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45 Easy Space Drawing Ideas You Can Try at Home

Why not get inspired by outer space if you're looking for your next drawing project?

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Much like art, there are endless possibilities when it comes to space drawing ideas. Many space drawings are simply out of this world, from the moon to the sun.

Space drawings are perfect for art projects or as a fun pastime for the whole family!

We look into 45 easy space drawing ideas that kids and adults alike can try their hands at.

45 Awesome Space Drawing Ideas

Drawing about science concept. Rockets, meteorites, stars, stars, Korah, to be used as advertising materials, illustrations, stories. Awesome Space Drawing Ideas

Aim for the stars and let your creativity shine with these fantastic space drawing ideas!

You can choose from different space objects to create your own illustration worth framing. Let's look at 45 space drawing ideas you can choose from for your next art project or sketch:

1. Solar System Doodle

Solar System Doodle

via sudowoodo

Explore the vastness of space with this easy space drawing!

With the sun in the middle, the earth, and all the different planets, it's a fun rendition of our Solar System.

It's a great way to introduce your tiny tot to the beauty of space. Color it in, and you've got yourself a pretty picture.

2. Space Lovers

Space Lovers

via dibujos.net

For space lovers (pun intended) who want a cute space drawing, this idea might be for you. It's an illustration of two astronauts making a heart with little stars.

It's simple enough that you can color it and add as many details as you want! Afterward, you can hang it up or give it as a gift to your special someone.

It's perfect for Valentine's day!

3. UFO Drawing

UFO Drawing

via easydrawingguides.com

No outer space drawing project is complete without a floating UFO!

This doodle is simple enough for budding artists who want to make a space-themed painting or sketch.

With an easy-to-draw outline, it's a great starting point for space drawings. You can also get creative and color the UFO any way you want.

4. Astronaut Drawing

Astronaut Drawing

via coloring page kids

A great subject for a space-inspired artwork is our brave astronauts, who continue to inspire kids and adults alike.

For artists looking for a body reference, this drawing inspiration can guide you in illustrating human figures.

The great thing about this astronaut idea is that it can be drawn with other illustrations to make a more complex picture.

5. Aliens


via fiverr.com

One subject that we can't miss is obviously aliens!

Add some whimsy to any art project with this fun alien illustration. It has everything you'd want, from funky aliens in UFO rockets to other space objects.

You can let your imagination run wild in designing the background and coloring each character.

6. Rocket Ship Doodle

Rocket Ship Doodle

via melissa and doug

Explore the vastness of outer space with this rocket ship drawing.

Complete with a ringed planet and a rocky landscape, it's a full-fledged illustration all on its own! This doodle is great for kids who want to get creative with their art projects.

What's fun about this rocket drawing is that you can even add details based on previous images.

7. Sun Illustration

Sun Illustration

via dream RD

This creative sun illustration will surely inspire any artist!

Gone are the days when the sun was just a yellow ball on the edge of a drawing. With this doodle, the sun is front and center.

There are squiggly lines full of patterns that you can freely paint. This illustration is worth trying out if you have a lot of free time.

8. Moon Illustration

Moon Illustration

via carlywattsart

Create a picture as pretty as the moon with this painting.

Aspiring painters can try to create this cute moon drawing with black watercolor. You can also add shooting stars and comets if you have gold and silver pens!

Simple but stunning, this illustration is a frame-worthy art project.

9. Minimalist Space Sketch

Minimalist Space Sketch

via alucinori

Want to create a minimalist piece of space art but don't know how to start? Take inspiration from this drawing!

It's an entire world in one illustration. You can add all the planets and round them up around a cool mountain landscape.

This hand-drawn sketch might require a bit of a steady hand, but it's a great art idea you can put up on your wall.

10. The Universe is Within You

The Universe is Within You

via angel johal

For something completely different, this illustration features a collage of planets floating on top of a mysterious bust.

It's a cool drawing that lets you visualize an artist's creative imagination.

It's a perfect drawing for teenagers and older kids who want to explore their creativity with a bit of personal touch.

11. Outer Space Cartoon

Outer Space Cartoon

via iheartcraftythings.com

Blast off to a galaxy far, far away with this fun cartoon!

This drawing features a rocket ship cruising through outer space filled with planets and stars. It's a cool coloring page that will surely entertain your kids.

