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9 Best Glues for Metal of 2023 | Reviews + Guide

Welding is not the only way to join two pieces of metal. A new way of connecting metals is by bonding them using metal glue. 

Best Glues for Metal

If you are familiar with carpentry and home repairs, you'll know that this method is growing in domestic and industrial setups. Of course, this metal glue isn't like regular glue; it's a complex structure that is powerful enough to fuse metal and hold it in place. 

Whether you are looking for a DIY solution for renovation work at home or starting on a furniture project, you need quick and easy tools. Don't worry if you don't know where to begin with tools. In this article, we will discuss one of the most valuable tools for home-building projects and repair glue. 

Without further ado, let's find out which are the best glues for metal. 

Listed below are the 5 best glues for metal from our list:

  • Gorilla 5002801. Gorilla 5002801 stands out with its industrial holding power and versatility, easily bonding a variety of materials from metals and wood to delicate paper and plastic.
  • Loctite 1365882. Loctite 1365882 impresses with its super-strength formula, exceptional fast setting and drying times, and strong bonding on a wide array of materials, all at a reasonable price.
  • Gorilla 7700104. Gorilla 7700104, known for its unique gel formula, boasts quick-drying properties, increased impact resistance, and high-quality packaging with an anti-clog cap.
  • Permatex 84109. Permatex 84109, designed for bonding metals, not only stands out with its compact packaging but also its capacity to withstand extreme temperatures, making it suitable for both minus degrees and high heat applications.
  • Krazy Glue KG94548R. Krazy Glue KG94548R, equipped with an attached brush for excellent surface coverage, effectively bonds metal, wood, and ceramic, ideally suited for office projects, school work, and crafting applications.

Here is the list of the 9 best glues for metal that you can use to quickly and effectively bond metal surfaces together.

1. Gorilla 5002801- Best for Versatile Applications

Let's talk about one of the most famous brands on the market: Gorilla glue. The 5002801 of Gorilla glue is known for its industrial holding power and versatility. Apart from having the best reputation, it also delivers the best for anything related to glue. 

The first thing we liked about this product was how perfect it was for any kind of project. Be it the toughest of metals and wood or flimsy paper and plastic, this glue can bond two different surfaces effortlessly. 

It is compatible with many materials, including wood, foam, glass, ceramic, concrete, metal, and stone. This makes it perfect for repair jobs around the house or on the roof. 

Apart from that, this glue is simple to apply. All you have to do is slightly dampen the surface with some water. Next, apply a thin layer of Gorilla glue on one side, only making sure it isn't in excess. Remove the extra glue with a dry cloth if required before it hardens. Once done, this glue takes about 15 minutes to harden up. 

After the glue is completely hardened, you need to chip off the extra dried-up glue that might be surrounding it. Finally, make sure to clamp the two surfaces together for at least two hours. 

We think this product is one of the strongest glues out there, so we couldn't find anything significant to critique. However, you need to be cautious about using this glue around kids and pets. Under no circumstances should children be allowed near this glue. Also, people with respiratory issues like asthma should avoid it. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 8oz | Set Time: N/A | Cure Time: 24 Hours | Color: Brown | Resistance: Waterproof

2. Loctite 1365882 - Best for Heavy-Duty Projects

Another brand that brings high-quality and strong glue is Loctite. This glue is excellent for heavy-duty projects and repairs due to its super-strength formula and works equally well on more minor fixes. Compared to other brands on the market, this one is reasonably priced.

Straight off the bat, this glue impressed us with its list of never-ending features. What we liked the most was how fast it set and dried and held any two surfaces firmly. Along with paper, rubber, and plastic, this glue also manages to hold together metal, leather, wood, and ceramic.

All the credit goes to the fast-setting formula, which is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and cold temperatures. Along with that, its pinpoint nozzle allows for precise application without dripping all over the place, preventing unnecessary spilling. 

