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44 Easy Drawing Ideas for Girls: Drawing Females for Beginners

As a beginner artist, you can often reach the point where your mind becomes a blank slate.

Laughing Girl Painted in Black and White. Drawing Ideas for Girls.

Sometimes, every "masterpiece" feels so similar because your creative juices stop flowing, especially when drawing girls' facial expressions and other related drawing ideas.

We have a solution for you if you're looking for more inspiration on the female form.

In this article, we will give you 44 girl drawing ideas you can quickly sketch with your pencil. Have fun recreating these pieces step-by-step, and you're on your way to becoming a better artist.

44 Drawing Ideas For Girls [Easy Sketching]

Drawing Ideas For Girls

In this article, we have 44 girls drawing ideas that can help you choose some ideas for your next artwork as an artist that likes drawing women. Read through!

1. Shattered Face with Flower Petals

Shattered Face with Flower Petals

Via: hviezdinda

Symbolic drawing ideas like this shattered face with flower petals speak of hope and a woman's freedom to think on her own, give color to artistry and inspire artists, increasing the flow of their creativity.

If you are still trying to find your art style as a newbie artist, this open-minded girl is a perfect drawing idea to recreate that is meaningful, beautiful, and fun to draw.

Not just that, but there are also flower drawing ideas you can learn and incorporate into your drawings.

2. Side Profile with Wavy Hair

Side Profile with Wavy Hair

Via: Artist Unknown

Beginner artists often struggle to draw the full facial expressions of a human character because, in doing so, they need to capture the intricate details that ultimately reflect the woman you're drawing.

If you're one of those artists, you can always recreate the side profile for an anime/stylized girl drawing. Just make sure to emphasize the volumized hair, the wavy lashes, the pointy nose, and the curved jaw.

Pro Tip

Learn other drawing ideas for beginners to get a good grasp of your technique.

3. Dreamy Girl with a Low Bun

Dreamy Girl with a Low Bun

Via: pcyloveclub

Dreaming is something you'll be doing much of as an artist, so why not embed that in your fun drawing idea by creating a girl drawing that's lost in thought?

All you have to do for this is draw a realistic-style girl looking up with her hair tied in a low bun. Make sure to emphasize her collarbones because it adds to the overall dreamish effect.

4. Eye, Nose, and Lips

Eye, Nose, and Lips

Via: Jagoda Milej

This anime/comic-inspired drawing idea contains more than meets the eye, nose, and lips. The image exudes power and elegance, evident in how the facial features are positioned, which follows a chin-up orientation.

To give this girl drawing idea life, you don't need to be a top-notch artist or anime cartoonist. You have to ensure the eye, nose, and lips are proportionate when doing contour lines.

5. Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions

Via: Artist Unknown

As an artist, it is crucial to understand what you want to portray so you can reflect it properly in your drawing idea and, in turn, convey it directly to the audience. You can produce a state of peace or chaos using only your lines.

When you want your characters to portray serenity, you can do the side profile with wavy hair anime girl drawing discussed earlier.

Yet, if you want them to feel the rage or chaos in your characters, the best drawing idea is a full front-faced drawing with glaring eyes (done by darkening edges) and an opened mouth that is similar to shouting.

6. Cute Anime Girl

Cute Anime Girl

Via: Nurul Islam

Some of you are keenly interested and love drawing fun anime comics as an artist, and a cute anime girl is a perfect way to start your drawing journey.

The trick to turning your typical girl drawing into an attractive anime girl is to emphasize points, lines, and edges, slightly exaggerating features to nail the anime style.

Moreover, if you want to make the character more relatable, you can give her comfy clothing items like a sweater or a hoodie.

7. Girl Boss with Slicked Hair

Girl Boss with Slicked Hair

Via: Artist Unknown

As an artist, you can rock your artwork with style, fun, and power, like this anime (or semi-realistic) girl boss doing her own thing confidently!

Make sure your girl drawing is facing front, chin up, and eyebrows proportioned, and always utilize your lines and shadows/highlights.

