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BedJet V3 Wireless Reviewed | Wireless Heating & Cooling

Why spend time and money heating an entire room when you can get your blanket to reach an optimum temperature? 

BedJet V3 Wireless Reviewed | Wireless Heating & Cooling

Yes, with wireless heating and cooling devices, you now have the luxury of turning the bed toasty warm or breezy cold, any way you want. These devices even let you and your partner enjoy personal temperature preferences when sleeping on the same bed. 

Today, we are reviewing the BedJet V3 Wireless, a device that has gained popularity soon after its release. It has received a significant upgrade since the V2 model, and in this guide we are talking about all the pros (and cons) that this product puts on the table. 

We have included a buyer’s guide at the end of the review to help you understand the functioning of the device better. There’s also an FAQ section that’s sure to clear any doubts you might feel while reading the review. 

So, without any further delay, let’s dive right in! 

BedJet V3 Wireless Reviewed

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Why Buy This Product? 

BedJet V3 Wireless has garnered an extensive customer base over a very short time, and honestly, we are not surprised. With the kind of features and facilities it provides, it is no wonder that it has impressed many. 

However, if you are new to this or heard about it from a friend, let us take you through the best of this product. Under this section, we will take a look at its bright sides, starting with…

  1. Base Unit

Unlike other standard products, this one will not give you a hard time when it comes to the base unit. It is less than 6 inches and compatible with all types of beds. The only thing required here is a 3.5-inch rail clearance for it to function optimally. 

Moreover, cleaning the unit is super simple. If you have pets, you will often find their hair and other dust particles accumulating near the device. All you have to do is vacuum the unit regularly, and there will be no clogging to disrupt the airflow. 

Additionally, it is also very easy to plug the unit into the wall as the power cord is significantly long. You would not require an extension cord for this. However, in case the power outlet is far from your bed, you can buy a hose extension separately. 

  1. Flexible Mount

What's best about the brace is that it is foam-padded, which means fewer chances of slippage. Once you install it between the bed platform and the box spring, there will be no chance of it slipping out of place. 

Honestly, even after we changed the sheets a few times and slept on the bed for consecutive nights, it did not move or shift at all. Also, to add more comfort, there are adjustable clips that allow you to modify the height in order to direct the air nozzle in the desired location. 

  1. Sheet Security

What good is a bed warmer if it gets displaced every time you turn around? With this item, you will have to face no such worries.

The nozzle is designed in a way that even when the sheet moves with you, the functioning is not rendered useless. Now, you may think, how is that possible! 

Well, it is the clamping system that keeps everything in place. It holds the air hose grip perfectly to ensure that your sheets stay in the correct position, irrespective of how you move when sleeping. 

The clamp is not extremely tight but makes sure that your sheet is in place and does not come off easily. 

  1. Remote And App

For this device, you do not have to take the pain of connecting to Bluetooth every time you want to manage something. With the help of a simple remote control, you can manage all your operations. 

The remote is very quick to connect to the control panel, and you will also find it very easy to set it up as it comes with a clear set of instructions. The remote allows you to adjust the blower's strength, set a timer, enhance or decrease the cooling, and so on.

The best thing is that the settings are customizable and save your favorite features so that you do not have to keep waking up throughout the night. 

Moreover, you can install the V3 app on your cell phone in case you do not want to use the remote. Your folks can also have it installed on their phones and access the controls as and when needed. The best part? It works on both Android and iOS platforms. 

  1. Strength Control Feature

The remote allows you to control the fan strength and temperature of the device completely. The remote's display clearly shows the temperature, and you can adjust it according to your convenience. 

One word of advice: this item works best with temperature settings that are below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it is a good idea that you set the temperature within this range to make sure that you enjoy the best cooling and heating effect.

Also, the remote shows an ideal temperature that would work best with the ambient surroundings. 

  1. Aromatherapy

We were very impressed by this thoughtful addition! You get a bag full of small foam rectangles attached with wire clips. 