After the glue dries, it appears clear, and one can barely see that the surface has any kind of adhesive. This makes it a good option for joining tabletops, leather shoes, or any surface visible from the outside. However, you must take precautions while using this glue and screw on the cap well to prevent clogging of the cap.

There are some incidences where even the slightest exposure to air completely blocks the nozzle. Now, we understand that it's a quick dry glue, and the nozzle is super small. However, it was slightly annoying to buy a new adhesive and not be able to use it more than once.

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 0.71fl oz | Set Time: 15 to 30 Seconds | Cure Time: N/A | Color: Clear | Resistance: Waterproof, Resists Extreme Temperatures, Solvent, Shock

3. Gorilla 7700104 - Best for Quick Drying

Another product from the reputed brand Gorilla is the 7700104 model, which comes in a thick gel formula. It comes in small packaging of 0.71 ounces per bottle for various uses around the house. If you are looking for quick-drying glue, this option would be a perfect choice.

The first thing we liked about this product was its unique gel formula. The benefit of this formula is that it does not run out from the nozzle even when applied to vertical surfaces. Also, since the formula is quite dense and much thicker than other glues, it dries incredibly quickly. On average, you can expect the glue to dry in 10 to 45 minutes.

Moreover, the glue is specially formulated for increased impact resistance and strength. This will definitely help if you have objects like glass or metal, which are usually challenging to bond.

Another feature is the anti-clog cap, which is proof of its high-quality packaging. It can be used multiple times because of the air-tight cap. All you have to do is immediately place the cap after use and screw it tightly. Finally, this product quickly bonds wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and leather. 

Despite not having any significant flaws, we did notice one thing worth mentioning. While reading the description, we found that this glue doesn't work on polyethylene polypropylene plastic or similar materials. While this isn't a big deal, we thought it was worth noting.

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 0.71fl oz | Set Time: 10 to 45 Seconds | Cure Time: 24 Hours | Color: Clear | Resistance: Resists Impact, Extreme Temperatures

4. Permatex 84109 - Best for Metal Bonding

Up next, we have the 84109 model by the brand Permatex. This glue is formulated specially to bond two metal surfaces together. It comes in a packaging of 0.84 ounces per pack and is reasonably priced. Read on if you need glue for bonding household metal objects. 

First of all, we liked the compact packaging that this glue comes in. The bottle is the perfect size for minor and frequent fixes around the house. Any larger, and it would probably dry out before we could get to the end of the bottle.

One thing that massively impressed us was the extreme temperatures the glue was able to withstand. Even if you use the glue to fix a plastic ice tray and place it in the freezer, the adhesive remains unaffected. The same applies to higher temperatures too- the glue can be used for fixing metal saucepans and baking trays. 

And you can check for yourself; the cookware can be heated on stove tops or in ovens without any damage to the bond. This is because it can withstand a wide range of temperatures from - 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Now, this product is a multi-metal epoxy adhesive that can bond aluminum, brass, copper, steel, iron, stainless steel, and many other metals. However, sometimes it so happens that the bond won't form well if there is excess moisture around these metals.

Quantity: 1 Double Syringe | Volume: 0.84fl oz | Set Time: 4 to 5 Minutes | Cure Time: 10 Minutes | Color: Gray | Resistance: Resists Water, Impact, Solvent, -60°F to 300°F

5. Krazy Glue KG94548R - Best for Precision and Crafts

Another glue for metal, wood, and ceramic is KG94548R by Krazy Glue. It has excellent surface coverage because it comes with an attached brush. It also comes in a small bottle that contains 0.18 ounces of glue which is perfect for one-time projects. 

Let's start with the functionality of this product. Unlike other products mentioned in our list, this glue isn't meant specifically for metal objects. It is a daily use glue best suited to office projects, school work, and creating crafts. Now that this piece of information is out of the way let's talk about its brush. 

