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6 Best Pool Test Kits for Saltwater Pools | Reviews + Guide

If you have a saltwater pool, you need to monitor its salinity with pool test kits. From our testing, we found the AquaChek Salt Test Strip titrators to be the best overall. Likewise, the Easytest saltwater pool test strips and the Taylor Technologies K-2006-SALT test kit are viable options too. 

Best Pool Test Kits for Saltwater Pools

A saltwater pool is an excellent alternative to conventional chlorinated pools. Compared to the latter, it is much safer on the skin. But even then, you will need to test its water chemistry with suitable pool test kits before diving in. This will help you maintain the correct salinity at all times and monitor the presence of other chemicals. But selecting the right pool test kit can be a headache. So, we did the hard work and reviewed some of the best options available today. Dive in! 

Listed below are the best pool test kits for saltwater pools:

  • AquaChek Salt Test Strip Titrators: The AquaChek strip testing kit delivers remarkable precision, recognizing sodium chloride levels from 400 to 7,000 ppm. It falls short on strip quantity, offering only 10 strips per unit.
  • Easytest Saltwater Pool Test Strips: Easytest saltwater pool test strips are distinguished by their extensive detection range (0 to 8,000 ppm) and color-coded testing. Its superior count of 25 strips per unit gives it an edge over the AquaCheck. It has a low shelf life post-opening.
  • Taylor Technologies K-2006-SALT Test Kit: The Taylor Technologies test kit, unlike the Easytest Strips, covers a broad spectrum of attributes, including chlorine balance, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, and pH level. Its complex process might prove a bit challenging for beginners.
  • Trudirection Salt Water Test Strips: A pool testing solution known for an extended shelf life of 24 months. It has a limited detection range compared to Taylor's test kit.
  • SuperCheck Salt Test Strips: The SuperCheck salt test strips offer accurate sodium chloride detection in various chloride-based salt solutions. The meager 10 strips per bottle, compared to the generous 25 strips offered by Easytest, restricts its comparative advantage.

1. AquaChek Salt Test Strip Titrators - Best for Accuracy & Convenience

When it comes to pool and spa testing Kits, AquaChek is a pretty reliable brand. You can find test strips, as well as digital test kits, to ascertain the water quality of your pool. But the saltwater testing strips made by AquaChek are of particular repute, which is why we have reviewed the AquaChek salt test strip titrators here.

The salt test strips are made with approved medical industry technology, due to which they give highly accurate results. These strips measure the exact level of sodium chloride salt present in the water of your pool. In that context, the lowest range of detection is 400 ppm, and the highest concentration of salt that can be measured is 7,000 ppm.

With these strips, there is no need to measure the drops of reagent, which reduces the margin of error significantly. The process of measurement is straightforward - all you need to do is dip the strip in the water for a few seconds and pull it out. After that, you can consult the water chemistry guide provided with it to determine how much salt there is. The only issue is that you get just ten strips with the kit, which isn’t sufficient enough.

But overall, it is ideal for pools with salt generator systems since it allows you to adjust the salt generator to maintain the correct amount of chlorine. You can also input the results into the free mobile app to get personalized water treatment plans for your pool.

Type: Strip testing kit | Packaging includes: A bottle with 10 testing strips, pool chemistry insert with instructions | Tests for: Sodium chloride concentration

2. Easytest Saltwater Pool Test Strips - Best Range of Detection

Here we have reviewed the saltwater pool test strips manufactured by Easytest. The brand makes water testing strips for different fixtures, such as swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and even aquariums. 

On that note, this particular product has been specifically designed for testing the sodium chloride content in saltwater pools. Each unit contains 25 testing strips, and each of these strips is made from high-quality PET paper that produces fast and accurate results.

The strips have a fairly wide range of detection too, which makes them even more effective. From the lowest point of 0 ppm, they can efficiently detect sodium chloride concentrations of up to 8,000 ppm.

