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5 Best Glues for Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Venturing into the world of glues for plastic eyeglass frames may seem challenging. The J-B Weld Plastic Bonder excels in bonding strength, while the versatile and quick-drying Gorilla Super Glue is another standout. Skim through our precise reviews for a well-informed selection.

Best Glues for Plastic Eyeglass Frames

The best possible solution during this time is to either fix them yourself or get hold of someone who can do the job for you. And in case you are planning to do it all by yourself, it is best to select a glue that can fix the eyeglass in no time. Sometimes fixing them is the only option as completely replacing the glass might not be a choice. 

But when you go to the market, you will surely get perplexed by the number of options out there. So, to bail you out of the situation, we have designed this guide with the top 5 products worth trying. You will also find a buyer’s guide towards the end so that you don’t miss out on any important details. 

Listed below are the best glues for plastic eyeglass frames:

  • J-B Weld Plastic Bonder: J-B Weld Plastic Bonder is a glue that stands out for its exceptional bond strength of 3770 PSI. It sometimes struggles with inconsistent adhesive distribution.
  • Gorilla: Gorilla super glue offers 10 to 45 seconds of drying time which is one of the fastest among the options, making it superior in cases that demand quick fixes, with a maximum cure time of 24 hours. The quantity is smaller than the J-B Weld.
  • Aleene's: Aileene's glue has wide surface compatibility, from porous to semi-porous materials. The super-strong nature can result in unwanted adhesion if not carefully applied.
  • E6000: The E600 adhesive has a unique resistance to high temperatures and the ability to alter its color post-drying, it stands out for its versatility. The lack of an applicator can make the application process challenging.
  • Starbond EM-150: The Starbond EM-150 is a lab-tested glue that is accompanied by additional micro applicators, ensuring precision in small crack repairs, a feature not commonly available in the list. Its weak packaging can potentially lead to damage during delivery.

1. J-B Weld Plastic Bonder - Best for Quick-setting Repairs

One of the first recommendations that we have for you is the J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder which is best known for its quick-setting formula. You can rest assured that once you repair the eyeglass frames with this solution, they will last for a long time. Within no time, it will get cured to form a robust and permanent bond. 

What we liked the best about this product is that not only does it fix your glasses, but it also fills the gap. Hence, you can have your glasses fixed in no time. If you do not want to go to the shop to fix your glass and engage in DIY plastic repairs, this is one of the best options. And the best part is that it comes with a sealable cap, which prevents the glue from drying out when not in use.

On top of that, the strength of this plastic bonder is noteworthy. With a strength of 3770 PSI, you can rest assured that this glue works as an excellent adhesive. Once you fix your eyeglasses with this glue, they will stay that way for a long time. 

Moreover, it is pretty simple to work with this item. Once you apply it, all you have to do is wait for about 15 minutes for the glue to set in. Long story short, it reduces your work time considerably. 

Some users find the application process of J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder challenging due to the dispenser's unequal adhesive distribution, despite its straightforward working process and quick setting time.

Quantity: 1 Double Syringe | Volume: 0.85 fl oz | Cure Time: 30 Minutes | Dry Color: Black | Resistance: Resists Shock, Vibrations, Shrinkage, Expansion

2. Gorilla - Best for Precision & Versatility

The Gorilla ‎7805001 super Glue is one of the best adhesives that you can get your hands on for fixing plastic eyeglass frames. Because it includes a variety of tips in its package, you can use it for a range of applications, and that too completely mess-free. It does not matter how small the surface is; you can apply it anywhere you need to with utmost precision. 

Once this glue dries up, you won’t even understand that it had been applied in the first place. It offers a seamless application and a discreet appearance. So, be it plastic sunglasses or eyeglasses, you can fix all kinds of eyewear with it. 

Even better, the glue hardly takes any time to dry up. You can expect it to dry up within a span of 10 to 45 seconds and get cured entirely within 24 hours. So, you will be ready to wear your fixed eyeglass in under a day’s time. 

