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9 Best Small Hot Water Pressure Washers of 2022 Tested

Top Hot Water Pressure Washers

If you think washing and cleaning are tough jobs, wait till you shop for a water pressure washer!

Although it doesn’t sound that hard- instead, back in the early 2000s, it wasn’t even remotely challenging to buy hot water pressure washers. There were fewer brands, simpler features, and fundamental expectations. But, nowadays, the market is flooded with such a wide variety of products that it makes it impossible to choose. 

And that’s because hot water pressure washers have evolved significantly over the years, and now are providing features that we, the average customers, don’t have any idea about. So, the question here is- how would you know which product to opt for to satisfy your needs without breaking the bank?

Don’t worry; we have enlisted 9 of the most versatile models you’ll find in the market under an affordable budget. Also, we have included a brief buyer’s guide for your convenience, so don’t forget to check it out.

Now, let’s begin!

Top Hot Water Pressure Washers

Top Hot Water Pressure Washers 2

  1. Shark SGP-353037 Honda Gas Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer

Being the first and our topmost recommendation, the Shark SGP -353037 model stands second to none, when it comes to high-class performance. We were initially intrigued to test its beast of a motor, and we have to say that its 3,000 PSI operating pressure capacity strives to deliver an outstanding user experience.

No products found.

Why did we like it?

We have to start from its engine capacity, which is boosted by a certified Honda gas-powered motor. This enables the model to run a lot faster, providing us an impressive 3.5 GPM efficiency. We tested it on extreme surfaces, and were surprised to see that apart from its powerful performance, it also runs longer than most of the model these days. 

We’ve also discovered that the model is certified by ETL, which means it’s eligible for regular commercial usage.

Now, apart from its performance, this model also turned out to be extremely durable. It is protected by a stainless steel frame and also features a leak-free scheduled heating coil built with stainless steel twists. In other words, we don’t have to worry about this product being damaged by rust, corrosion, or accidents in the long run.

On top of that, this device is quite portable, as it comes with a four-wheel cart. Plus, it’s comparatively ultralight and compact, which altogether makes it pretty easy to move around and use. Overall, although so much power may seem to be overkill for minor tasks, it’s still worth your consideration if you’re planning to avail of one of the current best models.

What could have been better?

Although this model doesn’t leave any room for complaints performance-wise, we find it a little too expensive. Most of its competing units that are offering similar features can be availed at a lower price, which gives it a significant disadvantage. 

  • 3000 PSI/3.5 GPM
  • Honda gas-powered engine
  • ELA certification
  • Portable and compact
  • May appear a tad pricey
  1. SIMPSON Cleaning KB3028 Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON is one of those brands that are specifically best-known for their hot water pressure washer range. Likewise, the new KB3028 model appears to be a heavy-duty machine that has been specially designed to encounter the toughest cleaning tasks with precision. Nonetheless, it’s the competitive price is the key reason why it’s selling like hotcakes!

No products found.

Why did we like it?

If it weren’t for the Shark model, the KB3028 would’ve bagged the first position on our list with its high user convenience and performance. Its efficient diesel-powered motor is capable of generating up to maximum operating pressure of 3000 PSI, which makes it ideal for both personal and professional jobs. Furthermore, this model is capable of heating up to 100 degrees, which itself speaks for its efficiency.

While testing, we’ve also found that its five speedy-fix nozzles come between the size range of 0 to 40, enhancing its versatility up a notch. This way, this model is capable of boosting up to a maximum of 2.8 GPM, which is quite impressive for a product at this price range. Furthermore, the nozzles come quite handy at performing slow cleaning tasks with soap, giving us a satisfying user experience.

The manufacturers have provided a 50 ft extra-long hose that does cleaning and washing a lot more comfortable and more natural. Nevertheless, despite its enormous power and efficiency, it comes in a pretty compact and sturdy frame. Therefore, if you’re facing storage issues in your apartment, this may be the ideal option for you.

What could have been better?

To begin with, we’ve found that the model is not as efficient around icy conditions. Hence, we wouldn’t recommend this product if you’re living in snowy areas. Furthermore, many buyers have found that although its engine is durable, the pump isn’t as long-lasting.

