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21 Best Manga Studio Clip & Studio Paint Brushes | Reviews

Clip Studio Paint, or Manga Studio as it was known earlier, remains a preferred tool of many Manga and Anime designers. If you haven’t used it yet, you should try it as soon as you can - simply because it’s one of the most useful tools out there and thanks to a wonderful community you can find the best manga studio & clip studio paint brushes free of charge.

Best Manga Studio Clip & Studio Paint Brushes

This software has proved to be a wonderful companion to all digital artists who work on animations or integrate animated components into their work. The brush functionality is one of the most flexible ones amongst software you can get today.

While there are a number of paid brush sets available for use, many people have been kind enough to make their implementations available to the general public for free.

Today, we’ll get to know about 21 of the best free brushes you can get for Manga Studio online.

Let’s get to the first brush set!

Best Manga Studio Clip & Studio Paint Brushes

21 Best Manga Studio & Clip Studio Paint Brushes [Free Download]

1. Brush Set bymartinacecilia

This brush set on DeviantArt by user martinacecilia is one of the best ones we could find for Manga Studio, which still works well with Clip Studio Paint. These clip studio paint brushes give you a wonderful feeling like you’re painting with oil colors, which is especially useful for people who are frequent digital painters.

This set of brushes gives you the classic Manga Studio feels - while this doesn’t offer you anything beyond the basic designs, it does that pretty well. It comes highly recommended from the designer community as well; simply because they’re easy to use and offer a wide variety of patterns and finishes.

Solid brushes, as well as some which emulate “hairy” brushes, are just some of the brushes this pack features. Even if you’re just beginning with digital art, you should give this set of brushes a try. You will be surprised how these brushes just “do” what you want them to do.

2. My Current Clip Studio Paint Brushes by iridescentdelirium

This set of brushes gives you a number of basic tools which you can use to design complex characters, environments, and objects. Hence, you should give this brush set a chance if you’re looking for something to either get started with or to fine-tune your brushes to get more control over the scene.

This brush set delivers on both varieties as well as offering a fair amount of control over the drawing. You get a number of brushes such as a Variable Rectangle, a Variable Sponge, and a Variable Ink Smudge - these are all pretty self-explanatory in their use. The Cel tool helps you to give your detailing chops regardless of the size of your brushes.

Also, if you want to go for a more paintbrush-like feel, the Digi Bristles tool on this brush set will do the job perfectly well. Further, there’s another tool that you may like - Ink Paint 8, which gives you a starry, speckled finish for those days when you just need to get a night scene done. Hence, these brushes work well for almost any scenario - give these a shot!

3. SerketStalker’s Assorted Brushes

If you’re someone who just wants one brush set to cover as much ground as possible, here’s your best shot. SerketStalker has uploaded this vast, comprehensive brush set which includes a few speed painting brushes which are useful in almost any scenario when deadlines approach or you have other things to attend to.

3. SerketStalker’s Assorted Brushes

This brush set gives you small brushes, brushes shaped like crystals, a number of spray-like and dot-like brushes as well as certain complex patterns such as flowers. There are 18 of these brushes in particular, but the great thing here is that they’re all useful in their own right. For the average artist who works in multiple areas, these brushes cover a lot of ground.

One more point - you should usually have some idea about using Clip Studio Paint before you end up using this set. It can get a bit tricky and technical at times, and some prior experience with the default brush set is very helpful for gaining mastery of the brushes in this set.

4. Gouache Brushes

These Gouache Brushes will be of immense use to the artists who are already used to painting with Gouache as a medium. Thus, these brushes are perfect who intend to transition from traditional to digital painting, as well as those who want to get started with a new set of brushes. The brushes have a fair bit of variety in width and work well with mice or styluses.

When someone is transitioning from traditional media to digital media, especially as an artist, the biggest complaint is that it doesn’t “feel” the same way - and this is generally a valid criticism. However, there’s no reason why you can’t get to work on digital media with brushes like this even if you don’t have too much experience working on screens.

There are 10 brushes in this pack, with the most possible finishes that gouache can give you whilst painting.

