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20 Re-purposed DIY Musical Instruments Projects to Pursue

Ever admired furniture crafted from repurposed musical instruments and wished you could incorporate them into your home? It might be time to showcase your creative skills with innovative DIY projects that not only serve a functional purpose but also add an aesthetic appeal to your living space. In this article, we present 20 repurposing musical instrument projects to spark your inspiration.

20 Re purposed DIY Musical Instruments Projects to Pursue

If you don't have an old or damaged musical instrument at hand, garage sales can be an excellent source for procuring them at affordable prices. Explore these DIY musical instrument projects and find the perfect one that complements your interior design. Get ready to venture into the world of repurposed musical instruments and create unique, eye-catching items that will captivate and fascinate everyone.

Upcycling Musical Instruments DIY Project

Repurposed horns and a clarinet

Repurposing musical instruments is really fun because you will find them in places that you have never thought you would. Has it ever occurred to you that you can in fact turn the old horn into a planter in your yard? Or maybe use the broken clarinet to make a unique lamp? What do you say about turning the horn into a phone holder?

20 Re-purposed DIY Musical Instruments Projects to Pursue

20 Re-purposed DIY Musical Instruments Projects to Pursue


Repurposed drums ideas

Drums can be reused in home decor in so many different ways, and you will find it really hard to pick just one design. All of them are pretty appealing and look great in one`s home. You can give them a totally different use by turning them into chandeliers, wine holders, bedside tables, coffee tables, bookcases, or even floor lamps. Which of these ideas do you like best at first sight?


Repurposed guitar projects

Are you a fan of guitars? If yes, you will definitely want to have them in your home even after they are old and broken. You can hang them on your wall and use them as shelving units or hangers. Or maybe you are feeling like turning your old guitar into a lamp? It doesn't matter which design you are going to choose, you can't get it wrong!

Repurposed pianos

Pianos can make a big statement in any home due to their size, but even more when they are repurposed and given another use. You can reuse the piano in your home and turn it into a shelving unit, desk, or drinking bar. What do you have in mind so far?

20 Re-purposed DIY Musical Instruments Projects to Pursue

We hope you found inspiration in these repurposed DIY musical instrument projects. Even though these instruments may no longer play music, they can certainly add a touch of joy to your home.

If you're inclined to bring more music into your living space, it's essential to consider acoustics, from simple curtains to advanced soundproofing solutions for music. A home that enjoys music should take appropriate steps to enhance the acoustic quality for an optimal listening experience even between sculptural musical instruments that now double as art in your household.