8. Drowning in Tea

Drowning in Tea

Via: Tiffany Griffin

Level up your symbolic girl drawing idea by incorporating glasses and flowers and transforming your non-realistic/simplified anime girl into a tea bag.

We love this anime girl drawing idea because it screams a mixture of sadness and growth, which can be very helpful in establishing your budding artist career and practicing your drawing skills.

9. Short Hair Anime Girl

Short Hair Anime Girl

Via: Cameron Mark

Cameron Mark knows what fun drawing means, as he has drawn this pretty anime/Disney-style girl with detailed facial expressions.

Although the look of this anime girl seems intricate, it is actually beginner-friendly because you do not have to put much effort into drawing the details of both her eyes and teeth, which we love!

10. Finger Heart

Finger Heart

Via: Tiffany Griffin

Nowadays, a finger heart is an unavoidable drawing idea when talking about a Japanese anime girl drawing (and even anime boys!) because it speaks of love, harmony, and kawaii cuteness.

This Korean-inspired love sign is easy to do, and you can incorporate it with the short-hair anime girl drawing idea we previously discussed.

11. Eyes on Fleek

Eyes on Fleek

Via: Mila d Luna

Edgy anime girls are included in this list of fun drawing ideas because you get to explore how to magnify the eyes and elevate the nose and lower lip.

Also, by drawing this idea of an anime/cartoon girl, you can practice your skills in drawing short hair tucked on one side of the ear.

12. Flower Heads

Flower Heads

Via: dipok k12

Another symbolic drawing idea in this list is this beautiful drawing of flower-headed human beings hugging each other.

This anime drawing is relatively beginner-friendly, as you do not have to pour your heart into drawing the intricacies of faces. However, you will need to make an eye-catching flower design to substitute.

13. Emotional Dissonance

Emotional Dissonance

Via: Shereen Stone

Sometimes, what you feel inside is different from what you portray outside because you want to conform to the rules or are afraid to show your true self.

If you want to put this idea into an actual drawing, you need to draw two different facial expressions that overlap.

The key to this beautiful drawing is to know where to connect the two realistic (or anime) faces. You can make the first drawing spacious, with a broad chin and long neck. Then, draw the second picture between those spaces.

14. Beautiful Realistic Girl

Beautiful Realistic Girl

Via: Estephen

An easy girl drawing to make is this realistic girl with hopeful eyes, a pointed nose, semi-parted lips, and a few strands of hair caressing the beautiful facial structure.

You can also choose a more anime-inspired style if you don't feel ready to work more realistically. Either option is fun and eye-catching.

15. Anime Girl with Side-Parted Hair

Anime Girl with Side-Parted Hair

Via: Caroline Nyman

If you are a mom with young students who need a girl drawing for their school project, this anime girl drawing is perfect for recreating.

The highlight of this anime girl drawing that you need to emphasize is the side-parted hair because it makes the drawing more youthful. It's highly detailed without being complicated.

16. Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

Via: Tanya

Remember to include this art piece with a luscious upper lip and lower lip when practicing different techniques for drawing girls.

To make the lips as lush as the drawing, you need to practice shading styles, which are responsible for accentuating a specific body part.

17. Ororo Munroe Eyes

Ororo Munroe Eyes

Via: Avery Clark

An anime artist or Marvel fan in one would surely want to practice their creative hands and minds with some Marvel-related girl drawing ideas like this one.

As we all know, Ororo Munroe, or Storm, is portrayed without the pupil and the iris when using her powers. You can do it too with your girl drawing, but emphasize the lips and the eyebrows for a more detailed depiction.

18. Big Eyes and Arched Brows

Big Eyes and Arched Brows

Via: Cameron Mark

The difference between an anime girl drawing and a realistic one often comes down to the range, as changing eye sizes, brow forms, and overall facial expression can take you from comic to anime to video games.

With this specific girl drawing, you need to be clear on where to arch the brows, which are aligned with the eyes.