These foams are extremely beneficial and used for aromatherapy. What you need to do is sprinkle a few drops of your preferred essential oil on the foam squares, secure it to the nozzle and let the beauty of diffusion work its wonders. 

It's an excellent opportunity to personalize your sleeping experience and relax as you unwind after a long day. 

  1. Dual Temperature

When sleeping with your partner on the same bed, it is not always the case that both of you find the same temperature comforting. Many couples have varied preferences when it comes to the heating and cooling experience. 

This device gives you the opportunity of enjoying different temperatures on the same bed with its Dual Zone feature. However, you would have to buy an additional AirComforter sheet to enjoy this facility. 

It comes with a kit that includes 2 base units, 2 sets of hoses and nozzles, and even 2 remote controls! In short, you get to enjoy the benefits of 2 devices in 1. You have to hook the 2 systems to the base unit and switch on the Dual Zone switch. This will reduce the power consumption so that the circuit does not get overloaded. 

A point of caution, this feature is only limited to king and queen-sized beds. So, make sure that you measure the bed size correctly before you decide to invest in this product. 

  1. Sound Level

Unlike most heating and cooling devices, this one hardly makes any sound. 

Right after installation, when switching it on for the first time, you will experience some noise because the fan is set to turbo mode by default. At this point, the fan speed is set to the highest when it comes from the factory. 

Most of the time, you won't need the fan speed to be that high. When you do, you just have to endure the noise for a little while. At a standard cooling level, the units make about 38 decibels of sound, which is slightly louder than a mellow whisper. 

Put simply, the noise at any point is not unbearable or enough to disrupt your sleep. It is a very typical white noise often produced by machines. And some people find the soft buzz quite relaxing. 

  1. Sleeping Experience

Honestly, this unit has something for every user. The experience is completely customizable, and all you need to do is just adjust the controls on the remote or on your smartphone to have an enjoyable experience. 

It offers great versatility when it comes to the modes and settings. This enables you to tailor the temperature controls to feel as comfortable as possible when you retire for the night. 

For example, some users do not like the fan speed so high that it makes the air flow directly over their body. If that's the case with you, consider reducing the fan speed. This would decrease the airflow speed and also eliminate the white noise that's generally present at a higher speed. 

Be it a cold crisp bed or a warm cozy one that you crave, BedJet V3 Wireless can make all of it possible!

  1. Trial Period, Warranty, And Returns

When buying a product, knowing about the warranty and return policies are very crucial. A good after-sales service is always a big plus. 

With this product, you get a 2 year warranty and can get it replaced in case you face quality issues or the device has some manufacturing defect. You can also avail the easy 60-day trial period. And in case the cooling does not feel efficient to you, all you have to do is return it. 

No questions asked! The company fills in for your return shipping cost, and you also get a full refund against the product. Given all this, even if you have some doubts, there's no reason not to try it!

What Could've Been Better?

Although BedJet V3 Wireless has significantly improved our sleep quality and put our sleeping cycle on track, like every other thing, it is not devoid of some shortcomings. 

Though electricity consumption is quite moderate, the device itself is quite heavy on the pocket. You might have to budget and plan properly to manage money in order to buy this device. It becomes more of a pocket pinch if opting for the dual-zone feature for you and your partner. 

It is true that it is a great feature, almost like having two units in one device. However, the price goes up considerably higher, and that might feel like a problem to some. 

Furthermore, some people complain about the plugs and the long hose. The device needs to be plugged into the power source, and if you are lucky and have the socket near to your bed, it gets wholly concealed.

However, if your power source is far from the bed, you have to use an extension cord. And the chances are high that the cord will be visible, running across the floor.

This might dampen the beauty of your room and is also a little dangerous if you have kids or pets in the house. The chances of them tripping and falling will be high. 


