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111 Cool and Spooky Pumpkin Carving Ideas to Sculpt

Pumpkin carving ideas are all around yet in this article we have selected a dozen a tad different, the collection is versatile, vast and beautiful, it is filtered socially and therefore in theory, it is representative as a collection for what we find easy to do, beautiful enough to create, pursue and sculpt.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

The ideas showcased are cool and spooky alike, scary and fun at the same time, you`ll find painted pumpkins with a few cutouts and beautifully sculpted pieces, massively transformed through carving only. We invite you to cast a glance and surge inspiration. 

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

1. sculpt and paint a flowered owl


Pumpkin carving is in no way restricted to carving per say, here flowers and paint have constructed a simply extraordinary piece, awe-inspiring piece.

via Pinterest

2. Use a Flower Stencil


Simple, rapid and extraordinary sculptural.

via livedan330.com

3. One candle creates depth


Stencils can be used yet something really memorable is born from creativity.

via graffbaycityblog.blogspot.com

4. small dots shaping something magical


One Tinkerbell stencil and a multitude of small dots will bring a fantastic, fairy-tale effect.

via confessionsofaplateaddict.blogspot.com

5. Evil cat smiles


A really graphic design to realize in minutes.

via catlove.co

6. Expose the bone


It might not be simple but the result is spooky and insanely cool looking, it can be realized with one white pumpkin within a colored one or it can be simply sculpted very skillfully to create the impression of a pumpkin skull unraveled.

Source Unknown

7. Sick pumpkin cutout


A simple pumpkin carving to realize in 30 seconds, one that will share smiles all around.

via squidoo.com

8. apple carved pumpkin


A piece of art that might take time yet it showcases creativity at its best.

via blog.landsend.com

9. dizzy pumpkin carving


via guiddoo.com

10. pumpkin eating carving eating pumpkins


A really horrific look and insanely creative look, it has that wow-factor without being hard to realize or time consuming.

Source Unknown

11. captive pumpkin carving

It might look a tad sad but the showcase is really creative, ingenious. What do you think?

via lhj.com

12. Bohemian blossom on a pumpkin

One branch, one flower beautifully sculpted with a drill bit, animate by light from within.

via inspirationlane.tumblr.com

13. simple punctual flowers

Pumpkin carvings that you can realize in seconds, really  rapid and "modular", infinite possibilities.

via Pinterest

14. spooky artwork carving

via clipzine.me

15. carve out the right teeth 

The right smile and the right teeth can shape something really beautifully-horrifying, pursue the really spooky look !

via designbolts.com

16. Pumpkin silhouettes with evil eyes

One candle can animate the eyes, black paint ought to embrace the body.

via dreamingindiy.com

17. captive Little pumpkins

A little pumpkin captive within a pumpkin, extraordinary.

via flickr.com


From plastic diamonds to purple and pink outlines the carving above surely surprises in a natural, beautiful way.

via Pinterest

19. one pineapple on a pumpkin

The herringbone pattern in that shape says it all !

via Pinterest

20. minion pumpkin carving

It requires a little skill but this minion pumpkin is something else entirely, insanely fun and graphic, the little one will bring immense joy and happiness in one`s home.

via reddit.com

21. boo pumpkin carving

Done right, the simple message is fun enough to capture smile and fast enough to be considered in last-minute situations.

via brit.co

22. sculpt a mucking-jay

Inspired by the Hunger Games the mocking jay symbol will be appreciated by amateurs and enthusiasts of the show a great deal.

via buzzfeed.com

23. QR Code Pumpkin

A really fun twist on a cool message, surprise your tech-savvy friends !

via qrcartist.com

24. One cut pumpkin decoration

One pumpkin and one cut on the top can shape something pretty interesting, playful, definitely a decor piece to consider making with your little ones.

via bhg.com

25.  witch leg pumpkin carving

It includes glitter and a component ever-present in children fairy-tales, something beautiful to realize with your little ones.

via ilovebrightonford.com

26. create a faux pumpkin carving 

It looks awesome as long as it`s fresh; it will clearly increase one`s appetite.

via creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com

27. one jar and all the fireflies 

Mason jar and fireflies, something really magical to shape with a drill in minutes.

via hgtvgardens.com

28. Tree of life carving

Carving the bark waved to the shape of the tree can emphasize the design a great deal, small differences in depth can help in that regard.