In order to measure the salt content of your pool water, all you need to do is dip the testing portion of the strip in the water for a second. Then, pull it out of the water and hold it horizontally for approximately 5 seconds. Once the immersed portion of the strip changes color, you will have to compare it against the color chart. 

As you can see, the process is quite simple, which makes it convenient to use. The color-coded testing means that there are no additional calculations necessary. Besides, you can use these strips to test the water of a regular swimming pool, spa, or hot tub as well, which offers good flexibility. Just make sure to use the strips as soon as they are opened for accurate results since they have a low shelf life.

Type: Strip testing kit | Packaging includes: A bottle with 25 testing strips | Tests for: Sodium chloride concentration

3. Taylor Technologies K-2006-SALT Test Kit - Best Complete Test Kit

Taylor Technologies is one of the leading names in the domain of water testing solutions. The brand has a portfolio of over 600 test-kit configurations, ranging from dry and wet chemistry systems to microprocessor-based testing instruments. Because of this reason, we have included the K-2006-SALT testing kit on our list.

This particular option is a complete test kit for your swimming pool that includes different components. Each of these components tests a particular attribute of the pool water, which gives you a clear idea of your pool’s chemical composition.

Apart from the salinity and chlorine balance, you can check the calcium hardness, total alkalinity, pH level, and cyanuric acid levels of the water. Most of them are drop test kits, which give fairly accurate results. 

All the test bottles have a capacity of 0.75 ounces and come packaged in a box, which makes them convenient to use. And since it is a complete kit, you can use it for regular and saltwater pools, spas, hot tubs, and so on. 

On that note, it tests for the chloride present as a salt, as well as free chlorine. That makes it a suitable option for saltwater pools with salt generator systems. But the test process can be a bit complicated for first-timers so make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Type: Drop testing kit | Packaging includes: 0.75 oz testing bottles, testing guide, sample tubes | Tests for: Sodium chloride concentrations, free and combined chloride ions, cyanuric acid content, total alkalinity, pH with acid/base demand, calcium hardness

4. Trudirection Salt Water Test Strips - Best Shelf Life

Unless you are a highly knowledgeable and long-time pool owner, you might not have heard about the Trudirection brand since it is a bit obscure. However, it manufactures top-notch pool testing solutions that are on par with the products made by many renowned brands.

One such solution is the Trudirection salt water test strips, which we have reviewed here. These strips can precisely detect the sodium chloride salt concentration in your pool within the range of 1,500 to 5,000 ppm. The detection range is a bit limited compared to some of the other testing kits on our list.

But the testing system is relatively easy since you need to simply immerse the strip in the water for a second and then hold it in the air for 5 seconds. Its color will change, which can then be compared to the color chart provided on the bottle. 

These strips are made from premium quality fiber paper, which ensures that the results you get are accurate and reliable. Moreover, the strips have a non-mixing color block, which prevents the color in the test portion from bleeding throughout the strip.

Each unit contains 25 testing strips packaged into a well-sealed bottle. Because of that, the strips have an extended shelf life of 24 months. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the strips degrading over time. 

Type: Strip testing kit | Packaging includes: A bottle with 25 testing strips | Tests for: Chloride ion content

5. SuperCheck Salt Test Strips - Best Packaged Test Strips

SuperCheck is a brand that manufactures water testing strips for pools, spas, and hot tubs. Its focus on quality has made it one of the most reliable brands in this domain. And the SuperCheck salt test strips act as a testament to this fact since the kit offers the quality and reliability that this brand is known for.

The strips are manufactured using medical industry technology and the best quality PET paper. They have a decent range of detection, starting from the lowest level of 0 ppm and going up to a maximum of 6,000 ppm. 

These strips can accurately measure the chloride ion concentration in most chloride-based salt solutions, such as sodium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and others. As such, the kit can help in calibrating saltwater chlorine generators in swimming pools. 

