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11 Best Glues for Polypropylene [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

What if you suddenly have to deal with a detached heel from one of your favorite stilettos? Or a cracked bottle of medicine?

Best Glues for Polypropylene

These are situations in which the standard bottle of glue that you have at home won’t be practical. You will need a more specialized glue for such purposes since these materials are mostly constructed from polypropylene, a particular variety of plastic. 

Such a glue will provide the required strength to the bond and will protect it from weather damage and any sudden impact. But there is an overwhelming number of options available on the market, and not all of them are equally effective. 

So, making the right choice might seem a bit difficult to you initially. Considering this, we’ve put together this guide to the top 11 options out there. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you make a well-informed decision. 

Let’s get started, then! 

Listed below are the 5 best glues for polypropylene from our list:

  • Gorilla Super Glue: Ideal for polypropylene DIY projects, this glue provides two methods of dispensation and boasts commendable bond durability and impact resistance, setting it apart from others. Its fast-drying feature, however, is marred by packaging quality concerns.
  • Loctite 2436365: Tailored for heavy-duty applications, this epoxy-formulated glue promises ultimate bonding strength in 15-30 seconds, setting it ahead of its competitors. It comes with a precision applicator for hard-to-reach surfaces and is temperature resistant, but the glue quantity in each tube is less.
  • J-B Weld: Boasting high-temperature resistance, this glue comes with a two-part epoxy formula enabling strong, long-lasting repairs. It has an impressive 3960 PSI tensile strength, but it requires a longer curing time compared to others.
  • Starbond: As an all-in-one set, it features a powerful glue with cyanoacrylate and has a long shelf life with added tools for versatile usage. Even though it’s exceptional for penetrating deep into polypropylene surfaces to create strong bonds, meticulous care is required during application due to challenging cleanup issues.
  • Gorilla Clear Glue: Specially designed for indoor and outdoor use, this glue is water-resistant and creates long-lasting bonds, making it a standout. Its non-foaming formula and pointed tip facilitate easy application, but it has a longer drying time compared to other products on the list.

Here is the list of the 11 best glues for polypropylene that you can use to create strong and lasting bonds between plastic components.

1. Gorilla Super Glue - Best for DIY Polypropylene Projects

Creating a perfectly unbreakable bond in any polypropylene object will be effortless and quick with this product from Gorilla. Hence, for DIYers who often work with polypropylene for their projects, this glue is indispensable. Coming in a 0.42-fl oz tube, it’s among the finest adhesives for polypropylene out there. 

The most noteworthy feature is that it lets users dispense the glue in two methods to enable greater accuracy and control in their projects. After all, you may not need the same amount of glue for all the parts; hence, it must be dispensed as per your requirements. 

While the nozzle with a precision tip is provided for quick and easy dispensing, the brush enables controlled coverage. Using the glue is also effortless as you just need to unscrew the entire cap and then wipe the brush on the inner portion of the tube to remove the excess glue. On the other hand, you must unscrew the upper cap to use the precision tip. 

The durability of the bond is also praiseworthy as it resists wear and tear perfectly. In fact, it is further reinforced with rubber to offer greater impact resistance. This glue even dries really fast, and the object can be used after just 10-30 seconds of application.

This glue tube may sometimes arrive damaged or half-full due to the use of poor packaging by the brand. Hence, we felt it needs to be improved considerably to protect it from damage or leaks during delivery.

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 0.42oz | Set Time/Dry Time: 10 to 45 Seconds | Cure Time: 24 Hours | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Impact-Resistant

2. Loctite 2436365 - Best for Heavy-Duty Applications

Another highly effective choice to go for is this professional-grade glue from Loctite. It offers absolute user convenience in addition to great performance and can render all your bonds very strong and long-lasting. To know more about all the features on offer, move on to the next few sections. 

The highlight of this glue is its epoxy formula that’s perfect for heavy-duty repairs and projects. As such, you can achieve ultimate bonding strength for your polypropylene objects within just 15-30 seconds. 

Another significant advantage is the availability of an extra-long tip that makes it easy to apply on surfaces that are hard to reach. You can also apply precise amounts of glue as per your needs using the pin-point nozzle that prevents oozing or dripping. 

The glue even comes with a patented opening and locking system with a screw-on cap to enable easy usage. This prevents glue buildup or clogging when you’re not using it and also keeps it air-tight so that it stays fresh. 

