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45 Anime Drawing Ideas: A Complete List And Guide For Drawers

Do you want to draw your favorite anime characters or even your friends in the best way possible a drawing can get?

Anime Drawing Ideas

Then you can learn and be inspired from this collection of pics from Naruto, Death Note, and all kinds of manga to draw inspiration from.

You can learn how to draw anime characters by seeing how each drawing from an anime girl to the latest shounen hero is made.

45 Anime Drawing Ideas to Try Out

Anime Drawing Ideas to Try Out

You can watch any number of video tutorial guides to learn how to draw anime and hope to get just as good but to stimulate that urge to practice your drawing skills.

You could learn and see many anime drawing ideas and techniques to apply to your burdening drawing skills for anime art.

You don't need to copy anime art step by step, but merely draw your ideas on what makes each piece interesting and come up with anime drawing ideas.

Here are several anime drawing ideas to awaken your muse as an anime artist, from beginner guides to interesting-looking characters from your favorite anime and manga series.

1. How to Draw an Anime Girl

How to Draw an Anime Girl

Source: min yoon

Drawing the basic shape, the nose, and other features to complete the anime face for a cute anime girl as you practice drawing for fun or professionally.

Always consider watching different step-by-step tutorials, as each one will be unique, and you can apply different techniques to develop your styles for your anime girl.

2. Quick Ways to Draw Anime People

Quick Ways to Draw Anime People

Source: Cevagraf Comics

First, get an idea of the proportions of your anime character via guides, which adds more ideas and skills to your repertoire as an artist.

Also, consider style guides for fashion sense, facial features, and facial expressions to nail the anime aesthetic.

3. How to Draw an Anime Girl Face

How to Draw an Anime Girl Face

Source: Be Mangaka

The biggest feature of an anime girl drawing is their wide anime eyes which are drawn as occupying more space to convey more emotions from your drawing.

A cute anime girl wearing a distinct hairstyle or even accessories helps give each anime character more individuality to accentuate their different facial expressions.

4. How to Draw an Anime Hair

How to Draw an Anime Hair

Source: Chantal

Anime hair is famously loud in color and hairstyle, indicating a character's personality in both departments for your drawing.

An extroverted character may have just as bright colors, red or yellow, to match their energy, or conversely, a shy character would have their bangs cover their eyes for their shyness.

5. How to Draw Anime Hands

How to Draw Anime Hands

Source: jeryam.org

Drawing hands can be stylized to make drawing easier by wearing gloves or making fists to lessen the number of bones drawn for an anime artist to draw with enough practice.

A manga or anime drawing can portray hands to help convey gestures or subtle emotions, movement of action, and even a sense of control, depending on the scope of the piece.

6. How to Make Different Poses With Anime Characters

How to Make Different Poses With Anime Characters

Source: mh-presents

Anime characters having distinctive poses would make them more distinguishable and convey what kind of character they are.

A slouching posture can denote a lack of care or self-esteem, while a very striking pose conveys your anime drawing confidence and a sense of flair for your anime drawing ideas.

7. How to Draw Anime Lips

How to Draw Anime Lips

Source: Beautiful Dawn

Drawing ideas on how lips would look on different anime characters would give your art more depth while being pretty easy to learn.

Lips on an anime girl can add more realism to the anime drawing, giving your anime drawing ideas more substance and maturity.

8. How to Draw an Anime Head

How to Draw an Anime Head

Source: onepieceluffystory

An easy anime drawing idea would be how to differentiate how you draw anime characters; faces will help develop a more distinctive style and give your art more identity.

The most distinct and noticeable anime faces have a really simple design but can be used for many facial features and expressions to expand your anime drawing ideas.

9. How to Draw Anime Hands and Feet

How to Draw Anime Hands and Feet

Source: AnimeOutline

Anime drawing ideas on how to further stylize the hands and feet would help your drawing skills from needing to add a lot of detail when you sketch hands and feet.

