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5 Best Metal Pergola Kits for Your Backyard | Buyer’s Guide

A backyard or garden is one of the best assets of your property. The added open space gives you a private place to lounge and soak up the sun or have fun with your family. However, when the sun starts getting too hot in the summer, the outside doesn’t seem as appealing anymore.

Best Metal Pergola Kits

Pergolas is the right solution for this dilemma. They add a lot of shade and privacy, adding value to your outdoor space. You can enjoy the sun and sit in the open or have your kids play safely, away from direct sunlight. Like any other outdoor furniture and accessory, there are various materials pergolas are available in. Here, we focus mainly on metal pergolas as there are many reasons why they are better suited to your needs than any other material.

One of the main factors that give metal pergolas an edge is that they last much longer. Also, they are better managed and maintained over time. They can withstand various weather and hot summers without losing any sturdiness. And surprisingly, metal pergola kits are relatively lighter than wooden ones. So, if a lightweight yet durable and long-lasting pergola kit is what you need, then a metal one is probably your right match.

Listed below are the best metal pergola kits:

  • Sojag Messina Hard Top Sun Shelter: A luxury pergola perfect for large outdoor gatherings with a hardtop roof and sturdy aluminum frame. It carries a heftier price tag compared to the Sunjoy and requires professional assembly.
  • Sunjoy 10’ x 12’ Chatham Steel Hardtop: The Sunjoy gazebo is distinguished for its all-weather protection with a hardtop canopy and solid steel frame. It might fade under intense sunlight, unlike the Sojag.
  • Vita Venetian Vinyl Pergola: The Vita pergola captures a classic garden design with a white, trellis-like vinyl roof. It lacks a canopy unlike the Sunjoy and is relatively pricey.
  • Kozyard Rosana 10' x 12' Hardtop Aluminum: Kozyard Rosana is a gazebo that excels in durability with a rust-proof aluminum frame and galvanized steel roof. It's more rugged than the Vita pergola, but the roof may create noise when it rains.
  • Great Deal Furniture Sonoma Outdoor Fabric/Steel Canopy: The Great Deal Furniture canopy is compact and stylish, with a reliable steel frame and polyester canopy. Assembly may be more challenging compared to the easier-to-set-up Kozyard gazebo.

1. Sojag Messina Hard Top Sun Shelter - Best for Large Outdoor Spaces

  • Large size
  • Hardtop roof and sturdy frame made of steel and aluminum
  • Replacement parts are available

The first pergola on our list is the largest and most luxurious one. 12’ by 16’ in size, this is the pergola for people who have large families or love to host outdoor gatherings.

The hardtop roof means you won’t have to take it down once the snow starts falling or when the monsoon arrives in all its glory. The pergola will stand strong and withstand the climate well.  

The frame supporting the galvanized hardtop roof is made of rustproof aluminum. The charcoal color of the frame and ceiling gives a nice contrast to an otherwise green and luscious backyard. It easily becomes the focal point once it’s installed.

You can relax under the shade by the pool or just lounge around while your little ones play on the grass. It has space for a ceiling fan and lights so you can still enjoy your backyard when there is no breeze.

The kit comes with PVC-coated polyester mesh mosquito netting. It’s just as durable as the frame and also blocks sun exposure. Although it needs to be installed by a professional, it will protect you from environmental elements for years to come.

Size: 12' by 16' | Frame Material: Steel and Aluminum | Roof Type: Hardtop | Netting: Yes

2. Sunjoy 10’ x 12’ Chatham Steel Hardtop - Best for All-weather Protection

  • Hardtop canopy
  • Vented roof
  • Provides good ventilation

Hardtop canopies are perfect for those looking for a permanent gazebo. It keeps the sin away and gives you and your kids a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors all year long. This Sunjoy gazebo is large and fits well in backyards where there is enough room.

The frame for this gazebo is very solid and heavy-duty. Made from high-quality powder-coated steel, it’s meant to last a long time and in multiple weather conditions all year long. The hardtop roof is made with the same material and can take heavy snowfall pretty well.

The double-tiered roof allows air to flow through the gazebo much more freely, providing good ventilation when it’s needed the most. The kit comes with mosquito netting so you can enjoy the outdoors even when there are bugs flying around.

You do have to get the pergola professionally installed as it is quite heavy. But once it’s assembled, it will immediately become the place for you and your family to hang out.

Size: 10' by 12' | Frame Material: Powder-coated Steel | Roof Type: Hardtop | Netting: Yes

3. Vita Venetian Vinyl Pergola - Best for Classic Garden Design

  • Traditional Venetian design
  • White color
  • Dimensions: 10’ by 10’ frame with 5” x 5” posts

If you’ve ever come across Venetian themes in movies, the soft romantic textures, light colors, and minimal architectural details all look incredible. Your most notable piece from that time is the classic pergola design. This version is based on the traditional design, with some modern touches.

The white, trellis-like roof of the pergola is the perfect foundation for flowering vines. Set in a lush garden, with white wicker furniture and flowers all around, this pergola will become the focal point in your backyard.

The framework is made of vinyl, which is easy to clean and maintain. Whether you install it on grass, concrete patio, or wooden deck, it takes only people and a few tools to install the pergola. In a few hours, you can enjoy the pergola.

Be noted that the kit doesn’t come with a netting or canopy cover. You may have to purchase it separately if you need it.

Size: 10' by 10' | Frame Material: Vinyl | Roof Type: Trellis-like | Netting: No

4. Kozyard Rosana 10' x 12' Hardtop Aluminum

  • Heavy-duty aluminum and steel material
  • Comes with netting and waterproof sidewalls
  • Dimensions: 10’ by 12’

If you need a waterproof, heavy-duty pergola, this Kozyard hardtop gazebo in Rosana is perfect. Unlike soft-top gazebos, this particular one is suitable for homes in places where winters have snow. Also, this gazebo is suitable for homeowners who have no opposition to having a permanent gazebo.

The frame is made from rust-proof aluminum. It is very sturdy and strong, built to last a long time. The dark brown color of the frame matches the hardtop roof. The metal top is made from galvanized steel roof.

It gives the gazebo more sturdiness. Also, it weatherproofs the pergola. You can leave it up in the winter as it can withstand heavy snow and harsh winds. The kit also comes with anchoring stands with pre-drilled holes for installation.

Lastly, this gazebo can be used anytime during the year. The netting keeps the bugs away while the waterproof sidewalls keep water out.

Size: 10' by 12' | Frame Material: Aluminum and Steel | Roof Type: Galvanized | Netting: Yes

5. Great Deal Furniture Sonoma Outdoor Fabric/Steel Canopy

  • The canopy is waterproof
  • Comes with two types of netting for different needs
  • Can be installed on a deck, balcony, backyard, and more

While it’s not the smallest gazebo, area-wise, it is better suited for homes that have limited outdoor space. This pergola can be made the focal point of the outdoor space without it taking up all the room.

This Sonoma gazebo is not only the right size and stylish, but it is also durable and provides protection from environmental elements including harsh UV rays. 

The pergola kit comes with a 10’ by 10’ metal frame made of solid steel that can withstand harsh winds and the summer sun. The polyester canopy on top is large enough to provide sufficient shade and waterproofing.

You can place patio furniture underneath the gazebo and enjoy the outside when the sun is shining bright. If bugs are a problem, you can open the netting. There are two layers of netting to suit your needs. Interestingly, the netting also has a zipper door, which can make you feel like you’re inside a giant tent on a camping trip.

Size: 10' by 10' | Frame Material: Solid Steel | Roof Type: Polyester Canopy | Netting: Yes

What is the Best Metal Pergola Kit for Your Backyard?

If you're searching for the best metal pergola kit for your backyard, the table below provides a comparison of size measured in feet, frame material, roof type, and whether netting is included.

ProductSizeFrame MaterialRoof TypeNetting
Sojag Messina Sun Shelter12' by 16'Steel and AluminumHardtopYes
Sunjoy Canopy10' by 12'Powder-coated SteelHardtopYes
Vita Venetian Vinyl Pergola10' by 10'VinylTrellis-likeNo
Kozyard Rosana Gazebo10' by 12'Aluminum and SteelGalvanizedYes
Great Deal Furniture Sonoma Canopy10' by 10'Solid SteelPolyester CanopyYes

Buying Guide for the Best Metal Pergola Kit

Whether made of metal or other materials, pergolas can serve a number of various purposes. They provide shade for an outdoor dining space or by the pool. Or it can create a covered space for your kids to play without being under the hot sun.

The creativity is really up to you. However, having some idea about how you will be using the pergola will help you choose the right one. This brief buyer’s guide can help you further.


We’ve already explained why we prefer metal over wood for pergolas. It is low-maintenance and long-lasting. You don’t need to varnish it or worry about it aging and fading under the sun or how it will stand up to water damage and other weather elements. You can just use it straight out of the box.

Deciding to buy a metal pergola is just step one. You need to go further and decide what kind of metal you want. The most common options available include steel, vinyl, and aluminum. Each metal, while sturdy, has its pros and cons.

You can decide which one suits your needs better. Vinyl, for instance, is easier to clean compared to the other two and is more aesthetically pleasing. Steel, on the other hand, is much sturdier and will stand the test of time better than vinyl.

And lastly, aluminum is a much better option for those who live in wet climates because the metal is waterproof.

For people who do want the wooden pergola kit in their backyards, cedar anchors well in the ground. However, metal pergolas are lighter and work well on porches and decks where the weight can cause damage.


Along with the material, the size of the pergola kit is the most important consideration. No matter the features and durability of a pergola, it won’t work if it’s too big or too small.

The size you need depends on where you want to install the kit and how you want to use it. Pergola kits come in various shapes and sizes to fit different spaces. They can range from the smallest at 6’ by 6’ to 122’ by 20’.

You need to consider the length and height of the pergola and the surface area of the location you are going to place it. Also, if your backyard has trees, take the height and width of nearby foliage.

Along with the exterior dimensions of the pergola, measurements for the inside are also important. You want to make sure that it is spacious enough to fit furniture and the tallest friend or family member that frequents your home.


Prices on pergolas can vary from $300 to upwards of $3000. As one would expect, metal pergola kits on the smaller side cost less than the larger and more elaborate ones.

The price for metal pergolas is dependent on the size of the frame and whether the canopy is included or not in the kit. Most metal kits start at around $400 to $500. The price goes up when other features are added.


The consideration for the style of the pergola is mostly for aesthetic purposes. You can pick between round, rectangular, and square gazebos. But that’s not the limit. There are many other unique shapes to look at as well.

The right gazebo would be the one that complements your home’s architecture. Instead of looking out of place, it should blend well with the design.

But don’t forego practicality when looking at the style. Don’t give in to your liking for the design and choose an attractive pergola that doesn’t quite fit the space right.

What is a metal pergola kit?

A metal pergola kit is a set of pre-fabricated pieces designed for assembling a pergola, which is an outdoor structure that provides shade over a patio or pathway. The kit typically includes all necessary metallic components, such as posts, rafters, and crossbeams, often made of materials like steel or aluminum for durability. Detailed assembly instructions and necessary fittings are usually provided, allowing for easier installation.

What is the difference between a hardtop and a soft-top metal pergola?

The key difference between a hardtop and a soft-top metal pergola lies in the type of covering used. A hardtop pergola features a rigid, often metal, roof that provides solid shade and protection from the elements. Conversely, a soft-top pergola typically has a canvas, cloth, or other fabric covering that can offer shade but might not provide the same level of weather resistance as a hardtop.

