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45 Easter Drawing Ideas | A Complete List

Easter is a festive holiday for many people. From painting chocolate bunnies to hunting for Easter eggs, it's no wonder kids love it!

Easter Drawing Ideas

Aside from decorating eggs, making Easter-themed drawings is another excellent way to celebrate Easter.

We compiled this list of 45 Easter drawing ideas that both kids and adults can enjoy. Prepare your drawing materials, and let's get crafting!

45 DIY Easter Drawing Ideas

Background image of Happy Easter coloring book on art and craft table at Easter party for children, copy space. DIY Easter Drawing Ideas

You don't need to be a master artist to draw Easter craft projects. With simple supplies you have at home, you can absolutely create DIY Easter drawings!

Let's look at 45 Easter drawing ideas to get your creativity going:

1. Easter Bunny Doodle

Easter Bunny Doodle

Source: Karen Kaspar

When you think about Easter, what pops into your head? No doubt, it's the Easter bunny.

This Easter bunny sketch is a great warm-up to start the list. It has an outline of a bunny with two Easter eggs beside it.

The great thing about this doodle is that you can keep it minimalist or decorate it with bright colors.

2. Happy Easter Bunny

Happy Easter Bunny

Source: Primark

Let your kids join in on the fun by coloring this Easter bunny!

This illustration includes an Easter greeting with a cute rabbit surrounded by Easter eggs. Kids can fill it in with different colors or add decorations like glitter.

When the drawing is complete, it can make for a cute Easter-themed decoration around the house.

3. Easter Bunny Winnie the Pooh

Easter Bunny Winnie the Pooh

Source: Source Unknown

Who wouldn't love an adorable Pooh bear as the Easter bunny?

A recognizable cartoon character like Winnie the Pooh will surely excite your little tots to draw this illustration.

Kids can decorate and color this drawing to add some more whimsical touches!

4. Easter Basket

Easter Basket

Source: Source Unknown

Encourage your kids to get creative with this beginner-friendly sketch.

They can easily color the Easter eggs in any way they want. They can even add glitter or special effects to the decorated eggs for a truly vibrant illustration.

Like decorating Easter eggs, Easter drawings are another fun way for kids to express their creativity.

5. Easter Basket With a Ribbon

Easter Basket With a Ribbon

Source: Anna Velichkovsky

Easter baskets are a staple of Easter traditions, so here's another art idea you can check out!

This basket comes with a bow on top and several Easter eggs nestled inside. Kids can decorate the picture with colors or glitter.

It has a defined outline with more details for those who want a more intricate alternative.

6. Family Easter Egg Painting

Family Easter Egg Painting

Source: Visekart

Memorialize your family's Easter bonding time with this cartoon drawing!

It includes a mom and two children painting a basket of Easter eggs together on a table. Drawing is MORE fun with the whole family, so this print is something you don't want to miss.

7. Let's Draw An Easter Egg

Let's Draw An Easter Egg

Source: AlexBannykh

This adorable drawing is a great way to inspire your kid to explore their artistic skills.

Your little girl can draw herself drawing a decorated Easter egg. Armed with just a pen, she can easily follow the lines to create a fun Easter-themed cartoon.

This print can also be colored in for better results!

8. Easter Baby Bird

Easter Baby Bird

Source: Azuzl

Sometimes, our Easter eggs contain a fun surprise!

With a ribbon on the chick's head, this doodle features a cute baby bird that recently hatched from its egg.

Although chicks are usually yellow, who said you couldn't color it blue or pink? Have fun, and see how you can get creative with it.

9. Easter Egg Mountain

Easter Egg Mountain

Source: AlexBannykh

If you can't get enough of cute Easter chicks, this drawing idea is another great option.

It includes a little mountain of Easter eggs with different patterns that kids would definitely have a blast coloring or drawing (if they're patient)!

Paint this print using watercolor to get that DIY effect we all know and love.

10. Juggling Bunny

Juggling Bunny

Source: From the Pond

To add some whimsy to your Easter decorations, this drawing is right up your alley!

Draw this Easter bunny juggling decorated Easter eggs if you want something more playful for your children to try.

11. Easter Doodles

Easter Doodles

Source: Sara

You can scribble these Easter doodles on your sketch pad if you want a simple drawing idea.

