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Skull Drawing Ideas | A Full List of Sample Drawings

Get your Halloween spirits ready and start practicing how to draw a skull. Let's get freaky and test your drawing skills with the different skull drawing ideas. 

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Today, we've listed 45 different skull drawing ideas for you! Even beginner artists will be able to follow along! 

What are you waiting for? Get your pen and paper ready, and let's start this spooky journey. 

45 Skull Drawing Ideas You Should Try

Skull Drawing Ideas

There are many different creative ways to draw a skull. It's a fun project to do with kids, regardless of the season.

We've listed some reference materials you can use to teach your kids to learn how to draw a skull.

1. Realistic Skull Drawing

Realistic Skull Drawing

vai Darylleen Corry

Realistic skull drawings are hard to achieve because they require great skills. It's a challenging and fun drawing — perfect for a seasoned artist.

Once you've mastered how to draw this spooky Halloween symbol, you'll have an awesome skull drawing in your collection.

Make sure to watch a step-by-step guide for this skull drawing idea.

2. Colorful Candy Skull Drawing

Colorful Candy Skull Drawing

vai Tara Shull

Add some color to the usual skull drawing ideas, and draw a candy skull instead. It's a cool way to draw a skull without spooking children too much.

You can add a pop of color to your skull coloring pages.

3. Fiery Demon Skull

Fiery Demon Skull

via Satroa

Nothing freaks out kids more than a fiery demon skull. If that sounds like something you want to achieve, then this cool skull drawing is for you.

The base starts with your usual skull, with different kinds of horns sticking out in different directions.

Add some flames and fill your creation with some color.

4. Evil Bat Drawing

Evil Bat Drawing

via blakewise

Kids usually get creeped out by bats and winged decorations. If you want to create a complete horror show, why not combine all three elements?

Draw an evil-looking skull, complete with wings and a tail. It'll get children running away from you. Make the teeth defined and the nose prominent!

5. Simple Skull Drawing

Simple Skull Drawing

via tattoosrpictures

Take a break from your complicated art pieces and make a simple and easy skull drawing. Go back to your roots and practice your shading techniques. 

An easy skull drawing is perfect for beginners. There are various step-by-step guides that can help them follow long.

6. Draw A Skull With Roses

Draw A Skull With Roses

via Chloe Sargent

Let's combine sweet and scary with this skull with roses' easy skull drawing. Who would have thought that these two would make a great pairing?

It's a fun drawing, and you can be as creative as possible.

7. Step-by-Step Easy Skull Drawing

Step-by-Step Easy Skull Drawing

via Art Projects for Kids

If you aren't familiar with how to draw skulls just yet, you can follow along with the help of a step-by-step tutorial.

A good tutorial will guide you through all the materials you need and the different shapes you need to practice on.

You'll master the basic skull in no time.

8. A Diagram Of The Head

A Diagram Of The Head

via drawitneat blogspot

Drawing a diagram is a great way to get to know your skull. It's also a creative idea for children who want to turn in a unique science project.

They can draw a skull complete with the nose and teeth of the subject.

9. Side View Skull Drawing

Side View Skull Drawing

via theweirdfiend

If you're tired of drawing the front view, why not attempt to draw the sides? Explore the different sides of the skull and draw it from a different angle!

Doing this can test your skills and your familiarity with the skull.

10. Halloween Cobweb and Skull Drawing

Halloween Cobweb and Skull Drawing

via JC Reduro

One of the quintessential decorations for Halloween is a skull and cobweb. The two always come hand in hand, which makes them a good idea to draw together.

This easy skull drawing is perfect for everyone, regardless of age. Grab your ink pen and paper, and start drawing.

11. Danger Sign Drawing

Danger Sign Drawing

via Eric Leopold

The danger skull sign is enough to stop people, often representing a hazard ahead.

Often this could lead to death, and the skeleton and skull images are enough to get the job done.

Learn to draw this easy skull drawing with the help of a simple step-by-step guide! Fill in the lines with color, and you have your own warning sign.

12. Half Skull and Half Face Drawing

Half Skull and Half Face Drawing

via marionette

If you're a budding artist who wants to get your name out there, challenge yourself to make this half-skull and half-face drawing.

It's certainly not for a beginner artist because of the skills required. You have to draw a nose, eyes, and teeth on the other half.

The challenge for the artist is to make everything look seamless on paper.