Other than that, we were really impressed with how this glue can be used to fix a range of materials and not only plastic. We could not help but appreciate how versatile this item is, as we could use it on rubber, leather, ceramics, or wood. Irrespective of where you apply it, the bond will be quite strong.

Despite showing brilliant performance, we were not really happy with the quantity delivered. The tube is pretty small and is good to fix eyeglasses only. But in case you are planning to use it on bigger surfaces, you might need more than one bottle. Otherwise, you may run out of glue sooner than later. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 0.53 oz | Cure Time: 24 Hours | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Resists Impact

3. Aleene's - Best for DIY Jewelry Makers

Next up on the list, we have Aleene's 94830 29131 jewelry & metal glue. This super glue is best if you are looking for an adhesive that provides a good hold and a strong bond. This is best for DIY jewelry makers and is an excellent option for fixing your eyewear too. With this, you can fix your broken eyeglass in a matter of a few minutes. 

What is really noteworthy about this item is that it can work on a range of surfaces. Be it semi-porous or porous materials; this item can perform its wonders anywhere. So, you do not have to restrict yourself to using it just on eyeglasses. If you are feeling experimental, feel free to try it on glass beads, rubber, stones, and even beads. 

Moving on to the appearance, we would score it a perfect 10. Once the glue dries up, the finish is excellent and is undetectable. As it becomes completely clear when it dries up, it does not look blotchy and won’t feel like the eyeglass has been repaired. And even if you apply it on any other surface other than plastic, the finish will be the same. 

Also, the quantity provided in the package is pretty good. You can use it for all your DIY projects with much ease. And you do not need to buy multiple packs to wrap up the project as you get not 1 but 3 tubes in the pack. 

There’s only one downside to this item. It is super sticky, and you should be a little careful with the application process. We had applied it on Swarovski and because the glue was so strong that some parts of the crystal came off. We suggest that you check the strength of the glue before applying it. 

Quantity: 3 Tubes | Volume: 0.10 fl oz Each | Cure Time: N/A | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Waterproof

4. E6000

If you are on the lookout for an adhesive that is popular for its toughness and durability, the E6000 230010 craft adhesive is the best bet. Irrespective of the kind of substrate that you apply it on, this item will indeed work its magic. This provides a perfect bond, and you will be able to fix everything with it. 

While the tubes might look tiny, the adhesive is pretty powerful. This unique formula is well-suited to deliver top-notch performance and is preferred by users for both industrial-level and craft projects. So, you can understand how efficiently it can fix your plastic eyewear. 

Moreover, you can turn it into any color that you want once the glue dries up. So, it gets easy to make it match the color of the substance that you put it on. This makes it convenient for you to put it on any surface of your choice, as you can make it in any color.

Furthermore, this item is entirely non-inflammable when it gets cured. Once it gets cured, you can rest assured that it can handle a wide range of temperatures. To be honest, it is entirely temperature-resistant. So, if you use it for any DIY project that involves using high heat, it will handle it well.

There's no doubt that the product scores perfectly when it comes to performance. However, keep in mind that the application might seem a little difficult. The tube does not come with an applicator, and unless you apply it carefully, it might get blotchy.

Quantity: 1 Tube | Volume: 3.7 fl oz | Cure Time: At Least 24 Hours | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Waterproof, Temperature-resistant

5. Starbond EM-150

For a high gloss finish that provides a clear and hard coat, you should give the Starbond EM-150 ‎CECOMINOD040312 a try. This is a great opinion for fixing your plastic eyewear and also for filling wood cracks and the like. You can rest assured that this premium glue will provide nothing but outstanding output.

The best part about this item is that the manufacturer did not compromise on the quality at all. In fact, special attention has been paid to ensuring that the quality of this adhesive is top-notch. This industrial-grade adhesive undergoes proper tests in the lab before it gets packaged. So, there's no doubt that you can handle challenging projects with this item. 

