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9 Best Plastic Storage Cabinets Right Now | Buyer’s Guide

Best Plastic Storage Cabinets

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Nobody likes a messy or cluttered room, it’s a fact. If you wish to keep things organized or at least hidden from view – having storage cabinets in your home is essential.

Out of all the type of storage cabinets in the market, the plastic kind is known to be the most common thanks to their affordability and weather resistance. Some prefer these because the best plastic storage cabinets are quite durable and come with a list of very useful features such as adjustable shelves and stacking systems that can be very versatile.

If any of the above sounds like what you’re looking for, then you should read through our reviews for the best plastic storage cabinets for 2022!

Best Plastic Storage Cabinets


9. Sterilite Tower Plastic Storage Cabinet

The Sterilite Tower has been aptly named because it truly is shaped like a tower. A tower that is made from robust plastic, is rustproof, scratch-proof and is very durable. With this product, you will be getting 5 pieces of wide drawers that will be assembled as one plastic cabinet. These drawers, however, aren’t separable and have been fixed as part of the structure.  

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Even better, the translucent tower makes it very easy to locate whatever you were looking for as opposed to opening and re-opening closet doors. The cabinet, on its own, is quite a lightweight product – which means it will be quite easy to move around and it can be set in any space-challenged area of your home or office.

8. Keter 2-Door Storage Cabinet

The Keter 2 Door Storage Cabinet has been layered with a plastic polypropylene pitch of premium quality. This, in itself, is a true affirmation of the product’s resistance and life expectancy.

Keter Optima Wonder 72 x 31 x 18 in. Free Standing Plastic...
  • Sturdy resin construction is easy to maintain - won't peel,...
  • 4 adjustable storage shelves with flip over removable bins

Consumers of this product will also notice that it can be fit into every little space without the need of rearranging things. Other than this, every rack in this plastic storage cabinet has points of confinement that pass about 22 lbs of any storage item.

With this product, you will have not have to worry about maintenance because the product is both rust and scratch-resistant. Due to this, you will never see skin peeling off this product while you store all kinds of items in it. Even the door of this plastic storage cabinet can be locked up with the help of a bolt.

7. Rubbermaid Double-Door Storage Cabinet

Yet another great product from our list of best plastic storage cabinets, the Rubbermaid is a storage cabinet with double doors that have been manufactured using sturdy plastic. Due to the quality of this product, it has been well-matched for use in your garage, basement or even workshop.

Rubbermaid Storage Small Cabinet with Doors, Lockable...
  • Resin construction is durable and tough and virtually...
  • Lockable doors keep valuables out of sight and hazardous...

If you get yourself this product, you can fluently fix it anywhere without the need for utensils. Even the plastic surface of this product makes sure that it does not get damaged because of dust or rust corrosion.

This particular plastic storage cabinet can hold maximum weights of about 336 lbs – which means you can store a wide range of heavy materials in here without any problem. Even if you are concerned about the safety of these items, you should know that the Rubbermaid offers you the option to lock the cabinet doors.


The shelves of this product have been fixed inside the cabinet itself and you’ll find that one of the shelves will be aerated while the other ones will be made of concrete.

6. Keter Free Standing Plastic Storage Cabinet

This next product from our list of best plastic storage cabinets is covered with strong resin which makes the cabinet tougher against rust or damages. You’ll find that this product is very durable and has 4 shelves – all of which offer adjustable height facilities.

Keter Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves-Perfect for...
  • DIMENSIONS: 26.77 in. L x 14.96 in. W x 67.32 in. H....
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Durable polypropylene resin construction...

This product also includes some detachable bins – which mean you have the freedom to modify your cabinet’s space in any way you like. Each of the shelves in this product is eligible to support a weight of about 66 lbs while the added padlocks will make sure your things cannot be stolen.

As we mentioned earlier, this product is made from strong resin – which is why this product will be safe from moisture and dirt. Lastly, the metal joints of this product will make sure the doors open and close easily.

5. LANGRIA Cube Storage Closet Organizer

The LANGRIA Cube is among the most unique products from our list of best plastic storage cabinets. The cabinet has been designed as a modular type of organizer cabinet and is very long-lasting.

LANGRIA Cube Storage Shelves DIY Modular Closet Organizer...
  • STURDY PANELS: the cube closet has durable steel frames and...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN: two rectangular cubbies and two large...

