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7 Best UV Light Glues for Amateurs & Professionals

Are you still searching for the best UV light glue to use in your projects? 

Best UV Light Glues

Settle down and let's discuss the options that would be best for your purpose. Both professionals and hobbyists try to look for a glue that will provide the best adhesion. 

Even though super glues and some other options are available on the market, nothing can beat the benefits of UV light glue. Besides providing enough time to work with the substance, it also proves to be quite resilient after curing. Moreover, the glue works well with various surfaces and can be used for commercial and hobby purposes. Hence, its rising popularity has led numerous companies to come up with their own version of the glue. 

To ease the confusion of choosing from a vast pool of products, we have come up with a recommendation of seven excellent UV glues. So, let's begin to know a bit about each of them! 

Listed below are the best UV light glues:

  • Loctite 34931 Light Cure Adhesive: The Loctite adhesive is famous for its exceptional optically clear finish, perfect for glass and precious stones. The cure time outshines others, which takes only seconds. It requires a special UV light strength of 365 nm for the most effective bond.
  • Bondic ‎SK8024 UV Liquid Plastic Welder: A plastic welder lauded for its strong adhesion across numerous materials, boasting a waterproof quality. Its unique pen-like design makes precision work much easier compared to traditional squeeze tubes. The higher price and cost of refill cartridges pose a downside.
  • Limino SKU0009a UV Resin: The Limino UV resin is ideal for artistic DIY projects, setting itself apart with its high-gloss finish after curing. It comes in a generous 200-gram bottle. It can remain sticky after curing if not exposed to a high-power UV light.
  • RapidFix 6121805 UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive: The RapidFix UV adhesive can bond various materials, fill cracks, and is drillable after drying. It also includes a UV light, unlike Loctite 34931, increasing the overall value. A few users found faults with the included flashlight, a potential setback.
  • Riverruns Bonding and Welding Glue: Riverruns glue kit comes with three specialized bonding solutions and a UV penlight. It can resist severe conditions, including vibration and extreme temperatures. Ambiguous label information can be confusing.

1. Loctite 34931 Light Cure Adhesive - Best for Glass and Metal

If you ask around about companies that make excellent UV glues, Loctite is sure to come up. The company calls this a light cure adhesive that works best with glass and metal. Moreover, as an optically clear glue, this is highly sought-after, so let's check it out.

Loctite 349 is regarded as a pioneer when it comes to the best UV glues. Its bright yellow packaging is easily visible, and even professionals swear by using it for heavy-duty projects. 

As it dries clear, it is one of the best adhesives to be used with glass and precious stones. Also, because of its heat-resistant properties, you don't need to worry about discoloration. 

Moreover, the handy bottle packaging makes the application hassle-free. Its narrow neck lets you apply the slightest of drops, and it doesn't get messy. Also, we think this is an excellent option for those looking to work on projects with crystals. 

Furthermore, since the product is water-resistant, you can use it in places that can get wet once in a while. Hence, it's a great glue to have around the house.  

This isn't technically a drawback of the product, but you will need to buy a UV light with a strength of 365 nm to cure this glue. Having the proper light ensures that the bond is strong and long-lasting. So, this glue might cost you a bit more than the usual options. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 1.69 fl oz | UV Light Included: No | Cure Time: Within Seconds | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Resists Water, Heat

2. Bondic ‎SK8024 UV Liquid Plastic Welder - Best for Professionals

Bondic presents you with unique bonding products that are especially helpful for professionals. You may have felt frustrated while working with the usual glues, but this fresh product will put an end to your worries. So, if you find this interesting, check out what more it has to offer. 

Are you tired of using adhesives that just don't seem to work? Rest assured about this product as it amused us with its excellent quality. The first feature that we noticed about it was the container. It snugly fits into the box and remains safe even when you carry it around. 

Another great feature has to be the design of this product. It's shaped like a pen, so using it is much easier than those squeeze tubes. Moreover, the thin applicator at its mouth is beneficial to work with small items. 

However, the feature that pleased us the most is the 100% waterproof capability of this UV glue. Because of this, you can easily use it to bond items that come in close contact with water. Also, it can work with various materials, so you don't need to purchase different glues.  

