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9 Best Outdoor Patio Coolers of 2023 | Reviews + Guide

What’s worse than a warm glass of beer at an outdoor BBQ party? Absolutely nothing. 

Best Outdoor Patio Coolers

A long week calls for a little unwinding time with friends. From camping in the wilderness or picnicking on the beach - no celebration is complete without some chilled drinks for a toast! 

That’s when you need an effective outdoor patio cooler. The best patio cooler is more than just an icebox. It should be stylish enough to blend with the patio furniture and offer mobility for added convenience. 

And of course, it should be able to retain ice and keep your drinks chilled for a long time. 

However, the market is booming with tons of options, which may get overwhelming if you are looking for a quick solution. Thus, we have done the research for you and selected 9 fashionable yet functional options to cater to different preferences. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look! 

Listed below are the Best Outdoor Patio Coolers:

  • Igloo Glide Pro Cooler: Offers large capacity with exceptional five-day ice retention, but falls short in hinge durability.
  • Clevr Rolling Cooler: Combines the appeal of budget-friendly and stylish design due to its rattan wicker surface, with potential issues in ice retention and leakage.
  • Permasteel PS-203-TURQ-AM: Recognizable for vibrant color choices and a rust-resistant build, durability remains less than stellar.
  • Giantex OP2226: Notable for its ready-to-port fashion-forward design but can deform under high heat.
  • RELAXIXI Rattan Rolling Cooler Cart: Appreciated for its unique attachments and long cooling period, yet assembly complexity and material quality could command scrutiny.

Here’s the list of the 10 best outdoor patio coolers of 2023, carefully chosen for their style, functionality, and ability to keep your drinks chilled for hours on end.

1. Igloo Glide Pro Cooler - Best for Large Capacity

A large capacity and portability go hand in hand with this polypropylene wheeled cooler. This unit not only looks beefy but also manages to hold and chill a large number of drinks. With a comfortable handle and soft-ride wheels, anyone can carry around this otherwise bulky outdoor cooler with ease.

Although this outdoor cooler from Igloo is not as attractive at first glance, its features are too good to ignore.

First off is the polypropylene body with its thick Ultratherm foam interior that offers superb ice retention. Its cooling ability lasts up to five days so you will never have to worry about drinks or other food getting warm and stale.

Adding to its robust design are the stainless steel hinges and nylon wheels. Both provide maximum durability and easy maneuverability in the long run. Due to its large capacity, when not being used for freezing, you can even use it as a storage box while traveling.

Igloo proved its place as the leader in wheeled coolers by providing a horizontal telescoping handle, putting less weight and pressure on the user. Also, the handle features a cushiony covering for a comfortable grip.

Although the hinges are made of stainless steel, the construction is not robust. You have to be extra careful about closing the lid properly, or else the ice melts quickly and drinks do not stay cool enough.

Moreover, if you are looking for a stylish patio cooler, this unit may not be the right choice.

Materials: Polypropylene, ultratherm foam, stainless steel | Dimensions: ‎39.76 x 18.5 x 19.69 inches | Weight: ‎25.4 pounds | Capacity: ‎110 Quarts | Duration: ‎5 days | Portable: ‎Yes

2. Clevr Rolling Cooler - Best for Durability & Style

Want a beverage cooler that offers a large capacity, durability, and style? Look no further because this product from Clevr checks all the boxes. Suitable for small to medium crowds, this alloy steel cooler features a rattan wicker surface, providing you style that lasts. With a convenient storage shelf and additional features, this outdoor patio cooler delivers excellent value for money.

One of the best affordable picks on our list, this portable beverage bar is perfect for all of your outdoor dinners and family gatherings. Due to its 80 quarts capacity and strong steel construction, this outdoor patio cooler can conveniently fit in around 100 cans of drinks.

Additional features like a storage shelf, removable lids, drain spout, built-in bottle opener, etc., make the product easy to use, clean, and maintain. Moreover, its multi-directional wheels with wheel brakes help in free movement and sturdiness, as and when required.