  • Sturdy and compact chassis
  • Suitable for slow cleaning jobs
  • Can boost up to 2.8 GPM
  • Five speedy-fix nozzles
  • 3000 PSI diesel-powered engine
  • The pump isn’t very durable
  • Inefficient around cold weathers
  1. NorthStar 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Heater/Steamer

Moving forward to some best-value products, the NorthStar Pressure Washer bridges the gap between professional and personal machines with its standard efficiency. Although we mainly recommend it for heavy-duty professional use only, as it’s 4000 PSI motor makes it a piece of appropriate heavy-duty washing equipment. Have an inside scoop of this model from us.

NorthStar Electric Wet Steam Cleaner and Hot Water...
  • Upgrades a cold water pressure washer into a hot water/steam...
  • For pressure washers from 2-4 GPM and 4000 PSI max.

Why did we like it?

The main reason why we like this model is despite being excessively powerful for personal jobs; it allows us to tone it down and operate it for standard jobs with precision. If we compare, this model offers a maximum boost of 4 GPM, whereas our top recommendation SGP-353037 offers a striving 3.5 GPM. At the same time, it has a maximum operating pressure of 4000 PSI, whereas the SGP-353037 provides 3300 PSI.

This model can produce up to 250 degrees of heat, which makes it suitable for cleaning mud and debris from harsh surfaces. Plus, its performance can be adjusted according to the task requirements, which enhances its versatility by a great deal. Its strength is also raised by its forged brass manifold, which makes it a sturdy and durable machine to consider.

This diesel-powered model also comes at a lower price than the SGP-353037, despite offering higher performance. So, in case you’re searching for a high-powered machine but can not afford one, you may need to give it a try.

What could have been better?

First of all, the critical advantage that the SGP-353037 has over this model is portability, without a doubt. It’s quite tricky and stressful to move this heavy machine around, as it doesn’t come equipped with a wheeled cart. Furthermore, the manufacturers must fit a drain plug on this model to remove the water, as it’s hard to use around colder temperatures.

  • 4000-PSI operating pressure
  • Can boost up to 4 GPM
  • Suitable for cleaning mud and debris
  • Best-value experience
  • Portability issues
  1. Shark STP-352007A Hot Water Pressure Washer

Shark has bagged another position on our list with one of its best selling models in the market these days, the STP-352007A hot water pressure washer. When it comes to core features, it’s quite a task to find another product that offers similar performance and durability. Let’s check out the core features!

Why did we like it?

We were searching for a commercial hot water pressure washer under a fair budget when we found this model. And surprisingly, this model doesn’t disappoint as semi-professional equipment as it can boost up to a maximum of 3.5 gallons per minute smoothly. Although it’s less compared to the Shark SGP-353037, it’s satisfactory enough for medium cleaning and washing tasks.

It comes with a 36 ft GFCI power cord, which makes it more comfortable to clean hard-to-reach areas for precise washing. When it comes to core performance, this product is equipped with a durable diesel-powered motor that revs up to a maximum of 2000 PSI operating pressure. 


Now the key factor of attraction here is that this model tops the NorthStar Pressure Washer in terms of portability. It’s because this model features the Shark’s trademark four-wheeled cart that makes it convenient to move around. So, if you’re worried that buying efficient equipment at a low budget is nearly impossible, this product will surprise you for sure.

What could have been better?

Although unlike this product comes with a wheeled cart, the model appears bulkier than the NorthStar Pressure Washer. Plus, we believe that its chassis could have been a little more compact. So, unless you have storage issues, buying this unit isn’t that bad of a decision.

  • 2000 PSI operating pressure
  • 3.5 GPM boost
  • 1.5 Gallons fuel tank
  • Low price
  • A little bulkier than other models
  1. NorthStar Gas-powered Wet Steam and Water Pressure Washer

NorthStar is one of those brands we cannot have enough of when it comes to versatile water pressure washers. Out of the box, the gas-powered unit by NorthStar stands out to be well-capable of cleaning grease stains with ease. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also gives some popular brands a tight run for their money with its groundbreaking features.

No products found.

Why did we like it?

After testing this product personally, we can say that its cutting-edge soap nozzle makes cleaning a lot more enjoyable. On top of that, its fast-duo nozzles make it even easier to deliver a powerful water stream to hard-to-clean areas and offer an ultimately precise washing experience. So if you’re searching for a device that comes quite handy at slow cleaning, this product appears to be an appropriate choice.

