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9 Best Ratchet Pruner of 2022 | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

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Those of us who have a garden have a lovely place to spend the weekend; until it’s pruning season.

Of all the things you need to do to keep the garden in superb condition, this is perhaps the most important. It’s vital to remove dead plant parts and allow your green friends to grow uninterrupted. And for this important task, you can use ratchet pruners.

These tools come with numerous innovations and upgrades to allow you to enjoy your gardening sessions. They are small and lightweight but pack a punch, allowing you to shape and cut as per your needs.

But the question is, how do you choose from the many options that are lining the market? We have formulated a list of the nine best products that are making all the right noise. We offer an in-depth analysis of these tools to clear your mind of all lingering doubts.

So, let’s start, shall we?

Best Ratchet Pruner

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  1. The Gardener’s Friend Pruners

The Gardener’s Friend Pruners is one of the top units going around and with valid reason. Apart from the usual properties, it has made some exciting upgrades, thereby endearing it to prospective buyers. No surprise then that it has generated substantial buzz, which has led to mostly positive reviews.

Ratchet Pruning Shears Gardening Tool – Anvil Pruner...
  • Strength-Boosting Shears – Boost your cutting power with...
  • Assistive Clippers - Where other gardening hand tools depend...

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, it comes with a three-stage ratchet action mechanism for added convenience, enabling you to work faster. You can make the cuts with considerably less effort while getting added leverage to prune your garden just as you want.

In that regard, the rubber grip comes in handy and ensures that you can work for long hours without feeling fatigued. It reduces strain on your arms and wrists, allowing even arthritic patients to do the pruning themselves.

But despite having substantial power, there’s no compromise with precision, and you’ll love how you’re able to make small snips. You can effectively remove the dead and decaying plant parts without harming the main body.

Moreover, its lightweight nature makes it incredibly easy to use, and you won’t have any problems getting the maximum output. Overall, it features an ergonomic design that is well complemented by the detachable oil sponge to make your gardening needs more manageable.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Initially, you’re likely to have some difficulty with the lock and may not get the desired stability. It’s not a significant problem and gets better over time as you’re using it. Furthermore, if you like to wear gloves while working, you may not get a firm grip.

  • Perfect for small snips
  • Delicate cuts
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Issues with the lock
  • Difficult to use with gloves
  1. Gardenite Ratchet

The Gardenite Ratchet has many similarities with some of the other units, but it has also made the necessary additions to top rival brands. It offers the perfect blend of durability and comfort to provide fantastic output, thereby simplifying your work. You’re guaranteed to like all that it offers and get your money’s worth.

Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shears - 5X More...
  • ★★★★★ EFFORTLESS CUTTING - The ratchet in the...
  • ★★★★★ 5 TIMES THE POWER - The ratcheting...

Why Did We Like It?

Straight off the bat, the steel blades are ideal for delivering fast cuts while having the necessary sturdiness to last a long time. It can withstand the demands of everyday use and comes with a non-stick Teflon coating to ensure that plant sap and other unwanted matter don’t stick to the blades. So, it provides a seamless performance.

Furthermore, it flaunts an ergonomic design, which is essential in allowing you to work for extended periods. It reduces the strain you experience on your wrists, making for a comfortable experience while limiting injuries. As a result, it’s highly user-friendly, and you can complete your work quickly.

You get five times more power than on other tools, but that doesn’t mean it compromises accuracy. Because despite having sufficient strength, you can make delicate cuts, thanks to the smooth ratcheting mechanism.

What Could’ve Been Better?

It’s costlier compared to other units, which may be a deterrent for potential buyers. The price is one of the first things that customers see, and if it doesn’t fit your budget, you’re better off choosing some other product. Also, the slide lock button is quite stiff and requires considerable effort to use.

  • Easy to use
  • Five times more powerful than its alternatives
  • Durable
  • Reduces strain
  • Smooth ratcheting mechanism
  • Expensive
  • Stiff slide lock button
  1. Gonicc Ratchet

The Gonicc Ratchet has all the functions to deliver much-needed versatility in your tasks. But there’s no reason to worry as the flexible nature doesn’t affect accuracy, which is sure to please many users. As a result, it’s turning quite a few heads among customers, and we assure you you’ll get fantastic output.

gonicc 8" Professional Ratchet Anvil Pruning Shears...
  • Quality Blades - Professionally built utilizing SK-5 Steel...
  • Handle - Made of Hidh Quality chrome vanadium steel, and the...