The construction of this product has been made if 2 cubby holes in 2 plastic cubes that have a steel frame. This product will allow you to solve all your storage problems with a multipurpose solution. This is because both the cubby holes of the large cubes can be used at the same time for entirely different purposes.

Even the installation of this product is as simple as it gets. The product has been specially designed for versatile usage so you can store everything in here including shoes, toys, books and so much more in the same segmented spaces within the cube. Lastly, the cabinets in this product are entirely dustproof.

4. Homak 12-Drawer Parts Organizer

Now that we’re entering the greats of our list of best plastic storage cabinets, we’d like to introduce you to the Homak 12-Drawer Parts Organizer. This product has been constructed using hard plastic and it consists of 12 robust drawers. 8 of these drawers are small while the 4 below are larger.

Homak 12-Drawer Parts Organizer, Black, HA01012001
  • Great for organizing small hardware accessories in the shop...
  • 8 small drawers 2-1/8 W x 5-3/8 L/D x 1-1/2 H inches and 4...

This storage cabinet’s compact construction ensures that a lot of your belongings are stored away in a smart solution that can be employed in any corner of your home or office. The best reason to get yourself this product would be for official documents or archives as the transparent plastic drawers can help you locate things very easily.

What’s more? The organizer itself is quite lightweight, is cheap and requires no maintenance!

3. Sterilite 4-Shelf Cabinet

This product from our list of best plastic storage cabinets is manufactured in America and consists of a total of 4 shelf spaces. The height of these shelves can be adjusted to your requirements while the product itself promises the best durability.

Sterilite 01423V01 4 Shelf Cabinet, Grey, 1-Pack
  • Outside Dimensions: 25 5/8" x 18 7/8" x 69 3/8"
  • Contains 1 - 4 Shelf Cabinet

The Sterilite 4 Shelf Cabinet has been constructed in a manner that its doors can be opened easily while they can shut quite tightly. You will also be offered the option to lock your cabinet doors with the help of padlocks while the handles are made of pure titanium.


If you get yourself this product, you will find that its installation is entirely stress-free and will consume very less time. The product will also ensure that you have a lot of space to store away your belongings or even arrange them in a fashion your find best.

2. Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage

This 2nd product from Rubbermaid and on our list of best plastic storage cabinets comes as a tall and sturdy product with dual doors. The double-wall construction of this product has been designed for temperature resistance alongside efficient durability as well as it is dent resistant and leak proof.

Rubbermaid Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage...
  • SENSIBLE STORAGE: Preserves essential yard or patio space...
  • SLIM DESIGN: Safely store gardening supplies such as pots,...

The material and coating used in the production of this product make it entirely weather resistant – which ensures that it is an effective outdoor storage unit. The storage capacity of this product stands at about 18 cubic feet while its vertical design means you can store away all those long-handled tools that are used outdoors.

The manufacturers of this product have promised that it wouldn’t need maintenance while it will ward off the rust on its own. Lastly, this versatile storage option is quite easy to assemble without any professional assistance.

1. Ameriwood Kendall Storage Cabinet

If you were on the lookout for storage cabinets for your bedroom, then this top product from our list of best plastic storage cabinets is what you need. This product comes in a white stipple color that will easily complement the interior décor of your room while there are so many other colors to choose from.

SystemBuild Kendall 36" Utility Storage Cabinet - White
  • The SystemBuild Kendall 36” Utility Storage Cabinet adds...
  • Made of laminated MDF and particle board, the water...

This product is about 3 feet tall and will help you store most of your possession away without even breaking a sweat. This is because this product consists of 3 adjustable shelves and 2 fixed shelves.


While it holds all your possessions, the product will continue to be scratch, stain and water-resistant throughout its long useful life. Even the sturdy construction of this product will make sure that the product is very durable and the soft-closing feature of this product will also stop the cabinet doors from slamming shut or making any creaking noises.


Before you go out to buy any of the above best plastic storage cabinets, you should truly understand your purpose of use. If you wish to store items as you would in a drawer, then tower storage cabinets are going to be a great option.

If, however, you wish to store outdoor items such as long-handled tools, then you should think about the dimensions of storage cabinets. There are many types of plastic storage cabinets out there, and your requirements will help you get yourself the best ones.



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