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8 Best Mini Pie Makers Your Family Will Love in 2023

The Master Chef Mini Pie Maker is easy to use and can bake 6 mini pies with fluted edges, thanks to its in-built crust cutters. Another great option is the Baby Cakes model, having non-skid feet and interchangeable plates.

Best Mini Pie Makers

Be it blueberry, pumpkin, or a simple dough pie, the sweet and delicious taste of mini pies is the ideal way to cap off a sumptuous dinner. But after a tiring day at work, you might find it challenging to bake mini pies for the family.

That’s why I have narrowed down the 8 best mini pie makers in this guide to make your job easier. Read my reviews to whip up melt-in-your-mouth mini pies!

Best Mini Pie Maker Reviews

1. Master Chef - Best Non-Stick Cooker

This MasterChef product is one of the best quiche and mini pie makers on the market, thanks to its 6 circular crust cutter to cook multiple mini pies at once. You can use your favored sweet and savory fillings since the cutting circles allow convenient dough measurement.

The bite-sized sweet pies are ready in a few minutes, and after cooking, you can clean the product easily, owing to the non-stick interior coating. Moreover, the manufacturers have added an instruction manual for accurate measurements and greater ease of use.

Having used the Master Chef Mini Pie Maker myself, I loved the durable plastic design suitable for all my baking needs. Each dough round measures 2-¾ inches in diameter and is 1 inch deep, while the pie maker is 10-½ x 4 x 10 inches in size. The attention to detail is particularly pleasing as this mini pie maker also has fluted edges to deliver a professional finish.

It requires a maximum wattage of 980W, plugging into a 120V outlet, and is ready to use out of the box.

Style: Non-stick coating | Construction: Plastic | Quantity: 6 Pies | Special Features: Built-in edge crimpers

2. BabyCakes - Best With Interchangeable Baking Plates

The BabyCakes Mini Pie Maker is among the best pie makers due to its interchangeable and non-stick cooking plates. I could easily change and clean the plates after making various sweet pies, cake pops, muffins, cupcakes, and donuts.

Best of all, it bakes faster than other pie makers as the molded plates ensure you can cook baked treats like a pro. Overall, there are 3 interchangeable baking plates for easy maintenance, and you can cook 7 cupcakes, 12 cake pops, or 7 donuts at a time.

I loved the power and ready light that makes it convenient to bake the perfect pie crust, while its non-slip feet help keep the unit in one spot. All you need is to plug in the power cord and place it into the cord wrap for easy storage after use. 

Moreover, the lightweight and simple design ensures it’s portable, and you can carry the pie maker to birthday parties, the office, or for a breakfast get-together. This is due to the latching handle, while the manufacturers have included a recipe booklet for suggestions or hints.

I used it for baking puff pastry and chicken pot pies, which my nieces love and always ask me to bake during the holiday season.

Style: Non-stick coating | Construction: Plastic | Quantity: 12 Cake Pops | Special Features: Non-skid rubber feet

3. Sensio Bella - Best Pie Maker With Indicator Light

The Sensio Bella Mini Pie Maker ranks among the most reliable options on the market today and proves ideal for baking your favorite pies with its non-stick surface. Compared to the other options, it can cook only 4 pies at a time, although the unit significantly reduces cooking time.

It cooks evenly and has indicator lights for when you switch on the unit and after the food is ready. Plus, with the non-skid feet, you won’t have to worry about the pie maker moving or falling off the surface. 

An interesting addition is the auto shut-off feature, which keeps you safe even when you forget to switch off the pie maker after cooking. This feature is also automatically enabled when the cooking temperature exceeds safe limits.

For your convenience, the manufacturers have included a cookbook. And owing to the stainless steel construction, it’s much more durable than other pie makers without being heavy.

You will even find a locking latch for securing the mouth of the pie maker while cleaning it is hassle-free after cooking.

