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53 Best Medibang & FireAlpaca Brushes & Textures For Digital Artists

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When you’re often bombarded with new ideas, it’s hard to stick to a certain supply of resources. That includes brushes or even textures on designing apps such as Medibang.

With the increasing amount of users making use of the same brush designs, we normally want to venture into newer options. Lucky for us, there are numerous creators out there who come up with creative ideas each time, making sure designers get the best experience on Medibang. 

And today, we’re going to share 54 brushes and textures which you can add to your collection. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best FireAlpaca & Medibang Brushes & Textures


1. Blockchain Brushes

The following brushes resemble a pattern of ropes, rail tracks or can also be considered as a string design. 

The brushes painting such patterns can be used to design the borders of a certain picture or can be effectively used to divide the paper into different parts or segments. And other than a simple line dividing the page into different parts, if we used the following brush, then it brings about a pleasing pattern. That looks better than a simple bold black line. 

These brushes can be used to draw different patterns with the same themes as well as in different colors.

2. Fire Alpaca Simple Chain Brush

Here we come across the simple chain brush which brings about the effect of a chain pattern as a design wherever used. 

The simple chain brush can be used to create a design in order to connect two objects or one figure holding another. It brings about a sense of connection between two different figures or objects exactly like its pattern, which displays in itself a connection of numerous pieces joined together to form a never-ending pattern or ending till any point used. 

The simple chain brush can be used to design borders of images as well as the periphery of objects.

3. Static Textures/Brushes

The brushes used here are of digital patterns which gives a different variety of designs. These brushes can be used widely to design an image as it gives an unorthodox feel or figures as well as a modern or digital influenced look. 

The digital pattern brush brings about a new and modern generation influenced look as well as a graphic feel to the picture. These brushes can be used to either design or form the borders of different pieces of art. They have a wider variety as more than a design it gives a pattern and sci-fi feel.

4. Multicolor Pen Brushes

Here we have the multicolor pens that involve the effect of all colors by combining them together. Its range of use is wider as it offers a spectrum of colors, it even offers an adjustable mode where it restricts the usage of just 3 colors as we can see in the image listed below. 

A rainbow effect can be brought about to your pictures alongside a pleasing appearance. It can be used to form the borders of pictures or divide the page into different segments or just bring about a simple rainbow with its wide spectrum of colors.

5. Zig-Zag Brushes

Presenting the Zig brushes bring about the pattern of zig-zag to your picture. The Zig brushes are simple and effective and take us back to normal and simple designs among a variety of improved patterns. 

The length of the zig can be adjusted as well as the zig ratio bringing to us more freedom to draw as per our intended desire. The height of the zig can be adjusted as well. Overall a recommended brush if you want to stick to the basics and bring an effective design to your image. It must be noted though that the BETA testing states it has bugs.

6. Arrows and Books Brushes

Down below we can see two varieties of brushes that can be used to decorate or paint on a picture. We have arrowhead brushes and the book brushes. If we were to show directions or the pathway inside our image, we could use these arrowhead brushes. 

The book brushes can be used to design a library where it makes it much more convenient than drawing each individual book. The book brushes can be slightly adjusted with designs though the effect doesn’t differ by much. The arrowhead brushes can be used to show connections inside the picture as well.

7. Medibang Paint Pro Custom Brushes

Medibang here brings us a more and highly customizable as per one’s need brush. It allows people to customize their brushes in any proportion they want and in different shapes and sizes as they desire. 

On using Medibang Paint Pro, we are made available with a variety of customizable tools that we can combine to develop our own brushes and influence image with more originality, using our own patterns. 

The ratio of the patterns, the stroke size, the colors used, and depth as well as the subtleness can be adjusted as per one’s own choice and can be applied to paper.

8. Flowers, Hearts, and Stars

Down below we have listed an array of patterns that can be used on a dark background to bring a subtle look to the picture being drawn by the artist. We have six different varieties of brushes in different shapes and designs. We have the flowers, hearts, stars, bubbles, babies, and Flowah design to choose from and decorate our picture. 