From wearing stockings for an anime girl to wearing sneakers for an anime boy, there are many options for you to draw over the hands and feet.

10. How to Draw Anime Clothes

How to Draw Anime Clothes

Source: dragoart.com

Fashion is another for manga drawing ideas and cute anime drawings as what they are wearing helps define your anime drawings more and flex your drawing skills.

You can practice drawing trendy streetwear to more rustic clothing for a medieval setting as you draw anime characters and further solidify their identity.

11. How to Draw Manga Arms

How to Draw Manga Arms

Source: Jade Narcisco

Drawing ideas from the musculature works and how much detail you want to add gives your character a strong and recognizable silhouette.

Anime characters can have exaggerated muscles or lankiness to have intricate tattoos or scars to give the drawing more presence.

12. How to Draw Anime Bangs With Pencil

How to Draw Anime Bangs With Pencil

Source: Unknown

In an anime girl drawing, bang placement can add more character to your drawing, such as how messy bangs can represent a tomboyish anime girl.

When it comes to your anime girl drawing, remember how even something such as a simple hairstyle can say so much about the character.

13. How to Draw Anime Cat Ears

How to Draw Anime Cat Ears

Source: Глория

Whether or not those are their only pair of ears, Cat ears on an anime girl can also represent all cat-like traits, drawing from actual cat-like behavior.

Cat ears can mean your character is mischievous, lazy, or even mysterious, drawing all kinds of associations from our real world while adding a cute addition to your anime girl.

14. How to Draw Anime Tears

How to Draw Anime Tears

Source: Easy Drawing Guides

If you wish to practice drawing different emotions and facial expressions, Drawing an anime character in tears can be another fun art challenge for your anime drawing ideas.

Whether in a comedic or saddening context, there are many ways for you to draw anime characters crying with as many facial expressions for a single tear to gushing geysers.

15. How to Draw Anime Mouth

How to Draw Anime Mouth

Source: ⓇⒾⓊⓈⒽⓄ

Another staple among anime drawing ideas is how to go about drawing an anime character's mouth, as there are many approaches you can go for different facial features.

The usual go-to for drawing an anime mouth is to do the inverse of anime eyes and to minimize the presence of lips portrayed, for the most part, as slightly bent circles.

16. Might Guy

Might Guy

Source: Horváth Gyula

Might Guy from Naruto can be a pretty easy anime character to draw from, as you, as an artist, can draw much of his inspiration from Bruce Lee for your anime drawings.

From his distinctive bowl haircut to his signature green ensemble with his orange vest, and lean anime body, Might Guy can be a simple drawing idea from Naruto to test out.

17. Pikachu


Source: Fredy Cp

The yellow rodent pokemon's design from the 90s is very spherical compared to their modern anime art rendition while maintaining its cute design as you draw Pikachu.

Anime drawing ideas don't have to be exclusively human as mascot anime characters have been a medium staple for years, as anime facial expressions can still apply.

18. Ryuk


Source: the scribler

Although not a traditional anime character, Ryuk from Death Notecan provides a challenge for your manga, drawing ideas for his overall unique character.

Practice drawing ideas from more gothic or horror ideas from Ryuk's bulging eyes, manic grin, and creepy posture due to the psychological thriller atmosphere of Death Note.

19. Tokoyami Fumikage

Tokoyami Fumikage

Source: Deku Yasha

Tokoyami from My Hero Academia has his distinctive stoic black bird head while drawing his black flowing robe costume despite this anime boy being anything but an anti-hero.

We can't forget how Tokoyami's signature companion, Dark Shadow, can have you practice drawing more abstract characters while maintaining its bird-like silhouette.

20. Goku


Source: zuber Ahmad

Anime drawing ideas for a more muscular character can work with Goku from Dragon Ball Z from his iconic orange Gi outfit with a blue undershirt, belt, and boots, along with his spiky black hair.

