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Cartoon Drawing Ideas | Step-by-Step Guides

Pencil and paper in hand but stuck on what cartoon to draw?

Cartoon Drawing Ideas

You don't have to exhaust your energy and focus on finding the inspiration you need. These cartoon drawing ideas might help you get inspired.

Popular Cartoon Drawing Ideas

Whether you're about to start or complete your masterpiece, these 45 cartoon drawing ideas are sure to help you progress to the next steps of your drawing journey:

1. Head


Source: Jamie Sale

Your ideas can start even from the head shape of your cartoons. This is a basic step in drawing, but you can make your comics more interesting by changing your character's head shape.

2. Eyes


Source: homeheartart

Ever heard of the saying, "The eyes are the windows to the soul"? In terms of cartoons, how you draw the eye can greatly impact the overall look of your cartoons. Make it smaller, bigger, or both, and see what happens.

3. Nose

mix and match cartoon noses

Source: Everyone Can Draw

Many cartoonists skip the step of drawing the nose, especially on people. Maybe if you add one to yours, it can give you the inspiration that you need.

4. Mouth


Source: 123RF

The mouth is another character-defining step in drawing cartoons. It can be a distinct characteristic of your cartoons to give them the impact they may lack.

5. Emotions


Source: Norm Grock

Don't miss the step of giving your cartoons emotions. Not only can this help you liven up your work, but it can also help you build a storyline.

6. Tree


Source: happyfamilyart

Ever considered adding elements to your cartoons? Aside from people, you can try putting details that identify the place or setting of your drawing—for example, a tree.

7. Sky


Source: Easy Drawing Guides

In this step, you can define the time of your drawing. Would you like it to be daytime or nighttime?

8. Sunset


Source: Easy Drawing Guides

Maybe you'd like to be more specific? Take, for example, drawing a sunset as a background for your cartoons.

9. Alien


Source: Art Projects for Kids

Don't limit yourself to the usual time and place elements. Go out of this world with aliens! This might bring an unusual twist to your cartoons.

10. Robot


Source: Art Projects for Kids

While you're at it, explore the idea of drawing a robot. Many cartoons are robots, so this might make yours even more interesting.

11. Flowers


Source: @carissa_d

Do you think your drawing is a bit dull? You might want to put flowers on it. Kids love drawing flowers, but you can also learn other ways.

12. Butterfly


Source: Shihori Obata

Your flowers can come with a butterfly or two. Step out of the usual butterfly drawings and put a few more curves on yours to make it more complex.

13. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Source: Art Projects for Kids

Let your ideas flow with the seasons. Nothing can compare to the warmth that the Christmas season gives. Adding a Christmas tree might just be the step you need to take.

14. Snowman


Source: Art Projects for Kids

Perhaps you want to take it outdoors? A snowman spells Christmas when you look outside during this season.

15. Bear


Source: Live Internet

Many kids enjoy cartoons with bears. You can get inspired by this and create your version of a bear from drawing circles.

16. Tiger


Source: Art for Kids Hub

Make your cartoon drawings roar with a tiger on them. This is another easy drawing that kids can do.

17. Bird


Source: @drawcuties

Let your imagination fly like birds in the sky. Make a few curves, and you'll have a cute bird to match your cartoons.

18. Angry Bird

Angry Bird

Source: dollclothes2

Spice up your drawing with cartoon characters; kids will enjoy it even more. A circle and a few curve lines can give you the famous Angry Birds character.

19. Beach


Source: Easy Drawing Guides

The beach is another setting that you can explore. The first step is to draw the line separating land and sea. Put in waves and other elements to end up with this setting.

20. Fish


Source: Shihori Obata

If you're exploring the water, you'll have to put different kinds of fish cartoons in your drawing. They can be of different forms and sizes to give you the variety you need.

21. Shark


Source: Art Projects for Kids

When we're talking about the sea, it'll be hard not to put a shark in your drawing. Here's your easy guide on how to draw one.

22. Smurf


Source: Cool Drawing Idea

Drawing cartoons is easily associated with cartoon characters.

Take a smurf, for instance. To draw one, the first step is to draw an oval with its eyes and lips. Draw a curve line for its ear and cap. Make its body followed by its tiny leg and foot. Follow the previous step of making its leg and foot to make its second limb.

23. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

Source: Kids Art & Craft

Another favorite cartoon character is Peppa Pig. The first step to drawing her is to draw a semi-circle. Draw in circles to make her face and a curved line for her smile. The last step is to make her body and hands.

24. Winnie-the-Pooh


Source: Easy Drawing Guides

A classic cartoon character that many kids recognize is Winnie the Pooh. The first step to drawing this cartoon is to draw the edges of its face. Draw circles to make its ear and facial features. For its body, draw the edges lines to make its shape. End your drawing with its legs.

25. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Source: Cool Drawing Idea

To draw Hello Kitty, the first step is to draw a circle and erase its left and right sides. Draw its ears and some petals to somehow make a flower on its head. Complete your drawing with the edges of the body line and use curves for the limbs.

26. Doraemon


Source: Easy Drawings and Sketches

Doraemon is a famous Japanese comic book character you can draw. The first step is to join two ovals. Draw its face with ovals and curves. Complete your drawing using curves and circles for its body and limbs.

27. Unicorn


Source: Art Projects for Kids

Aside from cartoon characters, you can get inspiration from mythical creatures kids are fond of, such as a unicorn.

