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Top 7 Quietest 5000 Watt Generators For Home Use |Reviews

Just imagine - you’re driving home from an exhaustingly busy day at work, only to find that there’s been a load shedding in your locality!

Quietest 5000 Watt Generators

Sorry, didn’t want to give you an anxiety attack right away; but let’s just be honest here, isn’t this one of everybody’s worst nightmares?

Now you may say, generators are pretty cool at making up for it. Well, ask yourself - how do you like the deafening noise of your old loud generator that probably wouldn’t run throughout the night?

We certainly don’t, and that’s why we have enlisted 10 of the quietest 5000-watt generators for household use, which could also come in handy for upgrading your home appliances. Also, we’ve added a brief buyers’ guide for your convenience so that you acknowledge the key factors to consider while buying one of these models.

So, let’s get going, shall we?

Quietest 5000 Watt Generators

Quietest 5000 Watt Generators

  1. Champion 6250 Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter

Champion Power Equipment 100519 6250-Watt Open Frame...
  • Quiet technology and extended run time: 69 dba noise level...
  • Advanced open frame inverter design: 50% quieter and 20%...

There’s hardly any other home appliances brand in the market that lives up to its name as well as Champion. Being one of the major players in the top-notch generators market, Champion has been recently making waves with its all-new 6250 watt DH series model. We’re quite intrigued by its advanced quiet technology, and we believe you’d be too!

Why did we like it?

Right off the bat, this model has proven to be pretty efficient for both household use and outdoor operations. The secret behind it is it’s motor, which runs on 5000W and is capable of creating up to 6250 starting watts. This way, the model can take care of your water pump system, refrigerators, and air conditioners without breaking a sweat.

However, despite delivering such a high energy output, this product is specially engineered to remain gentle on sensitive appliances such as smartphones, laptops, and TV. Speaking more about its efficiency, this model comes with a massive 4-gallon fuel tank. Here, every consecutive gallon of fuel enables the machine to generate electricity for 3 hours. Do the math; a filled tank guarantees you 12 hours of electricity coverage!

Now coming to its USP, this model features an advanced quiet technology that cuts down its noise levels very low. Fun fact - at one point, we weren’t even aware that the machine was running in the other room! Plus, another fun fact - this model is 20% lighter than the typical Champion 5000w generators, so we’re seeing a decent improvement here.

What could have been better?

Although we’ve personally tested this product for quite a while now, we’re quite impressed to say that we haven’t found any flaw that’s worth being mentioned. There are some users who have complained that the model fails to provide 3 hours per gallon after a year or so if used regularly. Nonetheless, it entirely depends upon how roughly you use the model.


  • Highly fuel-efficient
  • Advanced quiet technology
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Lightweight frame


  • May decrease efficiency if used roughly

  1. Duromax XP5500E 5,500 Watt Gas-Powered Portable Generator

DuroMax XP5500E Gas Powered Portable Generator-5500 Watt...
  • Plenty of Power – With 5,500 starting watts and 4,500...
  • Powerful Engine – The DuroMax 224cc OHV engine is a...

Duromax is best-known as the brand that doesn’t only manufacture high-end appliances but also sets the bar higher for portability and user comfort. The best way to experience this is by testing its best-selling product, the XP5500E Portable Generator range. Read on to know more about the power and durability this model provides at such a reasonable budget.

Why did we like it?

If you were impressed by the Champion 6250-watt generator, but don’t have enough space in your apartment to store it, you can go for the Duromax XP5500E. Now we’re not claiming that this model will offer you the exact power and performance, but it’s quite efficient at saving you from hours of load shedding. What’s more, it’s also one of the most compact generators we’ve come across by far, which makes storage look like a cakewalk.

So, what else makes this model worth your consideration? Its high-powered engine, without a doubt. This model comes with a 7.5 HP 225cc patented Duromax engine that also features a spark-ignition technology and a 4-cycle air-cooling feature for higher convenience and durability. Plus, as the name implies, this machine runs on gas that is further converted into electricity.