13. Grim Reaper Skull Idea

Grim Reaper Skull Idea

via Fil Vova

The angel of death comes to hunt us every night, creeping into our dreams and turning them into nightmares.

Drawing the grim reaper is a fun project to conquer your fear of this angel of death.

14. Skeleton With Hair

Skeleton With Hair

via hairstylesbeauty

Consider drawing a skeleton with a full set of hair! This may be challenging because of the details you have to put into drawing the hair.

This is a great way to practice making lines and playing with ink.

15. A Skull Wrapped By A Snake

A Skull Wrapped By A Snake

via Lucia Ambrozay

Another easy skull drawing is a skull wrapped by a snake. Once you've mastered skulls, you can explore drawing snakes.

You can always use a step-by-step guide to help you understand the basics of drawing a snake.

16. Monstrous Skull Drawing

Monstrous Skull Drawing

via Mark Mr Hide-Patten

As if skulls weren't creepy enough, we'll make it a lot scarier to give you the extra heebie-jeebies.

Unleash your creativity and draw the monster of your nightmare. Combine it with a skull, and you've got a beast in front of you.

You can only hope this doesn't begin to haunt you in your dreams.

17. Skeleton and Candle Drawing

Skeleton and Candle Drawing

via PasxalHS Srepo

Every scary movie we've watched is plagued with skeletons and candles, making it the perfect thing to try to try drawing!

Drawing them gives us the same scary feeling, even if it's just on paper!

18. Bleeding Skull

Bleeding Skull


Drawing a bleeding skull might be on the extreme side, but it's a great way for an artist to explore their creativity.

You can use red ink for the blood to give that realistic effect.

19. Nightmare Before Christmas Skull Drawing

Nightmare Before Christmas Skull Drawing

via Lola's Illustration

Now, who could ever forget the skull from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas?

Jack Skellington has become such an iconic character you need to add him to your arsenal of skull art pieces.

20. Heart Skull Couple

Heart Skull Couple

via Danny Spear

Make your Valentine's Day unique by drawing several skulls and shaping them into a heart.

This easy skull drawing might be an odd way to make a romantic gesture, but it sure is memorable.

21. Skulls With Glasses

Skulls With Glasses

via Antonio Fernandes

Who says skull heads can't look smart?

Make your skull drawing look quirky with the simple addition of glasses instead of crossbones!

22. Skull With Devil Horns

Skull With Devil Horns

via Vecteezy

Add a horn to your skull drawing, and the story becomes different. The overall look gives it a devil/hell boy vibe.

23. Happy and Smiling Skull

Happy and Smiling Skull

via Lucretia

Who says skulls can't have a happy and smiling look? Instead of drawing a scary skull, why not make a happy, friendly-looking one?

This is a great way to introduce this scary icon to children.

24. Melting Skull Drawing

Melting Skull Drawing

via Tobacco and Leather

Challenge your creativity and draw a melting skull. This is challenging because you have to learn how to make curved lines.

The skull should look like it's dripping. Don't worry because you don't have to perfect this on your first try. Just make sure you've got your eraser ready for when you need to do some cleanup.

25. Chimpanzee Skull

Chimpanzee Skull

via Dustin Young

They say humans evolved from chimpanzees. An artist can portray this evolution by drawing a chimpanzee and a human skull.

By the end of it, we should be able to tell which features we've lost during the evolution process.

26. Terminator Inspired Skull Drawing

Terminator Inspired Skull Drawing

via Davis

The Terminator is one of the most epic movie franchises we've seen. A great way for an artist to show worship for this movie is to draw a robot-inspired skull.

It's a unique and clever idea that we're sure many fans will pick up on.

27. Skull With Knives

Skull With Knives

via ideas hermosa

If you want to look cool and tough with your skull drawing, consider putting a ray of knives on your drawing.

Make sure to keep the lines on your knife sharp.

28. King Skull Head

King Skull Head

via Christina Loved

A skull with a crown top sounds like something straight out of a fantasy novel. Explore this genre and find different ways to make your king skull the center of attention.

You can be as eccentric as you want with the crown!

29. Smoking Skull Head

Smoking Skull Head

via TeePublic

Skulls are so hollow, and they've got a lot of holes now that it's empty. A great way to express this idea is by drawing smoke from every hole!

This is also a great challenge for an artist who wants to learn about movement and texture.