The brushes are available to us our convenient to design night skies or decorate the borders and corners of our demonstration whether a poster or picture itself. They would form beautiful backgrounds if used properly. 

9. Wavelets Brushes

Down below we can see the wave brushes which are made available to us by Medibang. The brushes form a wave pattern and can be used to bring about the feel of wave patterns around the picture. 

The design of the waves is customizable and the thickness of it as well. The waves can be used to even draw and bring the same effect to objects as we can see below the effect it brings while drawing a flower.

The different shapes and sizes, dimensions, patterns, and colors give us a dynamic brush which can bring about a lot of effects to the picture.

10. Dripper Brush

Presenting the Dripper brush, the dripper brush is designed to give a dripping effect of color whenever and wherever used.

The drip pattern is beneficial when we want to express the melting of, say an ice-cream in our picture or to showcase the increased heat due to which substances melt. The effect can be successfully given to the drawn figure with this drip brush. 

The drip brush is also effective in making a pattern background with the drip effect as we can see in the example below, it gives a unique angle to the picture. The thickness of the drips, as well as the shape and weight, can be adjusted and made as per our liking, with adjustable details, the dripping brush makes a good case to be often used by users.

11. Fade Out Fire Brush

Here, we have the faded out brush which can be helpful in highlighting or fading outlines, figures, images, etc. The fade-out brush effect much like the previous drip brush can be used to design the background of a picture as it has a very pleasing effect on the eye. 

It can be used to design borders as well as divide the page into different segments. With a variety of colors to choose from, we can combine two different sets of colors and form an original shade to supplement the look of our picture. 

Just like the former brushes, the fade-out brush can also be adjusted using tools where the intensity of colors, the ratio of fading, etc. can be adjusted and suited to one’s own preference.

12. Noise Colored Brush

Coming back to the digitally inspired brushes, the brushes made available here once again give a digital look to our picture though these sets of brushes have much more to offer than its predecessor. 

The brushes have a variety of solid colors its available in, thus allowing us to freely make use of it while designing the background of our picture. Much like the rest, the thickness, color, combinations, intensity, etc. can all be adjusted according to one’s liking. 

The density of the color, as well as the pattern prominence, can be adjusted as well, thus giving more control to the artist to be free in his creative thinking and execute his desired picture.

13. Zipper Brush

Here, we have the Zipper brush which is a more traditional and one of the commonly used brushes as the pattern shares the same characteristics. 

The zipper brush can be used to design the borders of the picture as well as to border any figures or objects within the picture, the zipper brush can also be used to divide the page into different parts to show different images in one photo. 

Like the other brushes, the zipper brush features can also be adjusted and it’s customizable. The dual color or single color used on the pattern can be adjusted as well and we can either have a solid or dual shade for the brush. The length of the brush can be adjusted as well along with the design and thickness of the zip. 

14. Oil-Water Brushes

Presented below are three different variations of brushes, first, we have the pencil brush which brings about a sketchy feel to the picture as we can see below in the sketch of an animated character, second is the oil-water brush which gives the effect of oil pastels being used to draw or paint an image. 

Lastly, we have the Mix brush which is a combination of colors to form one color or a band of a combination of colors. The details can all be adjusted for the below-listed brushes, including the different colors used, the thickness of the brushes, length, and in case of a pencil brush we can even adjust the intensity of the sketch drawn.

15. Stars, Bubbles, and Hearts

The Stars, Bubbles, and Hearts designed brush can be used to design borders of a picture as showcased in the image below, the pattern can also be used as a decorative band across the page as well as to maybe highlight the positivity the photo wishes to portray. 

The design of the pattern is simple yet very effective and elegant, much like the former brushes, the Stars, Bubbles, and Hearts brush can also be adjusted and customized as to one’s own choice and preference. Tools can be used to edit characteristics such as the width of the brush, color, design, spacing of the brush, etc.

16. Cocobunnie’s Monthlies August Clouds

Below listed here we have the cloud effect brushes. These brushes give a wonderful cloud effect on the picture. 

