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How To Paint A Garage Door [All You Need To Know]

An outdated garage door can affect the decor and make your house look shabby. But the best concrete paints can help with this. 

How To Paint A Garage Door

Give your garage doors a new look by painting them in a whole new color. You can use more than one shade and refer to project inspiration ideas for the job that are available online. 

The important thing is to repair old doors before painting them. Once you have covered up chipped and oxidized garage doors, they will look new and elegant, enhancing the curb appeal. 

Also, door paints last a long time, and you will not have to worry about painting it again for the next few years. Just remember to coat all the panels well and paint your garage door twice if you want a deeper shade. 

We will discuss all this in more detail in the following section. 

How To Paint A Garage Door

How To Paint A Garage Door

We will first tell you about the things you will need before selecting the right paint. Then we will move on to the process of painting garage doors. 

Things You Will Need 

1. Paint Brushes

We will ask you to keep a collection of brushes handy for the project. You might need different sizes to cover the trim, the sides of the windows, as well as to paint the frame. 

2. Garage Door Paint

You can opt for acrylic latex exterior paint, which can be the perfect choice for garage doors. However, check the door materials beforehand and see if the paint can be applied to them. 

3. Exterior Primer 

A good-quality primer will promote adhesion and ensure the paint sticks to the garage door. But you can avoid using it if you are applying two coats of paint with a built-in primer. 

4. Stir Sticks 

The paint should not separate before you apply it to the garage door, so use stir sticks to mix it well before using.

5. Pan And Roller

A roller can be used to paint the stiles quickly without the process being messy. 

6. Dropcloth 

You must already know how important it is to keep the garage door step clean and free from paint splashes. Keep a drop cloth at the base of the door so that the paint does not ruin the flooring. 

7. Step Ladder 

If you are trying to reach the top of the door but are not tall enough, you will need a step ladder. Garage doors can be pretty high so get one before you start working. 

8. Painter’s Tape 

You need to define the edges and sand flat surfaces to make sure the painting job is done well. Hence, painter’s tape is required to cover such areas and deliver a professional finish. 

Painting A Garage Door: Steps To Follow

Painting A Garage Door

Step 1: Choose The Garage Door Color 

Buy the garage door paint after thorough consideration of the other shades used in the house. Now you can find acrylic exterior paint in most home improvement stores but the paint should be such that the door looks good while guaranteeing protection from bad weather. 

Remember that the door is going to receive direct sunlight, so check how the colors will look in the sun before opting for the right shade. We will recommend picking samples first and checking how the color will look on the door. 

And while purchasing, remember to buy an exterior paint primer, which will allow the paint to stick well and cover the door surface smoothly. You can even look for concrete floor paint ideas online as well if you want to paint the area in front of the door. 

Next, consider the material the door is made of, such as wood, aluminum, or vinyl, as the exterior paint needs to adhere to the surface well. Check the label carefully before you purchase it to see if the paint can be used on your garage door surface. 

Step 2: Clean The Garage Door 

The garage door will be close to the street, and that means it can get dirty easily. You will have to clean the garage doors before applying the paint to prevent dust contamination. 

Use a bucket of water or a hose pipe for the job by pouring water on the surface and wiping it with a washcloth. If the door is grimy, you will need a power washer for cleaning it. Hire a power washer from a local hardware store or ask a cleaning company to help with this step. 

Once you are done cleaning the door, you can keep a drop cloth below the garage door that will collect any excess paint trickling down the surface. This will also keep the wet edge from touching the cement and prevent paint from ruining the floor. 

Step 3: Make A Note Of The Weather 

Before you start painting garage doors, you should always check the weather. Get an update from the internet or from the local news if there is any rain shower prediction in the next 24 hours. 

For the primer to set, you will need a few days of dry weather, and it is best to plan accordingly. We will always recommend setting the dates on the calendar depending on when the monsoon season begins. 

If it rains suddenly during the paint job, you will have paint running all over the surface and the floor. This can be very messy and it is best prevented at all costs.  

Step 4: Use Painter’s Tape To Cover Different Areas 

Do the garage doors have some designs on them, or do they come with recesses and patterns? You will need to work carefully so that the fresh paint does not get into these areas. To keep these areas safe, purchase painter’s tape, which is pretty cheap and easily available online. 

