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45 Easy Halloween Drawing Ideas for Kids and Adults Alike

Kids look forward to the trick-or-treat season because it means candies, chocolates, and loads of surprises!

Halloween Drawing Ideas

Sometimes, to make their experience one-of-a-kind, you will need to go the extra mile, which means drawing for decors or thinking of drawing activities to make them as happy as they can be.

To help you out, we have this post you can refer to every time for easy Halloween drawings for you and your little ones. Read through!

45 Easy Halloween Drawing Ideas

Drawing of haloween nature background with orange pumpkin in painting on paper style. 45 Easy Halloween Drawing Ideas.

Get your little boos in the booze with Halloween-themed parties as you recreate these Halloween drawing ideas for your decorations and activities.

1. Pumpkin Jack O'lantern

Pumpkin Jack O'lantern

Via: ineedfabric

If your state doesn't allow a real jack o'lantern to stay at your doorstep, a Halloween drawing like this can surely save the spirit of treat or tricking in your household.

A pumpkin jack o'lantern is easy to draw. All you have to do is to guide your kids in doing C-like shapes, combine them, and draw the facial expressions they like using circles and triangles.

2. Cute Bat

Cute Bat

Via: Maestra Anita

A cute bat is a good addition if your family makes banners for your doors, balconies, and indoor designs.

To make the bat as adorable as it can be, incorporate big eyes, round face, pinkish ears, and a perky smile!

3. Black Cat

Black Cat

Via: Mary

A black cat is one of the drawing ideas you shouldn't miss in a list of Halloween pieces, as it can make your Halloween merchandise, cookies, or stickers a little more engaging.

The specifics of drawing black cats are not complicated. You just need to highlight the contrast between the yellow eyes and the black cat's skin to make it look creepy and charming simultaneously.

4. Spooky Ghost

Spooky Ghost

Via: Artipijar

As you and your kids fill your creativity tanks, don't forget to put some smiles on your spooky ghosts' faces, too.

Yet, the tiny little bats at the back make this ghost drawing a blast, which serve as additional details that emphasize the charming (and spooky ) ghost.

5. Witch's Hat

Witch's Hat

Via: Varsha Kadam

Are you looking for Halloween drawing ideas to add to your table decorations? Look no further because a witch's hat is an excellent element to incorporate, especially when colored purple.

It can be an efficient activity to keep your preschoolers entertained and help them work with their hand and drawing abilities.

6. Witch's Broom

Witch's Broom

Via: DJV

Since you already have the witch hat, why not go all out and make some witch's broom, too, to complete the drawing idea?

A witch broom is simple to draw. However, it would be best if you still make it a standout by creating contrasts in brown, yellow, and purple colors. You can even add hints of the web at the back for a scarier feel.

7. Skull



When you say Halloween drawing, skulls always make it to the top of the list as it symbolizes the dead.

So, it is a no-brainer to draw this, which is also very straightforward to make. All you have to draw are semi-circles, circles, little m shapes, and an inverted heart.

8. Mummy


Via: Osanna Chil

You can make the mummy return by incorporating it through your Halloween drawings. Don’t overthink because you can cover your dead head drawing with horizontal paper towels from head to neck to make this drawing come to life.

Moreover, you don’t need colors as a pencil can do the job mainly with simple sketches and shades.

9. Owl


Via: Mahafarid Kazemi

Ready your Halloween drawing arsenal as you create this big-eyed (but super adorbs) creature — the owl!

To create an owl, the majority of shapes you need to perfect are circles and triangles. Also, make sure to add tree branch details to make them more realistic.

10. Candy Corn

Candy Corn

Via: LunimeGames

Level up your creativity by sprinkling fun into your spooky drawing ideas by adding colorful candy corn or maize.

The eyes, lips, and rosy cheeks are crucial elements to make your candy corn appealing. But colors play a much bigger task as these will catch the attention of passersby from afar when you decide to make your candy corn human-sized.

11. Candy Apple

Candy Apple

Via: CollectionByAnnTheGran

Draw your candy corn a buddy by making candy apples. Aside from the pure bloody red color, you can always change it to dominant green and make the red an accent tone.

Also, the brown shades are essential regardless of your apples’ base colors to distinguish the stick that pierces through each apple.

12. Vampire


Via: Aomam.ss

A vampire figure in your Halloween-inspired greeting cards is a must-have. But don’t forget to elevate your drawing game.

Draw wavy hair, red cheeks, cool fangs, and a bat in black color to make your Halloween drawing exciting, creative, and a definite showstopper.

13. Spider


Via: DJ Inkers & Laura Strickland

When spiders smile in your drawing, toddlers, and preschoolers will surely giggle with utmost joy.

Nevertheless, this simple design can be drawn in your children’s costumes, Halloween baskets, and even as an ornament for their hats.