There is always the option for your anime drawing ideas: Goku in his first 'Super Saiyan' form as his already spiky hair becomes even spiker and blonde from raw energy.

21. Luffy D. Monkey

Luffy D. Monkey

Source: sketchok

Luffy from One Piece has his almost cartoony silhouette with his round head and his original outfit of a red vest, blue shorts, and the ironic straw hat as a simple drawing idea.

Your anime drawing can also portray Luffy as his post-time skip appearance, now looking more muscular with a noticeable x-shaped scar on his chest and an open red cardigan.

22. Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto

Source: stickerclub

For one of the most recognizable figures in the magical girl genre, you can look no further than Sakura Kinomoto of Card Captor Sakura fame.

Besides her short brown hair, her regular go-to outfit is a long-sleeved black school uniform, but her most iconic outfit is a red and white puffy dress with her iconic bird-shaped wand.

23. Guts


Source: codec-morse

As an anime drawing idea, Gut from Berserk would need his iconic flowing black cloak, his iconic overly large sword, the Dragon Slayer, and his weary traveler's clothes as you draw.

Gut's anime face can be hard to pin down as a drawing idea as his expressions can range from battle-mania or quiet contemplation while trying to maintain the grounded style of Berserk.

24. Big O

Big O

Source: blerdsonline

Another iconic mecha with a unique silhouette would be the show's namesake, Big O, famed for its art deco style and unique vibe.

Among mecha drawings, Big O has a very defined humanoid face juxtaposed with its iconic oversized pile-bunker arms while maintaining that art deco art style.

25. Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel

Source: Comic Art Gans

Among anime drawing ideas, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop is recognizable from his messy hairstyle and disorganized blue leisure suit, showing off his devil-may-care attitude.

As an anime drawing, you must remember the noir-esque melancholy that follows a character like Spike Spiegel, and it would be good anime drawing ideas to practice a world-weary one.

26. Kakashi


Source: paintingvalley

In the world of Naruto, Kakashi is never seen without his mask while always seen in his signature ninja garb of a green flak jacket and blue pants.

When trying to sketch Kakashi, it would be fun to create his lax and cool persona in Naruto while giving his more intense moments with his red-eyed Sharingan.

27. Totoro


Source: Pauline Chao

The eponymous Totoro among mascot anime drawing ideas to get inspiration for mascot or comforting drawing ideas is an amazing reference.

As you draw Totoro, keep in mind his rotund yet fluffy appearance, his distinctive smile stretching from his almost stuff-toy-like small head.

28. Seto Kaiba

Seto Kaiba

Source: ycajal

Seto Kaiba is an amazing iconic character who should want to create a rightfully overconfident presence in your drawings as he did to the characters and world of Yu-gi-oh.

Although Seto Kaiba has many different outfits throughout the show, his most distinctive outfit is the long white cloak with a dark ensemble underneath for your drawing.

29. San


Source: sketchok

The feral wolf girl, San from Princess Mononoke, is iconic among anime girl characters for her fierce and protective demeanor in the movie making for a fierce anime drawing.

As an anime girl drawing, San is always seen with her red face paint and wolfish glare to create the image of a warrior princess of nature despite being a human girl for you to draw.

30. Guilmon


Source: riza23

While drawing Guilmon, please take note of his fearsome design from his sharp claws, bulky dinosaur format, and digital hazard mark on his chest to create a fearsome design.

However, when it comes to Guilmon's face, you draw his overly large eyes that reflect his friendly and curious nature creating a sharp contrast in the overall impression.

31. Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa

Source: kageru

Marin Kitagawa of My Dress Up Darling fame is another fantastic anime girl with a vibrant, passionate personality and stylish appearance fitting of someone from the 'gyaru' subculture.

As an anime girl drawing, Marin Kitagawa always has her distinctive blonde hair with pink tips and red eye contact to give her a striking appearance.

However, her real main draw would be her infectious smile from teasing her love interest Gojo or her passion for cosplay, a good trait to keep in mind while drawing.

