A superb little drop of magic started in 2005 a children`s picture book written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell. The enchantingly intriguing text has been illustrated by Coë Steinwart and it was son going to become a national phenomenon, a fabricated Christmas tradition that improved on the celebration by adding more detail, it is a story written in rhyme that relates how Santa Claus is dispatching elves around the world, between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to check on children, to see who is naughty and who is nice in the last minute. The picture book comes in a keepsake box that contains one small soft toy Elf, a pixie scout elf and naturally, the hardcover picture book.


Santa`s “Scout Elves” are described in the picture book as little spies that hide in the home to over-watch events, they are supposedly flying in the morning back to the North Pole where they are filing detailed reports on their visit, they carefully part good from bad and rate the family members separately, deciding how nice or naughty they have been. An important note is that each morning the Elf ought to hide in a different spot in the house as he plays a game of hide and seek in the attempt to gather as much information as possible; he always needs to fly back home to the North Pole each morning before the family wakes up.

The newly founded Christmas tradition also mentions that if the elf is glanced upon and touched the magic might dissapear therfore there is a rule of thumb clearly stated by the Elf on the Shelf, “There’s only one rule that you have to follow, so I will come back and be here tomorrow: Please do not touch me. My magic might go, and Santa won’t hear all I’ve seen or I know.” 

Families all around the world can speak to the elf, they can try to convince him of their extraordinary good deeds, they can tell him their Christmas wishes, the Elf on the Shelf ought to listen and report back to dear Santa Claus accurately.

The beautiful little story ends when the family Elf leaves with Santa home till the next Christmas season to the North Pole where they will rest a tad only to start preparing the magic for the next year`s as soon as possible.

If you haven`t had contact with the magical story yet, you can find it enchanted in this book right here, the children may find it believable, magical and mysterious. Sightings of the elves in various other households have been presented by people all around the world and in the following rows we will present the ones that we found really intriguing; we invite you to cast a glance and leave your valuable feedback on the subject, maybe even report your experience with the Scout Elves so far where is the case.

1. The Floating Elf on the Shelf

Since Elf on the Shelf props are lightweight, you can string them up with a balloon as you see in the illustration below. Moreover, you can add hilarious messages to make it even more noticeable.

via mamacheaps.com

2. Elfie Helping with the Cutlery

Just look at how ecstatic Elfie is in the illustration below. He really enjoys helping with the cutlery, doesn’t he?


via mommysavers.com

3. Elfie just Robbed the Piggy Bank!

However innocent his face may be, Elfie does not always play nice. This time he’s definitely making it to Santa’s naughty list.


via mumsgrapevine.com.au

4. Elfie and his Buddies go Crazy with Toilet Paper

Just take a look at the mess Elfie and his friends have created. Make sure that you hide your toilet paper stash if you do not want your house to be decorated by toilet paper.


via elfontheshelf.com

5. Elfie Cruising on his Candy Cane Sled

If you want Elfie to stay away from the mysterious pranks, we suggest you make a Candy Cane Sled for him. And remember, the more the merrier!


Source Unknown

6. Naughty Elfie Decorating the Christmas Tree with Toilet Paper

See what happens when Elfie gets hold of a toilet paper roll. He might just cover up the entire Christmas tree when you are not looking.


via whatsunderthestone.wordpress.com

7. Elfie Chilling Outdoors 

Elfie has a hard time wrapping gifts for children during Christmas. Hence, we suggest you create a beach set just for him so that he gets the rest he deserves.


via Home Stories A to Z

8. Playing Connect Four with his Buddy

Sometimes Elfie can get a little lonely on his own. So make sure that he gets to have a little fun time with his buddies.


via Lil Blue Boo

9. Elfie having fun with the Marker

Naughty Elfie is at it again. If he gets hold of the marker, you better pray that he does not practice his drawing skills on your face.