What’s more, it is able to withstand extreme temperatures such as heat waves and freezing cold weather. This ensures the bond is intact despite rough weather conditions.

A drawback of this glue is that each tube contains less glue than other products. Hence, it’s best to buy more quantities to ensure you can use them for more projects. You can either buy the four-pack version or multiple two-pack versions for this purpose. And that won’t be expensive as well since it comes at a very budget-friendly rate. 

Quantity: 2 Bottles | Volume: 0.7fl oz Each | Set Time/Dry Time: 15 to 30 Seconds | Cure Time: 12 to 24 Hours | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Resists Hot & Cold Weather, Water/Moisture, Shock, Most Chemicals

3. J-B Weld - Best for High-Temperature Resistance

J-B Weld is known worldwide for its range of extremely strong adhesives, and this glue from the brand lives up to its reputation. Coming in a rare and convenient design, it offers a combination of high quality and ultimate durability that every DIYer desires. All in all, it’s definitely among our top recommendations from the list. 

To begin with, this glue has a two-part epoxy formulation that facilitates truly long-lasting and strong repairs in any polypropylene object. It comes in a convenient syringe that allows for a simple 1:1 mix using the mixing tray and the stick provided in the package. 

In addition, you can subject the bond to different treatments as per your needs, such as sanding, drilling, tapping, and shaping. There’s even a resealable cap on the syringe that ensures it never dries out or leaks, so you can easily use it multiple times for different projects. 

Another striking feature we found was its incredible tensile strength of 3960 PSI, which ensures it creates a tough bond every time. On top of that, the glue can withstand temperatures of up to 550°F when it’s fully cured. This ensures the bond stays intact even if the object is heated at high temperatures.  

The curing time for this glue is much longer than other products, so you’ll have to wait for a long time to use the object after the application. In fact, it will take at least 15 hours to cure completely. But apart from that, this glue does its job very well.  

Quantity: 1 Double Syringe | Volume: 0.85fl oz | Set Time/Dry Time: 4 to 6 Hours | Cure Time: 15 Hours | Dry Color: Dark Gray | Resistance: Resists Heat Up To 550°F

4. Starbond - Best All-in-One Set

If you’re on the lookout for an all-in-one set that will help you create the strongest of bonds smoothly, look no further than this product from Starbond. Designed to offer ultimate efficiency and convenience to users, it consists of a 2-fl oz bottle of glue along with various other essentials. 

The ultra-powerful glue in the set contains ethyl cyanoacrylate that penetrates deep into the polypropylene surface to seal, stabilize, and strengthen the bond. Notably, it’s much thinner than other glues and has a viscosity similar to water, thereby facilitating quicker action each time.

Another beneficial feature is its long shelf life of several years, even in extremely cold temperatures. In addition, the brand offers a 30-month warranty for its shelf life, so you are sure to get a replacement or refund in case it doesn’t last. 

Speaking of the tools included with the glue bottle, there’s an efficient stopper with a tiny pin to prevent clogging of the glue, two applicator caps, and multiple micro-tips. 

While the caps facilitate versatile use, the micro-tips help you apply the glue in tighter spots and tiny cracks. Long story short, you can use this set to create bonds in a variety of materials for lots of projects effortlessly. 

The one problem that you might face is with cleaning up the excess glue which might ooze out of the bond, as rinsing the spot with water might not be sufficient. This is why you should be very careful in applying just the amount that’s required for the bond. However, quality-wise, we have no complaints regarding this glue. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 2oz | Set Time/Dry Time: N/A | Cure Time: N/A | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Water-Resistant

5. Gorilla Clear Glue - Best for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Halfway through our list, we’ve chosen another reliable glue from the well-known brand Gorilla. Equipped with a strong formulation and effective features, it is capable of creating durable and long-lasting bonds in several materials comfortably. Also, you can get this glue in a two-pack variant. 

We loved the crystal clear color of this glue as it ensures the surface is never stained and facilitates ease of use. Speaking of the quality of the bonds, each of them will be everlasting and extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. 

Another big advantage is the incredible water resistance offered, as it makes sure the bonds are safe during rainy and humid weather. Together, these properties render it perfect for both outdoor and indoor applications. 