They'll have a blast adding more details, like astronauts and aliens.

12. Telescope Drawing

Telescope Drawing

via 30seconds.com

This outer space-themed illustration is perfect for your little astronomer.

It is an easy-to-follow drawing with minor planets and stars to create added perspective. You can unleash your creativity by coloring the backdrop however you want.

It's a cute drawing idea that kids of any age will love to color in!

13. Self-Portrait Collage

Self-Portrait Collage

via leah newton

Let your kids create their own self-portraits with this project inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's 1958 art piece Ladder to the Moon.

Your kids can use any art material or surface with this one!

It is a bit more complex than your average illustration, so you may want to help them get it right. That said, it's an absolutely stunning project you'd want to display.

14. The Universe's DJ

The Universe's DJ

via rudoi

Want to combine your love for space and music in one art project? This idea might be for you.

With an astronaut overlooking a turntable speckled with starbursts and planets, it's one of the more whimsical illustrations out there.

Bring your ideas to life with this space-themed sketch.

15. Starry Night Painting

Starry Night Painting

via geninne zlatkis

Let your kids try their hand at mimicking one of the most famous paintings in the world with this starry illustration.

It's a kid-friendly version of Van Gogh's Starry Night that your little artist can surely recreate!

With a mix of colors and distinguished shapes, this painting is worth hanging up in the living room.

16. Book of Galaxies

Book of Galaxies

via muhammed salah

For the avid reader, this illustration perfectly shows the beauty of reading.

It's simple enough to draw with high contrast that emphasizes negative space. It features an open book with a galaxy of planets springing out.

This minimalist drawing is an excellent idea if you want to pass the time or relax if you want to reduce stress.

17. Adventurous Astronaut

Adventurous Astronaut

via dushky

Go up, up, and away and fly to outer space with this awesome astronaut drawing!

It is easy enough for kids to follow, but with a dynamic shape that can still challenge their art skills.

Filled with galaxies and planets, they can make this drawing stand out by adding colors. It's an amusing drawing idea that is out of this world.

18. Cruising Through Outer Space

Cruising Through Outer Space

via grmarc

Continuing with the astronaut illustrations, this drawing idea is another fun alternative for kids!

It includes an astronaut riding on a rocket as they journey through outer space. With cute clouds and planets, there's no shortage of details to doodle.

Add a little whimsy to your kid's room with this awesome space illustration.

19. Space Cat

Space Cat

via astarina

Who said your cat couldn't be an astronaut?

Draw your feline friend like a space explorer and add cute planet doodles to round up this space-inspired illustration!

Bring your space cat to life with vibrant colors and fun textures like glitter to add a little flair.

20. Space Cats

Space Cats

via Unknown

This illustration is worth trying out if you want not one, not two, but THREE cats.

You can draw your kitties as astronauts exploring outer space, complete with a rocket as they travel from planet to planet.

Of course, you can color this illustration however you want and add more designs too!

21. Space Landing

Space Landing

via user19017495

Because we can't get enough astronauts, here is another cute doodle that kids would love.

In this space world, they can draw the victorious astronaut with a little alien friend going on a whimsical outer space adventure.

They can fill the flag with their own words or decorate it with a custom design too!

22. Solar System Watercolor

Solar System Watercolor

via watercolor&illustration

Make learning fun with this watercolor illustration of the Solar System.

This drawing focuses on the planets, including Mercury, Earth, and ringed Saturn.

If you want to encourage your kids to try out watercolor, you can give this space-themed drawing a try! It's a simple but endearing rendition of our Solar System.

23. Galactic Pizza

Galactic Pizza

via buko

Among the whimsical drawing ideas we've listed, this illustration definitely takes the cake (or pizza).

Kids will definitely get a kick out of this astronaut sleeping on a galactic pizza. They can use glitter and sprinkle it on the surface for extra detail.

It's a fun drawing idea that would definitely get a chuckle out of anyone.

24. Saturn Doodle

Saturn Doodle

via jemastock

For little kids who want a simple drawing, you can let them draw this smiling Saturn doodle.

It has clean, simple figures that anyone can draw! This space-themed illustration also includes an awesome rocket to kick off your galactic journey.

Also, if you'll notice, the stars have smiling faces. It's an all-around adorable doodle for your tot.

