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Renovation Vs New Construction | The Eternal Debate

Homes can almost be considered living entities, as they change and evolve depending upon the owners’ needs and preferences. 

Renovation Vs New Construction

And like living entities, they can get old and outdated, both in appearance and functionality. When that happens, the biggest question that homeowners are faced with is whether to make changes to the existing setup and renovate it or opt for an-all new construction. 

Since this question involves a huge amount of expense, both in monetary terms and in terms of the time and effort involved, it requires serious consideration. And finding the correct answer requires taking into account several factors that can vary from case to case. That’s why we’ve decided to help you out by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of renovation vs. new construction. 

So, make sure to read until the end before making a decision!

Renovation Vs New Construction

Renovation Vs New Construction

Understanding The Concepts Of Renovation And Construction

For making a comparison between renovation and construction, it is essential to understand what both these terms mean. 

New Construction

New Construction

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Building a new custom home is a project that is generally larger in scope than renovation. It involves close collaboration between the homeowner and the construction team, including the architect, interior designer, and builder. Additionally, various factors such as the construction process, the architectural style, the location of the house, and many others will require careful consideration and planning by the team. 

Since the entire structure will be constructed from scratch, new construction will require more resources, time, and effort than a renovation project. However, there are certain advantages that this method offers, which we shall be looking at now.

Benefits Of A New Construction

1. Warranty And Maintenance Advantages

Warranty And Maintenance Advantages

A newly constructed house is made up of all new building materials, with several of them offering some warranty. This helps eliminate any worries associated with damage, as the construction company is bound to cover damages on materials that come with warranties. Additionally, new houses require minimal repairs, thereby reducing the need for maintenance. 

2. Suitable For Different Types of Lifestyles

Since you have complete creative control over the construction of a new house, there is the option of designing it to meet a particular lifestyle. For instance, homeowners looking to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle can choose to use sustainable materials in the construction process and design an environmentally efficient home. 

A custom home design can help you take advantage of modern technological advancements to ensure a more comfortable and convenient life. For instance, you can use a modern electrical system to handle today’s appliances and devices, such as smart devices. Similarly, the latest innovations in plumbing and other fixtures can be incorporated into the home construction process. 

4. More Design Options

More Design Options

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With custom home construction, you are not limited by existing layout and space requirements and can take advantage of various architectural designs for the building. The house can even have custom features to improve functionality and appearance.

5. Greater Control

Since you are not restricted by the layout and other requirements when building a new custom home, there is greater control over the entire process. It means you can customize every aspect of the new home, such as the floor plan, the design, and other factors. 

For instance, you may want to incorporate modern design ideas that can involve use of fixtures such as modern lighting or plumbing. In the case of a renovation, these will have to be restricted according to the existing setup, but there are no such restrictions in the case of a new construction. 



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Renovation involves alterations to your current home and can be undertaken for the whole house or a specific area or room. In this case, all decisions need to be taken while considering the design and layout requirements already in place. These may include the size of the house or room, materials used in its construction, lighting and other fixtures, etc.

The aim of the renovation is to improve the aesthetics and functionality of an area instead of completely breaking down the old home to create something new. It is generally a more cost-effective solution that can be completed more conveniently than constructing a new space. 

There are also some other advantages of a renovated home, which we’ve mentioned below. 

Benefits Of A Home Renovation

1. Retain A House Full Of Memories

Retain A House Full Of Memories

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Our houses are generally places with lots of cherished memories, and building a new custom house involves letting go of them as the existing structure needs to be demolished. This is not the case with a remodeling project, where the layout and space of the existing house remain intact. Hence, you can enjoy the convenience of modern facilities in the same familiar space. 

2. Extend The Life Of The Structure

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Renovating your existing home can help extend its life and make it last longer while also helping improve its appearance. Essentially, it can help turn the clock back on its age, without involving the effort required in completely rebuilding the structure. 

3. May Not Always Require You To Move

May Not Always Require You To Move

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Renovation may be undertaken for the entire home or a certain area or room. For small-scale renovations, such as for a specific area, you may not need to move and can continue using the house while the renovation is being undertaken. 

4. Allow Making Modifications And Updates

A home remodeling is the perfect opportunity to update your home using the latest technologies to make it environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Other modern devices and facilities can also be incorporated into the design to improve convenience and ensure greater comfort. 

Factors To Consider When Deciding Whether To Renovate Or To Build New

Here are some factors to consider when deciding on renovating your existing home vs. building a new custom home. Since the requirements of every individual and family are different, considering these factors will make it easy to determine which method would suit your unique situation. 

1. The Duration Of Use 

The Duration Of Use

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If you’re planning to use the house for the long term and then sell it, building a custom home from scratch makes sense financially. That’s because all materials and fixtures are completely new and will last for a long time. Some materials, such as the exterior paint, may even last up to 7 years, while others, such as shingles, can last up to 20 years.

