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Modern Dream Home Surrounded by Forest | Chu+Gooding Architects

When it comes to design, going simple is always a good choice. You don't want to be the one who overcrowds a space and goes overboard with details, textiles, textures, colours and materials. The following dream home has surrounded itself with nature and went along that very one suggestion: pure concrete, in raw form, transformed and molded in different shapes and sizes, creating in the end the perfect modern dream home. Dark wood was been used as accent to warm the atmosphere, giving it a more elegant touch and fines.

dream home homesthetics pool view

Huge glass walls offer a beautiful view of the surrounding environment, lighting beautifully  the clean smooth surfaces and connecting the exterior with the interior design and life.At night, the shimmering lights transform the entire property, reflecting in the long turquoise swimming pool and emanating a luxurious feel. Minimalism defines the created spaces and keep the atmosphere light and fresh, without being cold and unwelcoming, a truly modern dream home for the ones who appreciate the simple things in life.

minimalist design dream home

incredible patio view dream home

dream home homesthetics

modern mansion dream home homesthetics

modern mansion dream

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