This insulated cooling storage features an all-weather woven rattan wicker surface, making it look stylish and moisture-resistant. Providing functionality and fashion together at an undefeatable price, Clevr proves that budget buys do not mean cheap quality.

A few drawbacks of this patio cooler include the inadequate insulation that does not retain ice for more than 24 hours. Because of this reason, the drain often ends up leaking, which may make a mess if not noticed immediately.

Materials: Alloy steel, rattan wicker | Dimensions: ‎15 x 34.25 x 34.25 inches | Weight: 37 pounds | Capacity: ‎80 Quarts | Duration: ‎24 hours | Portable: ‎Yes

3. Permasteel PS-203-TURQ-AM - Best for Vibrant Design

If you want the patio cooler to be the talk of the town, this one’s for you. Permasteel leaves no stone unturned in delivering stylish designs, and this product is no different. Available in a range of vibrant colors, this beverage roller is large, functional, and easy on the pocket.

With the widest range of juicy color options, this outdoor cooler from Permasteel is a statement piece for your patio. Its powder-coated steel construction resists rust, ensuring good looks that last! The attached bottle opener and drain plug come in handy while serving drinks and add to the overall style of the beverage cooler.

Measuring 36.5 x 18 x 33.5 inches, this unit can hold more than 100 cans of drinks with lots of ice covering it. Lukewarm drinks will never let your party down, as this patio cooler will ensure 36 hours of fresh, chilled drinks.

It features four caster wheels, out of which two come with a lock function, making it easy to roll and stop whenever needed. The large handles on either side are convenient to push and pull while moving the patio cooler. Thus, this Permasteel product is the perfect blend of efficient portability and easy maneuverability.

Although this unit is affordable and trendy, you will have to compromise on durability. Either be prepared to fix its wheels or be extra cautious with its handling. Also, since the lid is not attached to the main body, it tends to fall off while opening the patio cooler.

Materials: Alloy steel | Dimensions: ‎36.5 x 18 x 33.5 inches | Weight: 34 pounds | Capacity: ‎80 Quarts | Duration: 36 hours | Portable: ‎Yes

4. Giantex OP2226

This stylish and spacious beverage cooler cart is yet another affordable option for all of your outdoor celebrations. With a steel body and powder-coated finish, its red hot color is guaranteed to last. Easy to clean and convenient to roll around, this patio cooler will ensure your guests never leave the party with a parched throat.

This powder-coated outdoor patio cooler from Giantex is a stunner in every aspect. Its efficient insulated body ensures chilled drinks for longer hours. So, the next time you want to party till the sun comes out, this one is going to be your companion!

One feature we really liked about this patio cooler is its easy lift-off upper body. Thus, for gatherings that are not just limited to your backyard, it is easy to carry this unit in your car. Also, its steel and brass construction is rugged enough to handle the outdoor environment.

Assembling this patio cooler is as easy as ABC, and cleaning is never an issue with its drain plug and included spout. Measuring 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches with a capacity to house 80 quarts of drinks, this patio cooler is what your party is missing!

One drawback that we could not ignore is the low heat tolerance of this product. Not that it does not keep your drinks chilled, but the outer body deforms under the sun. Further, this results in the lid no longer fitting the body.

Materials: Alloy steel | Dimensions: ‎31 x 16 x 33 inches | Weight: 41 pounds | Capacity: ‎80 Quarts | Duration: 48 hours | Portable: ‎Yes

5. RELAXIXI Rattan Rolling Cooler Cart

Made of high press foaming polyurethane and covered with all-weather rattan, this patio cooler offers efficiency with style. It boasts of retaining chilled drinks for 48 hours and warm drinks for 8 hours. With a capacity of more than 100 cans or 50 bottles, this patio cooler is perfect for backyard parties with loved ones.