The testing process is relatively simple and takes around 4 minutes to complete. You need to take a little bit of the pool water in a container and place the strip in it. The color level will gradually rise, and once the test is done, you can compare it with the chart provided on the bottle.

To enhance the reliability of the test, the colors on the strip are made in a way that they don’t bleed through the strip. Furthermore, the strips packaged inside the bottle come with an extended shelf life. They are sealed inside two individual packages, which protects the strips from getting damaged. 

In addition to that, there is an individually packed descant for moisture protection. The only downside is that you get just ten strips in the package.

Type: Strip testing kit | Packaging includes: A bottle with 10 testing strips | Tests for: Chloride ion content

6. Hofun Pool Salt Tester - Best Digital Test Strip

Hofun is a brand that specializes in making digital pool test kits. When it comes to user convenience, digital testing kits always have an innate advantage over conventional testing methods. And suffice to say, you get the same advantages with this pool salt tester.

To use it, all you need to do is turn the meter on and select the “salinity” function. Then you can dip it into your pool, and the digital display on the side will tell you the salt levels accurately. You won’t need to do any manual calculations, as all the details will be shown on the electronic display.

There are other functions present on this 5-in-1 testing meter, which allows you to test other water properties. Besides salinity, you can conduct pH tests, measure the water temperature, check the electrical conductivity (EC), and determine the total dissolved solids (TDS) present in the water. In short, it gives the digital tester a good idea about the water’s chemical levels and properties, which helps greatly with pool maintenance.

This digital pool test kit has multiple uses in addition to testing saltwater pools. In other words, you can use it to test the water quality of hot tubs, aquariums, and even seawater. So, it offers a lot more versatility than a standard pool test kit. Likewise, you’d have to spend a little more when purchasing this product.

Type: Digital testing kit | Packaging includes: A digital test meter, pH calibration powder, user manual | Tests for: Salinity, TDS, pH, EC, temperature

What is the Best Pool Test Kit for Saltwater Pools?

If you're on the lookout for the best pool test kit for saltwater pools, listed below is a table that compares the type, what the packaging includes, and the specific elements or properties each kit tests for.

ProductTypePackaging IncludesTests for
AquaChek Salt Test Strip TitratorsStrip testing kitA bottle with 10 testing strips, pool chemistry insert with instructionsSodium chloride concentration
Easytest Saltwater Pool Test StripsStrip testing kitA bottle with 25 testing stripsSodium chloride concentration
Taylor Technologies K-2006-SALT Test KitDrop testing kit0.75 oz testing bottles, testing guide, sample tubesSodium chloride concentrations, free and combined chloride ions, cyanuric acid content, total alkalinity, pH with acid/base demand, calcium hardness
Trudirection Salt Water Test StripsStrip testing kitA bottle with 25 testing stripsChloride ion content
SuperCheck Salt Test StripsStrip testing kitA bottle with 10 testing stripsChloride ion content
Hofun Pool Salt TesterDigital testing kitA digital test meter, pH calibration powder, user manualSalinity, TDS, pH, EC, temperature

Buying Guide for the Best Pool Test Kits for Saltwater Pools

We know that buying the best pool test kit is not as easy as it sounds. You need to buy a test kit that meets your requirements, or else you’ll just be wasting money. Keeping that in mind, here are some important factors to consider before buying a saltwater pool test kit.

1. Type

One of the most important things to check is the type of test kit. Many people get confused about the different types of pool test kits available today. And one of the most common ones is the confusion regarding pool test kits vs strips.

Contrary to what you might know, a pool test strip is not the same as a test kit. The strips are one of the sub-types of pool testing kits. Apart from strips, there are other types of pool test kits available, such as drop test bottles and digital test meters.

Pool water test strips are easy enough to use, but they cannot be used to test for multiple water properties. For instance, if you buy a saltwater testing strip, you can only test the amount of salt present in the water and nothing else.

Drop test kits, on the other hand, are much more versatile. Also known as liquid test kits, they require you to add the liquid reagents dropwise in a testing bottle. Such tests are a bit complicated, but they yield highly precise results in most cases. And you can conduct drop tests for different water properties, such as hardness, alkalinity, salinity, and so on.

Lastly, you have digital test meters, which are both versatile and easy to use. However, they are much more expensive than the previous two types, which can be a deterrent.

2. Use Case

Another key factor that you need to keep in mind is the use case of the test kits. If you intend to use it only for testing the salinity of your saltwater swimming pool, then you can just buy a kit that tests for saltwater or chloride ions. 

But if you want to measure other properties, such as the water temperature and pH, then you will need to buy a kit that can perform those tests.

Similarly, to test the water of your hot tub or aquarium, you need to buy a compatible kit. If you don’t use a suitable kit, you might not get the desired results from the test.

3. Test Time

When it comes to saltwater pool test kits, you would want to get an option that gives you quick results. Besides being convenient, that will allow you to make timely adjustments to the filtration systems and chlorine generators of the pool. 

If you buy a kit that takes a long time to produce results, you won’t be able to make these adjustments on time. And if it takes too long, the water quality may change slightly from when you started the test, which will make the results unreliable.

4. Range and Accuracy

In order to maintain a saltwater pool’s chemistry, you need to make sure that the test kit has good accuracy and range. An accurate kit will give you a clear idea about the water quality, which will help with pool maintenance. Likewise, a high testing range will allow you to detect a wide range of salt concentrations. 

Salt levels are mostly measured in parts per million (ppm), but some kits have scales in parts per thousand (ppt). The former unit is used for high-accuracy measurements, while the latter is used mostly in high-range test kits.

5. Price

When buying a salt test kit, the price is obviously a crucial factor to consider. You should always look for a kit that is reasonably priced to help you stay within budget. That said, most saltwater test kits come at fairly low prices unless you are going for complete test kits or digital testing meters.

Is it hard to use a pool test kit for saltwater pools?

No, it's not typically hard to use a pool test kit for saltwater pools. Kits provide instructions for water sample collection, reagent application, and results interpretation. The process involves using provided chemicals or test strips and comparing the color change to a chart to determine chemical levels. Always follow the instructions offered with the kit.

How accurate are pool test kits for saltwater pools?

How accurate a pool test kit is for saltwater pools depends on the kit's quality, correct usage, and test conditions. Reliable results are typically given by high-quality kits used properly and within their expiration date. Factors like temperature, humidity, and kit storage can affect accuracy. For the most accurate results, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

How often should I test my saltwater pool?

You should test your saltwater pool at least once a week. During periods of heavy usage or after significant weather events, more frequent testing may be required to maintain optimal water balance. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for best results.

Does temperature affect the testing of saltwater pools?

Yes, temperature can affect the testing of saltwater pools. Both water temperature and ambient temperature can impact chemical reactions in the test, potentially altering the results. It's recommended to follow the test kit's guidelines to ensure accuracy.

How long can a pool test kit for saltwater pools last?

A pool test kit for saltwater pools can typically last one to two years, depending on the frequency of use. Keep in mind that the shelf-life of the reagents can decrease over time or due to improper storage, affecting the kit's accuracy. Always check the kit's expiration date to ensure reliable results.

Can I use my saltwater pool test kit for freshwater pools?

Yes, you can use a saltwater pool test kit for freshwater pools to measure common parameters like pH and chlorine. That being said, it won't measure freshwater-specific elements like calcium hardness. Always ensure the testing kit matches the requirements of the water being tested

There you have it - our list of the top test kits for saltwater pools. We hope that you have been able to come to a decision about which one to get by now.

Before we wrap up, allow us to mention our personal favorites from the list. The AquaChek salt test strip titrators are one of our top recommendations, owing to their high levels of accuracy and ease of use.

Although, if you want an option that has a higher range, then you can go for the Easytest saltwater pool test strips. And if you want a complete pool testing kit, then the Taylor Technologies K-2006-SALT test kit should be your pick.