via whatsunderthestone.wordpress.com

10. Going Bonkers with the Photocopy Machine

This just might be one of our favorite ideas! If you let Elfie near the photocopy machine, you are guaranteed to have some laughs, wouldn’t you agree?


via Des Moines Children’s Dentistry

11. Elfie and Elfina Chilling on the Beach

Everyone needs a partner, don’t they? And what better way to spend time with your partner than have a relaxing time at the beach.

via The Daily Meal

12. Elfie Playing Golf

Elfie’s been hard at work wrapping presents for your kids, so he deserves a little fun during Christmas, doesn’t he? Make him a miniature golf set and watch his eyes beam with happiness when he tries his hand at golf.

via Domestic Femme

13. Elfie on the Console Table

Sometimes all Elfie wants to do is sit on the shelf with his legs dangling. It is a good way to keep them away from mischief, wouldn’t you say?


14. Chocolate Poop on Cookies

The Chocolate Poop is yet another epic Elf on the Shelf idea, guaranteed to amuse your children and guests. After all, Elfie’s pure soul ensures that his poop smells and even tastes delicious!

via From Ashley To Awesome

15. Getting Naughty with Wrapping Paper

Elfie can get a little bored after he is done wrapping all the presents. So, we suggest you hide all the wrapping paper away from his reach. Otherwise, you might just find your entire house covered in wrapping paper.


16. Tucked Comfortably in Bed

Elfie likes to get a little spoiled the times. Just look at his beaming face after he is comfortably tucked inside his bed with his favorite buddies.


17. Elfie the Drummer

Get Elfie an Elf Drummer Set for this Christmas and watch him weave lyrical magic with his hands. Don’t believe us? Well, what if we tell you that he was the lead drummer of the Elf Zeppelin band? Yes, that’s right! He is a gifted drummer, who’s sure to go down in the history books as one of the greats.

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18. Elfie Playing Twister with his Buddies

Just take a look at Elfie trying to best his buddies at twister. He is so cute when he tries his best, isn’t he?

via She Knows

19. Inconsolable Elfie

Awwww! Just take a look at poor Elfie, he is absolutely devastated! Only soulless people will not get moved by watching Elfie in this state.

137 Magical Elf on the Shelf Ideas That You`ll Love


20. Elfie Watching TV 

Just like us mere mortals, Elfie enjoys watching TV after a long hard day at work. So, make sure that he is comfortable and always place the remote by his side!


21. Swimming in a Bowl of M&Ms

Just look at Elfie’s smile! He really enjoys swimming in M&M’s! Hand him a cup of hot chocolate, and you will make him even happier!

137 Magical Elf on the Shelf Ideas That You`ll Love


22. Elfie Playing Video Games

If you do not want Elfie to wreak havoc by covering random objects around the house with wrapping paper, then hand him a game controller and let him enjoy a long gaming session with his buddies.

137 Magical Elf on the Shelf Ideas That You`ll Love


23. Elfie ShowS us his Baking Skills

Elfie is quite the baker, isn’t he? Just take a look at the delicious cookies he has baked for the Christmas holidays! Looks absolutely delicious, don’t they?

137 Magical Elf on the Shelf Ideas That You`ll Love

via Des Moines Children’s Dentistry

24. Elfie hides your Christmas Presents

There we go again! Elfie’s naughty streak continues. This time he has hidden your Christmas presents and he seems to be enjoying his work of mischief.

137 Magical Elf on the Shelf Ideas That You`ll Love

via Simple As That

25. Elfie on the ShelF

Elfie is back to his favorite spot – on top of the shelf. After all, that is where he gets his name from, he is an elf on the shelf !