Each has its own aesthetic appeal and functional advantages, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

How do I choose the right size metal pergola kit for my outdoor space?

Choosing the right size metal pergola kit for your outdoor space involves several considerations. Start by measuring the available area where the pergola would be installed, taking into account both width and depth.

Consider the primary purpose of the pergola (such as shading a patio or defining an outdoor living area) and scale it accordingly. Also, consider the human scale - a pergola should provide enough headroom and space for movement.

Finally, the pergola's size relative to your home or any adjacent structures should look proportionate. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines when choosing a size.

Can I readily customize a metal pergola kit to suit my outdoor space and preferences?

Customizing a metal pergola kit to suit your outdoor space and preferences may be possible, but it is advised to consult the product details or contact the manufacturer beforehand to determine the level of customization available.

Can a metal pergola be attached to an existing structure, such as a house or deck?

Yes, a metal pergola can be attached to an existing structure like a house or deck. These are known as attached pergolas. When attached to a house, they are typically anchored to the exterior wall or the roof structure. When attached to a deck, they must be securely fastened to the deck's structure to ensure stability.

It's essential to consider load-bearing capabilities, proper sealing to prevent water penetration, and local building codes when attaching a pergola to an existing structure. Professional consultation is often advisable.

Do I need a permit to install a metal pergola?

Whether you need a permit to install a metal pergola often depends on local regulations. Some jurisdictions may require a permit for constructing permanent outdoor structures, while others may not. The size of the pergola might also factor into permit requirements.

It's crucial to check with your local building department or similar authority to understand the specific rules in your area prior to installation. Zoning regulations, homeowner association rules, and similar considerations may also apply.

How difficult is it to assemble a metal pergola kit?

The difficulty of assembling a metal pergola kit can depend on various factors such as the complexity of the design, the individual's DIY skills, and the number of people involved in the assembly process. Generally, these kits are designed for self-assembly and come with detailed instructions. Basic tools, such as a screwdriver and level, are often required.

For larger or more complex structures, professional installation may be advisable. Users should always follow the manufacturer's assembly instructions to ensure safe and successful installation.

How do I maintain my metal pergola?

Maintaining a metal pergola typically involves regular cleaning and periodic checks for damage. Clean the pergola with a mild detergent and water to remove dirt and debris, using a soft brush or cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

Inspect the metal for signs of rust or damage, especially after extreme weather events. If rust is detected, it might need treatment with a rust remover or prevention product, and potentially a fresh coat of appropriate paint. If a part is significantly damaged, it may need to be replaced. Always consult the pergola's care manual for specific maintenance recommendations.

If you have a large enough backyard, deck, or patio, a pergola will complete your outdoor aesthetics. Even though they are not cheap, they are investment pieces and add value to your home, especially permanent ones.

We understand the importance of creating an inviting and functional outdoor space, and having the right pergola can make a significant difference in enhancing your backyard experience. We have gone through several excellent products, and out of all these options, here are the top three expert recommendations:

When it comes to large gatherings and making a statement, the Sojag Messina Hard Top Sun Shelter is an ideal option. Its spacious 12' x 16' size, hardtop roof, and durable aluminum and steel frame make it perfect for hosting outdoor parties and events.

For those who prefer a more permanent structure, the Sunjoy 10' x 12' Chatham Steel Hardtop is a good choice. It boasts a hardtop canopy, a vented roof for better airflow, and a robust, powder-coated steel frame.

If you appreciate a classic and elegant design, the New England Arbors Vinyl Pergola is the right choice. Based on a traditional Venetian design, this 10' x 10' pergola features a white vinyl framework, which is easy to clean and maintain.

You just have to make sure you know what you’re looking for and check the dimensions of the kit to get one that will serve you well for a long time. We hope that the buyer’s guide and the recommendations give you some options and guidance in choosing the one that suits your needs.