30. Day of the Dead Skull

Day of the Dead Skull

via Jessie Hill

Thanks to the movie Coco, people worldwide started becoming familiar with the day of the dead.

It's a good way to honor the dearly departed without feeling scared or creeped out.

31. Scream Movie Inspired Skull

Scream Movie Inspired Skull

via Madi Draws

If you've seen the movie Scream, you know how creepy the long-faced skull looks. It's so easy to draw, a beginner artist can get it on their first try!

Pay homage to this timeless movie and start drawing.

32. Cherry Skull Drawing

Cherry Skull Drawing

via HeartLies

Cherries are so easy to draw because of their shape. Level up your work and switch the cherries for a skull!

However, this will be challenging, especially if you want to make clear that you've drawn a cherry.

33. A Skull on Top of a Pile of Bones

A Skull on Top of a Pile of Bones

via Nathanael Ball

If you're a professional artist, drawing a skull could be as easy as reading. Put your skills to the test and draw a skull on top of another one — or on top of a pile of bones.

There are different elements to it that you need to master.

34. Skull Wearing A Top Hat

Skull Wearing A Top Hat

via Lucretia

Get quirky and draw a top hat on your drawing. It's a great way to lighten the mood and remove all the attention from the scare.

It makes for a classy drawing too!

35. Crow On Top Of A Skull

Crow On Top Of A Skull

via themasterofstyx

Nothing signifies dying more than a crow on top of a skull. Drawing this might take time, especially if you want to capture the crow's details.

36. Clown Skull Drawing

Clown Skull Drawing

via circusveins

Some people would prefer looking at skeletons to clowns given a chance to answer. There's something about clowns that sometimes gives you the complete opposite of funny.

Combine the two, and you've probably drawn someone's nightmares.

37. Skull Soldier Drawing

Skull Soldier Drawing

via Morales DiasTop

This drawing idea is perfect for a professional artist with very keen attention to detail.

Drawing this skull soldier will take a lot of time, considering the different elements you need to integrate.

Breathe, take your time, and sketch away.

38. Mickey Mouse Inspired Skull Drawing Idea

Mickey Mouse Inspired Skull Drawing Idea

via Kayalani Radmer

Not to ruin anyone's childhood, but a MickeyMouse-inspired drawing idea looks cool.

It's a great way to transform our childhood favorites into something we can appreciate better as an adult.

39. Dinosaur Skull Drawing

Dinosaur Skull Drawing

via Ash Dadoun

Children are always so intrigued with dinosaurs, and they can only hope to see one in real life. The closest to the real thing they'll ever see is its skeletons preserved in museums.

Teach your children how to draw a dinosaur skull with the help of tutorials! It's a great way for them to learn about this prehistoric creature.

40. Cat Skull Drawing

Cat Skull Drawing

via Gato Iberico

Are cats as cute as when all that's left is their skull? We don't think so.

It might be a little creepy, but exploring is a good idea!

41. Deer Skull Drawing

Deer Skull Drawing

via Joelle Poulos

Deers look cute, but we can't say the same when looking at them as a skull. Its looks are enough to even creep us out.

This easy skull drawing is perfect because of its symmetry. But if you want to level up your skills, you can try different ways to transform this easy skull drawing.

42. Detailed Wolf Skull Drawing

Detailed Wolf Skull Drawing

via Ariruku Hika

Perhaps the hardest skull to draw is the wolf. It's tricky if you want to get all the details right.

This skull has many elements, such as its sharp teeth and protruding nose.

43. Cow Skull Drawing

Cow Skull Drawing

via Charcoals

Cow skulls are relatively easy to draw, making them perfect for beginners and professional artists.

This simple skull drawing is enough to get children in their Halloween spirit.

44. Cool Bull Skull Drawing

Cool Bull Skull Drawing

via Ethan Harper

Drawing a bull skull is a perfect way for artists to master symmetry. It's also a cool skull drawing you can add to your collection.

You can watch a bull skull step-by-step guide to help you draw this unique masterpiece.

45. Bird Skull Drawing Idea

Bird Skull Drawing Idea

via Danielle Hudak

In keeping with the Halloween spirit, consider drawing a bird's head. It's a simple drawing that can spook children during the season.

What Types of Pencils Can You Use When Drawing Skulls?

There's a variety of pencils out there you can use to create drawings and sketches. 

Gone are the days when we could rely on just any pencil, and even some of the best mechanical pencils out there. 