26. Elfie Serving Cookies

Although you might think that Elfie does not do any work around the house, that is not true. Elfie can sometimes be extremely helpful. Just take a look at him serving cookies like a good boy!

via Home Stories A to Z

27. Elfie Performing a Stunt

Despite his innocent looks, Elfie can be quite the daredevil. Just take a look at him trying to jump through a mountain of red plastic cups.

via Janet Barnhardt Hickey

28. Using Cereal to Spell Elf

Elfie does not always need high-tech gadgets to stay entertained. Hand him a pack of cereal and watch them get creative with it.

via The Simple Parent

29. Elfie on a Camping Trip

Elfie loves the outdoors. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the illustration below. He is absolutely ecstatic about his camping trip!

via A Small Snippet

30. Elfie’s Execution by the Miniature Firing Squad 

There is a price to being naughty, and when you are captured by the miniature firing squad you can expect to pay the ultimate price. Just take a look at poor Elfie in the illustration below. Although he seems like his usual self, he is completely shattered on the inside.

via Simple As That

31. The Elf Doctor’s Note

Even Elfie is not infallible and just like the rest of us he can suffer from flu. So make sure you take the Elf Doctor’s note seriously and give Elfie his proper dosage of Reindeer Flu Pills.

via Living Locurto

32. Elfie goes Naughty with the Marker again

If you let Elfie near the marker, this is what you can expect. Just take a look at his face, he isn’t even ashamed by his prank. We hope Santa teaches him a lesson this Christmas.

via Simple As That

33. Elfie’s Karaoke Night

You have already seen Elfie’s skills with the drum set but what about his vocals? The audience seems to be quite captivated, wouldn’t you agree?

via Smarty the Elf

34. Elfie and his Minions

Although most of the times Elfie gets mischievous with the marker, sometimes he can be quite creative too. Just take a look at his work with the banana minions! We are definitely impressed by it!

via Fancy Shanty

35. Doing some Yoga

Wrapping gifts is no walk in the park. Just ask Elfie. He seems to be enjoying his relaxing Yoga session after a long hard day at work.

via The Leggy Files

36. Playing the Guitar

He might have mastered drums, vocals, but what about the guitar? Well, he isn’t quite adept at playing the guitar yet. But, keep him away from mischief and he will soon belt out some epic tunes.

via She Knows

37. Elfie’s Hot Sleepover Party

Who said Elfie is an innocent little Elf? Just take a look at his playboy side in the illustration below.

via Home Hardware Building

38. Bathing in Marshmallows

Elfie loves bathing in Marshmallows. Why, you ask? Well, he says it is for therapeutic reasons.  If he enjoys his Marshmallow bath, who are we to question otherwise?

via Natalme

39. Working out with Marshmallow Barbells

Elfie needs to keep in body in shape for his hectic Playboy lifestyle. Just take a look at him sweating it out with his marshmallow barbell!

via The Taylor House

40. Elfie having fun with the Slinky

No, that is not Elfie trapped in a slinky. It is just his way of showing his excitement when Christmas is right around the corner.

via Clearly Candace

41. Gliding along the Ropeway

Elfie does not need any cable car to travel along the ropeway. He is just too badass for cable cars. He can glide through the entire ropeway using just his bare hands!

via Rachel Swartley

42. Elfie trying out the Coloring Book

Elfie can get quite naughty when he gets his hands on a marker. However, hand him a box of crayons and a coloring book and watch his creativity unfold.

via One Suburban Mom

43. Elfie on a Swing

Elfie absolutely love swings! Don’t believe us? Just check out how much fun he was having on his tire swing.

via A Small Snippet

44. Christmas Countdown with Elfie

When Christmas is around the corner, Elfie just cannot contain his excitement. He loves writing countdown messages on toilet paper strips!

via raeoflight-photography.com

45. Trapped in an M&M Wrapper 

If there is anything Elfie loves more than sitting on the shelf, then it is surely M&Ms. Just look at him, he just cannot have enough of it!

via A Life Examined

46. Going on a Drive with Miss Barbie

We all know Elfie loves a bit of romance and what better way to show his love for Barbie than to take her out on a long drive.

