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7 Best Wheeled Trash Cans on the Market Today

We don’t think a lot about some household chores; they are just a fact of life, deeply ingrained in us. Case in point: taking out the garbage. Dealing with trash is not the most pleasant thing and everyone tries to evade this chore. It doesn’t even seem like a task until you are actually taking care of it.

best wheeled trash cans

If you are failing in dumping and taking the trash out on time, then be prepared to face its unwanted consequences. And we are not exaggerating for a bit here. Not getting rid of trash on time will just make your place a critter fest and cause it to reek of bad odors. Both results caused by a failed garbage disposal routine are not good for any commercial or residential property.

A trash can, especially the wheeled one, is at the center of your garbage disposal routine.  By having a wheeled trash can on your property, you can effectively deal with all the garbage in a better manner.

Mobility: The mobility that wheels give them allows you to use them at your convenience.  It’s not always necessary to move the garbage to the can. You can also take the trash can to the heap if it seems more convenient.

Versatility: Wheeled trash cans also offer versatile use. You can use them in both indoor and outdoor settings. If you have to move the trash to a specific site, then the wheels can come in really handy. Similarly, having them inside the building also ensures better garbage containment and disposal.

For all their utility, we are going to briefly review seven of the best wheeled trash cans that you can find on the market today for all commercial and residential applications. They are not ranked in any particular order. We have numbered them just for your convenience.

Best Wheeled Trash Cans

Here is the list of the 7 best wheeled trash cans that you can use to keep your home or office clean and organized.

1. United Solutions TB0042 Critter-Proof Trash Can - Best Budget Trash Can

United Solutions 32 Gallon Outdoor Waste Garbage Bin with...
  • SECURE LID – With the attached snap lock lid, this trash...
  • HEAVY DUTY HANDLE – Make transportation effortless with...


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comes with a twist-and-lock lid to prevent critter spills
  • Can also be used as a storage container 

If you are looking for an inexpensive to move your garbage to the curb without treating the critters, then United Solutions TB0042 trash can is ideal for you. The manufacturer also boasts about multiple uses of TB0042. For instance, you can use it as a collector for lawn clippings, or dedicate it to store non-reactive dry chemicals, pet foods, and seeds.

The best thing about United Solutions TB0042 is it's lightweight. In just 8 pounds, you get a capacity of 32 gallons. With its wide on-top handle, you can easily haul it to the disposing site. United Solutions has also named it critter-proof because it comes with a twist-and-lock lid. This allows you to leave a filled trash can out all night without worrying about the shenanigans of pests and rodents.

While providing good value for home use, United Solutions TB0042 is not recommended for heavy-duty commercial use.

Product Details 

  • Brand: United Solutions
  • Model: TB0042
  • Shipping Weight: 7.55 pounds
Dimensions: 22.38" x 20.98" x 33.46" | Capacity: 32 Gallons | Opening Mechanism: Manual-Lift | Material: Polypropylene

2. Rubbermaid Commercial Housekeeping Cart - Best All-Around Trash Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Trash Can Caddy for...
  • EASY MANEUVERABILITY: user-friendly handles for ease of use...
  • INTEGRATED BAD STRAPS: easily attach and remove poly-liners


  • Non-scuffing wheels
  • Locking cabinet to keep cleaning supplies safely
  • Available in two colors

  • Non-scuffing wheels
  • Locking cabinet to keep cleaning supplies safely
  • Available in two colors (blue and black)

Rubbermaid has designed a product that is nothing short of a cleaning all-rounder.  Rubbermaid’s housekeeping cart has every feature that you look for in a trash can. It has a fixed trash bag, a trolley with multiple shelves, a drawer to store cleaning and disinfecting supplies, and 11 hooks on the top shelf to hang brooms, dustpans, mops, etc— and all of them on wheels.

Besides having an entire cleaning console on the wheel, you get further ease of use with its front-access zippered trash bag. You don’t need to lift the bag through the top to remove the collected waste. Just unzip the bag tilt the trolley and you are good for the next cleaning round.

