Christmas is but a few days away and we could not be more excited, it it a time of joy, celebration, peace and quiet, a moment in time when everything falls into place and we get the chance to spend more time with our loved ones.The Christmas tree is usually decorated by now in expectancy of Old Saint Nick and the remaining time is spend decorating the rest of the household, preparing sweets and treats for the Christmas family dinner and making last minute errands and buying presents.

For the ones who didn’t have the chance to catch a break and to properly prepare for the winter holidays, finding the right Christmas tree can seem overwhelming. But, as usual, recycling comes to the rescue and offers a viable cute and creative alternative to the classical pine tree: pallet Christmas tree designs. The all so versatile pallet can form the support for string lights, handmade decorations and even the base for your painting skills. You can use the wood in the classical pallet shape or dismantle it and rearrange the pieces as you seem fit. Let’s cast a glance at a few ideas.

1. simple DISTRESSed pallet tree in silver coat

Use half a log to form the base of the tree and white string lights for an elegant effect.

pallet tree

2. hand painted white christmas tree on brown pallet

You could sketch the tree with a pencil and follow the lines using a white spray paint. Add nails from which you can then hang your colorful ornaments.

pallet tree for christmas (5)

3. nature pallet cut to form the shape of a tree

This simple craft is very spectacular, use very small string lights to go with the delicacy of the tree.

pallet tree for christmas (1)

4. paint and handmade decorations in vintage hues

It’s the fastest Christmas tree alternative you could choose.

pallet tree for christmas (2)

5. add shelves to hold decorations

A tree with shelves? Well a pallet tree can accommodate them for displaying different types of decorations.

pallet tree for christmas (3)

6. pallet wood used to form a complex tree

You can use pallet planks to form a 3d tree, jut juxtapose the wood and place the ornaments on the formed “branches”.

pallet tree for christmas (4)

7. minimal and elegant christmas tree design

For a modern interior design keep the tree simple as well, go for a two tone combination when it comes to the ornaments.

Pallet Christmas (6)

8. cute pallet tree holding multiple figurines

It’s the right design to display all those funny and cute figurines you have been saving over the years.

Pallet Christmas (7)


9. a colorful array of globes and string lights

Light is the key element in this design, shaping the tree and contrasting with the natural wood and the colorful globes.

Pallet Christmas (8)


10. scandinavian inspired christmas tree

Pallet Christmas (9)


11. simple chevron patterned tree

Create a chevron inspired pattern for your tree and insert small lights equally distributed.

Pallet Christmas (10)


12. let is snow painted tree on pallet wood

Express your artistic skills on a blank pallet plank and paint your favorite tree.

Pallet Christmas (11)


13. a different type of tree design using horse shapes

Pallet Christmas (12)


14. elegant simple little trees using multiple textured wood

The alternation of wooden textures with their rich and complex tones gives elegance to this simple tree.

Pallet Christmas (1)


15. a tree frame with ornament support connecting the frame lines

Pallet Christmas (1)


16. an advent calendar christmas tree

Pallet Christmas (2)


17. distressed pallet wood assembled into a rustic outdoors tree

Invite the holidays in with a rustic inspired Christmas tree placed on your front porch.

Pallet Christmas (3)


18. simple pallet wood tree

Pallet Christmas (4)


19. classic shape holding elegant white and silver decor

Create a clean minimal design and allow the wood to shine.

Pallet Christmas (5)


20. write fun messages on each pallet plank



Have you ever considered using a pallet to form your Christmas tree instead of buying the classical pine one? Feel free to share your decorations and ideas in the comment section below.

Codreanu Andreea