via Lil Boo Blue

47. Elfie and Barbie sharing a Drink

Elfie and Barbie are quite the couple, wouldn’t you agree? Just take a look at them sharing a drink!  We just can’t get enough of their romance!

via elfontheshelfideas.com 

48. Staircase + Elfie + Toilet Paper Roll = Whole Lotta Fun!

Elfie loves rolling down the staircase inside a toilet paper roll. However, this time it is a little different. His recent diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder means that he no longer rolls down the staircase in a haphazard manner.

via Hand Bags to Change Bags

49. Elfie replaces all the Stockings with Underwear

Naughty Elfie is back again and this time he has replaced all the stockings with underwear! We sincerely hope Santa gifts him a box full of ash for Christmas this year.

via elfontheshelfideas.com

50. Elfie and his Glowing Hula Hoops

What do you get when you give Elfie a bunch of glowing hula hoops? Pure awesomeness! Just take a look at the stunning illustration below!

Source Unknown

51. Elfie and Buzz Lightyear have a Snowball Fight

Elfie takes his snowball fights quite seriously. It seems like he is about to absolutely decimate Buzz Lightyear in this matchup. What do you think?

via LMents Photography

52. Storytime with Elfie

Although Elfie is a child at heart, he can be quite mature at times. Just take a look at this adorable picture of Elfie reading to his little buddies.

via abitofbeesknees.blogspot.com

53. Elfie having an intimate moment in the Jacuzzi with Barbie

If you have been reading this article intently, then you must admit that Elfie is no stranger to romantic situations. He loves his marshmallow baths and it only gets better if Barbie joins him as well.

via elfontheshelfideas.com

54. Elfie Sunbathing

Want to know Elfie’s secret to his beautiful tanned skin? He uses a special Elf Sunscreen to make sure his skin is always in tiptop condition while he is sunbathing.

via A Small Snippet

55. Elfie admiring his Portraits

Elfie is quite self obsessed don’t you think? Well, we don’t blame him. After all he works incredibly hard to make sure that he is always gleaming with life.

56. Walking the Dog

Elfie loves walking his pets. Just take a look at the illustrations below! Aren’t they overflowing with cuteness?

via Picklehead SoupZest and Reel

57. Elfie and his T-Rex Sled

In this fast paced world, sometimes Reindeers just don’t cut it. Hence, Elfie sometimes call his good friend, T-Rex, to travel the world with.

via Wine & Glue

58. Elfie the Mechanic

Elfie isn’t just good at pulling pranks or wrapping presents, he is also quite experienced with fixing toy vehicles. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at the picture below.

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59. Elfie and his Buddies have a Sack Race

Elfie is all for having fun and what better way to have fun than to challenge his friends to a sack race. It seems like Elfie is quite ecstatic that he is in the lead but he better keep steady as Barry the Bear is close on his heels.

via Mommity

60. Making a Sugar Sprinkle Angel

Elfie has made a lot of Snow Angels in his lifetime and this time he is trying out the same using Sugar Sprinkles. Well, if he is euphoric, then that is all that matters.

via Rachel Swartley

61. Elfie caught Stealing Cereal

Naughty Elfie returns! And this time he is caught red handed in the act of stealing cereal. If you want your cereal safe, make sure you hide it where even Elfie cannot reach.


62. Elfie captured by the Army

The miniature Army has captured Elfie yet again and it seems like this time he is not going anywhere. Will a hero save the day or is this the last we see of the ever smiling Elf?

via Jennifer Saintz Photography

63. Elfie on the Landing Strip

If there is someone who knows how to make a Hero’s entrance, then it is Elfie. Just take a look at the way he announces his return in the illustration below.

via: Lesley Chamberlain

64. Elfie’s Selfie

Elfie’s self obsession coupled with a smartphone can only mean one thing – Selfies! Loads and loads of Elfie selfies! If your phone is running low on storage, we suggest you keep it away from Elfie’s reach.

via Jenny Onsager

65. Elfie the Assassin 

Who would have thought that this jolly little Elf would be capable of performing such evil feats? We are quite surprised to be honest and we will advise you to keep the miniature army around if you do not feel safe.

via Lemons & Laughs

66. Elfie and Mickey reading Books

Now, that is quite the change of character, wouldn’t you agree? Elfie and his best bud Mickey reading their favorite books is surely one of the most calming things we have seen.