This rolling cooler offers excellent versatility with its unique design and attachments. Firstly, the hand-woven rattan wicker surface is durable and blends well with most types of patio furniture. Adding to that is the eco-friendly polypropylene and polyurethane interior that prevent rust and leakage and ensure ice retention.

With the ability to keep drinks chilled for 48 hours, you can store 80 quarts of different drinks for your guests. Just assemble the patio cooler, place your drinks, and rest assured of your guests being served the best, by the best!

A striking feature that impressed us the most is the stainless cutting board underneath the right lid. Perfect for camping or BBQ parties where you can simply open the right lid and chop some fruits and vegetables to complement the meal.

Moreover, the thick protective cover included with the package prevents the cooler cart from environmental damage.

The instructions for assembling this product are a bit tricky for someone who has bought a patio cooler for the first time. Additionally, most users have complained about the low quality of the material, which feels a lot like plastic.

Materials: Rattan, Galvanized Steel | Dimensions: 52 x 17 x 34 inches | Weight: 39.6 pounds | Capacity: ‎80 Quarts | Duration: 48 hours | Portable: ‎Yes

6. Cubix Coolers Ice Chest

This rough and tough outdoor cooler retains ice for up to three days with its thick BlueTech insulation. Equipped with strong handles, cup holders, and a bottle opener, this ice chest promises high functionality at an affordable price. Measuring 27.8 x 17.1 x 16.5 inches, this unit efficiently holds 45 quarts of drinks.

This ice chest is for those who are looking for a regular outdoor cooler that does its job. Simple and sufficient, this outdoor cooler is equipped with thick insulation, a tough exterior, and a multi-purpose lid. We specifically like the lid that serves as a ruler and features two cup holders.

Unlike some products in the list, this one shows no issues with the lid not fitting the body properly, thanks to the ferromagnetic latch. Also, the high-quality rubber base keeps the icebox sturdy. So, no matter the terrain, this unit will not slip or slide.

Further, it features a dual-equipped plug and valve for better drainage and easy cleaning. Overall, it is a robustly engineered outdoor cooler offering ample storage and durability at a fair price.

Since this product is pretty beefy, a pair of wheels on each side would have been a good addition for easy movement. The fact that you have to carry this around, along with all the drinks inside, is a significant drawback of this product.

Materials: N/A | Dimensions: ‎21.5 x 15 x 14.62 inches | Weight: 18.65 pounds | Capacity: 20 Quarts | Duration: 3 days | Portable: ‎Yes

7. Merry Garden MPG-PC01

If you need an outdoor patio cooler quickly, without the hassle of assembling, this product is your best bet. With an exterior made of eucalyptus wood, this beautiful unit comes fully assembled with handles on each side. Sturdy and stylish, it will add oodles of vintage charm to your patio while providing the best service to your guests. 

Due to its eucalyptus hardwood exterior, we think this outdoor cooler suits any type of patio furniture while being fairly durable. Besides making a statement with its looks, this compact beverage cooler has a lot more to offer.

A major asset of this unit is the fact that it comes assembled and ready to use. Hence, if you order this at the last minute, you will not have to fret over wasting time trying to figure out the assembling process. Just take it out of the package and place it wherever suitable, and you are good to go.

Measuring 17.2 x 23 x 20.5 inches, it can hold up to 48 cans, making this portable cooler perfect for smaller events. Due to its plastic insert with thick walls, there will be no issues about leaking and lower ice retention.

As compared to other outdoor coolers on the list, this offering by Merry Garden is very small. Unless you are confident about looking for an ice chest with a small capacity, we would not recommend picking this one over the others.

Materials: Eucalyptus wood | Dimensions: ‎17.2 x 23 x 20.5 inches | Weight: 36.4 pounds | Capacity: 143 Quarts | Duration: N/A | Portable: ‎Yes


This duo-toned rolling cooler is all you need to get your party started! With an insulated 20-gallon basin, it is spacious enough to store plenty of drinks. Its wheels are swift yet sturdy as they can rotate 360-degrees and feature a locking mechanism. Moreover, the main body of the patio cooler comes with handy attachments, which make its usage even more convenient. 