28. Rainbow


Source: Easy Drawing for Kids

If you're drawing cartoons with unicorns, you'll also have to learn to draw a rainbow. Explore colors and shading here to give more life to your drawing.

29. Mermaid


Source: Art Projects for Kids

Aside from flying unicorns, you can also explore swimming mermaids. Feel free to incorporate your own touch into its face and emotions to make your mermaid drawing more unique.

30. Dinosaur


Source: Art Projects for Kids

Drawing cartoons like unicorns and mermaids can give you more feminine drawing ideas. Consider drawing dinosaurs if you want a more masculine touch to your drawing.

31. Monster


Source: How to Draw Funny Cartoons

Kids get creative when drawing monster cartoons. Maybe you can improve your creativity here, too. Consider monsters with one eye or join different body parts to make your monster cartoons your own.

32. Pumpkin


Source: Art Projects for Kids

Aside from Christmas, you can have many ideas from Halloween-themed cartoons. Take the first step of drawing a pumpkin and open your mind to other ideas.

33. Skeleton


Source: Art Projects for Kids

You don't have to wait for November to add a spooky touch to your cartoons. You don't even have to reveal the skeletons in your closet to widen your imagination. Maybe drawing one would do the trick.

34. Kid in a Vampire Costume

Kid in a Vampire Costume

Source: Drawing How to Draw

What's Halloween without costumes? Make your cartoons even more realistic by incorporating another step into your drawings. If you draw a kid in a vampire costume, you only have to fill in the vampire's mouth with a kid's face.

35. Candy


Source: Easy Drawing Guides

Save the tricks if you don't have treats. You'll need candies to go with your Halloween cartoons. Here's how you can draw candies of different forms.

36. Angel


Source: Imaginatoon

Before your cartoons get too dark, you might want to check out drawing angels. Doing so, you can even teach kids values in your storyline.

37. Devil


Source: Imaginatoon

If you have angels, you might want to draw its counterpart as well. This is how you can draw a cute devil to go with your cartoons.

38. Cap


Source: Easy Drawing Guides

Don't forget to accessorize! Don't let your ideas stop with facial features and emotions. Think of what you'd like your cartoons to wear. This step may easily be taken for granted, but it can greatly impact your drawing.

39. Burger


Source: Imaginatoon

What's your favorite food? No rules stop you from setting it up as your main character. You're free to animate it in any style you want, as you would with a person or animal.

40. Pizza


Source: I Heart Crafty Things

From burgers, you can explore pizza as well. If you don't want to animate it, you can put it in your drawing to make it more realistic.

41. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Source: Choose Marker

Go from savory to sweets with kids' favorite desserts like ice cream. Put a colorful touch like this in your cartoons, and it might get your ideas flowing.

42. House


Source: Imaginatoon

A house is an element you can also explore. Its size, color, and features can help you say more with less when it comes to your cartoons.

43. Bicycle


Source: Imaginatoon

Explore modes of transportation to incorporate into your drawings. A bicycle is something you can easily draw with circles and basic lines.

44. Car


Source: The Drawbot

You can also go for the usual car drawing. It's easy to put anywhere and customize your cartoons to give them more spice.

45. Truck


Source: Class Playground

Maybe by drawing a truck, you'll get truckloads of ideas flowing. Drawing a truck can also help you experiment with different shapes and colors.

Tips on How to Draw Cartoons

Before you rack your brain on perfecting any cartoon drawing tutorial, here are some tips that can make it easier for you:

  • Start with basic shapes and lines. Remember that every drawing is essentially made up of basic shapes and lines. Feel free to practice with guidelines and curved lines as well.
  • Get inspired but don’t wait too long. Look into cartoons or old movies for inspiration but don't waste too much time with this step. If you're taking too long, just start working on whatever you can, no matter how repetitive. Just turn on your confidence and work your way into progress.
  • Draw nonsense. Don't be contained inside your shell. Feel free to exaggerate and draw without rules. You might just come up with a creative work of art!
  • Try different drawing tools. Maybe you're too comfortable with the drawing style you're using. Explore the benefits of the other drawing styles and tools. If you're using a cheap drawing tablet or an iPad for drawing, check out what drawing with a mechanical pencil can do for you. It might work wonders.
  • Keep drawing. It doesn't just take a day to be an artist. Be patient with what you do and learn through the process step by step.

Cartoon Drawing Ideas FAQ

  • We have your common questions answered to help you create that perfect cartoon drawing.

  • How Do I Find an Idea for Drawing?

    Don’t overthink. Cartoon drawing isn’t meant to be complicated. Draw whatever you can think of and begin from there. Look around you and draw whatever catches your eye. Maybe give it a face or give a twist to your favorite work. 

    What’s important is that you learn along the way to develop the kind of skill you want to hone. Get started. Be inspired by this list of easy things to draw

  • What Should a 10-Year-Old Draw?

    A 10-year-old can draw lots of things! For starters, your child can draw usual shapes, animals, and trees or even trace their hand. Boost your child’s learning through these drawing ideas for beginners.

  • Deer in a forest on a sunny summer day. Digital Painting Background, Illustration. Cartoon Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Cartoon Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Let your imagination run wild and get inspired by the drawing ideas we've given you.

    Remember that they still help you practice your skills, no matter how simple your cartoons may be. Over time your learning will lead to mastery.