Furthermore, its non-foaming formula makes it easier to handle for all your projects, ensuring a hassle-free application each time. It also has a convenient pointed tip for easy and accurate dispensation, which is protected by a durable outcap to prevent drying when not in use. 

Like one of our other recommendations, this glue has a longer drying time compared to other products. It will take at least a day to dry up completely, so you won’t be able to use the object so soon. As such, for those who need fast-drying glue to complete their projects at greater speed, this won’t be the ideal choice. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 1.75fl oz | Set Time/Dry Time: N/A | Cure Time: 24 Hours | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Water-Resistant

6. Glue Masters Adhesive

The industrial-grade adhesives produced by Glue Masters have been praised all over the country for their highly effective formulations. And this premium-quality glue is no different, as it offers you the ideal performance and durability for your money. As such, your projects will never go wrong with this glue at your disposal.  

The best thing about this glue is its cyanoacrylate resin formulation which renders each bond incredibly strong and weather-resistant. So, be it fixing a shoe heel or repairing broken parts of disposable cups and other useful objects for the home, this product will do the job flawlessly. 

We also liked how it settled in within just 60 seconds to establish the bond firmly. As such, it would be perfect for people who need a quick fix for their polypropylene objects. 

Even the viscosity of the glue is quite well-balanced, thereby offering greater control while maintaining an even flow. That’s why you can get through the job without any hassle or mess, unlike other products.

What’s more, its 2 oz capacity offers enough mending power for small and large projects alike, while the long and pointed tip enables easy and precise application. 

This glue lags behind some other products in terms of safety of use, as it releases fumes that might cause discomfort to users. Hence, it’s a must to wear a mask while using this product, especially for people who are already suffering from respiratory issues. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 2oz | Set Time/Dry Time: N/A | Cure Time: 60 Seconds | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Weather-Resistant

7. Krazy Glue

This small glue comes with a power-packed formula to help you sail smoothly through all your DIY projects or repair jobs, no matter how big they are. It can provide the perfect toughness to all the bonds, making them last for years to come. Based on our experience, we can say it’s a pretty good option to go for.

We were impressed with the surface coverage that this glue provides, thanks to the convenient brush-on applicator attached to its cap. It facilitates controlled application on larger surfaces and even hard-to-reach spots. As such, all bonds are perfectly secured, and your projects can be completed just the way you desire. 

The brush also remains fresh in the glue bottle, with its bristles never sticking together. Plus, the bottle is designed so as to prevent clogs, while the durable cap closes tightly after use to keep the glue from drying out.

We even found it to be quite versatile, as it’s suitable for repairing any object at home or in the workplace. Thus, including this small tube in your DIY kit will keep you prepared for any sudden mending job.  

What disappointed us a bit was that this glue looked cloudy when it dried, which sometimes showed through the repaired part. So, this won’t be a suitable choice if you’re looking for crystal-clear glue. But overall, it does a wonderful job of fixing cracks and breakages in polypropylene objects. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 0.18oz | Set Time/Dry Time: N/A | Cure Time: 30 Seconds | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: N/A

8. Loctite 681925

Some polypropylene objects might be tough to bond for glues out there, but this product from Loctite will surely do the trick. After all, it’s specially formulated for mending such items securely to enhance their durability and strength. It comes with a couple of advanced properties that provide the ideal finesse for getting the job done. 

This glue works using a two-part system, whereby an activator primes the surface before it’s glued together. While the longer tube contains the applicator that prepares the surface for a permanent bond, the shorter one has the glue; and both these tubes are very easy to use. 

Note that the activator has a slanting felt tip that enables accurate application and prevents any accidental spills. 

Speaking of the glue, one drop provides enough strength for the bond to remain intact over the years. And here’s the best part: the glue can form the bond in just 30 seconds, unlike ordinary ones, which take hours to consolidate the bond. 

Furthermore, it’s perfectly resistant to harsh chemicals, freezing temperatures, and water. This ensures the bond remains unaffected due to changing weather conditions and on coming in contact with water. 

You must watch out for the packaging of this glue as well, since it may arrive torn in several places owing to the weak packaging material used. But when it came to performance, this product perfectly met our expectations. 

Quantity: 2 Tubes | Volume: 0.14oz (Activator), 0.07oz (Glue) | Set Time/Dry Time: 30 Seconds | Cure Time: ‎24 Hours | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Water-Resistant, Most Chemicals, Freezing Temperature

9. Rhino Ultra Glue

Armed with a commercial-grade formulation, the Rhine Ultra glue can give tough competition to most other products on the market in terms of performance. Having this glue by your side is enough to create perfectly strong and durable bonds in various materials, including polypropylene. 