This powerful setting, combined with the MX2 technology, makes this product eligible to generate 120-240v of electricity. This way, it becomes easier to keep heavy appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners running for quite a few hours.

What could have been better?

Now, unlike the Champion DH series unit, buyers have complained that it isn’t the best recommendation for outdoor operations. However, the manufacturers claim it to be powerful enough to be compatible with RVs. Furthermore, Duromaxx needs to fix the wheels by adding air valves.


  • Full-metal sturdy frame
  • Can generate up to 240v of electricity
  • Advanced MX7 technology
  • Low noise levels


  • The wheels don’t have air valves

  1. Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Quiet Power Series Inverter...
  • QuietPower Series Inverter Technology - Inverter technology...
  • 306cc Integrated Engine/Alternator - A highly-efficient...

It’s hard not to mention the legacy of globally-leading brand Briggs & Stratton when it comes to innovations that have changed the game forever. Speaking of which, it’s all-new Q6500 inverter generator that looks like it’s a part of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor. However, apart from its sassy looks, this product has a lot more to offer.

Why did we like it?

To begin with, this product defines reliability at its best. If you’re looking for one of the quietest and most durable generators, and are open to raising your budget a little high to avail the best product, this is your cup of tea. We’ve found out that at a 25% workload, this model produces a maximum noise level of 66 dBA. Our expert analysis says that it’s quieter than 60% of our alternative recommendations, which is quite amusing.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with the classic B&S 306 cc engine that creates a maximum energy of 6,500W, giving itself the upper hand over the Champion 6250W model. However, its consistent wattage is similar, i.e., 5000w. In other words, the B&G QuietPower model serves every task that the Champion generator can fulfill, that too, at higher power.

Plus, the model comes with a 5-gallon tank, which is higher than any product that we’ve tested by far. Also, we’ve found this model to be quite efficient at conserving fuel while being used, entitling itself as an environment-friendly model.

What could have been better?

Although this model has a bigger fuel tank than the Champion model, it offers less run time. In other words, this model offers 14 hours of run time at 5 gallons, whereas the 6250 series provides 12 hours at 4 gallons. Apart from that, we’re not entirely satisfied with its fragile plastic cover.


  • Powerful engine for higher wattage
  • Eye-candy design
  • Highly fuel-efficient
  • Affordable price tag


  • <Lesser run time

  1. Honda EU7000IS 7000 Watt Portable Quiet Inverter

No products found.

Some brands do not require any introduction as their global popularity makes all of the noise, and Honda is undoubtedly one of them. We were fortunate enough to have a hands-on experience of the EU7000IS 7000 watt generator, and we are very impressed with its extended runtime. Let’s check out what more this product brings to the table.

Why did we like it?

The internationally accomplished brand image of Honda makes this product a little too exciting to begin with. Honestly, this one makes an appropriate household appliance, considering the excellent value that it had offered us. Also, why wouldn’t it? This model features the patented Honda 389cc GX390 EFI engine, one of the most advanced motors engineered by the brand in a while.

Also, as the name implies, this model can generate up to a maximum wattage of 7000W, thanks to its groundbreaking motor mechanism. However, it’s efficiency is experienced the best when it’s used at its running wattage, i.e., 5500W. But, the icing on the cake is that when it’s run at 25% load, this model can extend up to 18 hours of runtime!

Now let’s move on to the new add-on features it offers, such as the electric start and Honda’s trademarked Oil Alert settings. These features combine to give us a satisfying user experience as the machine shuts down on its own when it’s not being used. So, overall, it appears to be quite a smart and powerful device that you can consider if you’re looking for peak performance.

What could have been better?

A thing or two could honestly be done better with this model, for instance, fixing its considerably heavy body. Although we understand that high-end appliances are usually heavier, we think it’s a little too heavy for a home appliance. Also, the price seems a little too high, if compared with most of its alternatives. 


  • Impressive run time
  • Automatic shutdown features
  • Produces up to 7000W
  • 3-year limited warranty period


  • A little too heavy
  • Tad pricey for a home appliance

  1. Yamaha EF6300iSDE Quiet Inverter

No products found.

