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How To Organize Colored Pencils? | Things You Should Know

Ah, the joys of scribbling away with colored pencils! Nearly all of us can recollect fond memories from our childhood when we used them to create artistic masterpieces. 

How To Organize Colored Pencils

In fact, some of us do it even as adults, either professionally or as a pastime. Besides being a viable source of income, it is a great stress buster. And it allows you to bond with your own children as they set out on their imagination journey. 

But while doing that, it is crucial to keep the colored pencils in order so that you can find them whenever needed. You can store each set in a separate container and sort them by color so that they are easily accessible. 

We have expanded on the above point in this detailed yet simple guide. So, if you or your child is having trouble keeping your colored pencils organized, this will help. 

Let’s go! 

How To Organize Colored Pencils

How To Organize Colored Pencils

As we have stated before, organizing colored pencils requires sorting the colors and storing them in separate containers. Additionally, you may need to consider the place where you keep them, especially if they are used often. 

Regardless, we have expanded on each of these aspects below so that you can keep your colored pencil collection neatly arranged and easily accessible. 

Sorting The Pencils

The first step to organizing the pencils is to sort them out properly - either individually or in a group. Likewise, if you need any help with the sorting process, you can consult downloadable charts and color wheels. Or, simply create your own color swatches. They are great organizing tools for any type of coloring supplies, including colored pencils.

There are different approaches you can take to accomplish this task, as we have described below.

1. Sorting By Color

In this technique, you will need to sort every colored pencil based on its general color family. For instance, you can separate all the red tones, like crimson, maroon, and other similar colors. You can do the same for the blue, green, yellow, or any other tones as well. 

Make sure that each pile is separate and there is no intermixing, as it can mess up the sorting process. You can even make a separate pile for neutral colors, such as black, white, gray, or brown. To better ascertain the color and make the sorting process convenient, you can prepare individual color swatches for every pencil. 

2. Sorting By Temperature

The color temperature is another method of categorizing different color shades. When we say temperature, we usually refer to the two most common categories as depicted on any color wheel or chart - warm and cool colors. Generally, orange, red, and yellow hues are identified as warm colors, while blue, green, and purple hues are considered cool colors. 

On that note, some of the neutral colors, such as black, brown, white, and gray shades have their separate category. This is because they cannot be considered to be warm or cool. But, you can put them in either of the two groups for convenience. And if you face any difficulty during sorting, you can consult different color charts. 

3. Sorting By Color Intensity

You can also sort the different pencils by color intensity. To do this, keep all the brighter colors, such as red, violet, or indigo, in one pile. Subsequently, you can sort the lighter pastel shades, like yellow, cyan, or lime, into their own stack. 

As for the neutral colors, like black and white, keep them in their separate pile. Once you have sorted them, keep the bundles separated from each other to prevent intermixing. 

4. Other Sorting Techniques

Apart from the above techniques, you can sort the colored pencil sets based on their type or brand. This is especially helpful if you possess multiple sets of colored pencils. On the other hand, it may require more time and effort than the previous techniques. 

Sorting by brands is relatively easy since the brand for each colored pencil is typically engraved on its body. Besides, different brands may use distinct designs and shapes for their pencils, which can also help with the sorting process. 

There are two broad types of colored pencils - water and wax-based. So, if you want to sort the pencils by their type, you may need to refer to the packaging, as the type is normally mentioned on it. This is where things get a bit complicated since the packaging may get damaged, or you may have disposed of it soon after purchase. 

In these cases, you might need to do some research online to determine the type. Some brands may mention the type on the pencils themselves, in which case, you can consider yourself lucky, as it will make the sorting process easier. 

Colored Pencil Storage

Colored Pencil Storage

After you have sorted the colored pencils, you should store them in a suitable container. Now, there are different types of storage solutions for colored pencils, so you can choose any one according to your preferences. If you are feeling a bit creative, you can even make some DIY solutions for storing your colored pencils. 

Anyhow, we have discussed some of the easiest and most convenient options below, so we suggest that you keep reading. 

1. Cardboard Box

In case you have lost the original packages of the pencils, then this is the best and simplest alternative. Cardboard boxes come in different shapes and sizes, so you can pick whichever suits your needs the best. 

If you use small cardboard boxes, you can store each pile of colored pencils separately. But if you have a large box, you can create smaller compartments inside it by using cardboard cutouts, which will make it convenient to store the pencils. 

2. Plastic Containers

Using plastic containers to store colored pencils is another simple option that you can go for. Like cardboard boxes, plastic containers are also available in different shapes and sizes. So, you can get a box that best suits your needs. 

You can store separate piles of colored pencils inside each box. We recommend that you use transparent containers for this purpose, as it makes it easier for you to see the contents inside. As such, you won’t need to fumble around with the boxes while coloring. 