Source Unknown

29. Halloween Ice Pumpkin

Swift, rapid and really practical the ice pumpkin can contribute to your party elegantly.

30. car and caravan pumpkin carving

The little ones will simply adore this craft, their dream car might be hard to sculpt but something playful, torn from fairy tales surely ain`t.

via bhg.com

31. clock pumpkin carving

A patience game that will surely stand the test of time.

via builtbykids.com

32. Ninja Villain Pumpkin Carving

A really simple carving that seems to be evil with only three beams and a few slices, whether it describes a mummy or a ninja villain, we don`t know, evil it surely looks.

via womansday.com

33. Witch PUMPKIN carving

You can use part of a Halloween costume that you are not wearing this session to dress your pumpkin, the carving itself is not difficult yet take note that the "smile and the teeth" contained play a big role.

via Pinterest

34. little tribe pumpkin

A really fun project to realize with the little ones, use twigs, branches, old textiles and paint, the result will be epic.

via Pinterest

35. diy pumpkin emoticons

A colorful and simple solution that you can customize a great deal, invite each family member to materialize his favorite emoticon and have a blast !

via youtube.com

36. Flowered Carved Pumpkin

The artist in you can be unraveled in various mediums, Halloween can offer you a pumpkin as a canvas.

via hgtvgardens.com

37. diy pumpkin IMPRISONMENT decoration

via glitterforall.com

38. spooky forest pumpkin carving

A spooky and sculptural forest that seems to burn, animated by light from within, the opening on the top looks surreal, extraordinary graphic.

via hgtvgardens.com

39. Letters and paint

The simplest carving paired with paint can give emphasize your setting, highlight it through the right means.

via thewonderforest.com

40. create a pumpkin home

Small windows inserts in a pumpkin shaping a pumpkin home.

via familycircle.com

41. elegant linear pumpkin carving

via thebluebrick.ca

42. memorable mascots 

via makezine.com

43.elegant insect home

In white in particular, holes of various widths and depths construct something playfully mysterious, insert plastic bugs and may the Halloween celebration begin !

via thewonderforest.com

44. Tribute to vw Minivan

via facebook.com

45. Celebrate with Jack skellington 

via fantasypumpkins.com

46. adorable minion pumpkin

via artbyjoejones.com

47. Pumpkin cinderella carriage 

Torn from fairy tales, magical and simple to realize with sufficient patience.

via ideas.hallmark.com

48. starbucks enthusiast pumpkin carving

The enthusiast cannot go wrong with this one, nor can the firm itself.

via sheknows.com

49. pumpkin street number

A really simple and ingenious way to mark your street number during Halloween, the cat pumpkin can also make a scary noise based on a proximity sensor, it will spread fear and laughter with great success.

via kellyandtiramisu.com

50. starry pumpkin animated by light

via homeologymodernvintage.com

51. chevron pumpkin lantern done right

A candle will make the carving justice throughout the night.

via remodelandolacasa

52. lovely glitter pumpkin candles

Spread the pumpkin-candle smell to construct that epic Halloween atmosphere.

via adventures-in-making.com

53. diy MUSTACHE pumpkin carving

The shape of the mustache tells a story, get creative !

via brit.co

54. ELEGANCE in astral pumpkins

Candle light from within piercing a black pumpkin is great great combination.

via designsponge.com

55. playful candy pumpkin

A pumpkin surrounded by sugar, smiling.

via womansday.com

56. diy heart pumpkin

via brit.co

You can serve cookies in an unique manner.

via princesspinkygirl.com

58. one simple LANTERN and its pumpkin friends

via countryliving.com

59. diy pumpkin elephant

via womansday.com

60. almost happy pumpkin gathering

via casasugar.com

61. invite harry potter into the picture

via popsugar.com

62. create playful scenarios

Each pumpkin can portray different character that once moved around will change the meaning of the scene.

via maniacpumpkincarvers.com

63. spread the power of pi

via rydersmommy531

64. sketch your pet

via pinecam.com

65. diy RIB-CAGE pumpkin

via brit.co

66. sculpt a hello kitty witch 

The little ones will adore the creative take on their favorite cartoon character.

via popsugar.com

67. TRULY scare your loved one

via minimalisti.com

68. create candy and PUMPKIN INSTALLATIONS 

One pumpkin and a ton of candy or a happy whale sailing away into an ocean of candy.