What should you use for your skull drawing ideas? Keep reading to find out about this list. 

Graphite Pencils

A graphite pencil is good all-around, and perfect for drawing, sketching, and writing. 

The lead is usually embraced by a wood material, something we gnawed on during our toddler years. 

They're easy to use, and you only have to sharpen them to keep the lead nice and pointy. Make sure to pair it with a good eraser when you want a clean slate on your page. 

Solid Graphite Pencils

If you're serious about drawing and sketching, you need to grab yourself a solid graphite. 

This type of pencil is made specifically for the artist who loves drawing. You can enhance your drawing skills with this one, and beginners can master their craft. 

Liquid Graphite Pencils

Think of a liquid graphite pencil as your regular pencil, but you have to use liquid instead. Using liquid graphite is one of the coolest ways to feed your creative obsession. 

Using it can get tricky, but you'll see amazing results once you get the hang of it. 

You have to act fast when you use liquid graphite because once it dries, you can no longer erase it. 

Charcoal Pencils

The beauty of using a charcoal pencil is you can add a lot of style and depth to your creations. They're perfect for creating smudging effects that make your art come to life. 

There are also a lot of tricks you can do with it. Even beginner artists will have a lot of fun testing them out. 

Carbon Pencils

Besides drawing and sketching, this pencil is perfect for shading, smudging, and blending. 

It's perfect for all artists, regardless of their drawing ability. We highly recommend watching a tutorial to help you make the most of it. 

Skull Drawing Ideas

  • We often get a lot of questions about drawing and drawing ideas. We’ve answered some of them here, which we’re sure you’ll find useful: 

  • How Much Practice Do I Need to Master the Art of Drawing?

    There’s a saying that goes, “practice makes perfect,” which is fitting for mastering drawing. 

    It will help if you keep practicing your drawing skills until you’ve finally become comfortable with your work. 

    Don’t feel pressured to perfect your drawing on your first try. With more practice, the better your skill will be compared to when you first started. 

    Practicing a few hours daily is the best way to sharpen your skills. 

  • Can I Use Drawing Tablets to Practice Drawing?

    Many children and adults today prefer using a drawing tablet because it’s a lot more convenient to use. Regardless of your budget, there’s a drawing tablet for you

    The iPad is the best drawing device to get your creative juices flowing. It’s compatible with some of the best drawing applications in the AppStore you need to check out now! 

    Once you’re done with your art, you can post it immediately online and share it with your friends on Instagram or even Facebook! 

  • What Other Drawing Ideas Can I Draw Besides the Skull?

    Besides drawing a skull, there are other cool and fun drawing ideas you can learn how to draw.

    Skeleton Hand Drawings

    Skeleton Hand Drawing Skeleton Drawings From The Library Of Nat - Drawing Art Gallery.

    via Mr Ghoul

    In keeping with the Halloween spirit, level your skill and learn how to draw a skeleton hand. We're not going to lie, getting the intricacies down might be challenging at first.

    Later on, you can piece this together with your skull drawings to make a complete skeleton.

    You can watch a tutorial on how to draw a spooky boney hand that can take you through the whole process!

    Side Profile Drawings

    Side Profile Drawings

    via Spencer Nielsen

    Side profiles are a good drawing idea. It's a great starting point for artists who want to master how to draw the face.

    The difficulty of side profiles can range depending on the simplicity of the drawing idea.

    A simple drawing could only take a day to master, while complicated ones would need weeks or even months.

    Hair Drawings

    Hair Drawings

    via Patty Valdez

    In general, drawing hair is pretty easy to do. It's one of the perfect drawing ideas for beginners to master. 

    But the more your skills progress, the more demanding the task becomes. You become more particular with getting all the intricacies in the right place.

    Make sure to check out tips and step-by-step guides on how to draw hair. 

    Ghost Drawings

    Ghost Drawings

    via InkBox

    Another awesome spooky Halloween drawing idea is a ghost. They're easy to draw, and you can make them look cute.

    Beginner artists will be able to draw this one easily and will hardly need a step-by-step guide.

    Skull Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Skull Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Are you ready to test out your skills? With all the different skull drawing ideas we've named in this list, you're all set for your creative journey.

    You can also check out other drawing ideas that can inspire you. Just practice until you finally perfect your craft!

    We hope you've found your favorite skull drawing idea from this list.