Overall this plastic welder or UV glue is perfect for gluing parts together. However, the only drawback is its high price. Also, it comes with only 4 grams of glue. Hence, you will need to purchase refill cartridges that don't come at a cheap price once it runs out.

Quantity: 1 Cartridge | Volume: N/A | UV Light Included: Yes | Cure Time: N/A | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Waterproof, Heat-resistant

3. Limino SKU0009a UV Resin - Best for DIY Arts and Crafts

Are you someone who needs to have a big bottle of glue all the time? This epoxy UV resin from Limino will amaze you with its bonding properties. Moreover, this resin is also excellent for DIY arts and crafts, so you are actually getting a versatile art material rather than just glue.

To begin with, we love that this epoxy resin isn't marketed as just glue. The company realizes that someone who works with the product may want to try out its versatility. However, unlike other epoxies, this is a single-part product, so you can use it directly from the bottle. 

We appreciate that Limino went ahead with a much bigger 200-gram bottle compared to a tiny one. So, you can do many projects with this glue without continuously needing to buy more. And, its affordable price point makes this one of the best UV glues currently available on the market. 

Don't own a UV light? No problem! Just leave your project under direct sun for 10-15 minutes on a bright day, and it will cure. Also, there is no chance of yellowing with this crystal-clear epoxy. 

The only drawback of this UV resin was that it might remain sticky when a low-power UV light is used for curing. You can either get a high-power light or increase the curing time to prevent stickiness. Moreover, some people have even recommended using thin layers as a solution. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: Around 6.75 fl oz | UV Light Included: No | Cure Time: 1 to 2 Minutes (UV Torch), 10 to 15 Minutes (Sunny Day), 30 to 60 Minutes (Cloudy Day) | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Withstands Up to 248°F

4. RapidFix 6121805 UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive

If you are tired of using glues that make tall claims about bonding various materials, give a shot at this RapidFix UV glue. With its simple approach, this product can do everything from gluing things to fixing cracks. Moreover, its small size is perfect for carrying it around.

The RapidFix UV adhesive is one of the strongest glues out there, and it doesn't dry out in the package. Moreover, it allows you enough time to manipulate the adhesive before curing it in place. 

When it comes to versatility, it dries clear, so you won't be able to see it on a substance like glass. Also, you can sand it down or paint it to make a project smoother. It is also one of the only glues that can stand drilling, which is excellent for DIY projects. 

Generally, you may need to buy a UV light for curing, but RapidFix has got you covered by including it in the package. We recommend you purchase multiple packs to always have access to it for quick fixes. 

Also, at the back of its packaging, you will find interesting info on the ways to use it for different projects.  

While reviewing previous customers' reviews, we found that a few of them received faulty flashlights. Even though the probability of facing the problem is low, you still need to be wary of it. Moreover, if you face any problem don't forget to contact customer care to get a replacement. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 0.33 fl oz | UV Light Included: Yes | Cure Time: 10 to 20 Seconds (UV Light) | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: N/A

5. Riverruns Bonding and Welding Glue

Are you a professional who has to work with various types of materials? Riverruns has brought a glue kit that you can't miss. It includes three different UV glue bottles along with a 395nm penlight for curing. So, without further ado, let's check out this impressive product.

The unique quality of this kit lies in the three different types of glue present in it. Each glue comes in a 10 ml bottle, and only a few drops are enough to create a strong bond. 

We like that Riverruns have included a plastic and PET-safe UV glue that’s seldom seen in other kits. Moreover, even though these are specialized glue, each of them can also work with other materials. 

Additionally, the UV penlight is also included in the kit. The light has zooming capabilities which are perfect for projects of different sizes. Moreover, its power of 395nm will also help you to cure some of the strongest UV glues available on the market. 

Also, everything comes packaged in a beautiful metal case to keep the contents safe. Even the dark foam present that lines its insides prevents the bottles of glue from drying out.  

We don't have any complaints about the glue as it works pretty well. However, we did notice that all the bottles have similar information on the labels. Hence, this can be confusing for a beginner who is using UV glue for the first time. It would have been nice if more information were added to the labels. 