Once you open the bottle, you will see it has an attached applicator brush which resembles a nail paint applicator. Using the attached brush, you can simply spread the glue all over the surface to get an even application before bonding metals. 

In case you are worried about brush clogging, the bristles stay clean and moist most of the time. This is if you ensure to close the bottle firmly whenever it is not in use. Lastly, despite its small size, this glue manages to form strong bonds even with minimal application, making it perfect for woodwork fixes. 

This glue has a strong formula and can work on various surfaces like wood, ceramic, and plastic. We also liked the way its brush applicator was easy to control and covered tight spaces. However, some reviewers received bottles that didn't open easily, causing spills as they opened them. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 0.18oz | Set Time: 30 Seconds | Cure Time: N/A | Color: Clear | Resistance: N/A

6. Loctite 1363589

Another model from Lactite is the 1363589, a clear gel superglue that is the most durable model from this brand. One bottle contains 4 milliliters or 0.13 ounces of product. What's different about this product is its easy-to-use squeeze bottle. 

To begin with, the formulation is truly super strong. It has an Ultra gel control which does not allow any drips when applied to vertical surfaces. Apart from that, its formula is durable and flexible, resistant to impacts, shocks, and vibrations. It's the best glue for metal, wood, paper, and a variety of different materials. 

Also, it has a patented control applicator that can be squeezed from both sides with your fingers to dispense the glue with pinpoint accuracy. This applicator is self-piercing, and the screw-on cap keeps the fluid gel from drying up. 

Another benefit of this applicator is its advanced grip which is comfortable to hold and press. Light pressure is enough to apply a layer of glue. 

Moreover, we like how quickly it dries and sets after seamlessly repairing household items, office projects, or crafts. If we speak about its strength and durability, it has proven to produce long-lasting bonds repeatedly. 

To get a solid bond, you need to clean the two surfaces first. Then apply a bit of glue and press it for a minute or two. Usually, this much is enough for the adhesive to hold two objects together. However, it was observed that some surfaces take a longer time to stick. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 0.14fl oz | Set Time: 15 to 30 Seconds | Cure Time: 12 to 24 Hours | Color: Clear | Resistance: Resists Water, Impact, Most Chemicals, Freezing Temperatures, and more

7. Gorilla Glue 8040001

Yet another glue we decided to check was the 8040001 one by Gorilla. This clear adhesive is entirely waterproof and can be used for repairs in the house, garage, or even rooftop. If you are looking for an all-purpose glue, read on to find out more about this product. 

We ended up checking out many types of glue from Gorilla. And, since this one claims to be the best glue for the most demanding jobs, we decided to try out this model too. This glue is easy to apply, and the narrow tube is thin enough to squeeze out the adhesive without creating any mess.

Using it is relatively uncomplicated, just apply the crystal clear liquid on both sides/surfaces and leave it exposed to air for a few minutes. This ensures that the glue isn't too liquid, which may hinder the bonding process. After a few minutes, press the two materials together, and after you release the pressure, they hold for seconds. 

Furthermore, it creates permanent and irreversible bonds, which is an excellent feature for fixing leather shoes and ceramic cups. It can even fix decorative items made of glass or wood and toys made of plastic. 

Despite being a flexible, fast-setting, crystal-clear glue, it does not work on styrofoam, polypropylene, and polyethylene products. Also, it may not be enjoyable for some people to press and hold the material to allow setting, and it also doesn't tolerate extreme temperatures.

Quantity: 1 Tube | Volume: 3fl oz | Set Time: In Just Seconds | Cure Time: ‎24 Hours | Color: Clear | Resistance: Waterproof

8. J-B Weld 50132

Here we have another quick setting epoxy, the 50132 glue by J-B Weld, which is also called “Plastic Weld.” This glue is an excellent example of a product with varied purposes that has a stronghold. Read on to get more details about this glue. 