Its patented formula refined through triple distillation is the greatest strength of this glue as it lets you create superior bonds in virtually any material. Plus, it penetrates the material almost instantly to make the bond permanent, unlike others which may need some time to strengthen.

The glue is also least likely to dry out or get clogged when not in use, thanks to the efficient design of the glue bottle and its sturdy cap. 

In addition, it offers great weather resistance so that the bond stays strong during extreme temperatures. It even remains unaffected by sudden vibrations or shocks. 

Its crystal clear color is another significant feature as it prevents any stains on the object and makes it easy to handle. Lastly, the bottle has a larger capacity than many other glue products on the market, so you can use it to complete many projects over a long time. 

Perhaps the only downside to this glue is that it can cause allergies if it accidentally comes into contact with the skin. Hence, we’d suggest wearing a pair of gloves while using it. But you are sure to get a pretty smooth and effective performance out of it. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 1.4oz | Set Time/Dry Time: 60 Seconds | Cure Time: 20 to 25 Minutes, Overnight | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Resists Extreme Temperatures, Vibration, Shock

10. Titebond Liquid Hide Glue

It’s not often that you’ll find hide glues in a liquid form that’s convenient to use, but this Titebond glue is among those rare products out there. And it offers an appreciable performance when it comes to securing bonds in polypropylene objects. Read on to find out more about its features.

From our experience with this glue, we can vouch that it provides exceptional strength for fixtures created in a range of materials. This is owing to its potent formulation, which is definitely among the finest you will find in hide glues. As such, many professionals use it as an adhesive for heavy-duty projects of different types. 

Another major benefit is that it comes ready for use and hence needs no mixing or heating, unlike most hide glues on the market. 

In addition, the moisture sensitivity of this glue sets it apart from other options, making it suitable for beginners who are prone to making mistakes initially. Just rinse the bond lightly with water, and the glue can be removed to create a fresh bond at the right spot.

 It is even useful as a crackle medium for achieving an appealing weathered look on any object, be it furniture, picture frames, or cabinets. 

Since this glue is slightly darker than the crystal clear varieties, it might leave a few stains on the object if applied in excessive amounts. So, be careful not to use too much of the product on a single spot, and keep a moist towel handy so that you can clean the extra glue oozing out of the bond. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 8fl oz | Set Time/Dry Time: N/A | Cure Time: N/A | Dry Color: Translucent Light Brown | Resistance: Creep-Resistant


Towards the end, we’ve picked this glue from Henkel Corporation that performs considerably well in fixing cracks and other damages in polypropylene objects. It can render your bonds just as tough and long-lasting as you want them to be and comes in a much larger cartridge of 9 fl oz.

First things first, this tube is powered by a highly effective instant-grab formula that penetrates most materials within seconds to create an unbreakable bond. This lets you fill gaps and repair cracks or other damages in all polypropylene objects comfortably.  

In addition, this glue is perfectly weather-resistant like the other high-performing products we’ve included in our list. That’s why you can easily use it for all indoor as well as outdoor projects to create super-strong bonds with utmost perfection. Even the water resistance offered is commendable, so you can be assured that water or moisture will never loosen the bond.  

What’s more, this glue has a low odor which ensures it never makes users uncomfortable, while the cleanup is also effortless as it needs just water and soap. 

This glue will take at least half a day to dry up completely, so you won’t be able to use the object till then. This aspect will be an inconvenience for people who need to get over with their projects faster, so they should rather go for a different product. 

Quantity: 1 Cartridge | Volume: 9fl oz | Set Time/Dry Time: 10 Minutes | Cure Time: ‎12 to 24 Hours | Dry Color: White | Resistance: Weather-Resistant, Water/Moisture-Resistant

What is the Best Glue for Polypropylene?

This section presents a straightforward comparison of top-rated glues designed for polypropylene bonding. The accompanying table outlines key product specifications, including quantity, volume, set time/dry time, cure time, dry color, and resistance.

