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55 Outdoor Privacy Screen Projects You Must Consider Making 

Adding a simple privacy screen can do the job if you want more privacy at home. You'll feel safer and more secure without your neighbor's lingering eyes.

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There are a bunch of privacy screens out there that come in different styles. Finding one that suits your home will be easy.

Today, we've listed some of our favorite outdoor privacy screen ideas you should incorporate into your outdoors.

Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas 

Neat paved patio with sitting area and small garden near wooden fence. Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas You Should Try for Your Home.

Outdoor privacy screens are highly functional. Not only that, but it's also a good addition to your awesome backyard!

1. Simple DIY Privacy Screen

Simple DIY Privacy Screen

via pine + popular

There are a lot of privacy screens you can install in your outdoor space. It gives your garden a homier feel and has a conducive area for you and your friends to hang out. 

Remember that privacy screens don't have to be spectacular and over the top. Simple wood posts and curtains can already help you out. 

2. Rustic Metal Outdoor Privacy Screen

Rustic Metal Outdoor Privacy Screen

via RusticOrnamentals

If you've got a rustic-inspired backyard, complement it with a rustic privacy screen. It can tie your whole concept together while helping you gain the privacy you deserve. 

However, keep in mind that metal screens tend to get hot under the sun. This being the case, handle the metal screen with caution. 

3. Real Bamboo Plants

Real Bamboo Plants


Using real bamboo plants is a great solution for homeowners who want to add luscious greens to their backyards. 

Not to mention, bamboo is a natural way of incorporating backyard privacy into your outdoor area. Bamboo is also very sturdy; you're sure it'll stand in your yard for a long time. 

4. Cactus Walls

Cactus Walls

via barsanworld

A unique and natural idea to have backyard privacy is by planting cactuses in your yard. You can have outdoor privacy without it looking too obvious! 

Just make sure to choose a cactus that doesn't have too many spikes and thorns. You don't want to end up accidentally hurting people because of it. 

5. Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtains

via KGorge Curtains

Outdoor curtains are a great addition to your outdoor space. In spring, your curtains can look like a picture from an IKEA catalog!

They're very easy to install on your patio, and you can block people from your outdoor space. We recommend choosing a breathable fabric to make it look natural in your yard.

6. Privacy Screen Wood Panel

Privacy Screen Wood Panel

via Jennifer Rizzo

If you have extra wood pallets, consider DIY-ing them into a privacy fence. This DIY project is easy to complete, you gain privacy in no time.

All you'll need are wood panels, a hammer, and some nails! It's a perfect project for people looking to save their budget.

Check out the different pallet wall ideas to get your creative juices running! 

7. Composite Vinyl Trellis

Composite Vinyl Trellis

via Vita

There's something elegant about having a trellis in the backyard. Those long winding vines look like a page straight from an Italian magazine. 

Consider putting up a trellis in your backyard as a natural privacy screen. The long winding vines will be something other people will be jealous of. 

8. Climbing Vines Privacy Screen

Climbing Vines Privacy Screen

via Bees and Roses

Another awesome idea is creating a privacy screen made of vines. You can grow vines and let them crawl down from the ceiling. 

Once they're fully grown, you've got a living space that looks lively and luscious! 

9. Moveable Outdoor Screen

Moveable Outdoor Screen

via Tree Amigos Landscaping

Moveable outdoor privacy screens are perfect for people who can't decide yet. You can wheel it in and out from its position if you don't need it. 

We highly recommend adding wheels at the bottom of the screen for this project. It'll make your life much easier whenever you need to transport them.

10. Outdoor Patio Screen

Outdoor Patio Screen

via Lowe's

Outdoor privacy screens are a good way to gain privacy without looking too obvious. It's also a great way to mark the start and end of your lot. 

There are a lot of outdoor privacy ideas out there. We recommend choosing one that ties in with the aesthetic of your private space. 

11. Planter Box Privacy Screen

Planter Box Privacy Screen

via DIY Danielle

We love the combination of planter boxes and privacy screens. They're highly functional because we can keep our privacy and plant our favorite herbs or flowers. 