25. Star Gazer

Star Gazer

via astarina

Little astronauts can draw their BIG dreams with this space-themed drawing.

It features a cartoon astronaut looking into a telescope that reveals a world full of planets, comets, and satellites.

This illustration is a way to show the beauty of space that any kid would appreciate.

26. Balloon Planets

Balloon Planets

via user8122145

Don't want to draw a rocket? No problem!

This drawing features a balloon of planets that playfully carries an astronaut into outer space. The best part is you're free to color it however you want.

It's one of the quirky drawing ideas you can try out for your next sketch.

27. Universe in a Bottle

Universe in a Bottle

via milkyprint

Our galaxy is filled with many wonderful objects. Who wouldn't want to put it in a jar?

This space-themed illustration is a cute idea to admire our beautiful world! Shrink the planets into this galactic bottle and draw a little astronaut on the side.

Overall, it's a whimsical drawing idea you can try.

28. Galaxy's Painter

Galaxy's Painter

via buko

Paint the galaxy with this little astronaut!

It's a beautiful drawing inspiration for artistic space enthusiasts who want to combine their love for art and outer space.

You can draw this on brown kraft paper to get the same vintage effect.

29. Crayon Resist Space Art

Crayon Resist Space Art

via crafting in the rain

Crayons and watercolors are among the simplest materials for art projects. Elevate your space-themed art by combining these two mediums.

Use cardstock and draw the planets with crayons, then paint the surface with watercolor.

The result is this charming illustration!

30. Watercolor Galaxy

Watercolor Galaxy

via manka_kasha

Watercolor can be a tricky medium to work with, but it can produce the best results if you want to paint galaxies.

Add a whimsical touch and draw raindrops that cascade down two small characters.

This galaxy illustration is worth considering if you want to try more challenging space-themed drawing ideas.

31. Saturn Galaxy

Saturn Galaxy

via paper.days

Even with pens and markers, you can create stunning space art!

This Saturn illustration features an entire galaxy inside its planetary body. Speckled with stardust and comets, it's a stylish sketch of the ringed planet.

32. Space Explorer

Space Explorer

via buko

For more advanced artists, this illustration is a great way to flex your skills.

It involves a precise hand to draw a symmetrical hourglass shape and make a stippling pattern. That being said, it gives beautiful results when done right.

To round up the illustration, draw an astronaut and add planets to create a fascinating galaxy artwork.

33. Space Doodle

Space Doodle

via user19017495

This space doodle set is a great option for those who want EASY drawing ideas!

It includes all the space objects you can expect. You can draw two astronauts, rocket ships, satellites, and more.

Get creative and have fun with your art inspired by this piece.

34. Good Night Astronaut

Good Night Astronaut

This adorable astronaut illustration is perfect to accompany your tiny tot during bedtime!

It's a simple cartoon drawing of a crescent moon with a sleeping astronaut after a tiring day of outer space exploration.

Color the whole piece, and this space-themed illustration can become a charming addition to your kids' wall.

35. Meditating Astronaut

Meditating Astronaut

via kiselek

We can never have too many astronaut drawing ideas!

This meditating astronaut not only makes for an awesome illustration, but it's also a good reminder for anyone to relax and unwind.

The floating planets perfectly frame the astronaut to create a contemplative impression.

36. Animal Space Friends

Animal Space Friends

via emily emerson

What's cuter than animal astronauts?

With vibrant colors and endearing characters exploring the galaxies, this illustration is nothing short of adorable!

Kids will definitely have a blast designing this drawing project!

37. Cosmic Girl

Cosmic Girl

via mariam sulaqvelidze

For colorful illustrations, this cosmic girl drawing is a great choice.

Her hair is transformed into a starry galaxy filled with planets and starbursts. This is a vivid, frame-worthy illustration you can create to brighten up your home!

38. Golden Star

Golden Star

via grmarc

Congratulate your tot with this little astronaut drawing!

Created with the golden star as the main feature, it's easy to draw yet eye-catching. This drawing will surely brighten any kid's day.

You can even turn this illustration into a sticker or badge.

39. Alien And Astronaut

Alien And Astronaut

via galacticus

Ever wondered what life on another planet is like? It might be a little something like this.

For sci-fi fans who want to try drawing ideas that are out of this world, you can draw this curious art piece.

