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Snowman Decorations That Will Bring the Fun and Beauty in Your Home

When the first snow falls in winter, children and adults anticipate enough snow to make snowmen in their garden, back and front yards. And although Christmas is already gone, the white presence will still linger for a few more months. The classical snowman is never gone once winter comes, and while others cannot enjoy having snow, this does not dampen the eagerness of having a snowman at home. There are lovely snowman decorations that can make any home more welcoming and warm on cold days.Take a look at these cheerful snowman decorations that can make any home winter ready.

1 Snowman Decorations That Will Bring the Fun and Beauty in Your Home

1. light up snowman wreath for a warm welcome

Having a plain door gives the opportunity for a lovely snowman wreath made from different materials. This first snowman wreath features the famous outline, hat, and scarf of a snowman and is made of materials that are either recycled or gathered from the backyard. This snowman decoration has a rustic look but maintains its wintry appeal.



2. creative way of decorating old lamps

Snowman decorations need not be bought at a very high price. Repurposing items at home to fit the season or change the look of the room can be a great cheap alternative. This easy but smart way of repurposing an old lamp into this joyful snowman brings the cheer that the season deserves.


3. rustic snowman table decoration

Console tables are perfect for displaying decorations for the season. This snowman table decoration surely fits a console table and will be an attractive piece inside the home. The rustic look on the snowman makes the home more welcoming and warm.


4. welcoming guests with a smiling snowman

Doors can be decorated with many things and a snowman door decoration can be as tiny or as huge as possible. This snowman decoration gives emphasis on both the snowman and the door. The plain white door becomes the perfect background for the huge snowman face.



5. winter wonderland snowman table setup

Snowman table decorations would, most often than not, have red and green, but this table setup depicts a more wintry wonderland theme. The blue and white softens the black table, making it look more refreshing despite the dark hue. The candle holders and snowflake table runner also create a stunning look for the whole setup.



6. unique design for pallet wood

Pallet wood is a great material for arts and crafts. It is also a great canvas which can be used to make an unique painting, just like this snowman on a pallet. The snowman pallet decoration is perfect inside or outside the home, it will draw the attention of your neighbors and friends for sure.



7. snowman garlands for the perfect room decor

While many stick to decorating walls and tables, the ceiling is also an open space that will look amazing with decorations. These hanging snowman garlands are perfect for the children's or teen's room. The colorful snowflakes are a perfect match for the white snowman and the combination of colors pops out effortlessly from the gray wall.



8. not your usual snowman bowl decoration

Bowls are used for decorations and the snowman theme appears here yet again. Unlike the usual snowman decoration though this design of a snowman made out of bowls has a touch of steampunk and is stunning even without the common materials used for the traditional snowman.



9. fun snowman decoration from common household items

DIY snowman decorations are fun to make and can be personalized. This DIY sock snowman is easy to make and can get kids interested in making one themselves. The crafts  can be placed on corners of a room, under the tree or on windows.



10. melting snowman perfect for the porch

The cute snowman is a fun inspiration for decorations. The melting snowman can entail laughter from your guests and still add beauty to your porch.



11. easy and Attractive yarn snowman

Decorating a home with snowmen can be quite easy with a little creativity. This yarn snowman is not only easy to make, it will also look cute on any corner of the room. The simple materials look beautiful when combined together.



12. create the perfect snowman candle holders

Re-purposing items at home is easy and can become very decorative. This snowman candle holder idea captures the fun and is pretty at the same time. It can become a lovely centerpiece for the dining table or a perfect addition to the kitchen decorations.



13. paper luminaries with the iconic snowman

Snowman decorations need not be too fancy,even the simplest idea can look equally beautiful. These easy to make paper snowman luminaries can be a perfect addition to a simple table decoration especially for homes with small spaces. The different faces of snowmen add fun to the decorations, too.



14. the snowman hat for the table

The snowman's hat has always been part of the whole appeal of the beloved winter icon. The black top hat adorned with a red bow is always present where the snowman is. Tossing a few more elements and details, this snowman hat decoration will be perfect for the dinner table or the coffee table.



15. yarn wreath with colorful snowmen

Fancy materials for wreaths are not always the best way to recreate a snowman, sometimes it only takes a few balls of yarn and creativity. This yarn snowman wreath is as festive as any other snowman decorations with its different colors. The effect of the color wheel is more visible because of the white yarn, making the wreath stand out from the dark-colored door. It is cute, modern and looks definitely fun.



16. lighting up the room with a warm snowman smile

This snowman lamp is perfect for a corner table or for the kid's room.



17. lovely snowman corner decorations

Decorating the corners of the home can become quite tricky, especially if there seems little room for such. These snowman decors made with bold colors make the corner more noticeable and become more attractive with the smiling faces of these snowmen.



18. unique burlap snowman welcoming with a smile

Traditional white linen used for a snowman can be boring and typical. Using burlap instead creates a different texture for the snowman without compromising the whole winter appeal of the character.



When was the last you you decided to build a snowman? Feel free to share your snowmen projects in the comment section below.