67. Netflix and Chill with Elfie

Who doesn’t love Netflix? Elfie surely loves to binge watch his favorite Christmas specials on Netflix and chill.

via Heather Spoor/Buzzfeed

68. Elfie Wrapping Christmas Presents

Finally, we come across a rare photo of Elfie doing what he does best – wrapping presents. This time, it is not for Santa’s favorite children, but it is for his best buddies.

via Rachel Swartely

69. Elsa freezes Elfie

That will teach Elfie not to mess with Elsa ever again. He was probably trying to paint a Rudolph nose on Elsa, but, as expected, she did not take too kindly to it.

via Amy Janczak

70. Elfie and Friends playing Scrabble

Elfie absolutely loves playing Scrabble with his buddies. But, more than playing, he loves to win and judging by the smile on his face, it would be wise to assume that.


71. Elfie bathing in Sugar Sprinkles

When Elfie gets bored of Marshmallow baths, he loves to switch it up with Sugar Sprinkles instead. Just take a look at his jolly little face, he is totally in love with his Sugar Sprinkle bath.

via Lily Shop

72. Elfie watching his Favorite Movie on the iPad

This is probably his tenth time watching the Elf movie but he just cannot get enough of it. He is always beaming with joy whenever his favorite movie comes on.

via My Book Corner

73. Elfie Zip-lining

Elfie is no stranger to zip lining and this time he has chosen to traverse through the long wire of Christmas lights. Don’t worry, we are quite confident that he will make it to the other side without breaking a sweat.

via Simpson College

74. Elfie’s Hot Air Balloon Ride

Elfie just cannot get enough of his underwear balloon ride. It is one of favorite things to do when Christmas is around the corner.

via overthebigmoon.com

75. Elfie trying out the Bearded Look

Elfie and his buddy sometimes love to imagine themselves with beard, especially white beard, so that they can look like their idol – Santa Claus.

via @elfontheshelf

76. Elfie goes on a Boat Ride

How does Elfie spend time with his duck friends? Simple, he rides around on a boat with a custom-fitted duck horn.

via @elizabeth.cotf

77. Elfie has fun Zip-Lining

Elfie is quite the professional when it comes to zip-lining. Usually he prefers doing it with his bare hands but, here, we see him glide through the zip-line strapped to a harness.

via thatscountryliving.com

78. Elfie Sunbathing at the Beach

Elfie loves his sunbathing sessions and here we see him enjoy the beach on a KitKat lounger. He seems quite relaxed, wouldn’t you agree?

via Lily Shop

79. Elfie pulls a Face Paint Prank

When Elfie is on his naughty streak, he loves painting Rudolph noses on his fellow humans. Just take a look at his beaming face after he manages to paint the nose of an unsuspecting human child.


80. Elfie goes shopping for Christmas Trees

Elfie is always thrilled when he is told to go Christmas shopping. He seems to be absolutely ecstatic with the Christmas tree he bought.

via Busy Kids Happy Mom

81. Elfie playing Angry Birds

Elfie is an avid fan of Angry Birds. In fact, he even bought the “Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game” and now, this has become his new favorite pastime.