We liked that this glue has a wide range of materials it can work on. It can efficiently work on glass, vinyl, rigid plastics, fiberglass, and PVCs, among other materials. The unique thing about this glue is its syringe which allows you to create a 1:1 mix of two solutions evenly.

Using glue is simple; you need to start by prepping the surface. Clean the repair area of dust, first grease, oil paint, and rust. Then, remove the snap-on tip of the glue bottle and press down on the plunger to squeeze equal amounts of both fluids into a mixing bowl and mix it well. 

After that, use a brush or spatula to apply an even coat on the surface. You could also apply different shapes like a bead if required. Next, you'll need to wait for a while as it takes about 5 minutes to dry off. Finally, after use, you can seal it with its reusable cap. 

We liked this glue for multiple reasons, including its versatile use and the fact that it even provides a mixing tray for stirring the two solutions. However, if the temperature in your surroundings is low, it seriously hampers the setting time and may take hours to set and cure. 

Quantity: 1 Double Syringe | Volume: 0.85fl oz | Set Time: 5 Minutes | Cure Time: 1 Hour | Color: Translucent Yellow | Resistance: N/A

9. Loctite 1365736

This epoxy glue comes in handy for fixing woodwork, fencing, glass decorations, and various other materials in and around the house. The 1365736 glue by Loctite is a two-part epoxy consisting of a resin and hardener, making for the strongest hold for any kind of repair.

Firstly, this epoxy material is unbelievably strong and apt for woodworking, carpentry, for professionals, or even for DIYers at home. Furthermore, you can find great uses for this glue in your furniture projects. It's possible to assemble chairs, stair work, decks, and arbors and make new fencing, stonework, and laminate with this one glue. 

Apart from that, it comes in 8 ounces in one packaging, consisting of two bottles; one is the resin, and the other, is the hardener. For application, both of these chemicals must be thoroughly mixed to produce an even-looking fluid. Once the mixing is done, you cannot leave it exposed to air for long because it hardens quickly,

So, without taking much time, apply to the surface that needs fixing and allow at least 5 minutes before you move or touch it again. Also, we noticed that the bottle sizes were pretty big compared to the others we reviewed, so it will be enough for larger projects. 

We didn't have anything to complain about when it came to this product. It was a good 8 ounces in both bottles, and the price was reasonable too. However, we came across some online reviewers who received two of the same bottles instead of one resin and one hardener. 

Quantity: 2 Bottles | Volume: 4fl oz Each | Set Time: 5 Minutes | Cure Time: 24 Hours | Color: Yellow | Resistance: Resists Water, Shrinkage, Humidity, Solvent, Impact

What is the Best Glue For Metal?

Contained below is a meticulously assembled comparison table that outlines the primary qualities of leading glues suitable for metal. The table puts under scrutiny elements like quantity, volume, set time, cure time, color, and resistance factors.

ProductQuantityVolumeSet TimeCure TimeColorResistance
Gorilla 50028011 Bottle8ozN/A24 HoursBrownWaterproof
Loctite 13658821 Bottle0.71fl oz15 to 30 SecondsN/AClearWaterproof, Resists Extreme Temperatures, Solvent, Shock
Gorilla 77001041 Bottle0.71fl oz10 to 45 Seconds24 HoursClearResists Impact, Extreme Temperatures
Permatex 841091 Double Syringe0.84fl oz4 to 5 Minutes10 MinutesGrayResists Water, Impact, Solvent, -60°F to 300°F
Krazy Glue KG94548R1 Bottle0.18oz30 SecondsN/AClearN/A
Loctite 13635891 Bottle0.14fl oz15 to 30 Seconds12 to 24 HoursClearResists Water, Impact, Most Chemicals, Freezing Temperatures, & More
Gorilla Glue 80400011 Tube3fl ozIn Just Seconds‎24 HoursClearWaterproof
J-B Weld 501321 Double Syringe0.85fl oz5 Minutes1 HourTranslucent YellowN/A
Loctite 13657362 Bottles4fl oz Each5 Minutes24 HoursYellowResists Water, Shrinkage, Humidity, Solvent, Impact

Buying Guide For The Best Glue For Metal

Now that you’ve seen the variety of glues available on the market, here are a few things to consider before buying metal glue. 