Style: Non-stick coating | Construction: Stainless Steel | Quantity: 4 Mini Pies | Special Features: Auto shut-off

4. Emeril - Best For Quick Cleaning

Another unit that doesn’t bake a lot of mini pies but is much sought-after for its sleek design and delicious baked goods is the Emeril Mini Pie Maker. In 8-10 minutes, you can cook up to 4 mini pies on the non-stick baking surface. The good-quality surface ensures you can impart the desired taste and clean the unit easily, which makes it low maintenance.

You will have to preheat the unit for which it has an LED signal, so the ready light comes on when the unit is ready for baking. Especially pleasing is the pastry cutter for customizing the pie crusts on the top and bottom.

It uses 1,100W of power and also comes with a recipe book so that you can bake the perfect pie crust for any event. Additionally, this electric mini pie maker is lightweight, which makes it portable.

The plastic construction guarantees sufficient durability, while the built-in molded crimper ensures the pies have smooth edges.

Style: Non-stick coating | Construction: Plastic | Quantity: 4 Mini Pies | Special Features: Built-in pastry cutting tool

5. Cucina Pro - Best With Dough Cutting Circle

If you don’t like the mini pie makers with the 4 slots I suggested, try out the Cucina Pro Mini Pie and Quiche Maker. Compared to the older models, this modern unit can bake 6 quiches and pies in just a few minutes.

Like the best mini pie makers with non-stick cooking plates, you can use customized savory and sweet fillings for baking your favorite pies. Rather than mini pie pans or tins, the manufacturers have cooking plates since they are easier to clean.

Plus, with the dough-cutting circle, measuring the right amount of dough you need for baking quiches and pies becomes convenient. But remember to let the unit preheat so that it cooks evenly.

I have used eggs, broccoli, cheese, and bacon for the filling because the fluted edges make it easy to get the perfect circle. You will also notice that it’s more lightweight than other pie makers and has an ergonomic handle for easy carrying.

Overall, it measures 10-½ x 4 x 10 inches and features a circular design, which makes it compact.

Style: Non-stick coating | Construction: Plastic | Quantity: 6 Pies | Special Features: Dough cutting circle

6. Holstein Housewares - Best For Consistent Cooking Temperature

If you are looking for a mini pie maker to bake shortcrust pastry or whip up other cuisines in a jiffy, there’s none better than this Holstein Housewares unit. You will find that there are only 2 slots in the unit for baking your favorite dessert, but it’s certainly not a disadvantage. This is due to the non-stick construction ideal for making omelets, pizzas, frittatas, apple turnover, etc.

You can customize the portion of the dough or other raw materials with the pie cutter to cook depending on the number of guests coming over. And later, it’s easy to clean leftovers, like oil or butter, which makes the unit low maintenance.

It also reduces the chances of cooking mishaps due to flipping since all you need is to add the ingredients, close the lid, and switch it on. Before that, preheat the container using the indicator light so that the baker achieves the optimal cooking temperature.

Additionally, this mini pie maker doesn’t require much space, owing to its compact design, while the sleek and stainless-steel exterior offers protection. You also get a 1-year warranty with the product, and the manufacturers have included easy-to-follow instructions for greater convenience.

Speaking of convenience, the safety lock closes the mouth of the pie maker to prevent accidents. And once the pies are ready, you can lift them onto a plate with the spatula.

Style: Non-stick coating | Construction: Stainless Steel | Quantity: 2 Slots | Special Features: Preheat and ready light

7. BabyCakes Pop Maker - Best For 75 Cake Pop Sticks

The BabyCakes pop maker helps bake multiple treats and is much more versatile than other products, like the Dash Mini Pie Maker. Thanks to its tiny slots, you can bake cupcakes, mini pies, muffins, donuts, cake pops, and more. 

This will allow you to bake a maximum of 12 cake pops in a few minutes, while the non-stick design ensures the unit is easy to clean.`Overall, there are 3 interchangeable baking plates, complemented by the ready and power indicator LEDs. 