You can stick it all over the desired area and create boundary lines while working. The paint will not be absorbed through the tape, keeping those specific areas safe. Also, you can use tape if you are applying two different colors to the door. 

Step 5: Prime Before Painting

Use a paintbrush to apply a primer to the garage door. You will have to apply it from side to side and make sure that the door is entirely covered with a thin layer of primer. This should be enough for the new paint to stick to the base properly. 

Once you are done working with the primer, wash the paintbrush well before applying the paint. 

In case you cannot find a primer, you can skip it by applying an extra thin coat of paint. It should help in preparing the garage door for the second layer. 

Step 6: Cover The Recesses 

You will need to reach the recesses in the door with your paintbrush and coat them with paint properly. Then you can paint the main door surface and color the corners. Try not to get paint on the stiles or the raised edges initially as you will need to paint them again later, but we will get to that soon.

For now remember that while painting, the brush should be wet and not dripping with paint. Otherwise, it may streak or run, which will hamper the final effect. 

Step 7: Cover The Stiles 

The stiles can now be covered with paint and you will find them on top of the recesses. Use a pan and a roller to get the job done, while applying smooth strokes for a professional finish. Also, if the paint layer is thin and you can see the primer through the paint, you will have to apply another layer on top.

Give at least 12 hours in between for one layer to dry and before applying the second coat. But there’s no need to apply a second coat if you are using light colors. 

Step 8: Keeping It Clean 

Once you have applied an even coating of paint, you will have to ensure the surface stays clean after the paint dries. To do so, keep washing the garage door once in a while so that dirt does not settle on the surface.

How To Paint The Garage Door Frame In A Different Shade?

You will need a brush to paint this frame, and we will recommend a small or medium-sized brush for the job. Use it to paint inside the frame and begin from the top always. 

Then slowly move down until you have painted the entire door frame. You can clean any excess paint from the corners, which has gotten into the trims. 

Safety Tips To Remember 

You will be handling mineral spirits and brush cleaners, which includes chemicals. This can be harmful to the body when inhaled constantly, so use a mask to prevent breathing in the toxic fumes. 

Also, it is a good idea to wear goggles while trying to sand or chip old paint because the fine particles can easily get into your eyes. And if you find paint splashes on the ground, you can look for driveway paint ideas to cover up the driveway with paint to make it look even more beautiful. 

How To Paint A Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions ?

In this section, we will be listing the questions that are frequently asked by people who are looking to paint garage doors. 

Is painting the garage door with a primer very essential?

Applying primer is not mandatory; however, it makes the paint stick to the surface better. If you do not want to apply primer, opt for a paint that comes with built-in primer. 

What is the time needed for one fresh coat of paint to dry? 

You will need around 12 hours for one coat to dry, so while painting a garage door, make a note of the weather. In very humid climates, you may have to leave it for 15 hours till it dries to the touch. After the last coat has been painted; wait for 2 to 3 days before using the freshly painted garage door. 

Can a roller be used to paint garage doors? 

If you have a flat garage door, you can use a roller to paint it. Also, you can paint the stiles with a roller but do not use it for the edges. 

Do you need to call a professional to paint a garage door? 

While you may want to paint garage doors yourself, reconsider if more than one door needs painting. It will be time-consuming, and you may not be able to dedicate the required effort to the project. 

Also, if you are wondering how to paint a garage door that is old and chipped, let us tell you that a lot of preparation is needed. You will need to fill up the holes and the chipped parts before applying the paint. 

Hiring a professional ensures it can be done in a shorter time while the finished project will look extremely refined. On the flip side, you will have to spend more money to hire a professional painter. 

How To Paint A Garage Door Final Words

How To Paint A Garage Door Final Words 

It is essential that you prepare the garage door surface well before painting, as it is easy to find streaks or the paint trickling down if you are not careful. 

If the weather is humid and it is difficult for the door to air dry, use a floor or a table fan for the job. Face them toward the door and let them dry the paint faster. 

Moreover, when you want to make patterns on a base paint layer, wait for the base to dry completely. We will recommend leaving it for 2 to 3 days before you paint designs on the surface. 

Hope you now know enough about how to paint a garage door, and do not forget to have fun while you are at it.