32. Denji


Source: Liz

Denji, the eponymous Chainsaw Man, is the latest among many Shounen protagonists that serve as an inspiration for anime drawing ideas with a very feral or delinquent personality.

Denji is recognizable from his sharp teeth and messy blonde hair to give the impression of that of a feral attack dog reflecting his past

His Devil-Hybrid form has his arms pierced with chainsaw blades and his head resembling a frenzied chainsaw, and you would need to keep the crazy vibe in your drawings.

33. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman

Source: RiNa

Squad Captain Levi Ackerman would make an interesting anime drawing from his distinctive deadpan glare and his short stature, belying his battle prowess.

As you are drawing Levi, keep in mind his undercut hairstyle as you draw the signature green cloak of the Survey Corps covering the browns of his uniform and his blades.

34. Mitsuha Miyamizu

Mitsuha Miyamizu

Source: mangajam

Mitsuha from Your Name is designed to be more grounded as an anime girl drawing, but this does not detract from her presence as the main protagonist.

While drawing, keep in mind Mitsuha's 2 distinctive hairstyles: her initial ponytail braided with her signature braided cord and her short-length hair during the movie's second half.

35. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado

Source: mangajam

The demonic sister of the main duo from Demon Slayer is another anime girl drawing for practice for her distinctive kimono with a hemp leaf pattern and bamboo shoot muzzle.

As you are drawing Nezuko, keep in mind you are creating a purposeful contrast from her big spherical cute anime face alongside her fangs and sharp claws.

36. Maka Albarn

Maka Albarn

Source: sketchok

Among anime girl drawing ideas, Maka Albarn from the Soul Eater manga would make an interesting anime girl drawing as the rare female main protagonist within a shounen anime.

As you are drawing Maka, Remember her long dark trench coat combo with a red plaid school skirt while her taupe hair is pulled into pigtails.

37. Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo

Source: Source Unknown

Satoru Gojo from the Jujutsu Kaisen anime is a cool and fun teacher figure you can add to your anime drawing ideas for practice to create his cocky energy in the drawing.

As you are drawing Gojo, keep in mind his very cocky smile as you draw his snow-white hair and signature black blindfold, obscuring his vibrant blue eyes along his black ensemble.

38. Josuke Higashikata

Josuke Higashikata

Source: Amzy

Josuke Higashikta from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 would add a nice throwback to 90's Yankii or delinquent style among your anime drawing ideas alongside the anime's wackiness.

When drawing Josuke, he would have his purple pompadour central alongside his customized school uniform with all the bling but would have an easy vibe due to his true personality.

39. Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama

Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama

Source: Javiera Romero

Mob from the titular Mob Psycho 100 anime is a deliberately simple anime protagonist to contrast the trippy show, which is good drawing practice for more surreal drawings.

Mob is defined by his simple face, bowl-cut hairstyle, and even plain school uniform by anime standards, all to his ??? Mode more striking should you decide to draw it.

40. Shirou Emiya

Shirou Emiya

Source: EremitaSancto

Shirou Emiya from the Fate anime series is another simple-looking anime drawing belying a more tragic and broken personality and backstory, making a special anime drawing.

When drawing Shirou Emiya, he is defined by his red hair, blue and white long sleeves, and sharper facial features.

41. Astro Boy

Astro Boy

Source: Source Unknown

The titular Astro Boy helped define 60's anime and would give your anime drawing ideas some nostalgic flair and an icon most people would recognize from an older life.

As you are drawing Astro Boy, he is recognized by his signature spherical head and sharp point 'hair' like extensions in that Osama Tezuka drawing style.

42. Simon The Digger

Simon The Digger

Source: Source Unknown

From the amazing mecha anime, Gurren Lagann, Simon the Digger may initially be a more timid-looking protagonist but has massive potential, like your drawing skills.

As you draw Simon the digger, the boy is remembered for his signature goggles, drill piece necklace, and frayed blue jacket.