It can be used in various forms, either to draw actual clouds in a day or night sky, they can be used to form cloud shapes like those made by super jets, or it can just be simply used to border a page or simply divide the page into different parts. 

The clouds can be drawn into different shapes as shown below, the characteristics of the cloud can be adjusted as well as the length and shape and sizes. They can be the most prominent or simple fades.

17. Colorful Patch Brushes

The brush shown below is of shade combination patches that vary slightly in texture and can be a color mix of two to three shades going side by side. 

The patches made by the brushes are more of a paint job rather than a design purpose served, thus these brushes are very effective in painting a background of a picture with a variety of combinations and give a very artistic effect to the background of the picture. These brushes can be used to bring the same effect in the figurines or different parts of the picture.

18. Cocobunnie’s Monthlies September Animals

The below-listed brushes are environment influenced patterns which can be effectively used in a nature-oriented image. 

As we can see these brushes form nature-oriented patterns like coconuts joined together, mud patches in different shapes and sizes, designs resembling the paw marks of domestic animals, the brushes can be used to draw or paint hay or nature associated surfaces.

 These brushes can be used to design posters of environment day, eco support posters, environment day advertisement content, etc. They can simply be used to decorate the periphery of a picture as well to divide the page into different parts. They can be used to fill in color as well in wood figures etc.

19. Scatter Brushes for FireAlpaca

Listed below are some design brushes that form a banner of patterns, with a black background, these brushes form patterns such as stars and bubbles of similar design while seeing below we also notice the popping purple used to show digital brick designs giving a mosaic look to the background. 

These brushes can be used to design a starry night background or modern bubbles in a nighty sky look or can go for the purple brick design as well. They can bring out a different and more modern look to the picture as well as can be used in designing posters with attractive and eye-catching colors that relate to the modern generation.

20. Mo-Fox’s FireAlpaca Leaf Brush Collection

Down below we have the Mo-Fox’s FireAlpaca leaf brush collection which provides us a variety of leaves such as the straight leaf blade, the aspen leaf, the maple leaf, the leaf side, a maple leaf side as well as the leaves blowing in the wind in three different varieties. 

The different designed brushes form different patterns when used in number and give the feel of a cluster pattern showcasing numerous leaves put together to form a pleasing pattern. The leaves can be a little scattered inside the pattern as well as they can be clustered close together as well. They can be spread out with a lot of spacing between them as well. 

21. Pearl Brushes

Listed below are the Pearl Brushes, that draw a chain of pearls in each stroke of the brush.  The pearls are a beautiful gem and as mostly it is associated with expensive jewelry as it is not that easy to attain, many can associate it with the Aquatic or Sea world as well. 

The shade of the pearls can be adjusted and customized as well as the width of the pearl, the spacing of the brush, the size by pressure as well as the type of the pearl. The pearl brushes can also be used to give a bubble effect along with the pearl effect by editing the color of the pearl and making it blue.

22. FireAlpaca Custom Brushes

Here, we have three varieties of brushes, the Stipple Pen, the Sumi Pen, and the Acrylic Pen. 

These brushes bring a slightly varying effect to the image or picture constructed, the stipple pen brings about a light stripe effect to the effect of the brush, the Sumi brush brings another little variable effect followed by the Acrylic brush that brings the acrylic effect into each stroke made by the brush. 

More than decorating the borders of a picture or using the brushes to divide the pages into different parts or segments, the pens listed below can be more effectively used in color and outlining as well as sketching a figure within the picture for the effect that they bring about in each stroke. 

23. Grass Brushes

Listed below, we have the grass and feather brushes in a few varieties and types. We have 6 types of differently designed grass brushes and two types of feather brushes. 

These grass brushes can be used to design the fields in a picture or can be similarly used to design or show patches of grass in a scenic picture as well. 

The feather brushes can be used to symbolize feathers blowing on a windy day and give a windy effect to the picture, this effect can also be brought about if grass brush number 5 or 6 is used as well where the grass blades are swaying from one side to another thus depicting the blowing wind effect.