Planter boxes tend to be heavy and are usually made of cement. Nevertheless, there are wooden planters you can use if you want more mobility.

12. Wood Planter with Trellis

Wood Planter with Trellis

via Giantex

This is another awesome planter box idea, but it has a trellis this time. You can surround your yard with this and have a lively green yard. 

You'll end up with a luscious-looking garden with the simple addition of this backyard privacy screen. 

13. Greenery Screen

Greenery Screen

via Wayfair Canada

If your balcony needs some privacy, consider planting a wall of greenery. It's easy to do because you only need your favorite vining plants and two posts.

Waiting for your wall of plants to grow may take some time, but the results are worth it! Your balcony will look stunning right after. 

14. Deck Privacy Screen

Deck Privacy Screen

via pergolasbrisbane

Having a deck in your house is a great way to entertain your friends when they come over. You can enjoy the outdoor space and windy breeze. 

Add some privacy in your deck to prevent outsiders from hearing and seeing what you're doing. You can use wood materials to cover your deck. 

15. DIY PVC Pipe Privacy Screen

DIY PVC Pipe Privacy Screen

via blessyourheartblogspot

Another awesome idea is this DIY PVC pipe screen. It's perfect for people with a budget who want to add backyard privacy. 

This PVC screen hardly takes some time to do. All you need are PVC pipes and your preferred fabric! 

16. Front Porch Privacy Screen

Front Porch Privacy Screen

via Birdz of a Feather

Add privacy to your front porch through some wood posts or trellis. It's a great way to mark the start of your house and cover your front porch. 

Once you're done setting this up, you can put up some furniture to hang out in. You don't have to worry about your outsiders bothering you anymore. 

17. Black Outdoor Fence

Black Outdoor Fence

via Daisy Crochet

Putting up an all-black privacy fence looks good if you're going for a bold modern aesthetic. It's a great design inspiration for those going for a minimal look. 

Not to mention, the black fence is also a great contrast to nature. The green shades look more apparent, stunning, and bright! 

18. Free Standing Screen

Free Standing Screen

via Lowe's

Like moveable wood panels, a free-standing privacy screen is perfect for those wanting a short-term fix. 

We highly recommend this to individuals who want something other than a permanent fixture in their garden. They can hide the fence right after when they no longer need it. 

19. Lattice Privacy Screen

Lattice Privacy Screen

via Hometalk

A lattice screen looks elegant against a backdrop of green walls. Combine it with a few shrubs and trees, and you have a luscious patio. 

Lattice screens give you enough privacy to keep your neighbors away from your conversation. 

20. Screen with Lights

Screen with Lights

via Jennifer O'Brien City Farmhouse

Add some lighting to the frame of your wood posts and screens. This clever idea is an excellent solution for those who want to brighten up their patio. 

The only problem with this idea is ensuring an outlet nearby for your lighting. Once done, you can see how magical your garden looks, especially at night! 

21. Solid Privacy Screen

Solid Privacy Screen

via Birdz of a Feather

Solid wood privacy screens are perfect for people who want a permanent fix to their privacy concerns. And there's nothing wrong with that. 

To make your screen look well-thought, carve some designs on the wall or paint it with your favorite colors!

22. Swimming Pool Privacy Screen

Swimming Pool Privacy Screen

via Homes To Love AU

The last thing you'd want is your neighbors peeping every time you swim. We can all agree that it feels very creepy and completely violates your privacy. 

Install privacy screens to your swimming pool with a simple addition of a fence or a panel! No more peeping eyes from the other side. 

23. Hot Tub Privacy Panels

Hot Tub Privacy Panels

via DecksDirect

Similarly, you don't want your neighbors to see you getting in the tub. Put up privacy screens in your garden for much-needed backyard privacy. 

You can use a tall panel and frame to ensure you can't be seen from all angles. Add a few plants to incorporate a green wall. 

