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Colors That Go With Orange-Orange Color Combinations

Colors That Go With Orange Orange Color Combinations

Orange is one of the colors that are best avoided inside the home or office.

At least, that’s what everyone used to believe.

Now, perceptions are slowly changing. Orange is a vibrant and fresh color that lends citrusy characteristics to any room it’s used in. True to its parent colors of red and yellow, orange is representative of the bold enthusiasm that reflects from its very name.

But that’s not all that’s special about orange. It can also be paired successfully with a number of different colors to produce outstanding effects that can change the very nature of any interior.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the different colors that can be successfully paired with orange to stunning effect.

So let’s jump into the color palette and make a splash.

Colors That Go With Orange

Gray Orange Bedroom Color Scheme

Orange And White

Two of the most noticeable colors, orange and white complement each other like no other. While completely orange or stark white walls can be a bit unsightly, the orange and white combination lends a fresh and fruity feel to any interior.

orange and white

Image via chloedominik.com 

For this reason, combinations of orange and white are used on carpets, clothes, and even furniture. Pairing orange interiors with white furniture, or vice-versa, can be a fun way to spruce up any domestic or corporate setting.

white and orange combo

Image via flickr

Orange And Brown

Brown is certainly not a color that one would think of pairing with orange. But contrary to intuition, browns go well with orange when you think in terms of style. When darker shades of browns are paired with soft oranges, it goes on to create a contemporary combination that speaks to anyone with an elegant aesthetic sense. Just try it out once, and see the magic happen.

brown and orange combo

Image via officesnapshots.com

Orange And Burgundy

One of the warmer hues of purplish red, burgundy and orange share a common ancestry. Due to this, they go with each other with a certain sense of camaraderie that can only come from shades belonging to a shared origin.

Orange And Burgundy interior decor

Image via swoonworthy.co.uk 

Both colors are bright and bring a sense of confidence to any setting individually, but when combined, they create an amalgam that exudes elegance from every angle. Plus, purple has always been the color of royalty, and burgundy being just a shade apart can lend that royal feeling to your surroundings, along with the vivacity of orange to spruce things up.

burgundy and orange interior

Image via arloandjacob.com 

Orange And Gray

Gray is not a color one would usually associate with home decor, yet it has been used in multiple settings and with alluring effects. Gray has a certain dependable charm that seems to attract anyone who sets eyes on it. 


Colors That Go With Orange


Image via brightside.me 

When paired with orange, which represents the hues and brightness of joyous creativity, gray creates an environment where both colors bring out the best in each other. Together they manage to foster a sense of confident creativity that can be the perfect setting for achieving grand objectives.

orange colororange and gray living room

Orange And Green

Anyone looking to add a dash of youthful fun and frolic to their surroundings should always choose to go with a fresh combination of orange and green, preferably lime green. As both are sourced from nature, they automatically combine to create a setting that brings a breath of fresh air to your home or office environment.

Orange And Green decor

Image via thechromologist.com 

green and orange como

Image via regardsetmaisons.blogspot.fr 

In another twist, mixing orange and green produces brown, which can lend an earthy, sophisticated accent to any room. With orange as the dominating shade and green acting as a companion color, these two shades can zest up any property.


orange and color combination

Image via emilialua1.tumblr.com  

Orange And Black & Gold

At first glance, the above combination might seem just plain outlandish. But done correctly, these three shades match with each other in perfect harmony without the slightest trace of conflict.

Orange And Black Gold inteior

Image via veranda.com

orange and gold decor

Image via jeremymasonmcgraw.com

Orange And Black Gold bathroom

Furthermore, as black and gold are a combination that can seldom go wrong, they bring out the vibrancy of orange in a way like no other color can hope to achieve. The black backdrop provides the perfect setting for bringing out the brighter spirits of orange and gold.

orange and black color combo

Image via desiretoinspire.net

Orange And Lilac

Lilac is the one color that everyone likes, and when paired with orange cleverly, the two create a combination that is hard to ignore. Vibrant, light-hearted, and cheerful, the fruity feel of orange goes perfectly with the flowery essence of lilac. Throw in a shade of white for that extra edge, and you’ve got a color-combo made for winning hearts.

Orange And Lilac interior decor

Image via store.lynnchalk.com 

orange and lilla

Image via retro-flame.com 

Orange And Aqua Blue

Some would balk at the apparent contrast that exists between orange and aqua; surprisingly, though, the two colors go with each other like brothers-in-arms, fighting to keep the spirits up in the home or at the office. 

aqua blue and orange

Image via enesdecor.website

Orange And Aqua Blue

Image via insplosion.com 

A blue and orange color palette works to create a vibrant room that brings in a funky, retro-ish vibe, be it the bedroom, living room, or the kitchen.

aquablue and orange

Orange And Dark Chocolate

These are two flavors that never go out of fashion, and the same is true for their color-counterparts. Orange and dark chocolate can give a spicy accent to any room and transform it into a warm gathering place for near and dear ones.

Orange And Dark Chocolate interior

Image via colorpaintroom.com

If you think about it, shades of reddish-orange against chocolate interiors make for a beautiful combination. Add the same to furniture and upholstery, and what results is the ideal ambiance that can lift eyebrows in appreciation.

orange and brown dinning room

dark chocolate and orange

chocolate and orange

Orange And Pink

A new twist to an old partnership, orange plus pink is a vibrant color combination that brings to mind the unique relationship between orange and red, which again is a cousin of pink. The play between these two warm colors makes for an exotic shading scheme that can bring the sunny side right into your home.

Orange And Pink

Image via Anna Richmond

Plus, as both orange and pink are derivatives of the primary color red, they carry within them the power and vibrancy of their parent. So it’s not a surprise that both these colors meld with each other in a perfectly harmonious alliance.

Orange And Pink interior decor

Image via etsy.com

living room pink and orange

Image via forgive-ness.tumblr.com

Orange And Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a mixture of red, pink, and purple. And as we have already seen, these colors go well with orange. So it’s no wonder that fuchsia too is an eligible partner for orange. 

Orange And Fuchsia decor living room

fuchsia and orange

Image via bhg.com

Orange And Fuchsia

Contemporary settings are the best for this slightly edgy combination. Applied in controlled doses, the two can combine to create color palettes that are bright and exciting.

orange and fuchsia interior decor

Image via apartmenttherapy.com 


The rather flirty offspring of red and yellow, orange is an essential addition to any modern interior. Be it an office environment or a domestic setting, painting ideas with a  carefully thought out combination of orange with any of the colors mentioned above results in the creation of a brilliant vista. 

So get ready to explore colors with the multiple combinations of orange. Which are the colors that you think would go best with orange in a contemporary setting? 

Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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