  • Heats and cools very quickly
  • App allows you to customize
  • Good customer service
  • Aromatherapy feature for better sleep


  • Price is a little on the higher end

BedJet V3 Buyer's Guide

Now that you know a little better about the features of BedJet V3 Wireless, were you able to decide if it's going to be a good buy? 

Well, we understand that reaching this conclusion is a little challenging. Knowing just about the goods and bad is not enough to decide. 

So, we have designed this buyer's guide to help you understand the things that you should look out for when buying wireless heating/cooling climate controls for the bed. This consideration will help you make a wiser and better choice!

Let's take a look at what they are. 

  1. Safety

It goes without saying that, like any other electronic appliance, this also calls for some safety measures from your end. 

In the same manner, you would not drop a cellphone in a bathtub; avoid getting water to touch the live wires of the heating/cooling device on your bed. This will prevent you from facing potential shock hazards. 

There's always a user manual waiting for you to read it! We suggest that you go through the safety measures carefully, especially if there’s a young one at home. This will ensure that you and your kids are entirely safe. 

  1. Easy To Use

Unless you are a tech-wizard, we recommend that you go for products that are easy to set up and simple to use. 

Setting up Bluetooth connections, for example, might seem difficult to some. In that case, go for a unit that has both Bluetooth and a wireless remote control facility. Remote controllers are comparatively simpler to use and do not require any prior technical knowledge. 

Also, we recommend that you talk to the seller or watch tutorial videos to figure out if the installation process is too difficult for you. If that's the case, you can always call a technician for help. This effectively cuts down the amount of time needed to set up the system. 

  1. Controls

Different homes have different needs! So, it is very crucial that you identify your needs before deciding which system to go for. 

Some families might not need both heating or cooling, and some may require a dual temperature regulation system. At the same time, some may prefer timer settings in order to have an undisrupted sleep at night. 

The requirements are often quite different, and depending on your family setup and preferences, decide on a device that can fulfil those purposes. All these specifications are clearly mentioned in the packages. So, make sure that you read the details carefully before buying. 

  1. Advanced Technology

We are living in a time when technology has achieved remarkable feats. So, why not make the most of it?

As we mentioned before, wireless heating and cooling devices mostly come with Bluetooth and remote controls. However, it is you who has to set the modes and the functions to the optimum level. 

Now, that's okay during the day when you are indulging in a quick nap or lazing in bed watching your favorite TV show. But, we do not think it's a good idea at night to constantly keep waking up to make your bed comfortable. 

To avoid such sticky situations, we recommend that you opt for devices that let you customize the temperature settings beforehand. This would enable you to schedule sleep and make temperature adjustments prior to calling it a night. 

BedJet V3 wireless has a Biorhythm Technology that makes it possible to set different heating and cooling profiles throughout the night!

  1. Maintenance

Keeping your device in the best shape is very important, and to ensure that you must go for one that can be maintained with ease. 

Some devices can be emptied and cleaned every alternate month to remove moldy water. We recommend that you use distilled water for the process if you choose such a device. There are a few other devices that come with self-cleaning features.

While others, like the BedJet controller, come with a washable air filter. This catches all the dust and animal fur and is very easy to clean. All that you need to do is pop the filter out of the device and wash it under the sink. 

  1. Controllers, Hoses, And Other Add-Ons

Note that most controllers are around 10 to 15 lbs. in weight and can be easily stored under your bed if the height is sufficient. This saves you from storing troubles. However, if you are using a bed that is low in height, your controller might be visible. 

If you are an aesthete, it would be helpful to know that BedJet V3 wireless has a long hose that joins the controller and the bed. In case you want to conceal the hose, you can make arrangements before buying. 

Coming to add-ons, one of the most popular ones is the cloud sheet that you can buy separately for BedJet. This sheet holds the air and makes circulation better. It is best suited for couples who want different temperature controls on different sides of the bed. 

If you are thinking of utilizing the Dual Zone feature, this is a must-buy. 

