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30 Gorgeous DIY Birthday Gifts To Choose From


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The search for the perfect birthday gift might be easy enough when the person in question is a very close one but what do you due in the rest of the cases? Creating a personalized gift is always a solution and alternative to a store bought present.Knowing the person in discussion is important but in the end any hand made gift is better than the alternative. We have focused our attention to a set of ceramic projects that send an elegant message through their simple texture and configuration alongside the beautiful process of creating an intricate dream-catcher and other gorgeous delicate diy birthday gift to choose from. Cast a glance at the gallery below and choose your weapon of choice.Enjoy!

1. an immense EMBROIDERY hoop

Taking up embroidery can seem life a very difficult task and time consuming as well for a simple diy gift but this gesture will definitely be appreciated. A fun colorful map with a hidden message in its multiple threads will do the trick.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (3)

2. personalized ice dyed throw pillows

Taking simple white pillows and turning them into art will add a very personalized touch to your gift.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (4)


3. creativity expressed in an intricate sculpture

The purity of simple white clay is only overpowered by the wonderful delicate intricate design of the sculpture.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (5)


4. a ceramic glazed ring bowl set

Storing jewelry can be looked upon as easy but doing  it with style could be a difficult task. Opt for a glazed ceramic jeweler set as the perfect birthday gift.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (6)

Source unknown

5. diy wine bottle spring flower decoration

Spring has surrounded us with its freshness and beauty and its main characters, the flowers, need appreciation and a special display space reserved in our homes. Take a simple basic wine bottle and transform its function and aspect with the decoupage technique and turn it into a simple yet elegant spring flower vase.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (7)


6. customized spice container set

Spices warm our souls and delight our senses. Adding a touch of color to a ceramic spice set will only transpose that wonderful vibration they offer on the container’s exterior facade.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (8)


7. an elegant bell set

If you are on the look for a baby shower party gift choose an hand made ceramic baby carousel in a lovely beige, red and navy blue composition.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (9)


8. a watercolor technique applied to a ceramic set

Simplicity will always be the ultimate sophistication so choosing to go with an expensive looking rather simple water-colored ceramic tray and watering can set is exceptional.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (10)


9. the WONDERFUL navy blue insertion

Navy blue will always be associated with elegance and grace.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (11)


10. personalized LEAF imprinted clay dishes

Ceramic and leafs can work magic when merged.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (12)


11. a delicate intricate diy dream-catcher

Learning how to make a dream-catcher might seem difficult but the end result is so special and delicate your diy birthday gift will be adored.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (13)


12. a simple burnt wood slice with a powerful message

The simplest of gifts with such a beuatiful design accentuated by the natural texture of raw wood.

gorgeous diy birthday gifts choose from homesthetics 14 1


13. word of the soul expressed in WRITING

Using a sharpie has never been more rewardful. Send a special message that can be read and dwelled upon at a nice cup of tee.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (15)


14. a fun vibrant COLORFUL diy birthday gift perfect for summer

Transform a simple wooden chopping board into a fun colorful representation of a summer icon.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (16)


15. a geometric black and white painted ceramic dinner set

Black on white or beige will save the day anytime.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (17)


16. a WOODEN pallet transformed into a vertical garden

Wooden pallets can turn out to be very versatile and useful around one’s home. Transforming it into a vertical garden structure will add warmth to your blank walls thanks to the texture and tone of the wood if treated well

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (20)


17. a clay tipi tent used as an incentive DIFFUSEr

Oil diffusers come in all shapes and sizes but a specially made clay tipi tend could bring on a smile.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (21)


18. hand made and painted ceramic kitchen utensils

You can never have too many ceramic hand-painted kitchen utensils.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (22)


19. impress with an exquisite flower garland

A canopy of fresh flowers will definitely send the right message.

gorgeous diy birthday gifts choose from homesthetics 23 1


20. a sweet delicate attention wrapped in CANDLE light

Candle light adds romance and glamour, changing any atmosphere.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (1)


21. hand-painted ceramic vase set

Create an earthy toned ceramic vase set for a minimal decor.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (2)


22. delicate paper flower blooming branches

A wonderful decoration viable all year round with a fresh spring vibe.

gorgeous-diy-birthday-gifts-choose-from-homesthetics (19)


23. the most COLORFUL ceramic set

Enjoy the sacred ritual of tee or the usual morning coffee with this colorful set that will delight your eyes.

diy birthday gifts


24. a perfect kitchen diy gift basket

Prepare a kitchen basket with the best of the bets as the perfect diy birthday gift.

Gorgeous-DIY-Birthday-Gifts-To- Choose-From-homesthetics (2)


25. a creative gift wrapping method

Wrapping is as essential as the gift itself. It is the first impression that matters. Choose simple materials and combine them in an elegant manner.

Gorgeous-DIY-Birthday-Gifts-To- Choose-From-homesthetics (3)


26. the perfect spice mix basket

A mix of spices to spice up your daily diet.

Gorgeous-DIY-Birthday-Gifts-To- Choose-From-homesthetics (4)


27. paper doll gift wrap

Another wonderful example of gift wrapping using simple materials.

Gorgeous-DIY-Birthday-Gifts-To- Choose-From-homesthetics (5)


28. HAND-PAINTED valentine game

Enjoy Valentines or any other celebration with a fun game painted in tones of red.

Gorgeous-DIY-Birthday-Gifts-To- Choose-From-homesthetics (1)


29. gorgeous HAND-PAINTED gift boxes

if simple does not cut it for you, go all the way in and hand paint gift boxes that will mean even more than the gift contained inside.

Gorgeous-DIY-Birthday-Gifts-To- Choose-From-homesthetics (1)


30. diy rosewater pink clay soap

Hand made organic natural soap is a way to go.

Gorgeous-DIY-Birthday-Gifts-To- Choose-From-homesthetics (2)


How do you impress a loved one on his/her birthday? How much do you implicate yourself i the process of creating a personalized hand made gift? We would love to hear your take on the subject in the comment section below.

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