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Learn How to Draw a Deer – Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial


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In the Cool Things to Draw Collection a world-wide beloved character is the element of our first drawing tutorial : the deer, a splendid cartoon scene that can bring the memory of Bambi into the picture.  The tutorial will help you learn how to draw a deer in her natural scenery with a simple step by step tutorial. The beautiful picture to draw in this tutorial can become an important corner in the creative development of a child as basic shapes are being depicted more realistic, with each step the image gracefully slipping into the world of fantasy. The tutorial starts with basic shapes and uses simple axes for construction, ending with the simple entourage of our deer, the natural habitat.

Use bright colors to bring your drawing to life along your little one and proudly display the new wall art piece.

Learn How to Draw a Deer - Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

A handful deer facts for kids might come useful before one starts the simple drawing tutorial with the little one; cast a glance below:

  • The beloved deer is in the same family with the moose, reindeer, and elk, all part of the Cervidae family.
  • A male deer changes his antlers every year.
  • The antelope greatly resembles the deer yet the difference is in that they have horns instead of antlers and horns unlike antlers are not grown and replaced each year.
  • Various species of deer have been hunted across time for their antlers, today the haunting legislation preventing this as much as possible.
  • The large male deer is called a “stag”, the male deer is called a “buck”, the female deer a “doe”, a young deer a “fawn” and their entire group is called a “herd”.
  • The long legs of the deer are adapted to their environment, a construct of evolution.
  • Deer are known to be great swimmers and jumpers alike.
  • All deer are born with white spots but they fade out usually within a year.
  • The first steps of the deer are taken in half an hour after their birth.

Hopefully the facts above have been found interesting so without further a do let`s dive right into the tutorial.

Learn How to Draw a Deer

STEP 1 – Draw one ELLIPSE and one circle

Simply start by drawing the horizon line and a construction ellipse that would describe the body of the deer . The head construction lines follow, a circle should be placed asymmetrically on the top right side of the ellipse, simple lines point the intention of future elements like the ears, big eye pointed towards us and the nose of the deer.

01 Learn How to Draw a Deer - Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

STEP 2 – Draw the ears and nose – start detailing the head

The deer will be greatly characterized by its beautiful and innocent look so immense attention was given to her expression. The eyes are big as a result and the head even features a sweet haircut. Follow the lines cautiously and keep in mind that everyone’s’ results will be beautiful and quite different.

02 Learn How to Draw a Deer - Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

STEP 3 – Finalize the head lines and proceed on the body

The body lines should first and foremost depict the legs position as these might raise the biggest difficulties. Take your time and find the right look infused with naturalness. An eye contour has been illustrated as well.

03 Learn How to Draw a Deer - Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

STEP 4 – Add a tail to balance the body and shape the legs

To ensure that the legs are well balanced on the torso a small cute tail should be added. Start detailing the eyes to bring the beautiful drawing to life.

04 Learn How to Draw a Deer - Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

STEP 5 – Finalize the legs and detail the head -erase the main construction lines

Once you`re satisfied with the legs and the body is shaped you can add the beautiful to-be-white spots, powder the nose and add glare to the eyes of this extraordinary creature and erase the construction lines.

05 Learn How to Draw a Deer - Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

STEP 6 – place your deer into its natural HABITAT

Start contouring the main element with vegetation of different kinds and a sun. Here the scenery can be changed extraordinary, creativity coming into play. The happier the decor, the better.

06 Learn How to Draw a Deer - Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

STEP 7 – Add simple shadows

Depending on where you`ve positioned the sun one ought to place simple shades now, these can be a highly educative lesson for the little but moreover they offer great depth to the drawing, something that really brings the deer forward from that lush vegetation.

07 Learn How to Draw a Deer - Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

STEP 8 – color your drawing

Get coloring ! Your beautiful artwork is now ready to receive color and here too the individual should get creative as possible. Enjoy this splendid moment and do not stop till the artwork is complete.

09 Learn How to Draw a Deer - Cartoon Scene Step by Step Tutorial

The simple act of drawing is a great way to relief stress, a simply extraordinary method of encouraging the development of the child`s physical, cognitive and emotional abilities. Drawing is an acknowledged technique used to share knowledge with the little one, each drawing being an opportunity to share interesting facts about the chosen topic and art itself.

What do you think? We would love to hear your opinion about this swift tutorial in the comment section below.

This feature is part of the “Things to Draw” Collection of drawings realized by Homesthetics Magazine in partnership with Designaissance Studio. The contents of the tutorial are copyright protected as it is the collection itself; if you are interested on sharing the drawings on your website or magazine please contact the magazine. Feel free to print or share the page for educative purposes as this is the definitory purpose of our mission with this collection.

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