24. Bokeh 4-Set Brushes

Down below, we have the Bokeh Brush 4 set category of brushes to be used for art. In the photography circle, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur effect showcased in the out-of-focus parts of a picture produced by a lens. Bokeh can be defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”. 

These brushes can be effectively used as a background of a picture or to decorate the borders of an image or just to denote an out-of-focus image. These patterns formed come in four varieties as shown below and the intensity of the bokeh feature differs in each type thus we can choose the prominence of the design we want among the option available. 

25. FireAlpaca Chain Brushes

In this picture, you’ll see there are 3 sets of chained brushes, the chained brushes listed below differ from each other on the basis of shape as one resembles a rectangle, a circle and followed by the third which is shaped like a pentagon. 

Resembling the modifications of the previous brushes, these brushes can also be adjusted to one’s own preference. The width of the brush, the spacing of the brush, size, and shape, all have options to adjust and suit one’s own choice. 

These chained brushes can be used to decorate the borders of a page as well as to make margins or divisions on the page. It gives a simple yet elegant look to the picture and its simplicity throws out more when used sparingly.

26. Mo-Fox’s Sparkle/Heart Brush Collection

Mo-Fox presents us with the Sparkle and Heart brush collection, We have available to us a variety of 6 different brushes. There are two varieties of sparkle brush followed by two varieties of heart brushes, we have scattered patterns and bitmap patterns for two different groups of brushes. 

These brushes can be used to decorate the borders of a picture or image, it could be used to design a night sky scenery or just some simple decorative patterns. The patterns are simple and give a subtle look to the image, these brushes can be handy as it can be often used.

27. Snowflake Brush Pack

Our list is not complete without a snowflake brush to bring that winter festive spirit to life. Luckily for you, we’ve got more than one snowflake brushes in the picture below! The picture also includes previews of what the effects will look like when choosing one of the options. Now, you can pick your favorite one from these designs. 

Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are leaner and resemble floral patterns while numbers 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 are stars-shaped and thicker, filling more spaces in between them. These brushes can most commonly be used in decorating the borders of a page or on a dark background such as black, grey, purple, etc. 

28. Simple Fabric Pattern Brushes

The following brushes can be used for creating colorful pieces. On top of this, we are able to edit the color and pattern to suit our own preference. 

The designs of the different varieties of brushes listed below are well detailed and when used in a cluster bring about a very beautiful pattern. For those who wish to use simple and beautiful patterns to decorate their photos or pictures can opt for these brushes, they can be used to border the page or decorate a birthday card or an achievement card, anniversary card, etc.

29. Fade-In Brushes

Here we have simple shape brushes to design our pictures, these shapes have an outline of whilst the inside fades into white, we have the heart shape, square, the shape of a circle. That of a pentagon and ending with a spiral shape. 

The colors and depth of these brushes much alike the previous brushes can be adjusted as well and made to one’s own preference. The colors are simple and the fade into white results in much of the shape being white in shade, thus the drawn shapes are very pleasing to the eye.

30. Cocobunnie’s Sparkle Brush Pack

Let’s get those starry effects back with the use of these sparkle brushes shown down below, the use of a dark background is to show the entire effect and impact of these brushes. 

The different sparkles drawn by these brushes can be used to design a night sky or just a simple border for a picture. These brushes come in a variety of 5 different shapes and sizes, giving us a much wider range to choose from. Some of them are shaped like stars while some are shaped like diamonds and others as small circles.

31. Cocobunnie’s Square Brush Pack

Love squares? Then these are the brushes most suited for you, these brushes come in eight different varieties and their effect can be understood by seeing the picture listed below. 

The squares can be multicolored with the parent shade being blurry, their quantity can be adjusted as well as their prominence. The design can be given a fade effect or a cluster effect, a paint effect, a scattered effect as well as a crayon effect. 

