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14 Best Free Beginners Sculptris Tutorials Right Now

Have you often wondered how you can design and paint your 3D models?

Best Free Beginners Sculptris Tutorials 1

With digital sculpting, you will learn how to design different characters for animation and video games. Sculptris is a free software program for 3D sculpting and design.

The interface is user-friendly and straightforward, so it's a good option for newbie designers to learn the basics of digital painting.

There are some excellent free tutorials to help you get started in Sculptris. There is a wide range of features, tools, and texture patterns which are offered by Sculptris, which makes it entirely professional for free software. You can customize the brush size and style according to your needs.

You also have the option to transfer OBJ files, which are supported by Sculptris or you can start creating your models from scratch. This program is based on dynamic tessellation, which refers to creating a 3D mesh structure that is made of triangles.

If a 3D model, has a low-triangle count, then it tends to look coarse, but the opposite can also take place. There are programs which can subdivide your model for making multiple triangles which will give a smoother look to your model. Sculptris usually covers the model with wireframe mesh just when it's required to fix the problems by reducing or smoothing.

Let's look at the 15 best free Sculptris tutorials!

Best Free Beginners Sculptris Tutorials

1. Sculptris Basics

If you're looking for a clear introduction to the various available tools and brushes on Sculptris, then you should watch this tutorial.

John Maksym analyzes several tools, their functions, uses, and the different customization options for better control and flexibility. It will be an excellent starting point as you'll get a run-through of all the features available within Sculptris. The artist gives you an overview of all the brushes, along with a demonstration of their uses.

Not only does he covers lessons on sculpting, but he also focuses on the details related to painting your model. Maksym emphasizes only on the technical features in Sculptris and avoids focusing on the general art concepts. This tutorial will be suitable for those who have experience in the field of art and want to start using Sculptris.

2. Sculptris Digital Sculpting Tutorial

In this video, artist Ryan Kittleson gives a brief introduction to Sculptris. You will be able to learn the basics that will be required for you to start sculpting your models.

The topics which are covered in the tutorial are- Import the reference image,  navigate the environment, configure the program settings, and use of various brushes to create a structure of a monster.

Do you want to know the various types of tools that are available for sculpting?

In this tutorial, there is a detailed discussion of the several tools available in Sculptris and a walkthrough on how they function.

Plus the artist also provides a few essential tips that will help you to progress by bringing your concepts to life. If you follow the tips, then you will be placing more focus on the design and its overall shape then on the intricate details from early on.

When you watch this twenty-minute video, you'll be able to understand what you can accomplish with Sculptris. You'll also get a clear picture as to why several artists prefer sculpting.

3. Combine Objects In Sculptris

Here you'll learn a useful technique of combining different objects to create more complex 3D models. This technique will help you to make such models quickly without deducing it from just a single primitive.

The video demonstrates the process of bringing multiple objects to a particular scene and then how you can combine them for making sculptures at the same time. You can use this method for both primitive and compound shapes.

Once you're clear with this concept, then you can create complicated scenes with a broad range of objects. If you have exciting ideas and a sound processing computer, then there will be no limit to what you create Sculptris.

4. How To Create Brushes

With this video, you'll learn how to create customized brushes for using it in Blender and Sculptris. These brushes are made using the GIMP image- editing software, which is an open-source program.

The artist Johnny Bevo explains this versatile process in a simple manner. You can add unique textures to your work for that sense of contrast and style by creating customized brushes. There is a significant number of things that you can make as you experiment by combining the custom brushes.

5. Model A Cube

From this video, you'll learn how to use the grab tool to manipulate a sphere, to make a cube-like shape. You can use the form either as a primitive for your upcoming Sculptris project or some other program, like a game engine.

This will be a good project for acquainting yourself with the technique of shaping digital clay and the main features of Sculptris.

It is essential to learn the basics to help you create more complex models. For instance, in 3D modeling, you can even create a dragon after you learn to form a cube.

6. Make A Female Head

At the beginning of this tutorial, Underground Education introduces the dynamic level-of-detail or the dynamic tessellation, which is a powerful feature in Sculptris.

With this feature you'll be able to maintain the topology or the geometric structure of the model, as you increase or decrease your number of vertices that are present. This brief demonstration revels the flexibility of the workflow in Sculptris.

If you want to transition to intermediate sculpting, then you need to continually practice the skills which have been highlighted in this video. We advise you to practice sculpting of the human head, for those interested in character art. This will help you to create the integral feature (human head)  of your models.

Figure modeling might be a challenging skill to master, but for an aspiring 3D artist, it is the key to sculpting some great models.

7. Spider Hair in Sculptris

Sculpting hair can be a daunting task.

In this video, artist Borodante shows the entire process of making hair, and it will be a hilarious and informative watch at the same time. There are plenty of useful techniques that 'you'll be able to learn from this video. The tips can be used for the original art of 3D sculpting and for understanding the Sculptris workflow.

The video also highlights the importance of keeping the objects separate, as it will simplify the process of sculpting clothes or hair as different meshes.