The manufacturers have also included recipes for baking 75 cake pops, and later, you can clean the unit easily because of its non-stick surface. Moreover, the unit has a stable design due to its non-skid rubber feet that prevent falling. And with the latching handle, you can carry it to a friend's or any party, provided there's a 120V outlet.

Simply plug the cord in to start baking, and once you're done, storage is easy with the cord wrap. You will get all the cake pop sticks in the package and a cooling fork for handling the pies when ready.

Style: Non-stick coating | Construction: Plastic | Quantity: 12 Cake Pops | Special Features: 2-in-1 Decorating Tray

8. Sunbeam - Best For Pastry-Cutting And Pie Press Tool

With the Sunbeam Pie Maker, you can bake pies in the comfort of your own home as the unit cuts the pies into small pieces. It can bake 4 pies at a time on its non-stick plates that you can clean easily after having a fun family dinner. 

Apart from its low maintenance operation, it is easy to use owing to the power and ready indicators. You must preheat the unit to the right temperature, so start baking only when the ready light comes on.

Especially pleasing is that it comes with a pie press and pastry cutting tool, ensuring the mini pies don't lose their shape when lifting onto a plate. The manufacturers have also added instructions and recipes for first-time bakers to prevent accidents.

After you bake the first batch, you will see that the 3.5-inch slot sizes help bake slightly larger pies than other pie makers. Also, the plastic construction guarantees durability, while you can use the in-built handle for carrying the unit outdoors.

Style: Non-stick coating | Construction: Plastic | Quantity: 4 Slots | Special Features: Pastry cutting tool

Quick Comparing Table for Top Mini Pie Makers

Best Mini Pie MakerStyleConstructionQuantitySpecial Features
Master ChefNon-stick coatingPlastic6 PiesBuilt-in edge crimpers
BabyCakesNon-stick coatingPlastic12 Cake PopsNon-skid rubber feet
Sensio BellaNon-stick coatingStainless Steel4 Mini PiesAuto shut-off
EmerilNon-stick coatingPlastic4 Mini PiesBuilt-in pastry cutting tool
Cucina ProNon-stick coatingPlastic6 PiesDough cutting circle
Holstein HousewaresNon-stick coatingPlastic2 SlotsPreheat and ready light
BabyCakes Pop MakerNon-stick coatingPlastic12 Cake Pops2-in-1 Decorating Tray
SunbeamNon-stick coatingPlastic4 SlotsPastry cutting tool

Mini Pie Makers Buyer’s Guide

Have you decided which mini pie maker would suit your needs from these 8 options? If you are finding it challenging to choose the best mini pie maker, consider the following points in the buyer’s guide to opt for a reliable unit.

1. Durability

The first thing you should consider is the durability of the mini pie maker so that it’s worth the investment. Look at the material used for construction and the wattage required by the pie maker to run several times a day. Usually, the best products feature a plastic construction to ensure the design is lightweight, while some models have a stainless steel exterior.

You must still be careful when using the mini pie maker because a plastic or stainless steel design is only good against minor bumps or scratches.

2. Quantity

The next thing you must check is how many pies or quiches it can bake at a time. My guide features units with 4-6 slots for baking pies, but you will also find models with 12 smaller slots for cake pops. Others, like the Wolfgang Mini Pie Maker, have extra deep wells for baking larger pies and cupcakes, whereas the Holstein Houseware Mini Pie Maker has 2 slots.

3. Versatile

Although you are searching for a mini pie maker, using a unit that can bake multiple treats would be best. That’s why many mini pie makers also double up as quiche makers, while other models can bake cupcakes, cake pops, doughnuts, muffins, etc. You can bake several tasty desserts for the family by choosing a versatile product.

4. Special Features

The best pie makers have similar features but often come with certain unique additions to stand out on the market. Some units have a circular crust cutter included, while others have a molded crimper to retain the shape of the pies and produce fluted edges like a pro baker.