14. Spider Web

Spider Web

Via: Leyla Rose

With a spider comes the web, which is why you must not forget about this uncomplicated but significant element — the spider’s web.

To draw the web, primarily intersect several straight lines, and connect them by drawing little curves in-between.

15. Clown


Via: Vex the Abyss

Clowns have gained popularity in Halloween celebrations because several movies depict the clown as a spooky part of the community.

So, fill in your Halloween drawings by creating a clown embedded with an extensive smile, big teeth, and scary eyes.

16. Cauldron


Via: Hanu Rajput

Mix and match your witch potions through this minimalist cauldron with a big boo sign and bubbles on top.

Yet to make it a superb addition to your drawing, ensure that bubbles are present in the background. Moreover, colors are welcome here. But a black lining is more than enough.

17. Witch


Via: Dawn

Now that you know how to draw a witch hat and a witch broom, the only thing left to draw is the witch.

An essential part of drawing a witch is her hair. With this, always ensure that your little witch drawing ideas have long hair.

18. Tombstone


Via: Michael McGimpsey

Make your Halloween cakes and pastries look fun when you draw as a topper the iconic tombstone.

This drawing is among the simple Halloween drawing ideas because line precision and coloring are not, in any way, vital in the course of drawing the best tombstone.

19. Zombie Hand

Zombie Hand

Via: Hanna Lee Tidd

Your kids' Halloween doodles will never be complete when the zombie hand reaching for whoever and whichever it likes is missing.

So what do you need to do? Of course, draw soil where the hand can break in, draw parallel vertical lines from the ground to desired length, and create the finger elements for the reaching effect.

20. Zombie


Via: Light Lenser

A zombie a day keeps the brains away, but it also makes your Halloween doodles more cute, fun, and enjoyable.

If you're wondering what makes this zombie drawing a befitting inspiration for Halloween ideas, just look at its eye-catching color play in green, red, and blue shades.

21. Candies


Via: hellothegandesign

Treats turn a boring Halloween party into a festive and unforgettable one, even if these are just paper drawings.

Yet, you can always turn these simple Halloween doodles into necklaces for your children's costumes by cutting out the drawing and tying everything together with yarn.

22. Haunted House

Haunted House

Via: Lori Whitlock

If you're wondering what's an interesting drawing to paste on your walls or doors, then a haunted house is the answer.

To make the haunted house as creepy as it can be, make sure to only use black pens in outlining and filling in the drawing.

23. Potion and Witchcraft

Potion and Witchcraft

Via: RAStudio

The creepiness never ends when you draw a potion and witchcraft-inspired drawing idea, similar to the drawing above.

Moreover, this piece of drawing can complete your witch hat, broom, witch, and tombstone doodles.

24. Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein’s Monster

Via: Fahrizky

Frankenstein is an indispensable character in every Halloween or other scary event because of its monstrous look.

Yet, you can make your drawing distinct by adding cute puppy eyes and a U-shaped smile on your Frankenstein.

25. Moon


Via: aroberts20

A scary, scary night is complete when the moon shines bright in patches and stitches that add a dozen more creeps into your bones.

Out of all the easy Halloween drawings in this list, a doodle of the moon has got to be one of the easiest because you only need a big fat C, some squares, and lines!

26. Skeleton


Via: Nalleli Figueroa

Aside from the skulls, you and your kiddos can also try creating a full-body skeleton for your Halloween crafts and decors.

To make the skeleton stand out, don't forget to raise one hand to the sky, just like dancing to Michael Jackson's Beat It.

27. Old Tree

Old Tree

Via: Roshanda

A growling old tree doodle can give a nice touch to your Halloween preparations which your family will surely love.

To make it, you only need a pencil for outlining and a black pen marker to complete the rest of the doodle.

28. Howling Wolf

Howling Wolf

Via: Artist Unknown

Awoo your Halloween preparation worries away by drawing a howling wolf under the night stars, with trees and rocks as added elements.

You can draw it with a pencil and let your toddlers do the rest of the coloring for a meaningful evening activity.

29. Shadow


Via: deimonnus

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's that silhouette trailing us all? Of course, that black figure is the shadow!

A shadow is quick to do for your Halloween prep, as you and your little ones only need to scribble and sketch using a pencil, and you're done.

30. Cute Child in Costume

Cute Child in Costume

Via: Jenni Keddie

For your Halloween drawing, a cute kid in a costume can be a fantastic inclusion, especially when you put some witch hat and broom on.

It would also help when you color your kid witches' drawing with green to boost the Halloween vibe.

31. Melting Candle

Melting Candle

Via: Artist Unknown

Melting candles elevate the Halloween spirit, but making the base a skull-like feature is more fun.

What you need to do for this one is to make a skull and put a candle on top; make sure there are drip factors to make it more believable. Watercolors are fantastic for this one, too!