BedJet V3 FAQ

  • How Does The BedJet System Work?

    BedJet is best known for its healing and cooling climate control system that makes sleeping in your bed extremely comfortable by making the temperature optimum. The machine blows a gentle gust of air onto your bedding to provide instant heating and cooling comfort.

    The best part about it is that it works with all sizes of beds and with all types of mattresses. So, you do not have to change the existing bedding if you want to install this item. The item is designed in a way to be installed under your bed or at the foot of the couch.

    This ensures that all electrical controls are safely kept out of your bed to prevent any form of shock hazards. Also, you can wirelessly connect multiple devices to operate the item through Bluetooth or simply use the remote control to adjust the controls.

  • Is BedJet Safe For Pets?

    If your furry friends have a habit of sleeping with you on the bed, there’s no problem. BedJet is absolutely safe in terms of temperature controls. Just as it keeps you comfortable while sleeping at night, it will keep your pets comfortable too.

    However, a little word of caution, just make sure that they do not block the air nozzle while sleeping as that would block the smooth functioning of the device. Also, try and avoid using essential oils for aromatherapy because some pets might be allergic to them.

    We advise that you speak with your vet to get better clarity on that.

  • Will The Device Work With Adjustable Beds?

    Definitely it will!

    But for that, you might have to tweak a few things here and there during installation. To start with, you will need to put the base unit a little far from the nozzle. This is because it will give enough space to the air hose to expand and contract as needed.

    There’s also higher flexibility for the hose to keep the nozzle in the right place as the foot of your bed becomes adjustable and keeps changing in size.

    The manufacturer suggests that you keep an eye under the bed when you are adjusting the size to make sure that the device is functioning properly. In case you cannot make it work, you can always use the 60-days guarantee and return the item.

  • Does Bedjet Help Save On Bills?

    Absolutely! Why spend electricity on turning the whole house hot or cold when all you care about is the temperature of your sheets?

    BedJet allows you to save a considerable amount of power that you would have otherwise spent on setting the whole house to a desirable temperature. It allows you to moderate how the bed feels and helps customize it to the perfect temperature that you find right for sleeping.

    Going by the data shared by the Department of Energy, we can assure that every time you reduce the temperature on the thermostat, you save an extra 4% on the utility bills.

  • What Is The Power requirement Of The System?

    When using the device in cooling mode, every unit draws around 50 watts. In the heating mode, it draws energy ranging from 150 – 1500 watts depending on what degree you set it on.

    At the highest power, the turbo setting gets switched on but can run only for 10 minutes. This is to ensure that too much electricity is not consumed at a go. However, the heat is more than sufficient within 5 minutes, you will find your bed toasty warm! It would feel like your bedding is right out of the dryer.

    In general, if you want to reduce the power consumption, you can always set it on ‘Low Power’ mode and limit the turbo heating capacity to 800 watts. This wattage can be easily handled by a regular 15A AC circuit.

    In case you are using a dual-zone system, make sure that you switch the ‘Low Power’ mode for both the units to make sure that the combined energy consumption does not cross 1500 watts.

    For a simple calculation, we can say that if you use the cooling mode every night, you won’t end up spending more than one dollar a month on electricity for this. And for heating mode, you would have to spend a few more dollars.

  • BedJet 3 Verdict

    That's all for today, folks! Now we have reached the end of this comprehensive guide on BedJet V3 Wireless

    We hope you had as much fun going through the guide as we did while compiling all the little details about this item. The BedJet is a great consideration if you want to save on electricity and smartly heat/cool your bed at night instead of moderating the temperature of the entire house. 

    It allows you to enjoy customization to a great degree and enjoy uninterrupted sleep during the night. Also, it is an excellent choice if you have a partner and require different temperature settings for each. 

    With that, it's a wrap! We promise to be back soon with more such exciting reads. Let us know what you liked best about the BedJet 3 Wireless in the comments section below. 

    Until next time, take care!

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