via womansday.com

69. use ORGANIC lines in carving

Nature shares with us the world`s most extraordinary designs, each day, surge inspiration from simple models.

via hgtvgardens.com

70. diy pumpkin house torn from fairy-tales

In fairy tales, everything makes sense, simply start you craft and let it evolve.

via goodhousekeeping.com

71. ambush a little PUMPKIN

via womansday.com

72. create contrast through depth

via bhg.com

73. use pumpkins to send a message

via instagram.com

74. use leaf's as a motive

via countryliving.com

75. white pumpkin devoured

via whipperberry.com

76. Boo jar on a pumpkin

via countryliving.com

77. diy pumpkin candy jar

During Halloween the candy jar can`t be neglected.

via inmyownstyle.com

78. scourge uprising

Animated by light from within the scourge hand pumpkins will surely spread fear after sunset.

via countryliving.com

79. glamour boo

Golden pumpkins are like nothing else, they can fit anywhere.

via withlovely.com

80. a different pumpkin lantern 

via asubtlerevelry.com

81. carve chevron patterns on your pumpkin

A lush and luxuriant look of great simplicity, ready to emphasize any interior design.

via tatertotsandjello.com

82. use a pumpkin as a vase

via bhg.com

83. shape a haunted pumpkin NEIGHBORHOOD 

via countryliving.com

84. evil spider-man pumpkin

via randomtalks.snydle.com

85. Funny pumpkin Viking duo 

Adorable and infinitely powerful duo.

via themetapicture.com

86. carve the R2-D2 pumpkin

Source Unknown

87. Dotted pumpkin lantern

via  witandwhistle.com

88. simple owl pumpkin

via thisoldhouse.com

89. happy flowered skull pumpkin

via Pinterest

90. diy mickey mouse pumpkin

Paint and cardboard, everything you need.

via smartschoolhouse.com

91. Use blood, use teeth

via thisoldhouse.com

92. Draw Inspirations from Nature`s best

via highborntalon.deviantart.com

93. Alien pumpkin gathering

Source Unknown

94. move your pots into pumpkins

Some crazy hairstyles will definitely energize your celebration.

Source Unknown

95. use string lights to shape pumpkin HEDGEHOGS

Brilliant installations that will definitely surprise, each light pierces the pumpkin from within thus forming the needles.

via marthastewart.com

96. diy pumpkin creatures

An immense interesting pumpkin scorpion has been materialized, spiders are a great option too.

via thedascrypt.blogspot.com

97. animate your chimney with a pumpkin fire

via countryliving.com

98. get Inspired by Villafane Studios

via damnlol.com

99. one happy Dracula pumpkin

It has those vampire teeth yet it`s happy like a bunny, four simple cut outs and you are off to a great start !

via intimateweddings.com

100. halloween enthusiast pumpkin

Use a smile to gather smiles.

via easyday.snydle.com

101. whomping willow carrying evil pumpkins

via easyday.snydle.com

102. expose the brains of the operation

via manmadediy.com

103. hogwarts carved PUMPKIN sigil 

A stencil is required for the uninitiated carver yet the result is extraordinary, highly impressive.

via popsugar.com

104. skull pumpkin serving tray

Serve chips in style, surprise friends and family.

via urbanfoodguy.blogspot.com

105. burning forest pumpkin

Intricate and captivating artwork ready to surprise, animated by a candle.

via thisoldhouse.com

106. Pumpkin becomes lantern

Immense possibilities, extraordinary pumpkin lantern options.

via littlethings.com

107. pair of pumpkin hearts and candles

Really beautiful, a candle core expressing a heart.

Source Unknown

108. colorful and joyful pumpkins

Floral beautiful, elegantly ready for any Halloween décor setting.

via michaels.com

109. Halloween candy pumpkin

Super simple, rapid and extremely adorable for children, a pumpkin they will never overlook.

110. pumpkin brain salad

A pumpkin eating the brains of another pumpkin is quite evil, quite fit for Halloween.

via handmadebymother.blogspot.ca

111. traditional floral motifs 

If you region has a rich cultural heritage why not express it on a pumpkin carving for Halloween?

via designsponge.com

What do you think about the design ideas expressed above? How do you see these pumpkin carvings ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below ! Feel free to email your pumpkin carving pieces and we will add them to the list!

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