Why Did We Like It?

Firstly, it comes with SK-5 steel construction, which is one of the most robust materials going around. Gonicc has paid a lot of attention to durability, which increases the model’s longevity, and something that is seen regarding the chrome vanadium steel handle. It’s designed to withstand external elements and deliver a powerful performance.

Likewise, it includes a safety lock providing you with the necessary stability to get accuracy in your work. It comes in handy to manage the incredible power you get with each cut, which is three times higher than other models. You can quickly complete your work while earning a precise output.

Meanwhile, it features an ergonomic design, ensuring you don’t have trouble working for extended periods. It reduces the strain on your arms, thereby preventing injuries, and with the anti-slip grip, you get the necessary stability during operation. Even patients with arthritis can work with it without any difficulty.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Having used it ourselves, we can tell you we had problems closing it, which may prove to be an inconvenience. It does get better over time, but you’ll have to apply more force to close it. Additionally, the slide lock isn’t the best, and you may have trouble securing it at the desired point.

  • Provides three times more power
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slip
  • Precision performance
  • Difficult to close
  • Slide lock causes problems
  1. Corona Ratchet

The Corona Ratchet may seem like an innocuous unit but don’t be fooled as it comes with all the components to deliver a power-packed performance. With features like a high cutting capacity backed up by the safety lock, you can get excellent reliability in your tasks, thereby solving most of your problems.

Corona Hand RP 3230 Ratchet Pruner, 3/4-Inch Cut
  • Rachet Pruner: designed for reduced effort and fatigue when...
  • Coated Non-Stick Blade: allows for smooth cutting and easy...

Why Did We Like It?

Right away, you’ll notice the stainless-steel construction, which comes in handy to provide much-needed longevity. It can endure the demands of everyday use and produce consistent performance. You’ll love the high cutting capacity of ¾-inch, which is ideal for making fast, clean cuts, and reduces the time needed to complete your work.

Furthermore, the blades have a non-stick coating, ensuring you get a seamless experience as it prevents plant sap and other dead materials from sticking to the edges. In that regard, the four-stage ratcheting action comes in handy and provides a powerful output.

To manage the power, you can use the non-slip grip, which has several benefits. It reduces fatigue and enables you to work for long hours while also affording necessary versatility. Finally, the safety lock makes the entire operation more manageable by rendering it more stable.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As per reports from users, it tends to lose its sharpness, which is a concern. You’ll have to conduct regular maintenance to keep it in prime condition and provide the necessary edge to the blades. Besides, you won’t get the best performance while using it on thicker branches, which acts as a deterrent.

  • Delivers more power
  • Versatile
  • 4-stage ratcheting action
  • Safety lock
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Needs sharpening
  • Not ideal for thicker branches
  1. EX Kut Ratchet

We are at the halfway point of our list, but there are several quality tools we are yet to review. Our next recommendation for you is the EX Kut Ratchet, which considerably reduces the time you need to complete work. As a result, it’s highly efficient and has ticked most of the right boxes.

EZ Kut Heavy Duty Pruning Shears Green - Pruners Ratcheting...
  • PAIN-FREE PRUNING: Ergonomically engineered pruners...
  • EASIEST PRUNER ON THE MARKET: Easy Ratcheting Mechanics -...

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, it features a metal construction ideal for handling the wear and tear of everyday use. It offers fantastic reliability, which is further backed up by the SK 5 carbon steel blades, ensuring you get a potent performance without having to compromise on reliability.

Moreover, it’s safe, thanks to the wrap-around knuckle protector helping to protect you from injuries. And speaking of safety, we have to mention the ergonomic design making it suitable for all types of people by reducing strain on your wrist and allowing even arthritic patients to do the pruning themselves.

Additionally, the blades have a unique contour that is well complemented by the replaceable nature. It helps you keep them in prime condition, ensuring the sharpness is retained for a long time to get the best results. You can get through your work quickly, which makes it incredibly user-friendly.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Like many tools you buy, it’ll take you some time to get used to it. Although it’s ready to use out of the box, you’ll need to be patient and can’t expect to get optimum results right from the word go. After a couple of days, you’re likely to see an improvement and get a better feel for the unit.

  • Replaceable blades
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Special blade contour
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Takes time getting used to it
  1. GRÜNTEK Ratchet

The GRÜNTEK Ratchet is a simple unit that has paid a lot of attention to detail. Many of these features aren’t seen in other products, thereby offering the right blend of innovation along with user-friendliness. You’re sure to get your money’s worth, so most people have it on their wish list.