The artist is open to making mistakes as he continues to experiment with different techniques in the video. It will be helpful for beginners to understand the process of trial and error that an artist has to go through for learning different skills. When you make mistakes 'you'll be able to acquire a new set of useful skills eventually.

If you want to mimic the techniques used by Borodante, then there is a link given in the information section for tool presets and free custom brushes.

8. 3D Modeling With Sculptris

Here is another video that gives you a detailed demonstration of every single tool used in Sculptris. The artist focuses on showing you the process of creating several objects from the ground up. This tutorial will help you understand the step-by-step creation of a female bust, horned 'creature's head, and a small dragon.

This video will be an excellent guide for a novice and those wanting to brush up on their skills for 3D sculpting. The artist explains the intricate details in a simplified manner, which makes it easy to follow the video.

If you want to watch a tutorial that is fun and informative at the same time, then you'll love this one. There is also a Q&A with the audience, which will help to clear out many of your doubts and guide you through creating a creature-like 3D model.

9. Piggy Bank in Sculptris

In this tutorial,  you'll learn how to create a piggy bank. The techniques that have been used to make the pig can be applied for sculpting any quadrupedal creature.

With the completion of the brief modeling demonstration, the artist moves on to create a texture map and also paints the model with various material and tools in Sculptris. The video also shows how you can export the newly made piggy bank in Unity3D.

Finally, you'll learn how to customize the standard shader in Unity to match the model that was made in Sculptris. If 'you're interested in game asset creation and game design, then you should watch this video. This is a brilliant example of how you can create game models and then transfer them to the most popular indie game engine.

10. Texture Painting A Monster Concept

The process of creating 3D sculptures can be complicated, but the practice is the only solution to getting it done real quick. It is challenging for even a skilled artist to pull out an idea from their imagination and to create the image in three dimensions.

To bring a model to life does not end with sculpting, as you also need to paint it correctly. However, texture painting is less challenging than modeling or sculpting.

If you know how to paint miniatures for different board games like Warhammer or Dungeons and Dragons, then you'll be at ease while painting 3D models.

With this video, you'll also get a clear understanding of the required workflow for completing your painting work in detail. The process of painting is quite similar in most of the 3D sculpting program. You should apply the strategy of starting with an opaque base coat before you get into the details.

You can use multiple brushes with different opacity levels for adding exciting features to your models.

11. Sculptris to Zbrush Basics

From this video, you'll learn how you can bring your models from Sculptris into Zbrush.

It covers the vital steps that you need to take while converting your model for editing purposes in Zbrush. If your design has several objects, then you'll have to split them into small portions. And then turn the triangles of the object to quads using the DynaMesh tool.

The tutorial covers the technical aspects, so it will be an excellent guide if you're familiar with Zbrush and you want to learn the simple interface of Sculptris.

From the demonstration 'you'll be able to understand the distinction between sculpting in Sculptris and Zbrush. And why the experts of Zbrush choose to use the features of Sculptris to create their base models.

The second half of the tutorial covers the topic: QRemesher, which is a new feature in Zbrush. If you're an artist who prefers creating smoother geometry, then this tool will be an excellent substitute to DynaMesh.

12. Texturing & Texture Painting

Here's another video with a brilliant introduction by John Marksym for making game assets in Sculptris. After completing a brief demonstration on sculpting, the artist also shows you how to create a  layered effect by using a variety of pre-made textures. You can create a realistic and complex appearance for the models by using multiple brush sizes and level of opacity.

After showing you the process to export the model and the texture map from Sculptris, John also demonstrates how to import them into Unity3D. And the process to include the assets in a particular scene of a mobile game.

Finally, you'll learn how to play with the standard shader, the lighting, and the camera to help you adjust the look of the assets. We recommend this guide for anyone interested in full asset creation and game design.

13. Sculpt Tangled's Pascal

The video runs like a speedpaint tutorial, but as you learn to use the Sculptris interface, you'll be to follow the process carefully. Pascal is a fun and super easy character for sculpting.

When you practice creating models like Pascal, it will be an excellent way to improve your skills as both a character designer and a digital sculptor.

The process of emulating the work of experienced artists is a long-standing tradition within the field of art, which gives ideas for your creation. The tutorial also has a soothing tone being played in the background, which makes it a relaxing way to focus on your artwork.

14. Sculpt John F. Kennedy

If you want to learn the workflow and procedure used by a professional digital sculptor, then you should watch this video by artist, Richard Kapuaala.

You'll understand how the artist focuses on the general shapes and proportions, and then moves into the specific details. To get an accurate representation of your image, you'll need to focus on the overall placement and shape of the skull.

Final Words

These tutorials will help you create your 3d models by setting the fundamentals correctly for you. For every person who is new to a particular field, there is going to be a starting point. And Sculptris is one of the programs that will help you experiment and learn the different tips and tricks for making some stunning artwork.

But, you need to give yourself some time to learn the skills and practice the exercises religiously.

Till next time!