3. Mason Jars

The shape and size of mason jars make it convenient to store colored pencils. Like the previous options, you can keep a different pile of sorted pencils in each jar. 

In this regard, simply store them in these jars, or you may get a little creative. For the latter, you can join multiple mason jars in a staggered fashion with the help of sticking tapes or adhesives. Then lay them on their sides to create an attractive display of jars in your art studio. 

4. Pencil Stands

Pencil stands are a very convenient option for a table or desk. These stands often have a minimalistic design and come with prebuilt compartments for storing all of your art supplies. 

You can also get stylish pencil stands that have distinctive designs for enhancing the appeal of your craft room. Likewise, you can go with different colors to match its décor. For instance, if you work on a wooden table, you can get wooden colored pencil stands to complement it. 

5. DIY Pencil Caddy

If you are seeking a bit of originality, make a DIY pencil caddy out of cardboard pieces or used toilet paper rolls. Using adhesives and sticking tapes, you can put cardboard pieces or toilet paper rolls together to create a custom storage solution for your colored pencils. You can even color the caddy for a more personal touch. 

6. Pencil Carousels

A pencil carousel can be considered to be an upgraded form of the simple caddy, with larger and more compartments. So, apart from colored pencils, you can easily store other coloring supplies like gel pens, paintbrushes, pastels, normal pencils, and so on. 

You can get pencil carousels from any online craft store, or simply go the DIY route. To make it more unique, you can make a rotating carousel that will considerably enhance the appeal of your craft room. 

7. Pencil Wraps

Another interesting storage solution for your colored pencils is a pencil wrap. These are highly convenient pencil cases that are usually made from fabric or nylon. You can even make your own wrap with some cloth and a sewing machine. 

On the inner side, there are numerous elastic flaps or pouches in which the pencils can be stored. Once you put all the pencils in it, roll the wrap into a cylindrical shape and carry it with you. The wrap is typically held together with a string or a Velcro strap.

8. Zipper Bags

Like pencil wraps, zipper bags are another convenient solution for storing and organizing your colored pencils. The bag’s exterior may be made from fabric or toughened polyester for enhanced durability. There may also be a strap included so that you can easily carry it with you. 

Inside, there may be one or more compartments for storing your colored pencils, as well as other supplies. In some zipper bags, the compartments may be arranged like the pages of a flipbook, making it even easier to organize your colored pencils. 

9. Drawers And Cabinets

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for storing your colored pencils and other drawing supplies, you should get a drawer or a cabinet. These are generally large wooden boxes having multiple compartments. 

The compartments may be designed to store the pencils either in a pile or in a single file. Personally, we prefer the latter, since it makes organizing the pencils more convenient. Also, you can keep it separately or attach it to the wall like a display cabinet. 

Accessibility Of The Colored Pencils

Once you have sorted and stored the colored pencils, you need to determine where they should be kept. If you use them frequently, then the ideal place to store them is your art station. 

Even if they are not used frequently, you should keep them in a place where you have easy access and can remember easily. That way, you won’t have to search high and low for your pencils if you feel like doing a bit of drawing and coloring. 

Usage Of Colored Pencils

Besides proper storage, you need to use your colored pencils carefully, or else they may get misplaced or lost. To avoid that, we would suggest that you pay some attention to the pencils when using them. 

See to it that you take out only one or two pencils at a time from the pencil organizer. Likewise, make sure that you place them back into it once you are done with the project. 

Also, you should only place the pencil back into the storage container to which it belongs and not some other place. You might find this easier to do if your boxes, jars, or bags are properly labeled. 

How To Organize Colored Pencils Frequently Asked Questions ?

Can you use colored pencils on canvas?

Yes, you can use colored pencils on canvas, but not all colored pencils produce viable results when used on canvas. That’s why we’d suggest that you use oil-based pencils with harder cores. 

Can you purchase individual colors if you misplace or lose a pencil?

The ability to buy individual colored pencils may vary from brand to brand. That is why it is best to consult the brand’s website to learn more about this aspect. On that note, you might find individual colored pencils, but they might not be from the same brand you require it to be. 

How To Organize Colored Pencils Final Words

How To Organize Colored Pencils Final Words

That is all we have to say about how to organize colored pencils. If you keep your art supplies in order, it will bring you a lot of satisfaction, not to mention the time it will save while working on an art project. 

The best colored pencil brands like Prismacolor, Faber Castell, or Crayola use decent packaging right out of the box. And it is a good idea to retain the packaging boxes since they can make the organization process more convenient. 

But it is fine if you want to use your own methods for this purpose, which is where you will find this guide helpful. And if you follow it correctly, you won’t need to worry about losing any of your colored pencils ever again. 

Now it is time for us to wrap it up over here. Be sure to check out this space for any future updates.