43. Reigen Arataka

Reigen Arataka

Source: @NEBU_KURO

Among anime drawing ideas, Reigen Arataka would draw an idea of a conman with a heart of gold and exaggerated expressions, a fine addition for anime drawing ideas to look into.

As you are drawing Reigen Arataka, he is drawn with his signature grey suit and blonde hair, and you would be drawing him sweaty often.

44. Reze


Source: Leaicht

Reze from Chainsaw Man marks a very explosive entrance within the manga, drawing a recognizable impact and anime girl design.

As an anime girl drawing, Reze's usual outfit consists of a white sleeveless button-up, a black choker, and her hair tied in a messy bun, deceptively simple compared to other anime girls.

45. Jeanne D'arc (Fate)

Jeanne D'arc (Fate)

Source: @click_burgundy

If you wish to practice using historical figures reimagined as anime characters, then you have no better example than Jeanne D'arc from Fate Apocrypha for your anime drawing ideas.

As an anime girl drawing, Jeanne is recognizable from her long blonde braid, metal headpiece, and blue armored dress while keeping that stern but resolute girl spirit.

As a drawing idea challenge, this rendition can give you insights into a historical character's background and how another country views them.

Anime Drawing Ideas FAQ

  • Although you now have all the stimuli for drawing an anime girl or boy, there are still tips and considerations for how to draw anime from different perspectives and styles.

    Here are some tools and tips you can use as you learn how to draw anime characters and what you do to make your drawings more life-like and in-depth.

  • What Should You Have in Your Pencil Sketching Tool Kit?
    • Graphite Pencils: When you sketch your anime characters, a mainstay from your drawing kit would be the graphite pencils of varying shades (NOTE: We strongly recommend buying a high quality graphite pencil.)
    • Charcoal Pencils and Liquid: For easy anime shading for various characters and lighting, people have been drawing with charcoal pencils and liquids for more tones.
    • Pens or Fineliners: Should you wish to try drawing finer details on your anime characters, pens or fine lines will help you draw smoother marks and minute details on your drawings.
    • Sharpeners: Sharpeners are naturally needed to keep your graphite pencils sharp and able to draw your sharper designs for your anime drawings.
    • Erasers: Besides removing mistakes in your anime drawing, erasers are also useful for creating softer graphite shades, giving your drawing more depth.
  • What Are Some Sketching Techniques You Can Apply?
    • Hatching and Cross-hatching: If you want to create more depth to your anime drawing, consider using Hatching, where you create shadows with lines, and Cross-Hatching, Hatching but intersecting.
    • Scribbling: Besides doodling, scribbling is a great idea for drawing anime, as your drawing can use random movements closer together to create a darker image.
    • Stippling: Stippling is drawing dots on your anime art to add depth; the closer the dots results, the better for your drawing.
    • Smooth Shading or Blending: Smooth shading or blending for your next anime girl drawing, as there are several ways your drawing will become smoother with thicker lines.
    • Circling: As you are drawing an anime girl, you can control the tone of your drawing by adjusting the pressure as you draw, leading to a smoother transition from small circular strokes.
    • Rendering: The next level is drawing an anime girl; you are erasing some of your drawings to highlight your overall drawing, an almost blurred effect.
    • Creating Highlights: You can add highlights to your anime drawing as you draw a possible light source for your drawing by erasing some pigments from your drawing.

    As you practice creating your drawings, have user-friendly equipment, from a cheap drawing tablet to an iPad.

  • Anime Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Anime Drawing Ideas Conclusion

    Easy anime girl drawing to macho manga drawings help light the need and hope of improving your drawing anime skills as the hope to draw like that can be found in anyone.

    As you learn to draw anime characters, you will always need to remind yourself why you draw in the first place, as practice can be frustrating and leave you wondering.

    However, every effort results in a step forward.

    So the next time you draw anime eyes, bask in your anime drawing skills and your passion for why you love drawing anime to keep appreciating your drawn art.