5. TheInkyWay Brushes

TheInkyWay gives you a number of brushes that can do calligraphy. Not only that, they can do them very well. Part of the overall experience of designing on Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint is creating written art as well, which includes calligraphy. These clip studio paint brushes are one of the best ones we could find which do calligraphy in as varied a fashion as these do.

The brush gives you a wonderful way of interacting with the screen via text. Calligraphy is one of the cornerstones of manga and a lot of digital art, especially comics. The range of brushes in this set is astonishing - we’ve never seen as wide a collection of calligraphy brushes as this for free. However, it also has a number of other brushes as well for general drawing use.

Many of the brushes on this set can be anti-aliased in order to render it better. You can also use the pencil, the repeating pattern brushes, as well as use 1, 2, and 3-point perspective with this set.

6. Dry Brushes

Keeping in line with the Gouache brushes above, the same designer went ahead and published this free dry brush pack. It carries many of the same aspects of the Gouache brushes which we reviewed earlier, only it’s much closer to dry brushes rather than gouache painting. Dry brushes have a certain distinct finish to them which Gouache brushes or other brushes can’t give.

This set of brushes gives you a lot of mobility and flexibility in what you’re drawing. Dry brushes are a wonderful method for painting scenery right from scratch. This is generally avoided by digital artists since digital art is compiled from a number of sources and not necessarily drawn from scratch. Hence, these brushes make life easier.

However, they are kind of loose when compared to regular brushes you see for Clip Studio Paint which are used to draw a number of environments, objects, and characters. There’s a wide variety of natural-looking brushes on offer in this pack, some of which rival paid brush implementations as well!

7. BrotherBaston Brush Pack

Variety is the spice of life, and there is a lot of variety in this set of brushes. This set gives you all of the brushes you can think of, including cloud brushes, pencil based brushes, you can also choose between a variety of flat brushes. These are perfect for making artwork such as digital illustrations and are also useful while working on digital paintings.

These brushes are some of the best you can fit Clip Studio Paint with, simply because of how many brushes and settings you can change easily. You can change the opacity, the sizes, and the shapes on the fly, making sure you can get the finest of details just right based on your preferences.

There’s one caveat - these brushes are generally used only by experts since they require a fair amount of effort to get the hang of. Beginners are, however, requested to try this brush pack as well since it gives you a lot of brushes and it’s worth learning how to use them, even if the learning curve is somewhat high for beginners.

8. Porforever Custom Brushes

Custom brushes are a far cry away from the generic brush packs which can give you variety, but not specificity. These brushes come in a pack with cloud brushes, some nature brushes as well, and a bunch of custom shapes which you are unlikely to find in any other brush pack on the internet. These brushes are super high quality and give you a very easy experience.

Generally, one expects brushes found on the internet, that too for free, to be very difficult to use since Clip Studio Paint didn’t officially make these. There are a number of clip studio paint brushes in this set which are truly unique, including bubbles, thorns, flowers, candy patterns, stars of course as well as special designs which are repeated in patterns.

You also get a few chaotic patterns that you generally don’t get elsewhere. Also, you obtain a number of eccentric yet well-designed fish patterns. This kind of quirkiness is largely the domain of independent designers who make stuff for themselves and end up publishing it. While you may find better quality brushes that are paid for, you cannot get such uniqueness in design.

9. Side Pencil Brush

Some brushes find themselves being used very frequently, while others give you the option of being used only if you really want to use them on special occasions. This side pencil brush has just one job: to help you make the digital equivalent of a side pencil sketch. While it does only one function, it does the job very well.

There are few other brushes that can pull off the side pencil as well as this particular brush can. A few brush packs can come close to this brush, but don’t have an easy-going feel. This brush is highly recommended by digital artists and painters alike. This brush gets flattened with tilting, a wonderful feature you usually don’t see in brushes.

Hence, this brush makes a lot of sense if you’re into using pencils and pencil brushes.

10. Loose Inkers

These brushes are the only free set we could find which can handle digital inking just as well as the professional paid sets of brushes. Digital inking is a wonderful skill that you can learn - it’s helpful particularly when you are into digital illustrations or tattoo design. Tattoo design, when digitally done, can help you give a wonderful touch to your designs.