82. Elfie catches the Flu

Just take a look at poor Elfie. Despite his illness, he still manages to put a smile on his face. It is almost heartbreaking to see him in this state.

via elfontheshelfideas.com

83. Elfie’s Kissing Booth

How can you not kiss that adorable face? We are quite sure that Elfie’s face will be covered in kisses in a matter of minutes.

via: Living Locurto

84. The Garage Sale

Every year before Christmas Elfie conducts a garage sale so that he can replace his old stuff with new goodies. However, Elfie’s stocks sell like hot cakes and if you want something you better hurry!

via: A Small Snippet

85. Elfie and his Magic Elf Seeds

If you always wondered about the Magic Elf trees, then wonder no more as Elfie has brought the Magic Elf seeds with him for this Christmas. So, plant them in powdered sugar and watch them sprout into glorious Magic Elf trees.

via eastcoastmommyblog.blogspot.com

86. Leave a Message with Elfie

Just take a look at Elfie’s beaming smile. Doesn’t he look absolutely thrilled to deliver your letter? Although, judging by his naughty side, he is smiling because he has already read the contents of the letter.

via livinglocurto.com

87. Elfie sitting on the Ceiling Light

Elfie loves sitting on elevated spots so that he can feel like a silent guardian and sitting atop the ceiling light is one of his biggest fetishes.


88. Elfie in the Stockings

Don’t get fooled by this innocent picture. That is Elfie trying to execute his mischievous plan of replacing all Christmas stockings with underwear.

via overthebigmoon.com

89. Elfie blocks the Doorway with Crepe Paper

If Elfie can’t get his hands on wrapping paper, he will go for the next best thing – crepe paper. Make sure that you keep it away from his reach if you do not want your doorway blocked by strips of crepe paper.

Source Unknown

90. Elfie’s Nice and Naughty List

Every year before Christmas, Elfie prepares his Nice and Naughty list. But, don’t get too disheartened if you are not on his Nice list as it has nothing to do with Santa’s list.

via phillybabyphotography.com

91. Elfie and the Christmas Crossword Puzzle

Elfie loves everything Christmas, especially Christmas themed Word Search Puzzles. Just take a look his gleeful face after successfully finding the first word.


92. Elfie goes Hang Gliding

You have already seen Elfie zip-lining and this time he is stepping up his game by trying his hand at Hang Gliding. He seems to be loving the experience, wouldn’t you agree?


93. Elfie’s Underpants Balloon Ride

If you have been reading this article intently, then you must be familiar with Elfie’s Underpants Balloon rides. This time, he is trying to soar even higher with the help of not one but three balloons! Let us pray that he does not fly too close to the sun.

via: LMents Photography

94. Elfie’s Candy Cane Garden Planting Kit

When Elfie is bored of pulling pranks on his fellow humans, he loves spending his time planting magical Candy Cane plants. And remember, he also does not mind a helping hand, so don’t shy away from helping him plant his Candy Cane seeds.

via cometogetherkids.com

95. Elfie goes Green with the Milk

What’s Elfie doing in the refrigerator, you ask? Well, he is adding his special Elf mix to the milk. Don’t worry, it is not a prank. In fact, we believe this is one of the most delicious milk shakes you will ever come across.


96. Elfie decorates the Christmas Tree with Toilet Paper

There we go again! We warned you to hide the Toilet Paper stash, didn’t we? That naughty Elf seriously needs to be humbled by the firing squad!


97. Elfie relaxing on the Armchair

After a long day of wrapping presents, Elfie loves to relax on his armchair and sip on his special Green Milk. We suggest you try it out as well, it is absolutely delicious and strangely relaxing.

Source Unknown

98. Elfie and his Mini Oreo Packet

Who doesn’t love Oreos? Elfie is completely crazy about them! Just take a look at him trying to find the last few crumbs inside the Mini Oreo packet.


99. Elfie Gift wraps the Commode

This is what happens when Elfie find the wrapping paper stash. But, it’s hard to stay mad at him for long. After all, his wrapping skills are impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

Source Unknown

100. Elfie sitting atop the Christmas Tree

We already told you that Elfie loves elevated spots. Just take a look at his ecstatic face. He is probably imagining that he is Bat Elf, the silent guardian and watchful protector of your house.


