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22 Exceptional DIY Bulletin Board Ideas to Revamp Your Home Office

Your DIY bulletin board is there when you need it ! Crafted with love, great attention to details and now encompassing memory it is definitely one of the most practical items in your office; it motivates you, it reminds you what is worth remembering and it displays your memory and future travel destinations, a small area to which we can really relate too.

19 Exceptional DIY Bulletin Board Ideas to Revamp your Home

In the following galleries we have curated a list of exceptional DIY bulletin board ideas to revamp your home office, cast a glance and find something inspiring !

How do you see it and for what do you use this area most often?

1. chevron pattern embracing a cork board

21 Exceptional DIY Bulletin Board Ideas to Revamp your Home

Use a chevron pattern to integrate your new bulletin board in a modern setting wearing black, gray and white; the small detail scale and the beautiful dynamicity added greatly contribute to the overall design.

via annetheadventurer.com

2. glue buttons on THUMBTACKS, share color

21 Exceptional DIY Bulletin Board Ideas to Revamp your Home

Thumbtacks are sometimes difficult to manage due to their small caps, they`re also not that graphic pretty much all the time. Use a collection of buttons to create super cool retro thumbtacks dedicated to your interior. You can sort them by color, material, size, palette or you can simply share the rainbow and its diversity.

via inspiredbycharm.com

3. transform an old frame into a cool bulletin board

Frame a simple cork sheet in the right frame, it can be nestled in any interior with the right frame thus carying your task with a great design.

via tearosehome.blogspot.com

4.  One white drawer and a pattern on a cork board

It can nestle fresh flowers, your to-do list, photographs, enjoy your new epic display.

via chiccalifornia.com

5. use a stencil on burlap and frame your board

You can match the color spray-painted with your interior design theme. Black can also be paired with chalk-board segments to kick things up a notch.

via drivenbydecor

6. FABRIC THUMBTACKS on a cork board 

21 Exceptional DIY Bulletin Board Ideas to Revamp your Home

Embrace your latest bulletin board with the fabric of choice and use matching thumbtacks.

via masteringdiy.com

7. Wrap things in burlap and paper art

The crafty air of the boards above speak of a creative-delicate environment, a beautiful setting.

via etsy.com

8. framed bulletin board PROUDLY displaying memories

21 Exceptional DIY Bulletin Board Ideas to Revamp your Home

Choose a delicate fabric, an exquisite frame in white, one cork sheet and one foam board and your extraordinary bulletin board is ready for greatness.

via iheartorganizing.blogspot.com

9. exquisite pattern with glamorous THUMBTACKS

The golden thumbtacks here and the premium looking fabric create a really special look here; feel free to experiment with the fabric of choice and colorful thumbtacks.

via houzz.com

10. geometric diy painted cork boards

One line and one color will you shape you an extraordinary composition that can be easily scaled with great results.

11. SALVAGED old frame and retro fabric

The exquisite craft driven by decor above includes a pocket for you correspondence; the vintage fabric in reclaimed wood clothes balances the neutral color scheme.

via drivenbydecor

12. VERSATILE furniture pieces

In the hallway the item above keeps fresh flowers, coat hangers and memories in a really graphic display.

via etsy.com

13. artistic composition playing a functional role

A composition of framed cork boards can be used to create wall art; these can nestle different activities, different hobbies organized or simply the days of the week awaiting tasks.

via teenvogue.com

14. Shape everything with memory

The old furniture piece has been adapted to fit your graphic and practical needs today in a shabby chic expression.

via homeroad.net

15. use an old window frame 

One old window, a cork behind it and it already has a great functional value, the chic component speaks of authenticity.

via debbie-debbiedoos.com

16. black frame contrasts burlap

Natural elements like pine-cones and yarn string work to one`s advantage complementing the scene ready to share your memories in coziness and warmth.

via funkyjunkinteriors.com

17. map your future travel endeavors 

Cork is the ideal medium and the travel map can beautifully function as motivation tool and wall art alike in your office.

Source Unknown

18. one row of wine corks

Your bulletin board can be as narrow as you need it. Here it keeps photographs in the right place, capturing smiles and laughter.

via shuterbugsage.com

19. Alternate patterns, create contrast

By creating contrast between colors and pattern on the same board you can easily shape a focal point in your office; this gives your tasks more coverage, more attention.

via truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com

20. burlap framed in shabby chic

The pallet is correct, constant, delicate and inspiring.

via etsy.com

21. polka dots diy corkboard

via livingwellmom.stfi.re

22. lines rhythm and wall art

Spray paint and tape can help you shape a really graphic piece of wall art to double as a bulletin board; use the color that fits your interior scheme and feel free to experiment with the pattern.

via Pinterest

How do you see the DIY Bulletin Board Ideas above? The selection is inspiring and definitely share-worthy, we would to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.