Practical and chic - this mobile cooler cart brings the best of both worlds to your patio. With a classy black and white exterior, this unit oozes minimalistic, modern charm. Its high-quality construction and stainless steel exterior ensure its longevity, making it weather-proof and rust-resistant. 

The 20-gallon capacity of this patio cooler ensures the best service for all of your party guests. Once loaded with drinks, the unit tends to get heavy. But due to the 360-degree rotation wheels, the cart is easy to move around. Also, the storage shelf underneath features raised edges, preventing anything from falling off while the cart is being moved. 

Further, users can drain the main unit easily with its well-placed plug. Other attachments include a bottle opener and cap catcher to ensure convenient usage. 

The packaging of this product comes with an inadequate instruction manual. Adding to that are the screws that are required to assemble it, making the entire process complicated. If you are looking for your first patio cooler or do not want to waste time assembling it, this unit is not the one.

Materials: Alloy Steel | Dimensions: ‎35 x 29 x 35 inches | Weight: 42.5 pounds | Capacity: 80 Quarts | Duration: 4 - 5 hours | Portable: ‎Yes

9. Keter Breeze Bar Outdoor Patio

Another stylish option, this outdoor patio by Keter features a unique and multi-functional design. Measuring 32.8 x 15.9 x 20.4 inches, this outdoor bar can store sufficient drinks inside while the top acts as a serving tray. A popular choice for gifting, this product serves as a beverage bar, hot tub table, coffee table, and more. 

Albeit low in rank, the unique pop-up lid of this beverage bar by Keter deserved a spot in this list. Kudos to the brand for the ingenious design that enables this patio cooler to serve as a coffee table, snack tray, hot tub table, etc. So, if you want a budget-friendly, all-rounder product, look no further.

Its dark grey and teal colorway adds to the stylish look, making this product a must-have for all of your outdoor parties. Also, the resin construction seals the chic color combination, preventing it from weather damage.

Offering a capacity of 14.8 gallons, you can store more than 70 cans in the tub. Additionally, you can lift the lid and place about 55 lbs of snacks or anything else to go with your drinks.

At this price point, we could not complain much. However, a major hitch would be the absence of wheels. Since we are talking about outdoor patio coolers, some mobility would have pushed this ice chest to a higher rank.

Materials: Resin | Dimensions: ‎35 x 29 x 35 inches | Weight: 23.1 pounds | Capacity: 59 Quarts | Duration: 4 - 5 hours | Portable: ‎No

What Are the Best Outdoor Patio Coolers?

The outdoor patio coolers listed in the table below exhibit a variety of features, from the different materials they are crafted from, their dimensions, and weight, to their capacities and cooling durations. Each of these attributes is crucial in deciding which cooler is the most appropriate for your outdoor setup. Another significant aspect to consider is whether the cooler is portable or not, as it contributes to the ease and comfort of using and storing it. Take a look at the following comparison of the top outdoor patio coolers:

Igloo Glide Pro CoolerPolypropylene, ultratherm foam, stainless steel39.76 x 18.5 x 19.69 inches25.4 pounds‎110 Quarts5 daysYes
Clevr Rolling CoolerAlloy steel, rattan wicker15 x 34.25 x 34.25 inches37 pounds80 Quarts24 hoursYes
Permasteel PS-203-TURQ-AMAlloy steel36.5 x 18 x 33.5 inches34 pounds‎80 Quarts36 hoursYes
Giantex OP2226Alloy steel31 x 16 x 33 inches41 pounds‎80 Quarts48 hoursYes
RELAXIXI Rattan Rolling Cooler CartRattan, Galvanized Steel52 x 17 x 34 inches39.6 pounds80 Quarts48 hoursYes
Cubix Coolers Ice ChestN/A21.5 x 15 x 14.62 inches18.65 pounds20 Quarts3 daysYes
Merry Garden MPG-PC01Eucalyptus wood‎17.2 x 23 x 20.5 inches36.4 pounds143 QuartsN/AYes
BLACK+DECKER BCC20WAlloy Steel35 x 29 x 35 inches42.5 pounds80 Quarts4 – 5 hoursYes
Keter Breeze Bar Outdoor PatioResin35 x 29 x 35 inches23.1 pounds59 Quarts4 – 5 hoursNo