On top of that, the application process of this product makes it very impressive. You will find additional applicators, stoppers, and a collection of tips for precise application, all included in the package. As a result, you do not have to visit the local supermarket for additional supplies. You can easily fix the tiniest of the cracks with micro-applicators. 

Moreover, this glue comes with a good shelf life. So, even if you do not end up using the entire file in one go, you can keep it saved for future use. It won't disappoint you as it will remain in the exact same condition for years if you store it well.

Despite scoring well on performance, we were not really impressed with the way this item was packaged. The box in which it arrived was a little torn, and we were worried that it got damaged. In case you face a similar problem, you can contact their customer support team to ask for a replacement. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 2 oz | Cure Time: N/A | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Waterproof

What is the Best Glue for Plastic Eyeglass Frames?

If you're looking for the best glue for plastic eyeglass frames, the table below provides a comparison of the quantity per package in units, volume measured in fluid ounces, cure time in hours and minutes, dry color, and resistance properties.

ProductQuantityVolumeCure TimeDry ColorResistance
J-B Weld Plastic Bonder1 Double Syringe0.85 fl oz30 MinutesBlackResists Shock, Vibrations, Shrinkage, Expansion
Gorilla1 Bottle0.53 oz24 HoursClearResists Impact
Aleene’s3 Tubes0.10 fl oz EachN/AClearWaterproof
E60001 Tube3.7 fl ozAt Least 24 HoursClearWaterproof, Temperature-resistant
Starbond EM-1501 Bottle2 ozN/AClearWaterproof

Buying Guide for the Best Glue for Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Before you can decide which item to go for, we would like to let you know about a few other important considerations. This will help you pick the best adhesive for your plastic eyeglasses. Let's take a look!

Curing Time

Most of the glues that we have mentioned on our list are super quick to dry. So, when you fix the eyeglasses with them, you can go back to wearing them in a few minutes. 

However, be cautious about selecting a glue that does not dry up too fast. In case you have shaky fingers, this will become a problem as you will hardly get any time to adjust the pieces. If that's the case with you, consider going with UV light glues. 

Simplicity of Use

Unless you are a pro, handling difficult-to-use glues means only one thing- mess. And we are sure that you would not like that. 

In order to avoid messy situations, it is best that you find an adhesive that involves an easy application process. Unless it is easy to apply, the results can turn out blotchy too. In case there is no micro-applicator included in the package and if you are planning to fix the eyeglasses with it, we suggest that you get some from the market. 


What good is a product if it does not last long? And adhesives are no different. So, it is always best to look for glues whose bond will not deteriorate soon. There are a few adhesives whose bonds start to weaken within a few months. 

We strongly advise that you remain cautious and not buy a product that comes with a similar problem. It is essential to fix your eyewear correctly so that it does not keep troubling you time and often. So, glue that lasts for a long time should be your ideal choice. 

Can I use regular household glue to repair my plastic eyeglass frames?

No, regular household glue is not recommended for repairing plastic eyeglass frames because it may not provide the necessary strength or longevity. Instead, use adhesives specifically designed for plastic materials.

Are glues for plastic eyeglass frames safe to use around the lenses?

Yes, glues for plastic eyeglass frames are generally safe to use around lenses, as long as the lenses do not come into direct contact with the adhesive. It's recommended to remove the lenses before a repair, if possible, to avoid potential damage.

Will gluing my plastic eyeglass frames together be as strong as a professional repair?

Gluing plastic eyeglass frames together will not be as strong as a professional repair. Professional services use specific techniques and materials optimized for durability in eyewear repairs.

How can I ensure a clean and precise repair job?

To ensure a clean and precise job, carefully clean the surfaces to be glued using rubbing alcohol or a mild detergent. Apply a minimal amount of adhesive using a toothpick, needle, or fine applicator to ensure accuracy and prevent messes.