101. Elfie on his Tiny Tire Swing

If you want to keep Elfie away from exploring his naughty side, then make a tiny tire swing for him and watch him gleefully swing all day!

via iheartfaces.com

102. Elfie tries his hand at Piggy Bank Riding

Elfie is quite the daredevil. He absolutely loves thrilling sports and this time he is trying his hand at Piggy Bank Riding. By the looks of it, he is completely in control, wouldn’t you agree?

via mommysavers.com

103. Elfie The Babysitter

If you thought Elfie was irresponsible, then you are highly mistaken. Just take a look at him babysitting a little Elf.

via facebook.com

104. Elfie and his Reindeer Sled

Not always does Elfie prefer to take his outrageous T-Rex sled out on rides. Sometimes, he just wants a more relaxing and subtle ride.

via elfontheshelfideas.com

105. Elfie has fun with Scrabble Tiles

Elfie loves scrabble so much that he puts up random messages with his scrabble tiles. P.S. He can get a little naughty at times.

via flickr.com

106. Elfie getting his Nails Done

When Elfie and Barbie get together, you get a glimpse of his feminine side. Just take a look at his ecstatic expression while Barbie paints his nails.

Source Unknown

107. Elfie is thrilled to welcome the Guests

When it is time for Christmas, Elfie just can’t contain his excitement to meet new humans. However, make sure that you keep an eye on him, lest his naughty side takes over.

via elfontheshelfideas.com

108. Elfie and the Magic Elf Key

If there is a key, there must be a lock! But, what exactly does the key open? Well, your guess is as good as ours. Only Elfie knows the answer to that question.

via eastcoastmommyblog.blogspot.ca

109. Elfie sleeps in a Box of Tissues

Although he loves getting spoilt, Elfie can also take a nap on a makeshift bed of tissues. We suggest you put him in a Box of Tissues, if he is being naughty again.

via abitofbeesknees.blogspot.com

110. Elfie climbing the Wardrobe

We already told you that Elfie absolutely loves elevated spots. But, have you ever wondered how does he manage to climb so high? Well, there’s your answer!

via abitofbeesknees.blogspot.com

111. Elfie says Goodbye with Skittles

Elfie can get quite creative with Skittles and Mints. Just take a look at the adorable photo below. That will surely make your eyes “sweat”, wouldn’t you agree?

Source Unknown

112. Elfie hides in a Pile of Stuffed Animals 

What’s Elfie smiling about? Well, he thinks he is completely camouflaged by his soft toy buddies.

via Simple As That

113. Elfie upgrades his Hot Air Balloon Ride

Although Elfie loves his Underpants Balloon ride, there is something he enjoys more – a miniature Hot Air Balloon ride.

via Simple As That

114. Elfie Kart!

If there is something that Elfie loves playing more than Mario Kart on his Nintendo, then that would be Mario Kart in real life! Although, he is in the second place, he is still loving the experience!

via Mommy Upgrade

115. Elfie enjoying his Igloo

So how does Elfie like to chill? In the Igloo of course! Just take a look at his ecstatic expression!

via Domestic Femme

116. Elfie in the Kitchen

Elfie looks absolutely innocent in the photo below, doesn’t he?  Well, don’t be fooled by his expression. He is only playing nice, since he couldn’t find the cookies. If he got his hands on the cookie jar, you best believe it will be empty in a matter of minutes.

via Snapshots of my Life

117. Elfie chats with Santa

Elfie can be quite the diva with the smartphone. If he isn’t busy taking selfies, then he surely will be chatting with Santa and his Elf buddies.

via Picklehead Soup

118. Elfie gets caught playing with Band-Aids

Elfie’s got himself in quite the mess, wouldn’t you say? He thought he could have his way with the Band-Aids, instead, he got stuck in it.

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119. Elfie goes bonkers with the Coloring Book

Elfie is usually quite creative with his coloring skills, but, it seems like he is quite mad at himself for not making it to Santa’s Nice list this year. That’s just his way of venting his anger. We advise you to leave him be if you ever come across his crazy side.