Yamaha is a brand that has reshaped the dynamics of technology with its trailblazing innovations over the years. If you’re searching for impressive performance under a reasonable budget, the Yamaha EF6300iSDE quiet inverter is one of the best options you can consider. Its cutting-edge remote control feature is guaranteed to offer you satisfying user experience.

Why did we like it?

We believe that it can be a potential competitor to the Honda EU7000IS unit. Well, yes, we know that this product offers us a maximum efficiency of 6,300W, whereas the Honda model offers us 7000 watts. So, how is this comparison relevant?

Well, an average household wouldn’t require the appliance to crank up to it’s peak performance every time, except outdoor use. So it’s more important for the model to have an impressive running performance instead. On that note, this model features a 357 cc OHV 4-stroke engine that offers a similar running wattage of 5,500W.

It also comes with a 4.5-gallon tank that offers around 13 hours of run time at 25% load, which is also quite close to the Honda model. However, the cream of the crop here is that this model can be availed at a very lower price than the Honda EU7000IS unit. Also, it weighs less, saving us from some of the inconvenience.

What could have been better?

Although we haven’t found any technical fault that is worth mentioning, we’re not a very big fan of it’s design. We wish the manufacturers would have designed it a little more ergonomically, as it features insufficient areas for gripping that makes the device tough to move around.


  • Generates up to 6,300W
  • 4.5-gallon fuel tank
  • Runs up to 13 hours at 25% load
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not designed ergonomically

  1. Westinghouse WGen5300s 6600W Generator

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 6600 Peak Watt Home...
  • 6600 Peak Watts & 5300 Running Watts; Electric Start; 4.7...
  • Features One 5–20R 120V Household Duplex Receptacle, One...

Westinghouse has been recently making waves in the appliances market with its cutting-edge innovations. One of its highest-rated products, the WGen5300s generator, had our attention from the first glance. The high-end performance that this model provides through its 420cc OHV motor can give some significant brands a tight run for their money.

Why did we like it?

Just as we mentioned, its powerful 420CC OHV engine takes the cake when it comes to superior performance and reliability. This way, the model is capable of running up to a peak performance of 6875 watts, and offer a decent running performance of 6600 watts. Furthermore, we’re quite impressed by its runtime, i.e., 14 hours at near about 50% load. 

The secret behind it is its 6.6-gallon fuel tank, which outshines the Q6500 as the most abundant fuel capacity in our list. Also, if we compare the run time as per the load percentage, this provides the best performance by far. Also, the model stands out to be Carb, CSA, and EPA complaint, which speaks volumes about its reliability and durability.

Now coming to its noise levels, this model produces around 72 decibels from a distance of 23 ft, which is decent for its price range. The model further comes with a 3-year warranty period, so you don’t have to stress over it being damaged anytime soon.

What could have been better?

As per the customers, the carbonator of this model isn’t quite durable and can show signs of malfunctioning if it’s run at its peak performance for a considerable time. Also, some buyers have complained that the parts get damaged during shipping, which needs to be taken care of by the manufacturers.


  • Commendable runtime
  • 400cc OHV motor
  • The low fuel indicator feature
  • 3-year warranty


  • Carbonator isn’t durable

  1. SIMPSON SPG5568 Portable Gas Generator

SIMPSON Cleaning SPG5568 Portable Gas Generator and Power...
  • Power When You Need it, Where you Need It: SIMPSON portable...
  • High Quality Engine and All Day Power: The CRX420 engine...

As we’re featuring some of the best value options for our bargain hunter pals out there, it’d be somewhat unfair not to mention the SIMPSON SPG5568 unit. Although it isn’t the most technologically advanced option you’ll find in the market, this manual generator is guaranteed to satisfy the simple requirement of an average household.

Why did we like it?

We were searching for a reliable generator under a reasonable budget when we came across the SPG5568 model. After testing it, we can say that the model is capable of handling the medium-duty household requirements because it offers a running wattage of 5000W. Furthermore, it can generate a peak performance of 6,800 watts, making it ideal for outdoor use as well. 

