at all. Just get the gold fringes from the market and stick them on the wall in any arrangement you want. That's it! Your backdrop is all set and good to be photographed.

GOLD FRINGES Wedding Backdrop

More details at tumblr.com

  1. Book Pages Backdrop

If you are planning to surprise your beloved and you need a setup, then the book pages backdrop is your best pick. Choose his or her favorite books and make a copy of every page you want to put up there.

For the background, go with white or black cloth because only then, the pages will stand out. Now all you have to do is stick the pages on the cloth. This idea is not just classy, but it also speaks to one emotionally.


More details at studiodiy.com 

  1. Geometrical Shapes

The geometrical shapes backdrop is perfect for your kid's birthday party. It will be even more fun if you could include him or her in the making process. Kids love to do art and crafts, and they certainly like to cut out geometrical shapes from colorful papers.

You will need a hot glue gun, scissors, canvas for the backdrop and any colored papers you want to use. Now start making geometrical shapes out of those papers and make sure they are of various sizes. Once you are done making them, just glue them on the canvas, and you have a fantastic backdrop set for the party.


More details at greenweddingshoes.com 

  1. Cupcake liners creates crisp whites

Are you planning a bridal shower? The cupcake liners backdrop is all you need. Can you imagine a backdrop with cupcake liners? It is unbelievable, right? But the outcome is amazingly beautiful. Just choose a blank wall and cover it with white canvas.

Now, thread the cupcake liners into a string. After you are done making multiple strings consisting of cupcake liners, hang them from the ceiling or any other support you prefer. The crisp whites in the background will give a heavenly touch to your pictures.


More details at bridetobridesmaid.blogspot.in

  1. Coffee Filters Backdrop

Have you ever tried to make garlands out of coffee filters? Don't think so. Now you got to try it because here's an idea, coffee filters backdrop. It is pretty simple to make.

All you need to do is arrange a bunch of coffee filters and make several garlands out of them. Once you are done with that, just hang them in any manner against a blank wall. And your backdrop is all set. It's prettier than you imagined, right?



  1. Yarn Balls Backdrop

The yarn balls backdrop sounds intriguing. It is one of the most innovative ideas for a photo booth backdrop. You will need transparent balloons, threads, glue, and yarn. What are you waiting for? Blow up some balloons. Make sure they are of different sizes and while you tie the knots of the balloons, leave an extended thread to hang them from the ceiling.

So far, sounds easy? Well, then you need to wrap up the yarns in a neat manner around the balloons making them seem like yarn balls. After that is completed, just hang them from the ceiling maintaining a proper height from the ground.


More details at shopruche.blogspot.in

  1. Giant Flowers

Fairytales can be turned into reality with the help of the giant flowers backdrop. This might consume more time than expected but after seeing the outcome, you will not regret it. The primary materials required are plastic cups, stucco corner, cement, tie wire, wire cutters, gloves, glue, tape, scissors, tissue paper, zip ties and dried moss.

Firstly, make the stem and then, attach the leaves. Secondly, make the flowers out of tissue and glue moss at the center of the flowers. Last but not the least, tie the flowers to the stem with the help of zip ties. That's it! You're done!

GIANT FLOWERS Wedding Backdrop

More details at designsponge.com

  1. Splatter Paint

Are you looking for some fun? But you are stuck with making a backdrop? How about mixing them up? You can have your fun with friends, yet your backdrop will be ready in no time. The splatter paint backdrop is the easiest of all.

By the name, you have got it correct! Just hang a clean canvas on the wall of any color you like and start throwing paint. After the paint is all dried up, it's time to party! What a perfect solution, right?


More details at studiodiy.com

  1. Waxed Dots Backdrop

The waxed dots backdrop photo booth is a unique idea. The materials we need are waxed paper, scissors, thread, and glue. Just to let you know, this can be made in various shapes. The procedure is very easy too.

Just cut out shapes from the waxed paper, string them in a thread like garlands, only maintaining uniform space between each of them. Once you have made enough garlands, hang them against a wall or form any other arrangement as we do with streamers with the help of glue. And your backdrop is all set!


More details at greenweddingshoes.com 

  1. Clouds and Rainbows

The clouds and rainbows backdrop is perfect for a Halloween party. With all the bright and shiny colors, your room will lighten up on a Halloween night. All you need is a little bit of patience and just follow the instructions. Get circle shaped glitter papers, gold twine, paper cutter, glue and pom-pom for the rainbow colors and clouds.