On the use of the third brush, one could even portray a digital look in the picture. These brushes could be used to paint a picture and give it a square texture or it could be used while giving a glitch effect or a digital look.

32. 5 Unique Grunge Brushes

For those artists who have a rock or music inspiration,  can go wild with this set of five unique grunge brushes. A preview of these brushes can be seen in the photo listed below. 

The patterns formed are detailed and beautiful and can be conveniently used to bring effect into a music poster or a music festival is a poster. It can give a nice border or effect even when used inside the page to be a part of the background. For music lovers and those designing the same, these sets of brushes are a must use.

33. Wave Brushes for FireAlpaca

Down below we can see the wave brushes which are made available to us by Medibang. The brushes form a wave pattern and can be used to bring about the feel of wave patterns around the picture. 

The design of the waves is customizable and the thickness of it as well. The waves can be used to even draw and bring the same effect to objects as we can see below the effect it brings while drawing a flower. 

The different shapes and sizes, dimensions, patterns, and colors give us a dynamic brush which can bring about a lot of effects to the picture.

34. Pattern and Star Brushes

Listed below are some trendy design brushes which can bring a freshness of the modern environment into the picture. 

We have four different patterns to choose from, the first being the po[p art pattern which can be used anywhere around or within the picture as one’s wish, the grid pattern resembles that of a grid and can be used to design the same as well. 

The Stars/Skin texture can, like the previous brush, can be used to design a night sky and give it a starry effect, finally, we have the cool kid texture which is unique in itself and can be well used to make borders along with the photo.

35. Bubble/City Light Brushes

Bubble lovers? We have the perfect brush for our use, listed below we have the bubble brushes which form patterns of bubbles when used to draw. These bubbles can be designed and customized as per one’s own liking. 

The color and size of the bubbles, as well as the space between them, can be adjusted. These bubbles are helpful in giving a lit look to the picture being drawn as the colors used are popping and not dull and thus they can stand out or be the highlight as well of the drawn picture.

36. Medibang/FireAlpaca Custom Brushes

Here listed below are a few patterns that bring about a paint effect when used on your picture. There are six different patterns along with the coffee cup pattern brush. 

The coffee cup brush can be effectively used when designing a coffee house or cafe poster, it can also be used in designing a confectionery poster. The other patterns are of patches and spherical objects which form a beautiful pattern while being drawn. 

The paint patches or brushes can be used to design the background of a page as well as along the borders to give a paint effect to the image.

37. Detailed Leaf Brushes

In love with nature? Below, we have twelve different real-life leaves of plant available to us to decorate or be used whilst designing our page. We have the Cirsium palsture, Geranium sanguineum, Parthenocissus, and ranunclus inundatus just to name a few. These leaves can be used by nature lovers to decorate posters or photos for their ventures. They are very detailed and very clear to the naked eye thus giving a perfect design on your image. They can be used to decorate the corners of a page or simply be used along the borders of the frame.

38. Rainbow Brushes with User Colors

The love of rainbows can be expressed through the use of this brush. The beautiful spectrum of colors throwing brush can be used to decorate the sky of a poster or be widely used in children’s oriented posters like a school or tuition or childcare poster. 

The brush size, width, length, and color scheme can all be adjusted and customized as per the artist’s liking. These brushes can use a variety of shades to draw the rainbow and can also be used to design circles on paper or be used to border the pages as well as divide the page into numerous parts and form a beautiful pattern on the page.

39. Shards Brush

Pieces of glass or Shards brush is a brush made of shards of glass as their pattern. These brushes bring that edgy look to your picture while designing it. They can be used to decorate the borders or just be drawn in different places on the picture. 

Their sharp edges bring a sense of directness to the picture and are eye-catching. The corners, chunk amount, and size can be adjusted and customized to one’s own liking. The color of the shards can be modified as well and form a beautiful eye-catching color through the pattern.

40. Starry Brushes

If you’re an admirer of starry nights, we have the perfect option for you in these starry brushes available in six different shapes and patterns. 

