Storage space is something that we all desire and search, follow and target, everyday. In small spaces in particular is hard to obtain a clutter free home and prevent chaos in all its shapes. If you are happy enough to be the user of a big kitchen things change though, you get to store the most important items properly. We need our supplies and kitchen utensils airy, organized to feel the dimenssion of space properly in a dense living room.

In the gallery below we will present you a few Ergonomic Kitchen Islands Designs Featuring Open Shelving, examples of how a regular kitchen island can become a functional storage item through the use of open shelves. By exposing and extending the space used by your kitchen island you get to showcase items able to extend the aesthetic values of your kitchen through their presence; fruits can present both shape and color in your interior without cluttering your space with texture or density. Cast a glance at the gallery below and find a solution that fits your space .

#1 Use the extension of kitchen isle as a transition towards your living room

18 Neat Ergonomic Kitchen Islands Designs Featuring Open Shelving homesthetics ktichen designs (18)

via Ed Gohlich

#2 add color in your kitchen on the open shelves

#3 emphasize the feeling of space through the use of light colors

#4 open shelving can store dishes that you use often

#5 start a small cookbook library in your isle extension

via Casey Dunn Photography

#6 gray furniture in white background will anchor your setup into reality

#7 UP-CYCLE a beautiful table into an open-shelved kitchen isle

#8 teal immersed in stark white will beautifully transform space

via Nat Rea

#9 one open shelf with sliding cabinets below providing storage

#10 even the tiniest kitchen isle can provide open shelving

#11 elegant sober kitchen design featuring open shelves

#12  you can envision your open shelves as part of the living space

#13 kitchen used for food prep storage and bar in airy design

#14 immense kitchen isle with open shelving and bar creating a transition between spaces

via Joel Barbitta D-Max Photography

#15 use your kitchen as much as possible

#16 white kitchen island with black top featuring a tiny library

#17 by extending your space you obtain the chance to add color

#18 Superb kitchen island extension showcasing graphic kitchen items

What do you think about these ergonomic kitchen islands featuring open shelving? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

Anton Giuroiu