24. Balcony Privacy Screen

Balcony Privacy Screen

via IdeaDesignCasa

A balcony in your house provides an awesome place to lounge. Consider it a safe area to hide at home and take a breather. 

Add more value by adding a privacy screen to keep your neighbor's eyes away! You don't have to cover your entire balcony; you can leave an extra area for your view. 

25. All White Privacy Screen

All White Privacy Screen

via twotwentyone

An all-white privacy screen is perfect for homes with a classic and all-white aesthetic. It keeps your house chic and classy; your neighbors will be jealous. 

You can cozy up your patio by adding privacy screens to make it more intimate. You could create a simple structure for your wall and ceiling! 

26. Decorative Outdoor Privacy Screens

Decorative Outdoor Privacy Screens

via Gardener's Oasis

Who says privacy screens have to be boring? You can liven up your patio by adding a decorative fence! 

Complement your furniture with the screen to incorporate all the pieces together. Not only did you gain backyard privacy, but you now have a well-made garden. 

27. Roll Up Front Porch Shade

Roll Up Front Porch Shade

via Front Porch Ideas and More

Roll-up shades are perfect for people who experience a privacy issue but don't want a permanent solution. 

A simple roll-up installation can keep your neighbors from intruding when necessary. Roll down the shade, and you're done! 

28. Repurposed Wooden Pallets

Repurposed Wooden Pallets

via 1001 Pallets

Wood pallets are highly affordable and sometimes even given away for free! Take advantage of the opportunity and grab some whenever you chance upon pallets. 

You can repurpose it to create a privacy fence. Not to mention, it's also a fun activity that can keep you preoccupied for a week! 

29. Window Burlap Shade

Window Burlap Shade

via remodelista

Burlap shades are very useful at keeping the sun out, as well as your neighbors. This airy fabric gives just enough privacy to your home. 

This simple privacy screen doesn't cost a fortune! Plus, it's a perfect addition to a rustic-inspired room. 

30. Corner Privacy Screen

Corner Privacy Screen

via busybeaverconstruction

Corner privacy screens are perfect for homeowners who want something other than an all-out screen. It does the job just as well as a full-blown screen. 

You can put your favorite furniture to give you an extra area to hang out! Add a few shrubs and plants around to make it a cozy place. 

Similarly, you can also incorporate a few cubicle décor ideas into your outdoor area. 

31. Decorative Metal Privacy Screens

Decorative Metal Privacy Screens

via TheWaterEdge1

Metal privacy screens are common, providing one of the best privacy solutions. They come in different styles and designs you can choose from. 

All you have to do is get them attached to the ground, and you're done! The spaces on the metal screens are a perfect way for light to come in. 

32. Outdoor Garage Screen

Outdoor Garage Screen

via Shanty2Chic

If you use the garage for other things, you know how hot it gets inside. You can only open the garage door partially and risk other people seeing you. 

But with a garage screen, you can have your extended room! Make sure to choose a screen tall enough as your garage! 

Chain Link Privacy Screen

via Relia Built Fencing

Chain links have been one of the go-to privacy solutions for many people. It's cost-effective and easy to set up! 

These days, you don't have to worry about chainlinks looking old-fashioned. They now come in different styles and colors to choose from.

34. Seating Area Outdoor Privacy Screen

Seating Area Outdoor Privacy Screen

via samlovesadventure

Outdoor privacy screens are crucial for anyone who has an outdoor seating area. It's one way to create extra space in your garden without sacrificing your privacy. 

The wall can be tall enough to cover all your furniture. Alternatively, you can use a privacy fence if you don't want a massive structure. 

35. Outdoor Privacy Fence

Outdoor Privacy Fence

via Gardener's Oasis

Privacy fences have been around for years. You probably already have one in your garden. Typically, a fence would be used to keep intruders away from your home. 

Add a fence if you want a simple solution to get the message across! It doesn't have to be too tall, or you won't be able to see what's happening outside. 