The colors of these stars can be adjusted as well as their width and size, their separation apart can also be adjusted, these customizations available to us help us design it as per our own preference. 

These stars can be used to design the borders of a page or be used to fill night skies on the background of an image or poster. The simplicity of these designs makes it so interesting to use.

41. Colorful Triangle Brushes

We have these miniature triangles forming the pattern of the brushes used below. These miniature triangles bring about a very subtle look to the picture and prove to be effective though simple. 

These brushes can be used to design a party picture or simply to design the borders of an image. Their colors, size, and shape can all be adjusted and customized as to one’s own liking. The popping colors as demonstrated in the below picture stand out on a dark background. 

The triangles can be drawn on any background can also form banners if the size is adjusted likewise. For example banners in sports meet pictures.

42. Lace Brushes

Much like the previous brushes, here we have a couple of brushes that though could be used in normal designs, these are rather theme oriented. We have a range of lace brushes that can be used widely although particularly have use for those who are making a cloth oriented poster or for a knitting contest etc.

 More feminine oriented, these brushes bring about a beautiful pattern on the borders of a picture or can be used to divide the page into different parts. These can also be used to decorate the borders of garments inside the picture drawn.

43. Random Brushes

Listed below are a few random design brushes that use simple designs and can form a decent and simple border around the picture or image being drawn. We have the ‘ – ‘ design followed by two lines intersecting at regular intervals, the addition sign and so on. 

These brushes are simple and can be put to a variety of use. As mentioned, they could be used on the borders or to form margins or to decorate a figure/object on the picture, coming back to the concept of simple but effective.

44. Animal Paw Print Brushes

Fans of animals – Here we are, provided with an array of paw brushes for our use. We have the paws of dogs, cats, tigers, etc. These brushes can be used to design any animal or wildlife oriented pictures, posters, cards, etc. 

Their use is widespread and can be even used as symbols while decorating the picture. The size of the paws and the distance between each paw can be adjusted and customized as well. Their colors also customizable though they are best effective fully black as they can look attractive on any given background.

45. Letters and Envelopes

Still a fan of letters in this digital age? we have been provided the perfect brush for our use. These are a variety of letter brushes that we can use and incorporate into our design or poster. 

45. Letters and Envelopes

Much like the previous pictures, the details are customizable and can be adjusted. Tools like the brush spacing, angle, ratio, width and type of the letters can all be adjusted. To make a copy of ancient telegrams used for communication with a modern touch, these brushes can be used as well as to most commonly be used to decorate the borders of a page or form different sections on a page. They can just be simply used to draw a letter as well. 

46. Random Brushes 2

These brushes can draw simple designs, though random and not themed, these brushes can also be used to design the borders of a picture or on different positions on a picture. 

Sometimes it’s best to not make your design too flashy and with a lot of content, sticking to the basics and maintaining minimal decorations is advisable and these brushes can supplement an artist very effectively. These brushes can also be widely used whilst constructing a figure where the use is of many brushes, these brushes due to sit simplicity can prove to be effective then.

47. Full Brush Pack

For all black lovers, Medibang has brought to us a variety of black brushes in a pack since different shapes of black objects or shades can be used to decorate and bring about that black effect in your demonstrations. 

Different impressions and patterns of black are also available that can form beautiful backgrounds and borders to the pictures. A black background is most convenient to work along with white of the same. Black is a widely used color and with the help of these brushes, we can enhance and have a more applied use of this color.

48. Chain Brush Pack for Medibang and FireAlpaca

Below we come across another chain brush pack that has a variety of chained patterned brushes to use while drawing or decorating our picture, poster. We have square-shaped brushes, to five-sided shaped, circular-shaped, etc. to choose from. 

The size of these patterns can be adjusted much like the previous brushes. Most commonly these brushes can be used to highlight some important information on the image or poster being created. The Artist could use these brushes to design the borders of a picture and image as well. These could also be a fancy way to divide the page into different parts.