You can draw a little Easter bunny and Easter eggs with flowers framing the illustration. This drawing doesn't require too much thought, so it's worth considering if you have free time.

It also includes more religious items like Jesus' cross and an angel to commemorate the true spirit of Easter.

12. Happy Easter Print

Happy Easter Print

Source: Dukes and Duchesses

Older kids may not be into drawing rabbits and Easter eggs, but they can still get creative this Easter!

This simple Easter calligraphy drawn with a ring of flowers is a stylish decoration you can add just in time for Easter.

You can use special paper or paint it with watercolor paints to bring this idea to life.

13. Chocolate Bunny Basket

Chocolate Bunny Basket

Source: Source Unknown

Chocolate rabbits are an essential part of Easter (for your kids, at least). After all, the Easter bunny is known to leave treats and candy for good kids.

This Easter-themed drawing includes a chocolate bunny in a pile of Easter eggs inside a basket.

It's a colorful illustration that would undoubtedly excite your children for Easter!

14. Happy Easter Egg

Happy Easter Egg

Source: Source Unknown

Is there anything cuter than a little bunny carrying a giant Easter egg?

This illustration features a small rabbit holding up an Easter egg, complete with a Happy Easter greeting.

It's the perfect postcard you can display in the living room.

15. Design Your Easter Egg

Design Your Easter Egg

Source: DarrenW

Unleash your creative side with this customizable Easter egg spread!

If you want to keep your Easter eggs organized before painting, this print can help you visualize them.

It's also a great art exercise for children to design their own Easter eggs. The illustration also comes with pre-set patterns to make decorating easier.

16. Jesus Easter Eggs

Jesus Easter Eggs

Source: Printablee

At its core, Easter Sunday is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.

Easter drawings can be a way to teach religious topics to children. This illustration combines Easter eggs and Christian themes to emphasize the importance of Easter.

You can also draw different patterns on the Easter eggs if you want to personalize your art.

17. The Lord is Risen Easter Egg

The Lord is Risen Easter Egg

Source: Printablee

If you want a unique way to draw an Easter decoration, this drawing idea has great potential.

This illustration features a holy cross with flowers inside a decorated Easter egg. It's another Easter-inspired drawing that uses popular culture to emphasize religious themes.

18. He is Risen!

He is Risen!

Source: Flanders Family

This option makes for a pretty illustration for those who want a more sophisticated Easter art idea.

The flower details are more elaborate, and the text requires a steady hand, perfect for older and intermediate artists!

This drawing has a refined style that can also double as a postcard.

19. A Blessed Easter Sunday

A Blessed Easter Sunday

Source: Source Unknown

This doodle brings the joy of the resurrection in a witty religious-themed drawing.

It features the word "Easter" at the center, with the T drawn as a cross. Behind it is the morning sun, emphasizing the hope of Jesus' resurrection.

Simple and easy-to-follow, this drawing is a good choice for the occasion.

20. Hanging Easter Eggs

Hanging Easter Eggs

Source: Printablee

You can create this quaint Easter-inspired drawing with a pencil and paper.

Hanging colorful Easter eggs on a tree branch was originally a German Easter tradition. Although the custom may seem mysterious, decorated eggs make for great ornaments!

Feel free to color this drawing however you like for a more vibrant Easter illustration.

21. Floral Easter Egg

Floral Easter Egg

Source: Rvika

For those who want more complex drawings, this floral Easter egg-shaped drawing gives you free rein to design what you want.

You can start with the rabbit in the middle and work from there to create your own floral pattern. Add bees and other little critters for that touch of springtime!

Color your work, and you've got a lovely Easter decoration.

22. Bunny Painter

Bunny Painter

Source: Penny Black

This time around, the Easter bunny is the one who is painting an Easter egg. It includes a little bee flying around to add character to your drawing.

If you're keen on using watercolor, you can paint your artwork.

This illustration is a great choice if you want a cute Easter-themed drawing with a storybook charm.

23. Realistic Bunny Painting

Realistic Bunny Painting

Source: Yuliya Derbisheva

Artists who want more realism and challenge to their artwork can try out this Easter bunny painting.

It uses watercolor to create that "soft" effect, perfect for a springtime celebration.

