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How To Clean A Massage Table | The Ultimate Guide

You must remove dust and dirt from a massage table with a damp cloth and clean it with soap and water solution or non-abrasive cleaners. Then use a dry cloth to remove moisture. Regularly checking and cleaning the table upholstery and accessories is also recommended for effective maintenance. 

How to clean a massage table

Failing to clean a massage table can have serious consequences for the therapist and client. A dirty table can harbor harmful bacteria and germs, leading to the spread of infection and illness. 

Additionally, a dirty table can be uncomfortable and uninviting for clients, negatively impacting the overall massage experience. So, in this article, I will be discussing the steps to clean and maintain a massage table properly. 

Why Is It Necessary To Keep The Massage Table Clean?

Why Is It Necessary To Keep The Massage Table Clean

Keeping a massage table clean is not only an ethical responsibility but is also essential for the health and safety of both the therapist and the client. Besides being unhygienic, neglecting to clean and maintain the table can result in wear and tear, requiring costly repairs or replacements. 

How Often Should We Clean The Massage Table?

No one would want to lie down on a massage table covered with massage oils used by previous clients. So, the frequency of cleaning will depend on several factors, including how often the table is used and the type of clients you see. 

For example, if you see a high volume of clients daily, you may need to clean the table after every use. On the other hand, if you only see a few clients per week, you may need to clean the table once or twice a week.

It's also important to clean the table between clients, especially if the client has any illnesses or open wounds. This will prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and maintain a hygienic environment. Additionally, it's important to regularly check and clean the table accessories and upholstery, such as face cradles and armrests.

Some tables may require special cleaning solutions or methods to ensure they do not get damaged. In any case, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's specific instructions and maintenance tips when cleaning a massage table. Additionally, it's a good idea to keep a log of when the table was cleaned and when it will be cleaned to ensure you keep a regular schedule.

What To Clean Massage Table With?

When cleaning a massage table, it's important to use the right cleaning solutions and methods to ensure that the table remains hygienic and in good condition. To start, use a damp cloth to remove stains and wipe down the surface of the table. 

Cleaning products, like a mild soap or disinfectant solution, can be used to clean the massage table's surface, paying special attention to areas that come into contact with the skin. For more challenging stains, you can mix bleach with water in a 1:10 ratio and carefully clean the surface.

When selecting cleaning solutions, it's important to choose products that are safe for use on the materials of the table and to avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the table. You can also check for any recommended cleaning solutions or methods from the table manufacturer. After cleaning, it's important to dry the table completely before replacing any linens or padding.


Refrain from using cleansers containing alcohol/ethanol, chlorine, or any harsh ingredients in high concentrations. I have also had bad experiences with citrus-based cleaners, as they can cause cracks on vinyl textiles.

Using the wrong cleaning products on your massage table might void the warranty so always read and use the manufacturer's recommendations. 

In addition to the above steps, it's also important to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in your massage room. This includes regularly wiping down surfaces, vacuuming or sweeping the floor, and keeping a clean towel as a draping sheet. It's also a good idea to keep a spray bottle of disinfectant solution on hand for quick cleanups between clients.

Overall, the cleaning process may require a lot of effort, but it's important to ensure the safety and comfort of clients, as well as the longevity of the table.

How To Clean A Massage Table Final Words

How To Clean A Massage Table Final Words

Besides the usual wiping, make sure you give your massage table a thorough wash every week. And while you’re at it, I suggest inspecting the various parts of the table to ensure they are in good condition. 

It is also wise to protect your table from extreme temperatures and other external factors. And if you’re unable to choose the right cleaning agent, simply use some vinegar, as it is gentle enough to be used on table upholstery. 

That said, I’ve finally come to the end of this informative guide on how to clean your table. I hope my research will come in handy to massage therapists out there. However, I highly recommend contacting the massage table manufacturer, too, for specific instructions and simple upholstery care. 

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