Also, ensure that the eyes you draw are big enough to make them more appealing, cute, and expressive.

19. Anime Girl with Slicked Hair

Anime Girl with Slicked Hair

Via: Cameron Mark

Another Cameron Mark drawing idea in this list is this anime girl with big eyes, an angled chin, and slicked hair.

This is one of the best sketch references for the girl boss category. Make sure you get the proper technique for the hair, as the rest can be patterned with other Cameron illustrations.

20. Sad Girl

Sad Girl

Via: Karl Louise

Happy girl drawing ideas aren't the only ones around because sad references exist, too, like this one.

To ace this drawing, a step you should always remember is not to flick the eyeliner part to make way for a sad facial expression.

Also, make sure you sketch the upper lip downward to elevate the portrayal of sadness.

21. Fierce Girl with Freckles

Fierce Girl with Freckles

Via: helios moon

Sketch references for the strong and fierce girl drawing category are vast, but they all have a different aspect that makes each stand out.

For this fierce girl drawing, a facial feature to draw that will elevate her look is the different freckles. In recreating this, what you need to remember is that you must know their proper placement.

It is preferable to draw her with the dots near the nose's tip, upper lip, upper brow, and lower eye area.

22. Unmasking the Butterflies

Unmasking the Butterflies

Via: Mike Koubou

The inside of a human being bears more weight than the outside because it yearns for creativity, love, and, sometimes, madness in this crazy world.

You can put that in a drawing by recreating the image above. When you draw this project, the best aspect to emphasize is the details for each butterfly.

How you make the butterfly drawings and where you place them matter more because drawing the girl closing her eyes may be simple child's play for you.

23. Girl with a Symmetrical Face

Girl with a Symmetrical Face

Via: Artwoonz

Did you know that you can turn the guidelines when practicing your drawing skills into symmetry to stylize your girl drawing?

Do not erase the guidelines you primarily draw before the actual pencil sketches, as you can shade those lines to emphasize features and make your drawing eye-catching.

Also, choose the best mechanical pencil for drawing to create eye-catching, expressive pieces!

24. Anime Girl with Cat

Anime Girl with Cat

Via: Chelsea Elyse Kepheart

Drawing an anime girl requires throwing in some cute details here and there; for this specific girl drawing, it's the cat element!

To do this, draw an anime girl looking up and a cat peeking at her from the hat. You can also play with shading to make the drawing pop.

The hat can differ in style and shape (you can even put on a hoodie), but a round hat for the cat to perch on is the best choice.

25. Blue Anime Girl

Blue Anime Girl

Via: Myrwenna

Aside from the usual pencil sketch, you can level up your technique using coloring tools, like a blue-colored pencil and watercolor paint, when drawing your favorite cute girl illustrations.

To make this work, use different shading techniques to produce varying blue colors while beautiful eyes, brows, nose, lips, and even hair.

If you find this drawing idea a perfect pair for your skills, then you can lean your succeeding artworks more into cartoon drawing ideas.

26. Annoyed Girl

Annoyed Girl

Via: Artist Unknown

When you want to create a comic book or anime, it is helpful if you know how to play with emotions by drawing facial expressions, just like the annoyed face.

To draw this, you need to narrow the gap between the eyes and the front part of the eyebrow. Also, scrunch the nose for a more effective portrayal.

27. Sad Girl with Long Side-parted Hair

Sad Girl with Long Side-parted Hair

Via: Maria Miray

This illustration is easy to recreate because you only need to draw one part of the face, as hair strands will cover the other.

The challenge when you draw this one is how you can communicate the sadness or tiredness on her face. It will depend on your shading. To make her look sadder, make the shading heavier around the eyes.

28. Chic Anime Girl with Glasses

Chic Anime Girl with Glasses

Via: Mr. Unknown

Recreating girls' faces may be redundant for some, but to make your anime girl drawing stand out, adding some glasses will surely be helpful for your project.

To emphasize the glasses, start drawing their outline using a pencil and shading the eyeglasses with a yellowish tone.