This state-of-the-art trash can from Rubbermaid is equally good for residential and commercial settings.

Product Details 

  • Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial Products
  • Model: FG617388BLA, FG617388BLUE
  • Shipping Weight: 40.02 pounds
Dimensions: 6.8" x 26.5" x 32.5" | Capacity: 44 Gallons | Opening Mechanism: Open-Top | Material: Rubber

3. Black Diamond Gallon Wheeled Poly-SpillPack - Best Containment and Spill Unit

Black Diamond 1299-BD Wheeled Poly SpillPack Drum, Animal...
  • Perfect for Storage, Containment or used as a spill kit when...
  • Ideal for on-site drum storage and containment


  • Ideal containment unit for non-hazardous chemicals
  • Safe for provisional chemical storage
  • A sturdier can weigh around 55 pounds
  • Relatively expensive

If you are looking for a trash can that can hold every garbage item and can also use as a spill and disposal container, then Black Diamond Polly SpillPack is the most suitable option for you. Its overpack configuration also allows you to use it as a temporary container for chemicals and other toxicants.

This animal-proof trash can boasts a 95-gallon capacity and is made of thick polyethylene sheets. This means it could easily take care of the garbage that any large residential unit or a small-to-medium business produces on a daily basis.

Black Diamond Poly SpillPack is lined with UV-resistant coating so you can put it under the sun without worrying about its fading color. Moreover, the non-corrosive body lets you throw the gooey waste in the can without giving it a second thought. With the wheeled design, it’s quite convenient to move around the can even when it is filled to its full capacity.

Product Details

  • Brand: Black Diamond
  • Model: 1299-BD
  • Shipping Weight: 56 pounds
Dimensions: 31" x 31" x 48" | Capacity: 95 Gallons | Opening Mechanism: Manual-Lift | Material: Polyethylene (PE)

4. Toter Bear-Tight Two-Wheeled Cart - The Toughest Trash Can

Toter 64-Gallon Bear-Tight Two-Wheeled Cart, 64 gal,...
  • Double walled lid with steel reinforced rugged rim 1/4 inch...
  • Compatible with automated and semi-automated curbside...


  • The double-walled lid and steel-reinforced rims can withstand gnawing by large animals
  • Made of completely recyclable plastic
  • Ergonomic design allows easy handling 

If you live in a suburban neighborhood where wild animals often transgress and make a mess out of trash cans, then we would refer you to the Toter’s Bear-Tight Two-wheeled Cart. The manufacturer has exclusively designed this trash can withstand the gnawing and mishandling of animals like bears, boars, and large-size moles.

With a double-wall lid, a tight latch lock, and steel-reinforced rims, it is impossible for those wild creatures to chew through the can. Moreover, the black stone finish makes the can resistant to general wear and tear too.

While offering unmatchable durability in its trash can, Toter has made sure that you can still use it with ease. For instance, the rugged wheels keep it easy to move and maneuver the can over curbs. Similarly, the ergonomic design allows you to easily tilt and roll it even when it is full to the top. Lastly, it is compatible with all automatic and semi-automatic garbage trucks and cart lifters.

You can get Toter Bear-Tight Two-Wheeled Cart in two different capacities (64 and 96 gallons).

Product Details

  • Brand: Toter
  • Model: 025B64-R1BKS
  • Shipping Weight: 50.6 pounds
Dimensions: 31.5" x 24.75" x 42.5" | Capacity: 64 & 96 Gallons | Opening Mechanism: Manual-Lift | Material: Plastic

5. Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Can - Best Maneuverable Trash Can


  • Wheel design for every surface
  • Comes with a hinged swing-open lid
  • Available in several UV-resistant colors 

This Rubbermaid product is ideal for all heavy-duty garbage collection in residential, and commercial settings, and garages. The can is fitted with inset wheels and a molded-in axle. This configuration makes maneuvering of a 50-gallon trash can a breeze.

Trash cans often come with a lid that doesn’t open fully and continues to fall when you empty out the can. Rubbermaid has particularly taken care of these issues in the Brute roll-out trash can. The hinged lid fully opens (270 degrees) and gets locked against the walls of the bin. This allows the easy removal of the garbage.