While digital inking does not nearly have the same feel as doing it on a piece of paper or better yet, on the skin, it does help you get an idea of what it really would look like. Furthermore, you get the feeling of an actual ink design. This particular set of brushes gives you a feeling as similar to actual inking as you can.

Hence, go for this set of brushes if you’re into inks, even though no set of brushes really comes close to actual inking on the Clip Studio Paint.

11. Essential CSP by hattersarts

The Essential CSP set by hattersarts gives anyone who takes this brush set a huge advantage in terms of getting started with Clip Studio Paint. This set gives you textured or smooth sketch brushes, then the flat brush which is wonderful. Couple this with all the other brushes you get with this set, and you have a wonderful starter pack that will teach you a lot about CSP.

This CSP set gives you a wonderful kickstart when it comes to drawing as a beginner using Clip Studio Paint. The Essential CSP doesn’t give you a whole lot of brushes, but the ones which it does have will prime you with the basics well enough to give you a great start in digital artistry. However, it doesn’t mean that professionals can’t be helped by this brush set.

This brush set, courtesy of hattersarts, lets you explore Clip Studio Back inside and out, so you gain a whole lot of expertise with this brush set.

12. Free Sample Pack

They say one-size-fits-all doesn’t exist - however, this one set will give you a whole lot of brushes that are usable at all stages of learning how to design. They also give you a number of varied brushes, including simple shaded brushes, rectangular brushes, circular brushes as well as the ubiquitous line brush.

This brush set will give you the best possible drawing experience you can possibly have on the Clip Studio Paint - and imagine, this is just the free sample of the actual brush set! You have enough variety to get started on almost any kind of design that you may have in mind, and especially beginners will have a field day with this set of brushes.

13. Brush Set for Clip Studio Paint by Typesprite

There are only a few brushes that pull off the fantasy-themed look well, however, this is one of the few free brush sets for Clip Studio Paint. This is one of those essential brushes which you absolutely have to have as a digital artist working in the fantasy domain. The fine spray, the marker, the soft texture, and the other brushes really make it invaluable for working with CSP.

This brush set doesn’t come with a lot of brushes but be assured that the quality of brushes that you get with this set is surely among the best you see on this list. Why’s that? Each and every one of the brushes in this set is crucial to drawing almost any character, object, or environment you can think of.

The brushes make it incredibly easy to conjure up the images that you have in your mind right onto the drawing area. Angular ink is another brush that makes life much easier if you’re switching over from traditional painting to digital media. Hence, you should definitely give these brushes a try, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

14. CSP Brush Pack #1 by Yetten

When it comes to learning new software for animation, graphic designing, or even manga drawing, having the right set of brushes at your disposal is key to grasping the various facets of the platform.

And the DeviantArt user Yetten knows the very issues that artists face when mastering CSP.

Yetten has created its very own brush pack set to use for the CSP platform, which is one of the more user-friendly sets out there. This set is a very basic one and comes with a set of handy and easy-to-use brushes to make patterns such as markings as well as some foliage designs.

The pack might seem small at first, but it’s surprisingly versatile and every user can find something useful here that they can add to their art piece. This set will help you get a proper grasp of the platform along with its tools.

15. CSP Brush Pack #2 by Yetten 

The second brush set from Yetten is a bit more catered to fit the needs of the more advanced CSP users. It’s a much more enhanced version of the previous pack and comes with additional features which adept CSP users will find helpful when working on their next art project.

The pack contains a lot of foliage brushes mixed in with a bit of spackle brush sets as well as brushes that are perfect for making certain designs like forests as well as custom tree tops.

On first thought, these improved and additional sets may not sound much or even as versatile, but you will be surprised by the various amount of patterns that you can get out of them.

They even have a lot of textures for each brush along with certain cloud brushes, making it one of the more popular packs out there.

16. Manga Studio 5 brushes by Shrineheart

This is a much older set and comes with 14 Manga Studio 5 brushes which are just perfect for making background themes and various outline patterns.

Though these brushes were primarily made for the previous versions of Clip Studio Paint, it works perfectly on the newest version as well, without any glitches or bugs.

Now, what makes these brushes perfect for setting a particular theme is that each of the 14 models represents a particular theme. They consist of simple cloud blending brushes, as well as patchy charcoal-style brushes along with glitchy pixel-y brushes, which are rarely ever found inside most free brush packs.