You can also highlight the eyes and the winged eyeliner, which sets your drawing apart from others.

29. Girl with Hearts

Girl with Hearts

Via: Artist Unknown

Aside from the addition of eyeglasses, you can also use heart signs to convey love and contemporary winged eyeliner and nose piercings to create a Gen Z vibe for your girl anime girl drawing.

You can add love hearts on each cheek to do this. You can also do these hearts using different colors to deviate from the monotone of your pencil sketch.

30. Anime/Comic Girl Side View with Stars

Anime/Comic Girl Side View with Stars


Via: Nazgol

If you are done with the plain girl drawings, you can elevate your drawing game by adding celestial elements (check out space drawing ideas) and even a nose plaster.

This whole drawing look gives off a very Gen Z vibe, primarily when you draw some curtain bangs paired with short hair. You could even apply this to Ariana Grande drawings or other celebrity fan art.

This drawing type can help you gain Instagram popularity in no time! Of course, it will only happen if you know the proper placement of the added elements and the appropriate shading.

31. Goddess-inspired Anime Girl

Goddess-inspired Anime Girl

Via: Juliette Villegas

As an artist, you can be inspired by many things, whether they're random or related to your passion, just like mythology.

If you are an artist into mythology, you can surely take inspiration from Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of the sky, fertility, and love.

You can make your drawing similar to the illustration. You can elevate your drawing even further with the help of the best cheap drawing tablets or the best iPad for drawing.

32. Rose from the Ground

Rose from the Ground


Via: Alevtina

When you are in a position where you want to portray growth and womanhood in one, you can try the rose-from-the-ground concept.

This drawing concept is surprisingly easy to recreate. Also, there are other things to draw aligned with this idea that you can refer to.

In doing this girl drawing, you'll have to draw a girl hugging the rose, with the latter's roots having a firm foundation on the ground.

33. Rose Head Girl

Rose Head Girl

Via: BH

Speaking of roses, you can even change your subject's head to a rose with her body as the stem holding all of the thorns.

This drawing is not just a picture-perfect image. It even provides social commentary:

  • How women need to protect themselves from society's glaring stares through the thorns.
  • How women's facial beauty became a basis for respect as embodied by the oversized flower.

34. Thinking Girl

Thinking Girl

Via: Artist Unknown

Drawing requires a lot of thought, and you can easily embed that theme into your drawing by recreating the illustration above.

The most crucial step for this anime girl drawing is to make sure that every detail is at peace:

  • Eyes calmly closed
  • Jaws relaxed
  • The nose is not tensed
  • The hair is perfectly positioned without signs of movement

35. Portrait Pose Girl

Portrait Pose Girl

Via: Olivia Shadders

A typical anime girl drawing always involves a woman resting her chin on her hand, though it makes for great practice when you use the same pose for more realistic drawings.

Make sure you know which parts to emphasize with shading, and learn how to appropriately draw a hand under the chin, as it can define the overall look.

36. Feeling the Hair

Feeling the Hair

Via: Jordan Grace

Drawing moving human subjects is difficult, but you can always practice it when you start drawing with close-up drawings similar to the illustration.

To create the movement, you must ensure that the subject's head is tilted and the hair strands come down in waves.

37. Girl in the Mirror

Girl in the Mirror

Via: Jo Levers

Enhance your drawing skills by creating a woman and her reflection in the mirror.

You and the audience can draw out different meanings from this female creation, but what's essential is you ensure that lines, angles, and shapes are perfectly observed to stir emotions.

38. Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Via: Artist Unknown

Human beings, especially women, have always been pulled every which way by society and even themselves.

As an artist, you can bring this observation to your art pieces by drawing two subjects in different orientations. You only need the first subject's side profile, while the second subject should face forward.

39. Smirking Girl

Smirking Girl

Via: Alicem Kuro

There are different ways to draw a girl's side profile; one involves drawing a smirk for her smile.

