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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree And Its Origin


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Many people around the world look forward every year to picking out their favorite Christmas tree and loading it with decorations. Even those who cannot afford a large pine tree or decorations, somehow always find an option to still enjoy their own do it yourself Christmas tree.


Christmas trees originated in in Germany almost five centuries ago. It became a custom to decorate Christmas trees in a public place with fruits and sweets. The idea  was mainly designed for kids so that kids could come and pick the fruits and sweets of the trees. Through the centuries this habit slowly caught on with Martin Luther as the first person to add lights to the tree using lighted candles. However, it was not until the invention of electricity, that the idea of lighted bulbs hung around the Christmas tree came about.


  • Before you decorate your tree, after choosing in from among many others, you may want to trim it first.
  • Have your lights ready because that will be the first thing to go on your tree.These can be blinking or stagnant. Mufi-colored or all one color.
  • Next you may want to hang a garland of your color around your tree. Ribbons tied in a bow whether large or small always enhance the beauty of a Christmas tree.
  • Ornaments on your Christmas tree can be edible or anything that has a symbolic meaning to you. Edible ornaments are usually cookies in the shape of a tree or sweets like candy canes.
  • Your Christmas tree ornaments can simply be bought from the store or you can always make your own. Nevertheless, most people add ornaments to their tree using both ways.
  • Be sure to place large and small ornaments evenly on your tree.

After Christmas you would want to take down your tree while some people prefer to leave it till the end of January. Have a large container or box to keep your ornaments in for the next year where they will remain dry and safe from pests.


Keep your tree away from an open window. Do not put flammable items close to your Christmas tree.

#1 white Christmas tree for a white Christmas


Christmas Tree Ideas (23)

#2 pallet project displaying a painted Christmas tree



Christmas Tree Ideas (1)

#3 an option to hanging a garland around your Christmas tree


Christmas Tree Ideas (2)

#4 a ‘Christmas tree’ on a tight budget


Christmas Tree Ideas (3)

#5 gold and bronze ornaments add elegance



#6 purple and silver is a nice combination


Christmas Tree Ideas (5)

#7 Christmas tree with six layers of colorful balls


Christmas Tree Ideas (6)

#8 or you can always frame your tree


Christmas Tree Ideas (7)

#9 keep it simple


Christmas Tree Ideas (8)

#10 candy Christmas tree


Christmas Tree Ideas (9)

#11 a multitude of colors


Christmas Tree Ideas (10)

#12 stacked book Christmas tree


Christmas Tree Ideas (11)

#13 Christmas tree laden with edible ornaments


Christmas Tree Ideas (12)

#14 there is never too much of a Christmas tree


Christmas Tree Ideas (13)

#15 rustic look Christmas tree


Christmas Tree Ideas (14)

#16 delicate design line


Christmas Tree Ideas (15)

#17 the classical gold and red mix



#18 keep things traditional as much as possible


Christmas Tree Ideas (17)

#19 balloons in the shape of a Christmas tree


Christmas Tree Ideas (18)

#20 huge joy ornament


Christmas Tree Ideas (19)

#21 Christmas tree with paper decorations


Christmas Tree Ideas (20)

#22 snow man Christmas tree


Christmas Tree Ideas (21)

#23 fake Grinch Christmas tree idea for kids


Christmas Tree Ideas (22)

Without a Christmas tree on Christmas day somehow it just does not feel like Christmas. So why not share your experiences and ideas on putting up your own tree in the comment section below. There is no too early for Christmas planning.

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