32. Spooky Eyeball

Spooky Eyeball

Via: Violin Events

A spooky eyeball to get your family and friends off-guard and terror-stricken once they enter your houses.

It's a much better design for your doors or when you like some sneaky surprises at the front of your mirrors.

33. Scary Coffin

Scary Coffin

Via: Gloria Medeiros

A scary coffin is a nice feature to decorate in your table corner with your cute mummy and melting candle.

Nevertheless, you don't need any tutorial in making a scary coffin because its design is direct and can be mimicked by anyone instantly.

34. Magic Spell Book

Magic Spell Book

Via: Nikury

It's a given that when you have a magic spell book, you can cast your spells, like expecto patronum, wingardium leviosa, arresto momentum, expelliarmus, avada kedavra, and more, wherever and whenever you like.

This is why you need to draw it along with a cute mummy, a haunted house, a ghost doodle, a cat, and pumpkins for a full-circle Halloween experience.

35. Scarecrows


Via: Rauno

Instead of stacking hays and doing actual physical work to create a scarecrow, why not draw, cut it out, and paste wherever you like?

After all, a scarecrow drawing can be quickly executed because you don't need to draw a particular face, as the body will suffice.

36. Crow


Via: Jeffrey Garfield

Who would've thought that crows could be charming, too? Well, believe it or not, you can make your drawing of an adorable crow with big dreamy eyes.

To make the drawing more mesmerizing and a total eye candy, draw the crow on top of your jack-o'lantern.

37. Vampire Fangs

Vampire Fangs

Via: Margot Blanford

If you do not want the full-face vampire, you can draw just the vampire fangs for some Halloween madness.

Aside from purple, you can also mix and match other colors in your drawing depending on the theme of your Halloween celebration.

38. Mexican Skull with Patterns

Mexican Skull with Patterns

Via: SouthPrints

If you are a Mexican who celebrates Dias de La Muertos, it is a given that you need to make a skull with flower patterns all over it.

To do it best, you can use a brush and a watercolor to achieve a beautiful drawing of flowers and other details.

39. Halloween Trident

Halloween Trident

Via: Jazzyx3

A drawing in a spooky season seems off without a Halloween trident as details. Don't worry because you and your child can easily do it, even with closed eyes.

When doing this, imagine you are drawing a fork, and that's it; you can have a Halloween trident.

40. Scary Castle

Scary Castle

Via: ssstocker

Different from the spooky house in this post, a scary castle is a much bigger idea to draw and much creepier.

Remember that the only colors that can make a castle scary are orange, yellow, red, and black, even with different shades.

41. Spooky Gate

Spooky Gate

Via: Sarah Bailey

Your castle will be incomplete when it does not have a scary gate doodle with creepy pumpkins on top.

Aside from that, you can draw with this idea an owl, moon, mummy, animals like a bat and a cat.

42. Little Girl in Pumpkin Costume

Little Girl in Pumpkin Costume

Via: Ivette Gonzáles

A cuddly baby inside a pumpkin costume is everything, primarily when it's dominated by orange and highlighted by black colors.

Yet, what will make it a better idea on paper is when you add a witches' hat and some lollies.

43. Halloween Drink

Halloween Drink

Via: Artist Unknown

Cheers to the Halloween season as you draw a sneaky little spider drink in your drawing idea.

Aside from a spider, a cat is fun to draw with a drink, too. Moreover, to draw hats and stripes are the best pairs for some green drinks, similar to the drawing tutorial above.

44. Little Boy in Black Cat Costume

Little Boy in Black Cat Costume

Via: Aomam.ss

Can you remember the black cat from earlier? Well, you can surely incorporate it with a boy figure while holding his orange-colored bucket.

What made this drawing fascinating the most was the addition of cat ears and rosy red cheeks!

45. Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper

Via: Varsha Kadam

Last but not least from this list is the to draw your idea of a grim reaper, for this the best reference will always be The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy's grim reaper!

For this, you must draw an axe (or a trident if you prefer), a skull, and a skeleton. Also, don't leave out the hood and the dress.

Art Materials to Prepare

To draw all these fun drawing ideas from this tutorial, you need to prepare these art materials:

  • Pencils: These are used to outline your drawing before coloring and to help with sketching.
  • Coloring materials: These can be watercolors, paint, crayons, and others that help you draw your desired pieces on whichever canvas you choose.
  • Canvas: This is where you will input your drawings, whether it be art paper, sketchbook, cloth, or sack.
  • Erasers: These are used to erase and change the details of your piece that you do not like.

Halloween Drawing Ideas Wrap Up

Halloween Drawing Ideas Wrap Up

Since all the easy Halloween drawing ideas have been laid out in this article, you can surely give your children a worthwhile Halloween experience when you incorporate each drawing into your decors and preps.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that Halloween drawing to come to life!