Some of the pixel brush designs borrow their design inspirations from Minecraft, making them quite versatile in their approach to what you can ultimately make out of these sets.

17. Custom Brush pack from Elisven

The custom brush pack set from Elisven is just amazing when it comes to creating some of the most unique color art pieces in CSP.

Elisven has designed the brushes to fit a variety of painting styles, hence, it comes with a handy pack of brushes that is versatile enough to fit into any project or theme.

The pack boasts a couple of concept brushes along with brushes that deal primarily with the texturing of the stroke and varies greatly in terms of quality and clarity.

There are a few organic brushes thrown into the mix as well, which are ideal for making a lot of landscape and nature-themed art pieces.

In total, there are 6 brushes in the set, which might seem rather small, but their versatility more than makes up for it. These brushes cater to the needs of professionals and amateurs equally well.

18. Mama Madzia brush set from MagdaPROski 

The Mama madzia custom set from MagdaProski is going to be one of our favorite custom CSP brush packs.

The brushes included in the pack are just top-tier and boast incredibly high-quality strokes which will help you to focus on painting and making intricate art pieces.

The DeviantArt user MagdaProski makes this free-to-download pack rather unique by including particular brushes like oil brushes, textured brushes, wet and dry stroke mixes as well as ‘hairy’ brushes.

The so-called ‘hairy’ brushes are amazing when it comes to making particular animal features such as fur and human hair and beard. None of the brushes are all that hard to grasp, so it can be easily used by both amateurs and adept CSP users.

The brushes also come with their very own tutorial, on the main DA page of the creator. So feel free to grab it and give it a try.

19. The Blue and Red Pencil brushes by SerketXXL

Using red and blue color pencils to mark sketches or even practice drawing, has become a very popular and traditional trend among artists.

SerketXXL now makes it possible to do the very same on the digital platform of CSP, along with helping you to add a bit more color to your art projects as well.

Now, just two pencil brushes included in the set might not seem like much at all, but what grants these brushes their fantastic versatility and a spot on our list is the various textures that both these brushes come with.

From looking like pencil sketches to thicker paint strokes, the textures on them are just amazing and you can get a lot of use out of them and make both simple and complex art pieces.

20. DV Brush Set by Darkodev 

The DV brush set by Darkodev contains one of the highest amounts of brush styles on our list today. The whole pack comes with over 100 different styles, so you know that you will have the exact type of brushes that you’re looking for in this set.

It’s quite surprising to know that a free-to-download brush pack has so many different varieties and styles inside it. Darkodev includes a lot of stylistic models inside the pack, like weather brushes, custom textures, as well as many ‘basic’ brushes which most artists use almost daily.

So from amateur-friendly to more complex brushes, this pack has something to offer for every CSP user.

If you feel like doing some landscape painting or making animal fur, dinosaur scales, or even intricate meadow scenes, these brushes are bound to have you covered.

21. CSP Brush pack from DAUB 

This is a very simple brush pack from the DA user DAUB. They are ideal for short, regular projects as these brushes are quite easy to use, without boasting many intricacies in their stroke texture or tool functions.

The pack has 20 brushes inside it that work perfectly well with both Manga Studio 5 and CSP and are fantastic for getting the newer user thoroughly oriented in either of the platforms.

21. CSP Brush pack from DAUB 

Additionally, DAUB includes some extra textures into the pack, so that you can alter some of the stroke patterns of the brushes and ultimately change the final laydown to suit your theme and match the style that you’re looking for.

The various styles and textures include watercolors, oil paints, pencil sketches as well as ink.

It’s the perfect artist’s brush set, for those who are looking for some unique brush styles to add to their next art project.


This brings us to the end of the top 21 brushes you have available for free for the Clip Studio Paint or Manga Studio as known earlier. These brushes are all different in their own ways, but they all give you the same high-quality experience. Best of all is the fact that you get all of these from the community, free of charge.

Clip Studio Paint is a wonderful piece of software that you can use to create some absolutely stunning visuals and designs. These brushes represent only a small part of the totality of brushes you can find online - however, these are some of the best today. Have fun trying them out and inching closer to being a better digital artist!

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