ProductQuantityVolumeSet Time/Dry TimeCure TimeDry ColorResistance
Gorilla Super Glue1 Bottle0.42oz10 to 45 Seconds24 HoursClearImpact-Resistant
Loctite 24363652 Bottles0.7fl oz Each15 to 30 Seconds12 to 24 HoursClearResists Hot & Cold Weather, Water/Moisture, Shock, Most Chemicals
J-B Weld Glue1 Double Syringe0.85fl oz4 to 6 Hours15 HoursDark GrayResists Heat Up To 550°F
Starbond Glue1 Bottle2ozN/AN/AClearWater-Resistant
Gorilla Clear Glue1 Bottle1.75fl ozN/A24 HoursClearWater-Resistant
Glue Masters Adhesive1 Bottle2ozN/A60 SecondsClearWeather-Resistant
Krazy Glue1 Bottle0.18ozN/A30 SecondsClearN/A
Loctite 6819252 Tubes0.14oz (Activator), 0.07oz (Glue)30 Seconds‎24 HoursClearWater-Resistant, Most Chemicals, Freezing Temperature
Rhino Ultra Glue1 Bottle1.4oz60 Seconds20 to 25 Minutes, OvernightClearResists Extreme Temperatures, Vibration, Shock
Titebond Liquid Hide Glue1 Bottle8Fl ozN/AN/ATranslucent Light BrownCreep-Resistant
HENKEL CORPORATION Glue1 Cartridge9fl oz10 Minutes‎12 to 24 HoursWhiteWeather-Resistant, Water/Moisture-Resistant

Buying Guide for the Best Glue for Polypropylene

To ensure that a glue product can create the ideal bond in polypropylene objects, you must consider some key features that will determine its performance. Thus, making the right choice is not just about looking at the specifications of some high-performing products. That’s why we’ve listed some essential points you must keep in mind before purchasing a suitable glue. 


This is undoubtedly the most crucial factor you need to consider while choosing the ideal glue for polypropylene. Hence, you must remember to check the product details for the nature or constituents of the formulation. 

Note that quite a few glues contain a compound called cyanoacrylate, which lends great bond strength and durability. As such, any glue that primarily contains this compound is sure to provide a commendable performance in fixing polypropylene objects. 

You must also make sure that the formulation doesn’t produce any foam and acts quickly enough to create a permanent bond. In case you don’t find these details in the product information, going through the customer reviews will be the best way out.

Weather Resistance

A bond created in any polypropylene object is completely secure only if the glue is resistant to changing weather conditions, including extreme temperatures. That’s why weather resistance is such an important factor in selecting a suitable glue. So, you should always check the product details to make sure it fits the bill in this regard. 

Ease Of Use

Some customers tend to overlook this factor, considering that all glues generally come in a small and compact size. But small glue tubes are equally likely to make the job messy and full of hassles if they don’t come with the ideal application system and design. 

Hence, remember to check whether the design of the glue you’ve chosen is convenient enough for all your projects. 

You must also ensure that the applicator is equally suitable for tight spots and larger surfaces. The availability of multiple applicators will be an added advantage, while a long and pointed tip will help in covering tiny cracks in any object quite easily. 


The glue that you choose must, of course, come with a capacity sufficient for completing the task you have at hand. Plus, if you want a product for long-term use, the capacity you would need is even greater. 

Note that a capacity of 7-9 fl oz is ideal for long-term use, while 2-3 fl oz can help you get through a couple of projects at a certain point of time. So, consider your needs and verify whether the capacity of the product is in line with the same.

What are some safety precautions when using glue on polypropylene?

It's imperative when using glue on polypropylene to don suitable eye and skin protection. Adhering strictly to manufacturer instructions regarding application, ventilation, and required curing durations should be part of safety measures.

Are there special techniques for applying glue to polypropylene?

Preparing the surface appropriately is crucial when it comes to polypropylene. Utilizing methods such as light abrasion, plasma treatment, or flame treatment could significantly enhance the adhesion process.

Can I mix different types of glue to bond polypropylene?

It's not advisable to mix varying adhesive types, as this could deter the bond strength and potentially lead to complications. It's best to stick to a single type of adhesive purposely designed for use with polypropylene.

How do I remove glue from polypropylene?

Some adhesives will dissolve under the influence of solvents, while others can be eliminated by utilizing a scraper or equivalent tools. It’s crucial to follow the specific adhesive manufacturer’s instructions and take preventative measures to steer clear of causing any harm to the polypropylene.