Buying Guide For The Best Outdoor Patio Cooler

Now, you know all about the best outdoor patio coolers in the market, but which one is the perfect pick for your needs? Of course, it isn’t easy to choose one from eleven top-notch options.

Thus, we have listed some characteristics you must keep in mind. We recommend you go through each point carefully and understand your preferences before the splurge.

Read on to find out…


Needless to say, you must choose a patio cooler according to the number of guests you usually deal with. Most outdoor coolers offer 20 gallons of capacity which can hold up to 100 cans approximately. For larger crowds, you will have to size up and opt for a unit with wheels.

From our list, the Merry Garden MPG-PC01 is best suited for smaller gatherings. On the other hand, the Permasteel PS-203-TURQ-AM is perfect for celebrations with a large crowd.


The material of the beverage cooler determines its durability. A metal exterior is usually more long-lasting than other materials. Try opting for a unit with a powder finish and ensure it is weather-proof and rust-resistant.


Although some efficient outdoor coolers do not have wheels, we think mobility is necessary for anything that is supposed to be portable. We recommend a patio cooler with sturdy caster wheels, which can be locked as and when needed.

For example, the Igloo Glide Pro Cooler is built like a regular icebox but gets brownie points for its wheels and ergonomic handle.


It is best to check the thickness of the insulation before investing in a patio cooler. There is no use in spending on a unit with little to no insulation as it will not offer any ice retention at all.


An outdoor patio cooler with a useful attachment is convenient and versatile in its true sense. From a lid that doubles up as a chopping board to an attached bottle opener and cap catcher, patio coolers have stepped up their game!

For instance, Keter Breeze Bar Outdoor Patio features an impressive pop-up lid that serves as a snack table. Moreover, the RELAXIXI Rattan Rolling Cooler Cart is equipped with a stainless chopping board underneath its right lid. Who doesn’t love a multi-functional product?

What material is best for an outdoor patio cooler?

A metal exterior is usually more durable than other materials. Look for a unit with a powder finish that is weather-proof and rust-resistant.

Are metal exterior patio coolers more durable than other materials?

Yes, generally, a metal exterior offers better durability compared to other materials. Look for coolers with a powder finish that is weather-proof and rust-resistant.

Do outdoor patio coolers need wheels for mobility?

While some coolers may not have wheels, having mobility is convenient for portable use. It is recommended to choose a patio cooler with sturdy caster wheels that can be locked when needed.

How important is insulation in an outdoor patio cooler?

Insulation is crucial for maintaining the temperature inside the cooler and providing ice retention. It is best to check the thickness of the insulation before purchasing a patio cooler to ensure effective cooling performance.

A bit of unwinding time with friends and family is always a good idea. But such events call for a lot of planning and preparations. Hence, we prepared this informative guide to the best outdoor patio coolers that will serve your guests with style! 

Some of our favorites include the Igloo Glide Pro Cooler, which offers a spacious design, durable construction, and excellent ice retention, making it an ideal option for those in need of a reliable and portable patio cooler. Another standout choice is the Clevr Rolling Cooler, which combines affordability with style, featuring a rattan wicker surface and convenient features like a storage shelf and built-in bottle opener.

Lastly, the Permasteel PS-203-TURQ-AM stands out with its vibrant color options, powder-coated steel construction, and added functionality of an attached bottle opener and drain plug, making it a stylish and budget-friendly choice for patio gatherings.

With that, we come to the end of this review-based guide. Here’s hoping your summer days are accompanied by chilled drinks. Cheers!