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120. Elfie – The Puppet Master

Elfie loves to entertain his humans with his puppeteering skills and he never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face with his Christmas Special Puppet Show.

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121. Elfie eating his Bowl of Cereal

Have you ever wondered what Elfie usually has for breakfast? Well, it is nothing but a bowl of cereal sprinkled with some Elf sugar.

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122. Elfie Potter

One of Elfie’s favorite pastimes is engaging in cosplay. His absolute favorite cosplay character is Santa Claus, however, he likes to switch things up at times. This time he is playing none other than Harry Potter! Doesn’t he look absolutely adorable?

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123. Elfie gift wraps the Christmas Tree

This is yet another example of Elfie’s mischievous stunts with the wrapping paper. If he manages to get his hands on the wrapping paper, it is very likely that the Christmas Tree will be the first object to be wrapped.

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124. Elfie and his Special Christmas Swing

Just take a look at Elfie’s ecstatic expression. He really loves his special Christmas Swing, wouldn’t you agree?

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125. Elfie and Woody have a Snowball Fight

After Elfie crushed Buzz Lightyear in a Snowball Fight, Woody got infuriated and challenged Elfie to a match. This time around, things look a lot different and it seems like Elfie got his work cut out for him.

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126. Elfie Zip-Lining with a Candy Cane

Previously you have seen Elfie zip-lining with his bare hands or attached to a safety harness, but have you ever seen him glide along the zip-line with the help of his good ol’ Candy Cane? Well, here you go. We wish we could see the expression on his face right now!

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127. Elfie dresses up as Bat Elf

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we present to you the silent guardian and watchful protector of your home – Bat Elf! Have you ever seen a more ecstatic look on his face?

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128. Elfie paints the Eggs

Whenever Elfie gets his hands on a Marker, he just can’t contain himself. He will paint faces on random objects the first chance he gets. This time he has painted some hilarious expressions on a bunch of eggs.

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129. Elfie and his buddies enjoy a Sack Race

Elfie almost seems infallible in the Sack Races. This time around, the story remains the same as he seems to have a comfortable lead in the race.

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130. Elfie dancing to Oppa Gangnam Style

If you didn’t believe in Elfie’s swag, then take a look at the picture below. He seems to be absolutely killing it, wouldn’t you agree?

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131. Elfie gets stuck in a Chocolate Wrapper

Elfie just can’t get enough of chocolates and candies. This time, he got himself stuck in a Chocolate Wrapper while licking the very last speck of chocolate.

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132. Elfie Poops in the Shoe

Naught Elfie is at it again! Here, you see him pooping in a shoe for the zillionth time! Guess it is time to call the miniature firing squad, wouldn’t you agree?

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133. Elfie robs the Piggy Bank Again

Just take a look at that naughty face! Make sure you empty the Piggy Bank before Elfie arrives or he will happily do it himself.

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134. Elfie blocks the toilet

Just imagine running into Elfie when you are hit with a bathroom emergency. We are quite confident that you would definitely feel like flushing him along with your bodily wastes!

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135. Elfie farts in a Jar

Don’t be disgusted by the picture below. Judging by the taste of his chocolate poop, we believe that his fart will smell like roses! So we suggest you go right ahead and take a long sniff!

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136. Elfie gets Cozy in the Refrigerator

Elfie sometimes misses the freezing cold of his home in the North Pole. So, don’t be alarmed if you find him taking a nap in the freezer.

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137. Elfie Poops in the Bathroom Sink

That’s what happens when Elfie suffers from an upset stomach! Make sure that you don’t feed him too many chocolates and candies.

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The elf gotta do what he gotta do, he will do his best to accomplish his mission well before flying to the north pole yet sometimes he is having some fun too while at it and we ought to enjoy that too along him. What do you think about the elf on the shelf ideas above ? Do you have a family Elf already or do you need this one right here ?

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Happy holidays !

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