We believe that the SPG5568 can give a stiff competition to the WGEN5300s, mainly because both of them have a similar low oil indicator feature for higher user convenience. Furthermore, the SPG5568 adheres by the EPA standards, meaning that it’s certified to be a reliable appliance. However, it comes at a cheaper price tag than the SPG5568, making it a smart option to consider.

Moving further, this model comes equipped with a powerful 420cc engine that has been specially engineered to conserve fuel. This way, the machine delivers up to 4.07 KW-hours per gallon, which is considerably higher than an average generator.

What could have been better?

It’s rather disappointing to find out that the duplex 120v outlets of this model aren’t GFCI protected. This can expose the engine towards the damages inflicted by extreme temperature conditions, dirt, and debris. So, we can’t guarantee that this product will last for years to come.


  • Reasonable price tag
  • Low oil shutdown feature
  • EPA certified
  • Fuel-conserving engine


  • Outlets are not covered

Quietest 5000 Watt Generator Buyers’ Guide

Quietest 5000 Watt Generator Buyers’ Guide

Cross your heart and answer this- Now that you have access to 10 of the quietest 5000w generators in the market, are you confident enough to choose the one that fits your needs precisely?

There still is some vital information that you may be missing out on, which is a common mistake for buyers. Anyway, just a reminder- Before you buy a product, you have to understand the key features that make it a smart option to consider.

So, let’s have a quick peek at the key features that make one of these products worth your investment, shall we?

Noise level

Speaking of the quietest generators in the market, it’s quite apparent that it’s the critical feature that you have to cross-check. Now, we’re saying this because generators are deafeningly loud in general, which isn’t a pleasant thing to experience. As per our expert opinion, any product that produces over 74 dbA at a distance of 23 ft is too loud. 

Generator type

Honestly, conventional generators are a thing of the past nowadays. Inverter generators are trending now, as they are environment-friendly and do not damage the sensitive electric appliances. However, on the other hand, the conventional generators are super cheap. That’s pretty much the only advantage with the conventional ones because it’s quite inferior in terms of performance.


What good is a generator that fails to generate an average wattage of 5000w? Yes, you’ve to make sure that the model you’re choosing comes with decent capacity and horsepower and does not malfunction when thrust at peak performance. Our average recommendation would be a 350cc/10 HP powered engine. 

Fuel type

If you’re buying a generator for regular use, you have to consider the operating costs involved with the purchase too. On that note, which kind of fuel the model runs on makes a massive difference in how much the product you cost you post-purchase. So, if you’re buying one for frequent use, you should opt for cheaper fuel options such as gas. If not, then you can go for the petrol/diesel-powered generators.

Fuel tank capacity

Being a motor that acts as a substitute for electricity, it’s apparent that it won’t run on electricity as an active power source. So, no matter what sort of fuel it uses to function, it’s more important to check how much of it the model can store. Fortunately, most of the recommendations on our list offer an average fuel capacity of 5 gallons. 

Start system

There are mainly two ways to start a generator- the typical manual pull system and the automatic switch feature. Now, this is a significant factor that the user convenience of the product depends upon because the pull system can be quite stressful at times. That’s why we recommend that beginners should always opt for automatic features.

Our Verdict On Quietest 5000 Watt Generator

It’s hard to decide what we hate more - the frequent power cuts or the loud noise of the generator? Let’s just say that the most common answer to that question is “both”.

And that’s where a quiet 5000w generator comes in handy. On that note, we hope that you enjoyed going through our list of the top 7 quietest 5000 watt generators.

Remember folks - the Westinghouse WGen5300s model delivers the highest wattage while providing the largest fuel tank. On the other hand, the Honda EU7000IS offers the most durable and powerful engine among the other alternatives. If you’re looking for the lowest noise levels, the Champion model is our top pick.

That being said, we’ll see you soon with more and more exciting content.

Till then, stay tuned!

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