The making is pretty simple; thread the pom-poms in seven different twines respectively and hang them against the wall like VIBGYOR. Use the white pom-poms to make clouds and thread the glitter papers and hang them from the clouds like lightning. Pretty easy, huh?


More details at shopsweetlulublog.com

  1. Pastel Bows Backdrop

The pastel bows photo booth backdrop is very easy and effortless to make. You can make it all by yourself in no time. Gather the materials such as scrapbook paper, glue, ribbon, clips, scissors and tracing papers.

Your first task would be to cut out the shapes and make the bows with the help of glue, clips, and ribbons. Once you are ready with the bows, lay them in any arrangement you want and glue them on a thread accordingly. Now just pick it up and stick it on the blank wall.


More details at honeyandfitz.com

  1. Polaroids Backdrop

The polaroids backdrop is probably one of the most refreshing ideas for a photo booth. This design is not only intimate but very personal and touchy. And that is the reason this is very popular among couples. Let's say it is perfect for engagement parties or valentine's parties. Now, by the name of the backdrop, you know what to do. So don't waste time, start collecting pictures!


More details at in.pinterest.com

  1. Drinking Straws

Have you ever thought that drinking straws could be used to make a photo booth backdrop? Let's take it as a no. Here is how you can use them and create a backdrop. You’ll need a string, spray paint, plastic straws, needle, command hooks, and scissors.

Now the task is to create garlands out of straws like we sew flowers, similarly sew straws and make a long string out of them. Once you are done making them, use spray paint to color and after they are dried up, just hang them against the wall. Your backdrop is ready.


More details at greenweddingshoes.com 

  1. Layered Fabric Backdrop

Are you planning a wedding photo shoot? The layers fabric backdrop is one of the most famous photo booth ideas when it comes to a wedding. Just choose your favorite color and fabric for the layers and spread them on a blank wall in any manner you want. Yes, the making is that simple!


More details at weddingchicks.com

  1. Old Book Sheets

Do you have plenty of old books at your home and you want to get rid of them? Don't get throw them away so fast; you can use them for something more creative.

How would you feel if you walk into your room and find just one wall has lots of old sheets pasted on it? Do it! This is the perfect vintage look for a backdrop, and the best part is you can keep it permanently.

OLD BOOK SHEETS Photo Background

More details at in.pinterest.com

  1. Sticky Notes

Are you planning a farewell party? You must make the sticky notes backdrop photo booth for the guests. All you need is post-its and a blank wall. What are you wasting time for? Start sticking them on the wall. Just make sure they are uniformly placed together, and you’re all good to go.

Colorful STICKY NOTES Background

More details at lovelyindeed.com

  1. Stacked Books Backdrop

The stacked books backdrop is one hell of an idea for a photo booth. This is mainly used for portraits and private photo shoots. All of us have a huge number of books we are planning to throw out.

Why not put them to good use before selling? There's no such procedure to make this backdrop; just start stacking your books in front of a blank wall, and when it has reached a certain height, that's it! Your backdrop is ready.


  1. VINYL Records Backdrop

No one has ever come across the idea of records backdrop for sure. How to make it? The requirements are records, hooks, and an empty wall. Just plan out a strategy of how to place them, else the hooks might not be appropriately positioned, and the records might overlap.

Start making the backdrop by placing a hook on the wall and hanging a record on it. Keep repeating the same until your wall is filled with records.


More details at lovelyindeed.com 

  1. Tassels Backdrop

Who doesn't love tassels? But have you ever considered making a backdrop out of them? Well, it's not too late. Pick a blank wall and gather tassels. All you need to do is place the tassels on the wall in any arrangement you wish to make; could be uniform or messy. But just one tip, messy tassel work looks like more fun.


More details at theselby.com

  1. Paper Umbrella

We all know how to make paper umbrellas, right? We have been making them since kindergarten. So, make a bunch of such paper umbrellas of any color you want. The backdrop could be multicolored or just one-two colors.

Choose a blank wall and place the umbrellas on it. Keep one thing in mind, do not leave any space where the wall can be seen because that looks very tacky and you don't want to mess up your backdrop.


More details at photogbooth.com

These are a handful of ideas for DIY Photo Booth Ideas, but you can always come up with something of your own. Use a little creativity and time to create a backdrop for your upcoming party.

What do you think? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !