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How Much Chlorine Do You Put In A Hot Tub?

The best hot tubs scream luxury, right? If you own (or are planning to own) one, you must be wondering how much chlorine is appropriate.

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Well, you’re not the only one. It turns out, many owners of hot tubs are unaware of how much chlorine is required. We all associate swimming pools and hot tubs with chlorine, but have you ever wondered how much of it is safe?

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about hot tubs and chlorine. As you might already know, chlorine is a chemical disinfectant. So indeed, you can’t overuse it, as it could affect your skin, hair, eyes, and is potentially harmful.

When used correctly, chlorine can be one of the most effective (and safe) solutions for water bodies. So, are you curious to find out more about this powerful waterborne pathogen killer?

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the deets!

How Much Chlorine Is Appropriate For A Hot Tub?

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Have you ever thought about what a hot tub represents? Isn’t it essentially just a giant bowl of warm water, dead skin flakes, soap, lotion, dirt, hair products, and you? We wouldn’t be surprised if you never wanted to use your hot tub again!

Yes, essentially, the hot tub is a warm soup of all your grooming products and dead skin. That is why you need to use disinfectants like chlorine to clean and sanitize it. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Why Do You Need Chlorine For Your Hot Tub?

A hot tub can quickly become a cesspool of germs, bacteria, and other waterborne pathogens. This can be especially dangerous if more than one person uses the hot tub. Any water body that you use on a regular or even semi-regular basis needs to be kept clean at all times, hot tub maintenance is realized with hot tub chemicals, designed specifically for this use case.

Chlorine is a chemical that is made of hydrogen, sodium hydroxide, and ordinary table salt. It is used in swimming pools, jacuzzis, hot tubs, and other water bodies to sanitize and keep it bacteria and germ-free.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using chlorine is to use the correct quantity and not mix it with other chemicals. When this is taken care of, chlorine can be one of the most effective and safe disinfectants.

So, how much chlorine do you need to put in your hot tub at home?

Daily Use Hot Tub

If you use the hot tub on a daily basis, you need to maintain chlorine levels of 3-5mg/l. That being said, this number could vary depending on certain factors, like your bathing habits, the frequency with which you use the hot tub, and how many others use it regularly.

How Often Do You Add Chlorine To A Hot Tub?

Again, this depends on several factors. However, on average, you should add chlorine to the hot tub about once a week at least. You may need to add it more frequently depending on usage and your bathing habits.

Chlorine that you add to the water in a hot tub is typically known as free chlorine. But, when the same chlorine interacts with the bacteria, germs, oils, and other grooming products in the tub, it is called combined chlorine.

To clean this ‘dirty’ or ‘used’ water, you need to engage in a process known as ‘shocking the water.’ This is done by adding a slightly higher concentration of chlorine to the hot tub water.

To be safe, you can add small amounts of chlorine to the water in between shock treatments. This keeps the water safe, clean, and healthy.

How Often Should You Shock The Hot Tub?

Now that you know what it means to ‘shock’ the hot tub, you might be wondering how often this is required. Here are a few instances when the tub needs to be shocked:

    • If it has been unused for a while
    • If it has been heavily used recently
    • If the water has an odor
    • If the water looks cloudy

Ideally, we recommended shocking the hot tub about once a week if it is used moderately.

What Should You Do If You Add Too Much Chlorine?

To err is human! Maybe you added just a little too much chlorine to the hot tub, and now you’re wondering how to fix it. Well, it’s relatively simple; here is what you need to do:

  1. Use A Chlorine Neutralizer

If you need to use the hot tub right away, consider adding a chlorine neutralizer. As the name suggests, it will neutralize the chlorine level in the hot tub, allowing you (or anyone else) to use it without worrying about any side effects.

Keep in mind that too much chlorine can be potentially harmful to the skin, eyes, and hair. Moreover, it is hazardous if ingested.

  1. Add More Spa Water

This one sounds obvious, but it works. If you think you’ve added too much chlorine in the hot tub, add more spa water to neutralize it. You can drain some water from the hot tub first, adding more water once at least half the original quantity is drained.

  1. Let It Reduce Naturally

Check the chlorine levels in the hot tub first. If you observe that the levels are higher than 3 ppm, but you don’t plan on using the hot tub anytime soon, do nothing. The chlorine levels will stabilize naturally within a few days.

Of course, if you plan on using the hot tub before that, it is best to opt for any of the other methods mentioned above.

How Should You Maintain A Hot Tub?

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take much to maintain a hot tub. Of course, you need to be consistent with whatever cleaning schedule you use.

We recommended testing (and adjusting) the spa water balance at least 2 times (and a maximum of 4 times) a week. This is especially important if you regularly use the hot tub. Since bacteria and other contaminants thrive in moist, warm environments, the hot tub provides them with an ideal environment to thrive.

It is also essential to clean the spa filter every 1 to 2 months. At the end of 2 years, replace the spa filter with a new one.

Even if you use chlorine regularly to clean and maintain the hot tub, you need to drain the water completely every once in a while. Doing this at least once in 3 months is good enough. If you are a heavy user, you will need to crank up the cleaning and refilling schedule to once a month.


  1. How Much Chlorine Do You Need To Shock A 500 Gallon Hot Tub?

For every 500 gallons of water, you need to add 4 tablespoons (or 2 ounces) of chlorine. However, we advise waiting for the chlorine levels to come down to 3 to 5 ppm before using the hot tub.

  1. Can You Use Bleach Instead Of Chlorine?

It is best to avoid using bleach instead of chlorine or bromine for the hot tub. However, you may use diluted bleach once in a while to shock the hot tub or clean the empty shell of the tub. If you use bleach, make sure to clean it thoroughly before using the hot tub again.

  1. How Do You Chlorinate A Hot Tub?

Use about 2 tablespoons of chlorine (every two days) to clean and maintain the hot tub water. Ensure that the chlorine levels stay between 1.5 to 3 ppm. If the levels are higher, wait for it to go down before using the hot tub. The high levels of chlorine are prone to irritating skin, hair, and eyes.

If you use bromine instead of chlorine in the hot tub, ensure the test strips read between 3 to 5 ppm.

  1. How Long Should You Wait Before Using The Hot Tub?

This depends on what kind of cleaner you use. If you use a non-chlorine shock, you can wait about 10 minutes before using the hot tub. However, if you use chlorine or bromine to shock the hot tub, you need to wait at least 24 hours.

It is recommended that you test the chlorine levels before using the hot tub, just to be safe. Ensure that it has stabilized to 3-5 ppm before using the hot tub again.

Spa center with hot tub


It doesn’t take too much effort to maintain a hot tub. With a consistent cleaning schedule, you can enjoy the perks of having a hot tub in your home without much hassle.

When it comes to using chlorine, you will need to consider your usage (and size) of the hot tub. Even if you over-chlorinate it, don’t worry. The tips we mentioned above will help you fix this issue effortlessly.

Are you considering getting a hot tub for your home? Well, now you know all about chlorinating it safely.

Until next time, stay safe!

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