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13 Cool DIY Clock Ideas for Your Home Decor

In a world in a constant urgency, time is of the essence, as well as the way you choose to spend it. We live stressful lives and keeping track of it can become an annoying habit. Nonetheless, having a proper clock that serves the purpose of a design piece as well is a must for most homes. Finding the right one though that will fit your style, taste and interior design can become tricky. Thus we invite you to create your own clock, one transformed from old materials such as tin cans, vinyls, book covers or wooden slices. It can become a statement piece you will cherish for a long time, especially if it creates with loved ones. Cast a glance at our selection below and find the proper cool DIY clock idea for you.

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Cool DIY Clock Ideas

1. tea tin cans are so gorgeous and fit to serve as clocks

Collect them from all over the world and don't forget to give the local yard sales a try.You might still fin a precious treasure buried underneath.



2. the same principle is applicable to any colorful tin can, especially vintage ones

You can replace the tea can with different other tin recipients.Choose the ones in bright colors that will draw the attention and become a focus point in your interior design.



3. vinyls can become works of art- try this Dali inspired piece

Old vinyls might have lost their glamour but they can still serve a purpose in your life.



4. create a simple DIY vinyl clock

By simply adding a mechanism you can turn a favorite vinyl into a wall clock.


5. an old book cover can become an impressive clock

When the pages have lost their purpose, use the book cover as a perfect vintage clock.



6. the 1001 nights book cover transformed into a cute clock

Choose book covers that still have a tale to express.



7. recycle an old grater into a kitchen clock

Even kitchen utensils can become decorative pieces in certain contexts.



8. give a wooden slice the chance to tell time

Wood brings in incredible texture, coziness and warmth so why not use it in DIY clock?



9. a simple wooden board can serve as a clock

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication so cherish it.



10.  a bicycle wheel telling time on a bold black wall

Express your love for bikes and your promptitude in an unique clock.



11. gears in an industrial raw appealing clock

For a raw manly touch use actual gear to create a cool clock.



Little things in life require your extreme devotion. Be free, laugh more and relax.



13. play and create a Lego clock

Allow yourself to have fun and be creative again.



How does your clock look like? Would you consider creating one for yourself or to serve as a gift? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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