36. Shrubs Garden Art

Shrubs Garden Art

via Natural Living Ideas

Adding some greenery to your garden is one of the best ideas to create privacy. Planting a wall of shrubs is a great way to utilize natural materials! 

Waiting for your wall of shrubs to grow might take some time. But with enough patience, your garden will look spectacular. 

37. Glass Privacy Screen

Glass Privacy Screen

via Frameless Impressions

A unique and modern idea is using glass as your outdoor privacy screens. This is perfect for people who have balconies or patios. 

Depending on your desired design, you can choose between clear or frosted glass. Just make sure to choose the right type of glass that can withstand heat. 

38. Water Wall Privacy Screen

Water Wall Privacy Screen

via Interior Frugalista

Add a unique installation in your garden and put up a water wall! This water wall will stand out if you're tired of seeing the usual outdoor privacy screens. 

The water wall is a great installation who want to liven up their garden while creating a private space at home. 

39. Tree Branch Privacy Screen

Tree Branch Privacy Screen

via Homestead & Survival

If you've got fallen tree branches around, consider picking them up because you can use them to create a privacy screen! 

All you need is a frame where you can stick your branches. This is an awesome DIY wood craft you can make at home. 

40. Pittosporum Hedge Shrubs

Pittosporum Hedge Shrubs

via Urban Garden Gal

There are a lot of shrubs out there, and the pittosporum is the most common and popular. 

It's characterized by its tall and lush green leaves, a perfect addition to your backyard. If you're looking for a natural alternative, consider this instead. 

41. Mosaic Mirror Shards

Mosaic Mirror Shards

via Cindy S

Repurpose your old mirrors and use them to create a mosaic wall screen. This is an awesome art idea for anyone who feels crafty! 

Make sure to be extra careful when you're handling mirror shards. You can use a safety glove to protect your hands from sharp edges. 

42. Sheet Metal Fence

Sheet Metal Fence

via Jalena Rusaw

Sheet metals are easily one of the best solutions for people who experience a privacy issue at home. 

It may not be one of the most stunning ideas, but it is a practical solution! You can add some plants and a few art pieces to liven things up.

43. Upcycle Window Privacy Screen

Upcycle Window Privacy Screen

via Julee S

Did you know you can use windows as a privacy screen? If you chance upon any unused windows, grab the opportunity and take it home! 

You can use it as a base for your screen or the main piece of attraction in your yard. Just be sure to handle the window carefully, to prevent the class from breaking.

44. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence

via Next Luxury

If you don't want to use live bamboo as a fence, consider using just the branch. Using a bamboo branch is one of the best ideas to add when looking for a tall fence! 

Make sure to attach the bamboo branch firmly to the ground to prevent it from falling over. You'll end up with a private-looking yard in no time! 

You can also check out other DIY bamboo projects you might be interested in. 

45. Twig Fence Privacy Screen

Twig Fence Privacy Screen

via Artsy Pretty Plants

Who would have thought you could use twigs as a privacy screen? Although it doesn't completely block your view, it conveys the message.

Spruce up this twig fence by attaching some light fixtures in the bottom, illuminating your backyard at night.

46. Repurposed Shutter Doors As Fence

Repurposed Shutter Doors As Fence

via Diana Wearing

Door shutters are the perfect alternative to privacy screens because of their height. You can repurpose them as a fence by attaching them to the ground. 

Secure them properly so that they don't fall over your plants when there's a strong wind. 

47. Outdoor Cordless Rollers

Outdoor Cordless Rollers

via Lowe's

Cordless rollers are a good installation to add to your garden! It's not a permanent fixture, so you don't have to worry about messing up your landscaping. 

This equipment can be used as a combination to block the sun and eavesdroppers! 

48. Boho-Inspired Outdoor Screen

Boho-Inspired Outdoor Screen

via The Thompson Trotters

Many people are turning to boho-inspired homes because of how natural and earthy it looks. It's a good way to incorporate wooden textures into your home. 

Crafting a boho-inspired screen is simple; you only need a few wood panels to get started. Don't worry because it doesn't have to be perfect! 