This means that even if you plan to sell the house several years into the future, it’s value will still be high.

On the other hand, if you do not plan to sell the house, getting it renovated might be a better option. You can make changes to certain areas or even the house, modifying it according to changing needs, such as including safety features for children or adding areas like guest rooms.   

2. The Expenditure Involved

One of the most important factors to consider is the amount of money you are willing to spend on the specific project. While both a home remodel and building a new custom home involve significant investment, a remodeling project is a more cost-effective option, especially for those on a limited budget.

On the other hand, if you are able and willing to invest a considerable amount of money, building a new custom home is a great choice. The first step will involve demolishing the existing structure and clearing the land, after which construction on the new building will start. 

3. The Living Requirements

A major advantage of opting for the remodeling route is that the house can still be used while being renovated. It can be more convenient and help save on costs, and in some cases, it may be the only option. However, when living within a construction zone, there will always be safety concerns to keep in mind, especially if there are children or pets. 

On the other hand, for new home construction, you will need to make alternative living arrangements until the house gets built. It will generally involve a higher amount of expenditure. 

4. The House Conditions

The House Conditions

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According to industry experts, any house must meet certain conditions for a successful remodeling. For instance, if the improvements you wish are incompatible with the existing structure and design, building a custom home might be the only option. Similarly, the foundation of the building may be bad, and you may need to jack the house before remodeling it. In such a case also, building a new house might be better. 

5. Zoning Restrictions

Building codes and zoning restrictions also have to be kept in mind, depending on the size, type, and location of the building. These restrictions will determine whether you can remodel or build a new house in most cases. For instance, such restrictions may prohibit tearing down a small house and constructing a huge mansion in its place. Additionally, new construction homes may have height restrictions, limiting them to one or two stories. 

In some areas, laws prohibit rental properties, which will prevent you from building a carriage house for renters. 

6. Other Factors

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Individual factors such as the location, access to the original building plans, history of previous renovations, and use of any hazardous materials should also be taken into account. Aside from that, you must consider future maintenance, as in the case of renovated buildings, parts that are not renovated will require greater maintenance.

For building a new custom home, factors such as the local building codes, the environment and weather, and various neighborhood restrictions need to be considered. You will also need to check the availability of various materials and labor before your dream home can be built.

Above all, consider the main purpose for which the house needs to be remodeled or rebuilt from a clean slate before making a final decision. Do keep in mind that your house plans or boutique home plans may involve redesigning the space for greater safety in case there are children. Or you may be wanting to increase the value of the house with plans to sell it in the future. Similarly, there might be other reasons for rebuilding a completely new one from scratch. 

Renovation Vs New Construction Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The First Thing To Do When Renovating A House?

Usually, the first step in any renovation project is to assess the property and develop a plan that points out the main objective of the project. This includes creating an outline of the activities that need to be undertaken and the sketches or blueprints of the completed project. Assessment of the property will help you determine how viable the project is. 

Which Room Should You Renovate First?

The answer to this question depends on how you plan to undertake the renovation project. If you want to renovate the house on your own, then it may be a good idea to start from the room that is furthest from the entry door. On the other hand, if the renovation is being done by professionals, they will decide where to start the project from after considering factors such as efficiency and convenience of working. 

How Do I Prepare For A Renovation?

There are quite a few methods that you can use to prepare for a renovation, first of which is decluttering the area that is going to be renovated. Remove all the furniture, lights, and other items that you do not need during the renovation and store them somewhere.

Another step that you can take is to cover all the remaining items to protect them from dust and paint. 

What Is The Golden Rule In Construction?

In the construction industry, the Golden Rule states that “whoever has the gold, makes the rules.” Simply put, this means that the project owner states the rules that should be followed during the construction project. While theoretically it is a non-negotiable rule, in reality, contractors and architects may have opportunities to negotiate with the project manager or other senior personnel involved in the project. 

What Are The Five Parts Of The Principles Of Construction?

The five parts of the principles of construction have been established to ensure that any construction is completed in the safest, most efficient, and economical manner. They include aesthetics, economy, safety, speed, and environmental protection.

In many cases, it is not possible to ensure compliance with all these principles. But those working in the industry must strive to meet as many of them as possible to ensure a well-balanced construction. 

Renovation Vs New Construction

Renovation Vs New Construction Final Words

Whether you are building a custom home or going for a whole house remodel, the most important step is the planning process. 

While both have their advantages and disadvantages, considering the various key factors mentioned above can help you make the right decision. Factors such as the time frame, property taxes, and other considerations can be very important in helping you decide which method to choose. 

So, make sure to do proper research before proceeding. Until next time!