Quantity: 3 Bottles | Volume: 0.33 fl oz Each | UV Light Included: Yes | Cure Time: 10 Seconds | Dry Color: Transparent | Resistance: Resists Severe Vibration, Yellowing, Whitening, Extreme Temperatures, Humidity

6. Damn Good 20910DG UV Glue

Damn Good brings us a fuss-free UV glue that works with different types of materials. Moreover, the cute little bottle has enough glue to fill up three 4-gram pens. So, let's know a bit more about this helpful adhesive. 

If you are new to UV glue, this Damn Good product will be a great place to start. This simple yet effective glue comes in handy for fixing or gluing things together. Moreover, it also can fill up cracks or gaps. As it dries clear, the object wouldn't have an odd look. 

The beautiful black bottle holds 10 ml of product that can quickly fill up a glue pen. However, its narrow mouth lets you apply the glue on large and small surfaces. 

Additionally, this is a workshop-grade glue, so professionals can also use it for their projects for plastic welding. Also, on using a powerful light, the glue takes only a few seconds to dry. So, you wouldn't need to spend a lot of time on one spot.  

The only aspect of this glue that we didn't like was that it requires a pretty strong UV light. So, even though this is an affordable option, beginners will initially need to spend on a light. Other than that, we didn't find any drawbacks with this adhesive. 

Quantity: 1 Bottle | Volume: 0.33 fl oz | UV Light Included: No | Cure Time: 24 Hours (Full Cure Time) | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Waterproof

7. Solarez Fly Tie UV Cure Resin

Last but not least, we have this Solarez glue kit that's dedicated to our fish-enthusiast friends. If you have struggled with building fly ties, this kit will finally let you have some peace. Moreover, the cute packaging also provides enough information needed to work on the ties.

We have saved one of the best products for the last bit of this guide. Solarez, a well-known UV glue company, has made this special glue for making fly ties. But, that's not all! You can also use this resin to bind other things because of its adhesive quality. 

Moreover, the three resins present have different consistencies for a versatile look. This kit also contains a flexible resin that has 300% elongation. So, if you are one of those who like to create lots of strings, it will surely give you satisfaction. 

However, the best feature of this product has to be the formula. It's non-toxic so you can make fly ties with children, and it doesn't even have an odor. Also, the resilient quality ensures that you can use the fly ties for a long time.  

We love this product because of its unique outlook on making fly ties. However, people interested in buying this should remember that they will have to learn to make the fly ties. We thought of mentioning this point even though it isn't really a drawback.

Quantity: 3 Bottles | Volume: 0.5 oz Each | UV Light Included: Yes | Cure Time: Around 30 Seconds | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: Resists Yellowing

What is the Best UV Light Glue?

If you're in search of the best UV light glue, below is a table providing a comparison of quantity per package in units, volume in fluid ounces, whether a UV light is included for curing, cure time in minutes and seconds, dry color, and resistance properties.

ProductQuantityVolumeUV Light IncludedCure TimeDry ColorResistance
Loctite 349311 Bottle1.69 fl ozNoWithin SecondsClearResists Water, Heat
Bondic ‎SK80241 CartridgeN/AYesN/AClearWaterproof, Heat-resistant
Limino SKU0009a1 BottleAround 6.75 fl ozNo1 to 2 Minutes (UV Torch), 10 to 15 Minutes (Sunny Day), 30 to 60 Minutes (Cloudy Day)ClearWithstands Up to 248°F
RapidFix 61218051 Bottle0.33 fl ozYes10 to 20 Seconds (UV Light)ClearN/A
Riverruns Bonding & Welding Glue3 Bottles0.33 fl oz EachYes10 SecondsTransparentResists Severe Vibration, Yellowing, Whitening, Extreme Temperatures, Humidity
Damn Good 20910DG1 Bottle0.33 fl ozNo24 Hours (Full Cure Time)ClearWaterproof
SOLAREZ Fly Tie UV Cure Resin3 Bottles0.5 oz EachYesAround 30 SecondsClearResists Yellowing

Buying Guide for the Best UV Light Glue

Before choosing a UV glue, you will need to take into account some features that set each apart. Moreover, it will help you understand the aspects of glue that make it suitable for your project. So, here are some essential points that you need to keep in mind.