49. Fusion Planter Privacy Screen

Fusion Planter Privacy Screen

via Yardistry

This fusion planter is awesome for people who want a lattice screen and planter in one. But the beauty of this one is you can easily fold and expand the screen. 

Plant your favorite flowers on the planters to add some life and greenery. You can also bring the screen indoors if you want. 

50. Flower Wall and Greenery

Flower Wall and Greenery

via The Boondocks Blog

Creating a flower wall in your garden is a good way to brighten your space. You can also grow vines on your wall instead of bamboo branches. 

You can do this flower wall with your children, who will have fun. Have your favorite seeds ready and get planting!

51. Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

via Basfords LTD

Sliding doors work perfectly as a privacy screen. This is especially true if you keep the doors tinted to ensure no one can see what's happening inside. 

Remember that sliding doors are a little costly, but it's highly effective at keeping your space private! 

52. Outdoor Palm Trees

Outdoor Palm Trees

via Darcy K

If you live in a tropical climate, planting palm trees as your privacy wall will look stunning! It's a great alternative to your usual bamboo trees. 

Palm trees are relatively easy to look after, and you don't have to worry about killing them. Just make sure to stick to a regular watering schedule.

53. Horizontal Fence

Horizontal Fence

via Inline Fence

Have you ever noticed that most privacy fences stand vertically? Change things up a bit and switch its orientation!

Horizontal fences aren't anything spectacular. This being the case, you can spruce things up using different wood sizes for the panel. 

54. Geometric Panel Privacy Screen

Geometric Panel Privacy Screen

via MountainSnowArt

Geometric panels are an easy solution because you can get them almost anywhere. It can be made of different materials like wood or metal! 

What we love with geometric panels are the shadows it casts when the light gets through. Your porch will look stunning when the sun rises and sets!

55. Cinder Block Planters

Cinder Block Planters

via Artsy Pretty Plants

Instead of using traditional bricks as a fence, consider cinder blocks! Paint them with your favorite color, and insert a few plants to make them look lively.

Cinder blocks are highly affordable and accessible. Just make sure to properly pile them on top of each other to prevent them from falling. 

Outdoor Privacy Screen Conclusion

Privacy Screen Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Spaces

Enhance your outdoor living experience with privacy screens by using these clever tips and tricks, ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and acoustics are optimized with a focus on outdoor privacy screens:

Double-duty screens

Choose outdoor privacy screens with built-in storage, such as shelves or planter boxes, to effectively utilize space in tight areas while adding greenery or decorations.

Customizable designs

Opt for modular or adjustable outdoor privacy screens that allow you to change their size, shape, or configuration as needed. This flexibility is ideal for various outdoor situations like patios, decks, or balconies, providing tailored privacy solutions.

Improved acoustics

Enhance the sound-absorbing properties of your outdoor privacy screens by attaching specialized outdoor soundproof panels or using materials designed for outdoor noise reduction, such as mass-loaded vinyl or dense plants. These additions can help create quieter and more serene outdoor areas.

Weather-resistant materials

Select screens made from durable, weather-resistant materials like treated wood, metal, or composite materials to ensure longevity, and minimize maintenance efforts in an outdoor environment.

Portable options

Consider foldable or wheeled privacy screens for a versatile solution that can be easily relocated, allowing you to quickly change your outdoor arrangements or reposition the screen for optimal wind protection or sun shading.

Integrating greenery

Incorporate living privacy screens, such as trellises with climbing plants, dense hedges, or strategically placed potted plants, to create a natural, refreshing ambiance while enhancing privacy and sound absorption.


Outdoor privacy screens are a good idea to incorporate into your landscaping. With a few DIY ideas, you can gain your privacy back from your nosy neighbors.

Blocking your neighbor's view of your home gives you peace of mind inside your property. You can do so many things at home without anyone peeping.

We hope you enjoyed this article! Let us know in the comments which project you think is the best option for you. We'd love to hear your thoughts.