Type Of Glue

There are 3 kinds of metal glues widely available - epoxy metal glue, polyurethane metal glue, and Super Glue for metals. In essence, all of these options perform the same task of bonding metals together. However, there is a stark difference in their composition. 

When using epoxy glue, you must use it immediately after mixing the resin and hardener. Care must be taken to not spill on the skin because it may cause irritation. This is a strong adhesive that requires clamping to set the two metals in place. Along with that, it is waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures.

 Polyurethane metal glue often requires external heat to set in place. It is not as strong as epoxy, but the advantage is it comes premixed, and you won't need to worry about the mixing ratios. Also, it dries slower than epoxy, so you don't have to rush to finish the job.

As far as super glues are concerned, they are the most DIY-friendly and mess-free option. It's excellent for giving instant results, but it isn't as strong as the other types of glues. 

Drying Time

Different types of glues will dry differently. Usually, polyurethane dries faster than epoxy but slower than superglue. Finalizing the right kind of glue will depend on your project at hand. If you need a long wait time to arrange pieces of wood in place, slow-drying glues like epoxy would be a better choice. 

Ease Of Application

Glues come in different types of packaging and bottles. Some of them are meant to be directly applied from the bottle, while others need to be removed onto mixing trays in specific ratios. Check beforehand what kind of dispenser the glue comes in. 

It could be a pinpoint thin nozzle or an applicator brush. Which one you select should correlate with the kind of work it is required to do. For tiny repairs and quick fixes, a nozzle would be suitable, whereas, for longer projects, a brush would be better.

Strength It Can Withstand

Supposing you need glue for metal furniture, something like a bed frame for sitting and sleeping. Thus with such furniture, the glue used needs to be strong enough to hold bonds firmly. The more pressure the object needs to maintain, the higher the pressure resistance from the selected glue should be.

Exposure To Elements

As we mentioned earlier, some glues are resistant to extreme temperatures and water. Depending on your use, it may or may not matter to you. If you are fixing a roof, it makes sense to use waterproof glue, and working with metal pans needs heat-resistant glue. However, this won't be an essential point if something needs to be built indoors or at room temperature.

Type Of Metal Or Material To Bond

Another point to keep in mind is the material and type of substance you need to bond together. If they are metal or wooden pieces that do not align naturally, a malleable glue-like epoxy may be required to fill in the gaps. However, if the metal pieces are larger, then Superglue may not be able to withstand it, and an alternative may be required.

Should I prepare the metal surface before applying glue?

Yes. For optimal bonding results, clean the surface by removing dust, dirt, and grease. Lightly sanding the surface can create stronger adhesion.

Should I wear gloves when working with metal glues?

Yes. It is recommended to wear gloves when handling metal glues to prevent skin irritation and unwanted bonding of materials to skin.

Can I use metal glue to bond metal to other materials like plastic or wood?

Yes. Certain adhesives such as epoxy, polyurethane, or hybrid adhesives can bond metal to other materials effectively. Be sure to choose a glue suited to both materials.

How do I remove cured metal glue from a metal surface?

Depending on the type of glue, you can use adhesive removers, heat, or mechanical methods such as sanding, scraping, or wire brushing to remove cured metal glue.

That's all you need to know about metal glues. 

Selecting the right glue doesn't have to be difficult for you after all! We hope this guide helps you navigate through the different types of adhesives and the variety of brands available on the market. 

Before we take your leave, we'd like to mention two of our favorite glues. We liked 7700104 by Gorilla for its fast-drying ability and anti-spill formula. The next option we recommend is 5002801 by Gorilla, which was indeed the most versatile and robust bonding glue we came across.