With a grassy backdrop and cursive calligraphy, it's another postcard-worthy idea!

24. Flower Egg

Flower Egg

Source: Lemaris

This drawing idea is another watercolor painting that highlights the message of hope that Easter is all about.

You can draw a budding tulip sprouting out of an egg with an Easter greeting. It may seem simple, but it conveys a deeper meaning.

It's a beautiful painting that celebrates rebirth and growth.

25. Happy Easter Day

Happy Easter Day

Source: Pikisuperstar

If you're looking for postcard templates, this painting is a great inspiration.

You can create brightly-colored eggs drawn in the shape of an egg to truly hit that Easter theme home.

Round it up with a cheery greeting in the middle, and you've got yourself a lovely print!

26. Rabbit Egg

Rabbit Egg

Source: Viktory1103

This Easter illustration is ideal for those who want minimalist artwork to spruce up their décor.

It features a white rabbit inside an Easter egg, filled with flowery details to evoke springtime. Complete your work with a banner at the bottom!

Although this drawing idea uses pastels, feel free to color it however you like.

27. Easter Bunny Gnome

Easter Bunny Gnome

Source: Lia.lait

Cultures throughout the world associate the gnome as an earth guardian, which is why it's easy to connect them to Easter.

Although not as well-known, Easter gnomes are also slowly gaining popularity in the U.S.

This idea is an excellent choice if you want to draw something a little different from typical Easter-themed illustrations.

28. Easter Egg Cup

Easter Egg Cup

Source: Source Unknown

Tired of Easter baskets? An Easter mug is a whimsical twist you can try out!

This drawing idea features a green cup with a nest of eggs drawn inside it.

Although it's not something you'd want to do in reality, it's a playful reimagining of popular Easter drawings.

29. Easter Banner

Easter Banner

Source: Olivia Gibbs

Celebrate the coming of spring with this festive Easter artwork.

With a vivid floral background and a white banner, you can wish your loved ones a happy Easter! Feel free to spice up the colors and design it however you want.

This piece is easily one of the PRETTIEST drawing templates on this list.

30. Easter Bunny Cut-out

Easter Bunny Cut-out

Source: Source Unknown

Crafting Easter decorations can go beyond simple illustrations.

You can recreate this stunning Easter-themed artwork with colored paper, scissors, and glue!

If you want to bring your A-game this spring, you can't go wrong with this option. You can find a tutorial online to find out how to make this cut-out Easter rabbit.

31. Easter Field

Easter Field

Source: Faye Buckingham

Draw Easter bunnies and all their merry friends with this colorful illustration!

This drawing idea evokes the joy of springtime when all the critters come out, and we can see nature in all its glory.

You and your kids will surely enjoy coloring the rest of the piece and adding in all the little details.

32. Easter Egg Home

Easter Egg Home

Source: Joanne Cave

This lovely egg house is home to our little animal friends when they're not playing outside in the sun.

You can draw a lamb, a rabbit, and a chick inside this decorated Easter egg to welcome springtime.

With a heart-warming Easter greeting, this illustration makes for a lovely greeting card!

33. Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter

Source: Kathryn Selbert

Hop into spring with this witty greeting card!

This drawing is perfect for pun enthusiasts who want to commemorate Easter.

It features patterned Easter eggs with a large "Hoppy Easter" caption that will undoubtedly get a good chuckle from everyone!

34. Easter Collage

Easter Collage

Source: Louise Anglicas

Get crafty and get your supplies out with this pretty Easter collage!

You can use various paper crafts, magazine clippings, and stickers to create this patchwork Easter illustration. Add another drawing on the top half of this work to complete it.

Consider this one if you're looking for a fun project for you and your kids this Easter.

35. Easter Chicken

Easter Chicken

Source: Charlotte Pepper

Brighten everyone's Easter with this golden Easter chicken!

With gold foil paper and colored markers, you can make stunning artwork that will charm.

It can even work well as a greeting card or mantel décor this Easter.

36. Crafty Easter Tree

Crafty Easter Tree

Source: Source Unknown

If you have felt paper lying around, you can give this DIY Easter ornate craftwork a try.

It combines 2D drawings of decorated tree branches and crafting materials for a truly unique artwork.