The ergonomic handle design also allows you to easily push and pull the trash can around. Rubbermaid has also made sure that they can remain compliant with all automatic and semi-automatic lifting systems through a molded-in catch bar. The trash can also has a UV stabilizer so that it remains protected from sun-inflicted fading and discoloration.

Product Details

  • Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial P
  • Model: FG9W2700GRAY
  • Shipping Weight: 23.1 pounds
Dimensions: 30.08" x 24" x 39.58" | Capacity: 32, 50, 65, & 95 Gallons | Opening Mechanism: Step-On | Material: Plastic

6. Suncast Commercial 32 Gallon Wheeled Trash Can - Best Trash Can for Liquid Waste

Suncast Commercial TCNH2030BK Narrow Trash Can With Handles,...
  • FUNCTIONAL: Slim fit design fits in tight areas to conserve...
  • HEAVY DUTY: Polymer construction allows for strength and...


  • Comes with a drain plug
  • Lightweight
  • Can withstand tough weather conditions 

Garbage doesn’t always involve solid waste. Sometimes you have to deal with gooey and sloppy mess as well. In such instances, using a conventional trash can becomes one heck of a task. Collecting liquid-like garbage and then disposing of it by tipping over the can is not everyone’s forte.

Suncast Commercial has made it tremendously easy to dispose of liquid trash with its drain plug-laden 32-gallon wheeled trash can.  Collect the liquid waste in the bin and open the plug to dispose of it- no tipping over the container and getting your hands dirty is needed.

With nylon bushes installed in between the wheel and axle, you can smoothly roll the trash can on any surface. Moreover, the clean access design of the lid allows you to open and close it without coming in contact with garbage.  The sturdier plastic of the can is chip/dent-proof and blow-molded so it can withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

Product Details

  • Brand: Suncast Commercial
  • Model: BMTCW32
  • Shipping Weight: 12.1 pounds
Dimensions: 30" x 11" x 22" | Capacity: 23 Gallons | Opening Mechanism: Open-Top | Material: Plastic

7. Toter 025532-R1GRS Residential Heavy Duty 2 - The Toughest Residential Trash Can

Toter 025564-R1BLU Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled...
  • Rugged rim design and bottom wear strip provide added...
  • Toter trash can design is compatible with automated and...


  • Greenstone finishing prevents general wear and tear
  • Large footprint ensures stable operations
  • Compatible with curbside garbage lifting systems
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty

Toter is known to make one of the most durable trash cans on the block. And 025532-R1GRS is also the demonstration of what Toter really offers. With greenstone finishing, rugged rim, and wear strip, you get a trash can that can operate beyond its operating life. By keeping the design aerodynamic and footprint larger, Toter has made sure that the trash can remain stable even when full and there is a high gust pushing it to one side.

The built-in lift handle also makes Toter 025532-R1GRS compatible with all automatic and semi-automatic curbside garbage lifting systems. Moreover, the rugged wheel designs allow you to easily roll and tilt the can when it’s full. And state-of-the-art molding process guarantees that the body doesn’t warp under tough conditions.

Toter 025532-R1GRS heavy-duty trash can is equally good for use in commercial and residential settings.

Product Details

  • Brand: Toter
  • Model: 25532-R1GRS
  • Shipping Weight: 25.1 pounds
Dimensions: 31.75" x 24.25" x 41.75" | Capacity: 32, 48, & 64 Gallons | Opening Mechanism: Open-Top | Material: Plastic

Best Wheeled Trash Cans Comparison Table

ProductDimensionsCapacityOpening MechanismMaterial
United Solutions TB004222.38" x 20.98" x 33.46"32 GallonsManual-LiftPolypropylene
Rubbermaid Garbage Bin6.8" x 26.5" x 32.5"44 GallonsOpen-TopRubber
Black Diamond Trash Can31" x 31" x 48"95 GallonsManual-LiftPolyethylene (PE)
Toter Two-Wheeled Cart31.5" x 24.75" x 42.5"64 & 96 GallonsManual-LiftPlastic
Rubbermaid Trash Can30.08" x 24" x 39.58"32, 50, 65, & 95 GallonsStep-OnPlastic
Suncast Commercial Trash Can30" x 11" x 22"23 GallonsOpen-TopPlastic
Toter 025532-R1GRS31.75" x 24.25" x 41.75"32, 48, & 64 GallonsOpen-TopPlastic


Among these seven products, you can easily find the best trash can as per your unique garbage disposal needs!