Types of UV Glue

While picking a UV glue, the first thing to notice is its type. Most UV adhesives either have an epoxy or acrylic base. Though both have similar textures, the result might be slightly different. Moreover, depending on the type, the glue might not work for specific materials. 

We suggest you choose an epoxy-based adhesive to cover a larger area or fix cracks and gaps. In contrast, acrylic-based glue works well for bonding materials like glass and metal. However, it has a slightly longer drying time compared to epoxy-based adhesive. 

So, choose the glue based on your project to get the best results. Also, don't forget to get the UV light suggested by the manufacturers.

Ease of Application

No one wants to mess things up while applying glue. This is especially crucial while working on smaller projects. Hence, while buying the glue, make sure that it comes with easy application. 

Manufacturers mainly achieve it by including a narrow applicator. This helps in getting to the smallest of surfaces without excess spillage. We especially like the pen applicators because it's easy to hold and apply the product. 

Also, a product should mention any required safety precautions. While working with epoxy-based glues, you may need to spend some time preparing for the work. Moreover, we also appreciate clear instructions as it makes using the product easier. 


If you plan to work on a big project, the tiny 10 ml bottles won't work for you. Hence, before purchasing the adhesive, you should do some calculations to know the required quantity. We will always suggest you get a little extra for good measures. 

Moreover, this point also leads you to the total cost of purchasing the glue. So, be very careful while selecting the product, and make sure to check the quantity. 

Additionally, people who are buying glue pens should also check for the availability of refills. We always like companies that have affordable and accessible refills, as you can never have enough glue. 

Is it safe to use UV light glues?

Yes, it is generally safe to use UV light glues provided safety precautions are observed. Direct contact with skin and eyes should be avoided, and protective clothing, gloves, and eyewear should be worn during its usage. Moreover, direct exposure to UV light can be harmful, so appropriate shielding is necessary when using UV light for curing. Always use these products in well-ventilated areas and follow the manufacturer's safety instructions.

Can I use a UV light glue on non-transparent or opaque materials?

You can use UV light glue on non-transparent or opaque materials, but effectiveness may vary. UV curing adhesives harden, or cure, upon exposure to UV light. Transparent materials allow the UV light to penetrate and cure the glue thoroughly. With opaque or non-transparent materials, the UV light might not penetrate fully, potentially resulting in inadequate curing. It's essential to follow the manufacturer's specifications for best results.

Can I sand or file a cured UV light glue bond?

Yes, you can sand or file a cured UV light glue bond. After the UV adhesive has been properly cured under UV light, it hardens and forms a strong, solid bond. This solidified bond can be sanded or filed, much like many other hardened materials. It's important to use appropriate safety precautions when doing so, such as wearing protective eyewear to protect against any potential residue or dust.

Can I paint over a cured UV light glue bond?

Yes, you can paint over a cured UV light glue bond. Prior to painting, lightly sand the glue for better paint adhesion, then clean the surface. Paint adherence may vary, so refer to your paint manufacturer's guidelines.

How should I store UV light glues?

You should store UV light glues in a cool, dark place as exposure to ultraviolet light or sunlight can cause premature curing. It's also good practice to keep the container tightly sealed to prevent air exposure, which can also activate curing. Some products may have additional storage requirements, so always check and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Having explored the performance, ease of use, and quality of various UV light glues on the market, we have narrowed down the top three expert recommendations.

The Loctite 34931 Light Cure Adhesive is an ideal option for those looking to bond glass and metal, with its heat-resistant and water-resistant properties making it particularly versatile.

On the other hand, the Bondic ‎SK8024 UV Liquid Plastic Welder is a good option for professionals who need a strong adhesive and appreciate the pen-like design for precision application.

Lastly, the Limino SKU0009a UV Resin is the right choice for DIY enthusiasts or artists who want a large quantity of crystal clear epoxy that can cure even under sunlight.

With that, we come to the end of this guide. Do let us know if you have any queries regarding the suggestions. 

Till then, take care and have a nice day!