Bond with the whole family with this arts and crafts idea!

37. Happy Easter Cross

Happy Easter Cross

Source: User6633193

This elegant watercolor painting of a cross might be the perfect way to honor the Lord's resurrection.

It has a simple floral decoration overlaid on the holy cross, making it easy for novice artists to recreate.

38. Easter Cross Watercolor

Easter Cross Watercolor

Source: Source Unknown

Looking for an Easter painting idea for your kids to try? You can consider this simple yet sophisticated watercolor.

It features a wooden cross in a field of tulips and a bright blue backdrop. Complete the illustration with an Easter greeting.

The watercolor produces a charming DIY result that will surely warm hearts!

39. Happy Easter Wreath

Happy Easter Wreath

Source: FoxSister

Wreaths aren't only reserved for Christmas!

This cute illustration uses an evergreen wreath circle to symbolize hope. It also comes with rabbit ears and decorated eggs to emphasize Easter.

With its circular shape, it can also work as a sticker or a button.

40. Colorful Easter Eggs

Colorful Easter Eggs

Source: Marc Herrera

Kids can recreate this vibrant collection of Easter eggs this coming Easter.

Although this illustration already has pre-set designs, they can color the objects freely and even add different details.

Your kids will surely love the vivid colors and cute characters!

41. Easter Rabbit Sisters

Easter Rabbit Sisters

Source: Jennifer Bell

Another charming drawing idea for your Easter décor is this little drawing of rabbit sisters in bright dresses.

You can easily draw and color this illustration using colored pencils to get that classic storybook style.

This Easter-inspired illustration can make for a lovely addition to your kids' table.

42. Rabbit Ears Easter

Rabbit Ears Easter

Source: Source Unknown

This Easter greeting card is an easy drawing idea you can make if you want an effortless Easter decoration.

With simple rabbit ears, you can have a recognizable Easter illustration that only takes a few minutes to draw!

Because it's minimally designed, you can include other ornaments or use a different color palette.

43. Customizable Easter Wreath

Customizable Easter Wreath

Source: 588ku

If you want to personalize your Easter design, this wreath illustration is a great choice to do just that.

It comes with typical Easter motifs like decorated Easter eggs and greenery, but it leaves a space at the center you can use to draw other decorations.

You can easily add rabbits or a cross to truly make the design yours!

44. Easter Blue Bird

Easter Blue Bird

Source: Mademoiselleyo

This lovely Easter illustration is an easy drawing idea that anyone can do.

It has a charming blue bird on top of a brightly-colored floral decoration. Even with colored pencils and a pen, you can make your own Easter greeting card.

It looks simple, but it adds character to your Easter décor.

45. Easter Egg Surprise

Easter Egg Surprise

Source: Dizzy Ducks Cards

This Easter surprise can be an enjoyable drawing exercise for your kids this holiday!

It features a newly-hatched chick with a patterned Easter greeting. The drawing is big enough for your kids to add their own touch.

You can encourage them to use oil pastels to create the same textured design.

Easter Drawing Ideas FAQ

  • Below are related questions about Easter drawings that might be helpful to you:

  • What Drawing Materials Will You Need?

    The materials you’ll need will depend on what type of art project you’ll be working on. This list includes different ideas you can try.

    That said, there are essential art materials that are useful for most projects:

    • Paper
    • Graphite pencils
    • Eraser
    • Sharpener
    • Blending stumps

    When working with color, you might also need various coloring materials, such as colored pencils, pastels, and watercolors.

  • How Do You Celebrate Easter?

    Many Christians consider Easter the most significant religious holiday of the year, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    It is considered a celebration of hope and eternal life.

    Easter also used to be a pagan festival to mark the coming of spring, explaining the association with rabbits.

    In many cultures around the world, decorating hard-boiled eggs is a popular Easter custom.

    Children participate in an Easter egg hunt where they look for hidden decorated eggs throughout the home.

  • Easter Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Easter Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Painting eggs is not the only family bonding activity you can do this Easter Sunday.

    Drawing is another way to hone your creative skills and encourage your kids to do the same too!

    Even without a step-by-step guide, this list includes easy Easter drawings that kids and adults can enjoy.

    This Easter, bust out your art materials and create your own Easter crafts!