GRÜNTEK RATCHET Garden Pruners CONDOR 8" / 200 mm -...
  • 🌿 INNOVATIVE DESIGN ➤ GRÜNTEK Pruners CONDOR 8" / 200...
  • 🌿 AUTOMATIC RATCHET MECHANISM ➤ The automatic ratchet...

Why Did We Like It?

Firstly, the handles are made from aluminum, making them robust enough to endure everyday use. And it’s backed up by the SK-5 steel blades ensuring it won’t break down in the middle of work. You can get fast, accurate cuts without damaging the plant or the tool, thereby making it efficient.

Furthermore, it comes with a coating of PVC, helping to keep it in prime condition for a long time. In that regard, the blade sharpener’s inclusion is sure to please most customers, and you never have to worry about them being worn down. More importantly, you can complete your work quickly, thereby saving valuable time.

Meanwhile, GRÜNTEK has added an integrated oil sponge for user-friendliness, which is well complemented by the ratchet mechanism for a smooth performance. And with the hand protection feature, it reduces strain by allowing you to work for extended periods.

What Could’ve Been Better?

One thing you have to keep in mind is that it needs regular greasing. The greasing is essential to provide a smooth experience and goes a long way in maintaining the product’s quality. If you’re unwilling to undertake the maintenance, you can choose from the other options at your disposal.

  • Easy to use
  • Integrated oil sponge
  • Blade sharpener
  • Automatic ratchet mechanism
  • Hand protection
  • Needs greasing
  1. Fiskars Ratchet

The Fiskars Ratchet has made all right noise, thanks to features like the automatic ratchet mechanism and the durable construction. It delivers a high cutting ability making it an incredibly useful model that is generating quite the buzz. No surprise then that it has received a positive response.

Fiskars 6689 Ratchet Hand Pruner
  • Ideal for cutting tough stems and branches up to 3/4-inch...
  • Ratchet design automatically compounds force with a series...

Why Did We Like It?

Straight off the bat, you get a terrific cutting capacity of ¾-inch, which is one of the highest going around. The incredible power is generated from the steel anvil blade, which delivers fast cuts and ensures you can quickly complete your work.

In that regard, the performance is further bolstered by the low friction coating, which allows you to get a smooth experience. So, you can work uninterrupted, and despite having substantial power, you get precision in your tasks, made possible by the automatic ratchet mechanism. It helps to reduce strain and ensures you can work for extended periods.

Moreover, it comes with a Dura Frame handle, which is highly comfortable, permitting it to perform best in most situations. You’ll love the steel exoskeleton, which makes it incredibly robust and enables the tool to withstand daily use. Consequently, you get exceptional reliability and don’t have to worry about it breaking down.

What Could’ve Been Better?

For all things good about it, some areas do need improvement. For instance, to use the lock, you need to apply more effort than usual, which isn’t the ideal scenario. So, remember to double-check if it’s latched on properly because occasionally it doesn’t close, which is a problem.

  • Precision output
  • Dura Frame handle
  • Steel exoskeleton
  • Automatic ratchet mechanism
  • Durable
  • cons
  • cons
  1. Foxany Shears

We are nearing the end of our list, but we are yet to cover a couple of products. Next up for you, we have the Foxany Shears, which has quickly climbed the charts to cement its place among the top models. It flaunts a state-of-the-art design providing a smooth experience.

Why Did We Like It?

Right away, you’ll notice the SK-5 steel blades provide a potent combination of power and durability. You can make clean cuts without compromising precision, thanks to the five-setting ratcheting mechanism. Moreover, it has the necessary sturdiness to endure external elements, resulting in a consistent performance.

It includes a safety lock, which has several benefits. It makes the entire operation more manageable and ensures you get the desired stability while working. The lock keeps it fixed in a particular position, allowing you to work uninterrupted for long hours while also delivering high versatility.

However, the significant addition comes in terms of the spring loading function, which isn’t seen in other models. It makes the opening and closing much more straightforward and considerably reduces fatigue, thereby preventing injuries. Overall, you get a safe operation while getting incredible efficiency making it highly popular.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although you can use it for small-scale and large-scale tasks, you won’t get the best performance on heavy-duty jobs. So, we suggest you stick to small-scale applications, but it may deter a section of buyers. And given the numerous choices on offer, we can’t fault you if you don’t want to compromise.