The eyes play a vital role in this concept because they must be fiery. To create that blazing stare, masking the entire outer eye with medium to dark shades of a pencil is an excellent technique to use as an artist.

40. Restless Girl

Restless Girl

Via: MadliArt

There have been a lot of drawings similar to this one, but what makes it different is the presence of heavily shaded under eyelids.

This shading in art speaks loudly of how tired and restless your drawing characters are.

41. Girl Boss with Wavy Hair

Girl Boss with Wavy Hair

Via: Euphoria

Wavy hair looks good on a girl boss' drawing, too! But you'll need more than the usual waves to make this simple drawing come to life.

What you also need to satisfy the girl-boss-with-wavy-hair identity is to use different strokes to achieve big (and not small) waves of hair.

42. Girl Looking at the Future

Girl Looking at the Future

Via: Karl Louise

As an artist, the future is bright for you if you make art with a girl looking forward to the future.

This illustration is simple to make, as you only need to follow the fundamental essence of all the drawing guidelines in the world: shading is the key to making your drawing pop!

43. Anime Girl with a Bun

Anime Girl with a Bun

Via: Karl Louise

Another way to elevate your anime girl drawing game is to draw a girl wearing a casual top for her clothes and have her hair in a cute bun.

Similar to the other illustrations in this article, this one's fast and simple to do, as you only need to play with lines and shades in the hope of giving justice to this girl-with-a-bun idea.

44. Girl with Leaves

Girl with Leaves

Via: Ken Rohrer

Last but not least is this drawing of a girl with leaves painted on her face, specifically on both sides of her cheek.

Again, this one's a simple art task; you only need to incorporate the guidelines mentioned in this article for other girl drawings and draw crawling leaves on her face to completely satisfy the concept.

Moreover, you can also find inspiration related to this drawing concept from tattoo drawing ideas.

Tips for Drawing Hair

To practice drawing the hair of your girl subject when making your pencil sketch, you need to remember the following tips:

  • Draw the hair in a group and put lines and shapes to signify direction and volume rather than individual strands.
  • Always start a sketch where you hope the character should have her hair parting.
  • Make sure you seal the gap between the head and the hairline, as this is a common mistake that decreases the value of the character drawing.

Tips for Drawing Eyes

Drawing the eyes of a character is an efficient way to convey emotions and feelings to the audience. Here are some simple (yet vital) tips you must keep in mind:

  • Always use primary guidelines before drawing your character's lines and shapes.
  • Keep the distance of the characters' features in mind; they should be at least three eyes apart.
  • The shape of the iris and pupil can significantly enhance or degrade the overall look (as with anime), so make sure that the shape resonates with the purpose of the drawing.

Tips for Drawing Lips

Lips are vital components that emphasize the characters' emotions in a drawing. Here are some tips for drawing properly:

  • Start with a sketch of the middle and outer parts of the lips for proportions.
  • Define the shape of the lips.
  • Shade the lips of the character to highlight points and angles.

Drawing Ideas For Girls FAQs

Drawing Ideas for Girls FAQs

  • We know you have some questions in mind that you want to ask regarding these simple drawings for girls. For that, we have answered some of your FAQs in this section.

  • What Are the Four Types of Drawing?

    The four types of drawing are the following:

    1. Symbolic drawing
    2. Cartoon drawing
    3. Realistic drawing
    4. Expressive drawing

    Yet, there are other, more specific types of drawing than these four general ones that you can practice, such as anime/stylized drawings.

  • What Can My Daughter Draw?

    Your daughter can draw anything she likes from this list, and even other drawing ideas, as all are easy to do and relatively straightforward.

    It is best if she starts with the anime girl with a cat on the hat and cute anime girl drawings to spark her interest.

  • Drawing Ideas for Girls Conclusion

    Drawing Ideas for Girls Conclusion

    Now that you know how to unlock your drawing potential to create a beautiful drawing of a girl character, you can surely elevate your skills and style (even your Instagram reach!).

    So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing and unlock the fullest potential of the artist in you!