It's a fun way to imagine how an encounter with extraterrestrials could go.

40. Solar System Hug

Solar System Hug

via bubusam

Learning the Solar System can be both fun AND educational with colorful illustrations.

This drawing features all the planets (including Pluto) in order with a smiling sun to round up the group.

It's a great opportunity for kids to visualize our beautiful galaxy in an adorable cartoon.

41. Fly High

Fly High

via yegor shustov

Discover the vastness of the universe with this awesome illustration.

It includes a rocket ship blazing through a white canvas revealing a trail of planets. Even with a minimalist design, you can draw compelling art.

Space-inspired drawings like this continue to encourage us to dream big.

42. Little Astronomer

Little Astronomer

via uran duo

Illustrating and making art together is a great way to bond with your loved one.

Craft this heart-warming drawing alongside your little astronomer and continue to inspire them to fulfill their dreams.

This illustration is a great opportunity to show that you're with them every step of the way, to infinity and beyond!

43. The Universe at Your Fingertips

The Universe at Your Fingertips

via afsal

Like the universe, there are endless possibilities for what we can create.

Art is a powerful tool that lets us bring our ideas to reality. This illustration shows our potential to be creative.

44. Stargazing


via nastia sleptsova

Are you fond of stargazing? You can try and draw this cozy illustration.

You can try to paint it with watercolor to get that gradient effect. With a white gel pen, you can create a starry night with all the constellations in the sky!

It brings warm memories of stargazing during a clear night with a loved one.

45. Dreamy Star Path

Dreamy Star Path

via laia.pampols

When the night gets darker, the brighter the stars shine.

To round out this list of drawing ideas, you can draw this dreamy illustration with your little one to remind them that magical dreams await.

You can use gold glitter and coloring materials to truly make this drawing sparkle!

Space Drawing Ideas FAQ

  • Below are commonly asked questions about space drawings that many people ask:

  • How to Create a Galaxy Background With Colored Pencils?

    Creating a galaxy illustration is a great way to hone your artistic skills.

    To get started, you’ll need printer paper, a white gel pen, a blending stump, and the following colored pencils (from lightest to darkest):

    • White
    • Deep red-purple
    • Violet
    • Violet blue
    • Indigo blue
    • Black

    Whether you’re following a coloring page or making your own art, below is a general guideline on how you can draw a galaxy background:

    • Step 1: Use the side of the lightest colored pencil (deep red-purple) to create curved lines throughout the page. Apply light pressure as you shade.
    • Step 2: Use the second, lightest colored pencil (violet). Shade the edges of the previous color and overlay them slightly. Do the same with the next color (violet-blue).
    • Step 3: With the darkest color (indigo blue), fill in the remaining gaps. Use the same pressure and overlay the colors slightly.
    • Step 4: Use the black pencil to color the edges of the page.
    • Step 5: To layer and blend the colors, go from the darkest to the lightest color. Using the indigo-blue pencil, blend it into the next color.
    • Step 6: Go to the next lighter color (violet-blue) and do the same. Repeat until you reach the lightest shade (deep red-purple).
    • Step 7: With the white pencil, apply firm pressure to blend all the colors on the page. Start with the lighter parts and move to the darker areas.
    • Step 8: Add thick, curvy lines using the black pencil.
    • Step 9: Use a blending stump to blend all the details and conceal any hard edges.
    • Step 10: Lastly, use the white gel pen to add starbursts and small and big dots to create a galaxy effect.

    Congrats! You’ve made your own galaxy illustration!

  • What Is the Difference Between 2D and 3D Art?

    Visual art can be divided into two forms, two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. Let’s find out what makes them different:

    • 2D Art: Two-dimensional art only has two surfaces, length and width. It includes everything drawn flat, like drawings, paintings, prints, and pictures.
    • 3D Art: Three-dimensional art has three surfaces, length, width, and height. 3D art includes sculptures, installations, and 3D paintings.
  • The classroom environment ,Are learning about Solar system,Draw and measure distance,Invented aircraft rocket,follow that Dream. Space Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Space Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Like the vast universe, there is a near-endless number of space-themed drawing ideas worth trying out!

    Whether you're a parent, teacher, or budding artist, this list includes various sci-fi illustrations that will surely get you inspired.

    With all the possibilities, which one of these ideas do you want to try out?