49. Blood Brushes

Down below listed we have six differently shaped splashes of blood which could be used to design a goth or death note image. The views of such brushes are that they are most commonly used to demonstrate the act of killing. Although these brushes have mostly one use, they could also prove to be handy in different situations. 

We have six varieties to choose from and customize the quantity of splash as per our own requirement. An odd brush but an option it definitely is while decorating or designing different images on the demonstration.

50. Flower Brushes

The bottom listed image portrays the hand-drawn flower designs in a variety of six different designs. These flowers would look beautiful when placed as part of a design on the page of an art piece. They could also commonly used to design the borders of a picture or likewise on the corners of the piece. 

These brushes can be adjusted and customized much like the previous brushes were the size of the flowers, their shading and transparency can be adjusted and customized as well. These brushes are simple and can be used anywhere around the image or picture by the artist, a recommended brush to use.

51. Grunge Paw Brushes

Down below we have listed another set of paw brushes though these are grunge paws giving more grunge or rugged look to the patterns. They have the same usage as most brushes as they look appealing when drawn around the picture, though the artist might have a little hindrance with the sketchiness of the image in the patterns. 

These brushes can again be used to design the borders of a picture or on a poster as well as the corners of a poster or demonstration. They can be used to design even animal-oriented images and posters.

52. DNA Pen, 2-Color Gradient, and Rainbow Brushes

Here Medibang brings us a three variety brush, one DNA pen brush, a two-color gradient brush, and a rainbow brush once again though the flow and color of this brush are more enhanced. 

As demonstrated below these brushes can be used to draw such images such as the sheep and the rainbow drop. The DNA brush can be used to design the borders of a picture or show the DNA symbol across a page. 

The two-color gradient combinations can be adjusted and the rainbow brush we well aware of its array of uses.

53. Tiling Textures/Brushes

Finally, we have the chequered pattern brushes, these brushes are mostly used to bring about the chequered effect on a piece of art or as a background of a picture. 

As shown and demonstrated below we can see the contrast of the image to its background though both use the same brush the change in color contrast makes it look appealing to the eye. It brings about a nice texture to the image in many cases it can be used to design tiles or an area where checkered patterns are most commonly used like table floors or kitchen floors.

Guide to using Medibang Brushes on iPhones and Androids

For iPhones/iPads

  1. Open the software and look for the brush icon. Click on the icon and you’ll have a number of brushes popping up. 
  2. From this list, choose one which you would like to practice with. When you’re done, there will be two options – add or download brushes. Choose the ‘add brushes’ option to enable it for use. 
  3. Once you’ve added the brush, a settings screen will open up, allowing custom edits to your pick. Here, you can make the desired changes that will go best with your art. Now, you’re all set!

If you want to download more brushes, follow these steps below:

  • On the upper left corner, there is a brush panel. Within it, click on the + icon. You’ll see a menu of options, then click on Brush Download.
  • When you’re done, click on the Cloud to see a list of options available for download. Select your desired brushes and begin your download. Note that you can position the brushes by using the arrows which are on the right side of the board.

For Androids

  1. Open Medibang and select the brush icon. Select a brush from the given list. Do this by clicking on the + icon to let you add a brush.
  2. Look for the color palette icon to select a shade you want. Here you can also adjust the size of the brush. 

Note that there is another location to change the size of your brush. One is located inside the brush panel, while the other is right under the HSV Bar available on the left side of the canvas. Just click on the circle and drag it. This will automatically change the size. 

The same two locations are available for adjusting the opacity of the color.

If you want to download more brushes into your android device, follow the steps below:

  • Click the + icon on the brush panel. Look for the Cloud tab and click on it. This will take you to the Brush Cloud where numerous brushes are available for downloading. By clicking on a brush, it will directly take you to the editing screen. 
  • After selecting a brush of your choice, tap on Set and it will save your latest addition at the bottom of your brush list.

Keep in mind that you can use already available brushes without having to create a Medibang account. 

Final Words

To make sure designing remains exciting for artists, new textures, designs, and brushes are always added from time to time. Keep looking for updates so you can use them for your latest art. 

All the best!

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