Buying Guide For The Best Wheeled Trash Can

Many people don’t consider buying a trash can as some sort of ‘task’. You can certainly buy a garbage can without putting any thought into it. However, this neglectful purchase will eventually result in another purchase. This second purchase often happens when people fully understand the situation in which they have to collect garbage.

Even though the above review discussion has highlighted the features to keep in mind while buying a trash can, here we will discuss them separately so you can get the best trash can as per your requirements.

  • Capacity: You definitely don’t want to empty out the trash can twice a day. So, always try to get the best available volume offered on the block at the price you are willing to spend.
  • Lock System: Lid lock doesn’t just keep all the bad odors under the wrap, but it also helps in keeping the critters at bay. Usually, you have to deal with small critters and rodents where twist-and-lock and clamp-down lids are good enough to prevent spills even when the can is tipped over or rolled around. However, you will need a bear-proof design such as Toter 025B64-R1BKS where you are dealing with the mishandling of large wild animals.
  • Ergonomic Design: One can’t stress enough how important is to pick an ergonomically-designed trash can when it has to be handled every day. A trash can that is easy to move, roll tilt, and can pass through any door or through a curb makes your garbage collecting and dumping routine a lot easier.
  • Wheel Assembly: Molded-in axles and treaded wheels offer better maneuverability over rough curbs and for general outdoor use. And if you are looking to use and move the trash can inside the property, then go for non-marking wheels so you don’t need to mop up the floor afterward.

Investing in the right trash container will sort out your garbage collection and disposal chores for decades.

Wheeled Trash Can FAQs

  • How do I choose the right size of a wheeled trash can?

    Consider factors such as the volume of trash you generate, the frequency of trash pickup, and the available storage space before selecting the appropriate wheeled trash can size.

  • Are wheeled trash cans compatible with automated garbage trucks?

    Yes, most wheeled trash cans are designed to be compatible with automated garbage trucks and come with a standardized, easy-to-grab attachment for these trucks.

  • Can I use wheeled trash cans for recycling as well?

    Definitely! You can utilize wheeled trash cans for recycling by sorting recyclable materials into designated wheeled recycling bins.

  • How do I maintain a wheeled trash can?

    Regularly rinse the trash can with water, use mild soap, and a scrub brush if necessary. Ensure the wheels and hinges are free from debris, and inspect them for wear and tear periodically.

  • Conclusion

    As we wrap up our discussion on wheeled trash cans, it's time to highlight the top three expert recommendations from the seven best products we have covered. Each of these products stands out due to their unique features, offering solutions for different specific needs.

    For those looking for a budget-friendly option, the United Solutions TB0042 Critter-Proof Trash Can is an ideal choice. It is extremely lightweight and includes a twist-and-lock lid that prevents critter encounters, making it perfect for home use. However, it's not suitable for heavy-duty commercial applications.

    For those in search of an all-around trash can that excels in both residential and commercial settings, the Rubbermaid Commercial Housekeeping Cart is a good option. This versatile product offers a complete cleaning console on wheels with easy access for waste disposal and ample storage for cleaning supplies.

    Lastly, if you require a containment and spill unit capable of holding both garbage and non-hazardous chemicals, the Black Diamond Gallon Wheeled Poly-SpillPack is the right choice. This heavy-duty trash can has a 95-gallon capacity and is designed to safely store non-reactive chemicals, making it suitable for larger residential units and small-to-medium businesses.

    Choose the one that aligns with your requirements and enjoy a cleaner, more efficient waste disposal experience.

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