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18 Epic Bamboo Crafts For Your Home and Decor

18 Epic Bamboo Crafts For Your Home and Decor

We continue our bamboo crafts series with a collection of 18 Epic Bamboo Crafts For Your Home and Decor. Delicate and sensible in approach, smooth in texture and warm and calm in tones, bamboo wood comes as the perfect replacement for wood insertions, a material strong and flexible enough to compose furniture and with an incredible growing rate.From delicate small bamboo sticks to large tubes, this wonderful material inserts smoothly into any interior design and thrives in Scandinavian decors due to its fragile appeal and neutral presence. Browse through our selection and convince yourself that bamboo crafts are an incredible option for your abode.Enjoy!

18 Epic Bamboo Crafts For Your Home and Decor

1. create a seamless BAMBOO LADDER with patience and PERSEVERANCE

Patience is required to perfectly insert the smaller tubes and form the ladder but the end item seems cut out of a single piece.


Photo via: ehow.com

2. use slices of bamboo sticks to conceive a BAMBOO SUNBURST MIRROR

By now you have found a fair amount of sunburst mirror frames but you must admit the bamboo approach feels just right.


Photo via: domestically-speaking.com

3. delicacy draws the natural in in this sensible BAMBOO STICK VASE

Embrace a plain plastic vase in small bamboo sticks and hold them together with a complementary ribbon.


Photo via: cravingsomecreativity.com

4. a random bamboo sticks arrangement composing an elegant lamp

Unconventional designs have a certain appeal that draws us in.


Photo via: minimalisti.com

5. separate various spaces using bamboo dividers

Notice the wonderful contrast between the purity of a white background and the coziness the bamboo brings in.


Photo via: minimalisti.com

6. an elegant dinner table setting featuring BAMBOO NAPKIN RINGS

The warm beige tones complement the olive green of the napkins, exuding elegance in the simplest way possible.


Photo via: marthastewart.com

7. merge different sized bamboo sticks to create the base of a glass coffee table

Glass and bamboo form a bold contrast able to be inserted in any type of interior decor.


Photo via: adrianequaresma.com.br

8. nestle wax in BAMBOO and create scented candles

You can nestle candles in any type of recipient, including bamboo.


Photo via: marthastewart.com

9. the resilience and FLEXIBILITY of bamboo pays off when creating a garden swing

Enjoy the outdoors in a fun bamboo swing.

bamboo garden swing

Photo via: instructables.com

10. shower outdoors in the safety of a bamboo curtain

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy everything your garden has to offer.


Photo via: upcycleart.info

11. use large bamboo pieces to host plants

Nature calls to nature, plants adhere perfectly to bamboo planters.


Photo via: craftorganic.com

12. replicate a wooden house in bamboo and nestle plants

Get creative and play the constructor in a miniature bamboo home offering shelter to beautiful greenery,

small bamboo suspended plant garden

Photo via: pbase.com

13. direct your paths in the garden with a rope and bamboo fence

Solid but delicate, bamboo can become the perfect fence.


Photo via: pampas2palms.com

14.test the FLEXIBILITY in a bamboo bench

Create a garden bamboo bench in a wonderful pattern.


Photo via: blog.gardenloversclub.com

15.edge your garden with bamboo bits

Separate your lawn from the flower beds with bamboo.


Photo via: blog.gardenloversclub.com

16.create a BAMBOO BEE HOUSE for your garden

Insects, especially bees should have a designated house in your yard.


Photo via: marthastewart.com

17.BAMBOO and water merge together perfectly

Create a Japanese corner sing a concrete vessel, rocks, water and bamboo.


Photo via: safaffect.wordpress.com

18.choose a more mellow approach to a wind chime

Learn alongside your little on how to form a bamboo wind chime.


Photo via: bopeepsbonnets.com

Have you convinced yourself of the beuaty of a bamboo insertion in your life? Leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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