  • Five setting ratcheting mechanism
  • Versatile
  • Safe
  • Spring loading function
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Not ideal for thicker branches
  1. MLTOOLS Ratchet

The ML TOOLS Ratchet has the most bases covered due to the array of functions to deliver a cracking performance. Apart from the focus on power, MLTOOLS has ensured it’s safe, making it incredibly user-friendly. So, it has received mostly positive reviews, thanks to the consistent output.

MLTOOLS Easy Cut Ratchet Pruning Shears - ML Garden Tools 8...
  • ★ Great ratcheting mechanism which help reduce wrist...
  • ★ SK-5 High Carbon Steel Blade!

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, it comes with sturdy blades, thanks to the SK-5 steel construction, which ensures it can last a long time. It effectively handles everyday use and produces powerful performance, seen in the 1-inch cutting capacity.

In that regard, the ergonomic design comes in handy, enabling you to control the power while getting the necessary precision in your tasks. You can quickly complete your work, but there’s no reason to worry as the entire operation is safe, reducing the chances of injury.

However, the significant upgrade is the lightweight design despite having an aluminum body. It’s incredibly user-friendly and reduces the fatigue you experience even after working for extended periods.

Therefore, the chances of injury are lessened, allowing even arthritic patients to use the tool. It’s ready to be used out of the box and comes with all the components, so you don’t need to make any additional purchases.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Over time we have seen the unit may jam up, which will cause interruptions at work. It isn’t a big problem and involves a quick fix, so there’s no reason to worry. However, the main issue is with the unlock button, and it occasionally fails to deliver the desired stability on your tasks.

  • Reduces injuries
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum body
  • Durable
  • Fast
  • Unlock button may be an issue
  • Mechanism could jam

Ratchet Pruner Buyer’s Guide

Before you venture into the market, we would like to give you a couple of pointers to help you pick the right unit. Ratchet pruners have many components that could make it difficult for you to distinguish between the top products and the merely good ones.

We are here to discuss the essential aspects based on which we have formulated our list. A piece of knowledge about these functions will place you in good stead and help you make an informed choice.

  1. Durability

Your tool must be durable to handle the wear and tear of daily use. As a ratchet pruner, it will have to deal with cutting and shaping sturdy plant materials, among other things. It shouldn’t be any surprise that only quality materials must be used for construction to ensure it doesn’t break down.

Buying any tool is an investment, and you can’t afford to spend resources to buy a new one ever so often. You must enjoy both the product and the components that come with it for a long time.

In that regard, the manufacturers cannot afford to make any compromises. So, having a steel or metal construction is of primary importance to deliver faultless output.

  1. Ease of Use

Ratchet pruners come in various sizes to handle an array of tasks, but that shouldn’t mean designers have to compromise with user-friendliness. The primary objective of any unit is to reduce your workload, and therefore you must be able to control it effectively to get the best results.

You should be able to adjust the components and the central unit, while the functions must be understandable, almost at a glance. You should know what each part does rather than pondering over how to get it right. Plus, the installation process and the disassembly must be written clearly to ensure it’s uncomplicated.

There isn’t any point in having many functions if the users find them challenging to use. Rather any good model must keep the basics right and then add the necessary features to deliver a better performance.

  1. Power

Finally, you must have sufficient energy to make sure that you get through your work quickly. Shaping and removing plant materials is tedious, so you can’t afford to go about it leisurely.

You have a lot of work to do, and your unit must be up to speed to ensure you get a cracking performance. More power doesn’t always guarantee a better understanding, and you must have the ability to control the intensity you need on various tasks. As a result, your tool will be versatile, enabling you to handle small-scale and large-scale projects.



We have reached the end of our guide, and hopefully, you’ve got a better idea regarding ratchet pruners.

These are nifty tools and are ideal for your gardening needs. The compact size makes them easy to handle, and you get incredible power to complete your work quickly. Moreover, it effectively disposes of dead plant parts, thereby allowing your garden to flourish.

But before signing off, we have decided to narrow down the top products into different categories to help you make an informed decision. You can opt for The Gardener’s Friend Pruners for the best overall performance, while the Gardenite Ratchet provides fantastic durability.

And when it comes to power, there’s none better than the Gonicc Ratchet. So, that’s all for now. It’s over to you to pick the unit most suited to your requirements. Remember everything we have talked about and have a clear idea of the features you need.

Until next time, Ciao!

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