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5 Best Electric Massage Tables | Reviews + Guide

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Electric massage tables can enhance the massage experience, be it for yourself or a client. In my opinion, the Earthlite Electric Massage Table offers the best overall experience. If you’re on a tight budget, however, Saloniture’s massage table offers great value for the price. 

In our busy, tightly-packed daily schedules, it is often difficult to find time for relaxation, especially when it comes to getting a regular or deep tissue massage. However, when you do call a professional massage therapist at home, you would want to relax on a supportive, comfortable, and affordable electric massage table

If you own a massage therapy business or medi-spa, on the other hand, you can also purchase full-featured, adjustable electric salon top tables to make clients rave about your service. 

In this article, I have reviewed five electric massage table options that should fit your needs. Let’s get started. 

Best Electric Massage Tables

Are you looking for the perfect electric massage table? Whether you‘re a professional massage therapist or just getting started, you need the right equipment to provide the best massage experience. Electric massage tables are known for their comfort and convenience and are becoming more and more popular.

Best Electric Massage Tables

Here is the list of the 5 best electric massage tables for you to choose from.

1. EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table ELLORA Best Overall Pick

EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table ELLORA - The Quietest, Most...
  • PERFECT THERAPIST ERGONOMICS: An amazing ADA compliant...

The ELLORA Electric Massage Table from Earthlite is very popular among home and spa owners since it’s easily adjustable and makes no noise. Made with a heavy-duty UL-certified motor, this electric lift massage table can be conveniently operated using the built-in foot control. If you have a professional massage therapist who comes over for therapy sessions, this electric massage table can optimize their workstation with its adjustable height.

These electric tables from Earthlite have an adjustable table height ranging from 17 to 36 inches, making wheelchair transfers easier. What’s more, it has a Pro-Plush Deluxe triple-density padding with rounded corners for better comfort and support. Earthline’s own proprietary has manufactured this premium three-inch cushioning with NatureSoft upholstery for protection against dust and stains. 

Furthermore, the ELLORA electric lift massage tables are durable and long-lasting due to their high-quality, powder-coated steel frame that can withstand up to 600 lb. weight. Its quality and efficiency are backed up by a three-year warranty on upholstery and a two-year warranty on the motor. You can also move it around for easy cleaning since it has embedded wheels!

Available Styles: Flat, Manual Tilt, Pneumatic Salon | Available Sizes: 28”x73”, 30”x73”, 32”x73” | Item Weight: 190 lbs | Max Weight Capacity: 600 lbs | Available Colors: Black, Latte, Marie’s Beach, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Vanilla Creme

2.  Saloniture Professional Electric Lift Massage Table Best Value Option

Saloniture Professional Electric Lift Massage Table with...
  • Hands-free electric lift: This professional electric lift...
  • Premium comfort: This table features deluxe cushioning,...

Saloniture’s Electric Lift Massage Table stands out for its adjustable face cradle and arm sling, enhancing the massage experience with extra support. With an easy-to-use hands-free foot pedal, you can easily raise or lower the table with a simple touch. Its adjustable heights range from 18 to 34 inches. Moreover, these portable tables from Saloniture come with an adjustable backrest that tilts with the help of a pneumatic gas lifting assist. 

Its metal frame and legs are made from premium-grade steel, specifically designed to withstand up to 500 lb working weight. The tabletop of these electric lift massage tables is constructed with high-density three-layered padding, which gives a support of 3 inches along with rounded edges. It also comes with a thick foam face pillow and removable cover, unlike most tables specializing in electric massage. Its metal frame and legs are made from premium-grade steel, specifically designed to be able to withstand up to 500 lb working weight.

Furthermore, its oil and water-resistant surface makes it one easy-to-maintain salon top table in the market. The PU synthetic leather drape on the electric massage table surface vastly increases its durability, softness, and anti-stain abilities. You can also stop worrying about any toxic odors since it is made from sustainable vegan-friendly materials! Saloniture also provides an adjustable headrest, a semi-round bolster, and head restraint outlets on both ends of the table.

Available Styles: Manual Tilt, Hydraulic Lift | Available Sizes: 85”x30” | Item Weight: 146.3 lbs | Max Weight Capacity: 500 lbs | Available Colors: Black

3. SKINACT Milo 3.0 Motor Electric Massage & Facial Bed/Table Best High End Option

SKINACT Milo 3.0 Motor (with Independent Leg Adjustment)...
  • Available Color:Dark Brown High Quality Leatherette
  • Attachable Head rest with metal framing for Maximum...

This stationary table from SKINACT is used for massage therapy and facials and is quite popular in medispas and professional massage clinics. Its premium structural steel frame and legs make it durable enough to last long. Boasting a high-quality leatherette drape over the tabletop, face cradle, and pillow, this electric massage table scores high on quality materials.

Moving on, it has a unique three-motor technology, specially designed according to human factors and ergonomics. The three motors are evenly distributed according to their functions– one for adjusting the backrest, one for adjusting the knee, and the other for the table height. This mechanism also helps the stationary table lie in a flat position to help you or your client relax completely. 

Further, these stationary tables feature a flat base below, which can be used as a storage shelf to hold products like oil, water, and other accessories, including electronics! SKINACT’s Milo Motor Electric Massage Table has an adjustable height ranging from 26 to 33 inches with an average length of 74 inches. Lastly, these electric massage tables from SKINACT have efficient hydraulics that make little to no noise.

Available Styles: Modern, Hydraulic Lift | Available Sizes: 72”x32” | Item Weight: 300 lbs | Max Weight Capacity: Not Mentioned | Available Colors: Dark Brown

4. Master Massage Theramaster 4-Section Electric Bodywork Table Best For Professional Massage Therapy

Master Massage Theramaster 4 Section Electric Bodywork...
  • A rugged steel frame, durable and reliable CE and UL listed...
  • The 550 lb. Weight capacity secures and lifts large patients...

These are one of the most premium hydraulic massage tables manufactured by Master Massage, specifically keeping professional clinics and medi-spas in mind. Its durable steel frame, coupled with UL and CE-listed actuators,  increases its efficiency among other tables. Using its hydraulic foot pedal, you can easily adjust these portable massage tables from 21 to 34 inches in height using its hydraulic foot pedal.

Master Massage has incorporated the low 21 inches setting to facilitate patient transfers that may be challenging, so if you’re heavy-weight, this is the perfect table for you. Plus, this electric lift massage table is extremely adjustable due to its 4-section table top for body isolation, so you can address even the deepest problem in the skeletal muscle. Its 4-section includes a raised mid-section, head cradle, raising leg section, armrest, and a top that contours to your body.

Master Massage’s intelligent cushioning makes you want to melt into it! Its entire tabletop is padded with memory foam, with the head cushion built with 2.5 inches of multi-layer cell foam that is denser and more supportive. What’s more, its smooth wheel system makes it easily portable, while its lifetime limited warranty keeps you worry-free.

Available Styles: Hydraulic Lift, Manual Lift | Available Sizes: 77”x32” | Item Weight: 178 lbs | Max Weight Capacity: 550 lbs | Available Colors: Royal Blue

5. Sage Electric Spa Treatment Table Best Design

Sage Electric Spa Treatment Table (Massage, Facial Bed) By...
  • High quality, easy cleaning white PU upholstery Ultra-soft...
  • Shipped fully assembled with Natural wood finish on base and...

SKINACT has manufactured one of the few electric massage tables with a natural wood finish with this multipurpose product. It has a modern white upholstery partly made from polyvinyl chloride and PU, which makes it extremely comfortable and easy to clean. With its super-soft padding with supportive thickness and four-inch white cushion, you can relax your entire body while enjoying rejuvenating massage therapy.

Moreover, it has three motors that individually adjust separate sections of the electric lift massage table. One adjusts the tabletop height, the other tilts the backrest, and the third motor is responsible for central module inclination. The adjustable backrest can tilt from zero to +70 degrees tilt angles while the central inclination can range from zero to +28 degrees. So, you can adjust these stationary tables for versatile purposes– for a full-body massage, deep tissue therapy, or a simple facial.

The Sage Electric Massage Tables can carry a maximum client weight of 330 lbs since it is made from a relatively fragile yet premium wood material. Lastly, it comes fully assembled and connected; all you need to do this kickstart the motor to begin your massage experience!

Available Styles: Lift, Tilt, Incline | Available Sizes: 79.5” x 37” | Item Weight: 220 lbs | Max Weight Capacity: 330 lbs | Available Colors: Natural Wood-White

Buying Guide For The Best Electric Massage Table

Finding the right table can be quite challenging if you’ve never had an electric massage table before or you recently opened a salon or medi-spa. To help you find a full-featured table within a budget, here are some parameters you should consider while purchasing:

Assembly And Maintenance

There’s no point in investing in an electric massage table if you need to spend hours trying to figure out how to assemble it. So, it is best to go for pre-assembled massage tables or ensure they come with an easy-to-follow manual and required hardware. There should be additional components and tools like a headrest, drape, sheets, storage space, and other custom craftworks that can be easily fixed. 

An easy-to-clean massage table can exponentially improve your experience, so look for portable and mobile features like wheels, separate motors, and oil and water-proof materials to make maintenance a breeze.


Before purchasing a massage table, you need to be aware of the different types and decide what purpose you want it to fulfill. Most electric massage tables are used for personal massages, sports, chiropractic or orthopedic usage, and salon purposes.

The main types of electric massage tables available are the usual hydraulic ones with adjustable heights, pregnancy tables with designated holes for the belly, inclined massage tables, and stationary tables with built-in storage. You can also find foldable ones for easy storage and portable massage tables for mobility and travel.


Usually, the frame and legs of a massage table are made from materials like wood, steel, aluminum, and alloy, while the padding uses high-density foam or polyvinyl chloride. You can also find a combination of different materials that cater to different features and climatic conditions. Look for sturdy frames but softer tabletops to avoid further strain during the massage. 

Moreover, consider who will be using the table—if you’re heavy-weight or have heavier clients, ensure you get a sturdier steel frame, and go for more adjustable ones for taller clients. The quality of the vinyl or foam is also important, especially when the massage table is used regularly. High-quality memory foam or PVC that can withstand compression and cracking is ideal.


Getting an electric massage table with multiple adjustable features can be beneficial for both the client and the therapist. It further avoids any problems regarding patient transfer and makes getting on or off the table an easy process. What’s more, an electric table with a wide range of height can help the therapist get the right leverage to apply pressure for a healing massage.

Lumbar Support

The most common complaint of people seeking massage therapy is lumbar strain or pain in the lower back. So it’s important to find tabletops with a supportive feature to hold up the lumbar spine without adding excess pressure. Good support and firmness also help in spine alignment, thus making it easier for people to lay flat.


The average size of electric massage tables is 24 to 34 inches in height, whereas their length usually starts from 72, but there are also tables with an 80-inch length to accommodate taller clients. If you want a highly portable massage table that is easy to store, consider purchasing a lightweight and foldable one. However, if you have a salon or spa that caters to many clients, getting a longer table with ample storage is advisable.

Additional Features

Ensuring your client’s comfort doesn’t end with good tabletop material and adjustable height. Several other features can be considered to make your massage therapy par excellence. Adjustable and supportive features like a face cradle, arm sling, head restraint, leg support, body isolation, etc., can securely hold your client while you administer therapy. 

Moreover, a foldable electric massage table with different inclined angles and separate motors can allow various styles of treatment and increase the comfort of the client and therapist.


Massage therapies have become a popular addition to many workout routines with the growing interest in different body shaping and fitness procedures. And this popularity has led to salons and medi-spas carefully considering ways to improve the massage experience, especially electric massage tables.

In terms of the criteria mentioned in the buyer’s guide and overall value for cost, the products listed in the article delivered good performance and comfort. Our top pick is EARTHLITE’s Electric Massage Table (ELLORA) due to its various adjustable features and top-notch construction materials. Saloniture, on the other hand, offers efficient and adjustable tables at an affordable price. In contrast, the Skinact, Master Massage, and Sage electric massage tables cater to a more luxurious experience. 

Want to read more informative articles and product reviews? Be on the lookout for our website to learn more and shop like a pro!

That said, we’ll be signing off now. Until next time!

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