You can also choose what raw materials and ingredients to use for baking unique pies with the right unit. Moreover, the top brands include a pastry cutter, forks, recipes, etc., with the package for a smooth experience.

5. Safety

To choose the right mini pie maker, ensure it has non-skid feet for greater stability to prevent the unit from rolling off the surface. Added to that, some brands include a safety lock, power and ready lights, and an auto shut-off feature to prevent accidents. You also get a latching handle to easily carry the mini pie maker to a friend’s place, party, etc.

6. Budget

If you find a mini pie maker that satisfies all the above conditions, the last thing you must check is the price. A pie maker is usually affordable, and it won’t cost you much to bake puff pastry, chicken pot pies, quiches, etc. That said, the best units cost slightly more, so don’t compromise quality to save a few bucks.

And before deciding, check whether your preferred pie maker is backed by a warranty.

Is it important to preheat a pie maker?

Preheating a mini pie maker is essential to achieve the optimal cooking temperature and get the desired pie crust shell. This step takes a few minutes and is followed by the ready light coming on, which means you can start baking. People who skip this step often find that the shell hasn’t set or the pie fails to retain its shape.

How do you clean a pie maker?

Despite the non-stick surface, many pie makers are susceptible to staining, and you must clean them before the stain sets. A simple technique is gently wetting a non-scratch scourer and pressing it over the stained area. You can leave it to loosen the tough bits for a few minutes before wiping the surface.

Leave the pie maker to dry and check whether you removed all the debris before putting it away.

Does a mini pie need time to set?

Yes, it takes some time for a mini pie to set because slicing the pie results in the syrup going everywhere when it doesn’t. The syrup floods the bowl while the top crust collapses when you try to break it. Your only option is to drink the syrup from the bowl using a spoon.

But when the pie sets, the syrup hardens into a gel-like consistency, holding everything together so that you get a clean slice of pie.

Why does your pie fall?

Sometimes, when baking a pumpkin pie, it tends to fall even though you followed all the instructions. This happens if you cool the pie too quickly, so let it cool gradually, preferably in a warm place in the kitchen.

Also, don’t refrigerate the pie immediately after baking because the drastic change in temperature causes it to fall.

Why is my pie dry?

Sometimes you will find that the pie is dry if you add less flour. One of the tips of pie making is pinching the dough to see if it sticks together because when it doesn’t, you must increase the moisture content. But that doesn’t mean you should add excess water, which will make it runny and difficult to set.

Adding everything in moderation is key to achieving the desired taste and texture.

How to avoid wasting pastry in a pie maker?

When using a pie maker, many people find leftover pastry in the slots after baking. To avoid this, you can use the fold-over method when using a pie maker, which involves adding a sheet of shortcrust pastry or puff pastry while baking. This prevents a single portion of pastry from being wasted.

Do you need to 'egg wash' pies?

It’s important to provide an egg wash depending on the type of pie you want to bake. This is particularly essential when baking pies with a lattice top or top crust, for which you must brush cream or egg on the dough before baking. When you use the right wash type, the mini pies will have a polished finish.

Moreover, the wash acts as glue and helps hold the sugar sprinkled on the crust together.

How to prevent mini pies from going bad?

After you bake the pies in the pie maker, let them cool gradually before placing them in the freezer. Do not cover the pies and wait until they are frozen to wrap them in plastic or place them in a freezer bag. Put this bag back into the freezer, and the pies will stay good for 4 months.


It’s over to you now to choose the mini pie maker most suitable to your needs. Whenever you’re confused, make it a point to go over my reviews and the points mentioned in the buyer’s guide to make the right choice.

If you ask me, the Master Chef Mini Pie Maker is the best product available, with 6 crust cutters that help create fluted edges. The BabyCakes Mini Pie Maker is a close second, with 3 interchangeable baking plates and a latching handle for easy operation.

Feel free to experiment with different recipes and treat your family to delicious mini pies by opting for the best mini pie maker!

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