It’s quite impressive how the manufacturers have equipped this model with the iconic 205cc Briggs and Stratton engine to enhance its performance up a notch. These engines are critically acclaimed to last for a lifetime, which speaks about the durability of this model. Plus, the frame is built with sturdy material that protects this model from accidental damages.

Coming to its streaming capabilities, this product offers a maximum of 2700 PSI operating pressure. This way, it can stream water at a maximum speed of 2.5 GPM, which is good enough for semi-professional equipment. Last but not least, this machine is fueled by gas, making it an environment-friendly model.

What could have been better?

To be honest, this product is a little too pricey to be a semi-professional water pressure water. Most of its competitors are providing higher efficiency at a comparatively low price, which is a bummer.

  • Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Higher durability
  • Impressive performance
  • 2700 PSI engine
  • Too expensive
  1. SIMPSON MB1518 Diesel-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer

Global brand SIMPSON adds another addition to our list, but this time it’s not one of your average hot water pressure washers. The MB1518 has impressed us with its powerful 120V motor, which appears to be ideal for warehouse cleaning purposes.

Let’s dive deep into its core functionality and see what it brings to the table.

No products found.

Why did we like it?

While testing this product, we’ve noticed that this product is quite efficient at heating the water at a comparatively less time than its key competitors. Due to this, cleaning becomes a quicker and easier job with the SIMPSON M1518. Furthermore, it can generate up to an operating pressure of 1200 PSI, which makes it eligible to clean off stubborn impurities such as oil and grease smoothly.

Coming to the build material, this product is protected with a durable steel frame, which guarantees its long-lasting durability. Furthermore, the manufacturers have left no stones unturned to enhance its maneuverability due to its heavyweight, as this product comes with two inflated 13-inch tires. These wheels make it easier for this 225-lbs weighing model to be moved around without any hassle, which deserves a thumbs up for advanced portability. 

We’re also satisfied with its 60Hz induction motor, which enables it to boost up to a maximum of 1.8 Gallons per minute. Although it isn’t higher than the SIMPSON KB3028, it seems satisfactory enough to get the job with precision. This product isn’t too pricey as well, which makes it worth your consideration for once. 

What could have been better?

This product is a little heavyweight in comparison with the SIMPSON KB3028; however, the wheels provide considerable assistance in making it portable. Nonetheless, we’ve noticed that most of the buyers are complaining about frequent leakage of fuel while moving the device, which gives it a significant disadvantage. 

  • Durable build material
  • 13-inch tires for moving around
  • 1200 PSI operating pressure
  • Can remove oil and grease with ease
  • Leakage of fuel
  1. NorthStar Electric Wet Steam & Hot Water Pressure Washer

Although NorthStar has previously amazed us with its steamer/washer and Gas-powered pressure washer, its all-new Electric pressure washer has taken user convenience to a whole new level. This stands out to be a completely trustworthy and safe product to use, which has left us surprised with its impressive 2750 PSI operating pressure.

No products found.


Why did we like it?

Compared to the other NorthStar models in our list, this product appears to be the best one we’ve tested. The product features an effective insulation system that isn’t damaged at all, even if it comes into contact with any water or oil. Furthermore, its pump is built with forged brass material that is quite common amongst NorthStar models. This enhances the overall product life by a great deal and provides us with great user experience.

However, Northstar raises the bar further high for durability with its additional heavy pipes scheduled at ½ inches. Plus, the machine also features a cutting-edge pressure adjustment feature, which takes its versatility up a notch. Now, although this product is a little heavy, the model comes with a 10-gauge steel cart and 12-inch tires so that it can be moved around easily.

Switching between hot and cold water is quite easy with this model, as it features a knob that lets you change your preference with a simple twist. The fuel container is also built with transparent glass, which makes it easier to check whether the fuel is sufficient or not.

What could have been better?

There’s one significant bug- the GFCI cord keeps on tripping quite often, which may create a hazardous situation for the users. Also, several users aren’t satisfied with the customer care services of NorthStar, which is a huge bummer for us. 

  • Up to 2.5 GPM boost
  • Durable steel cart for portability
  • 2750 PSI operating pressure
  • See-through oil container
  • Cord keeps tripping
  1. Dirt Killer H3612 Gas Hot Water Pressure Washer

The penultimate product on our list, The Dirt Killer H3612, is a new entrant in the market that has been turning heads with its impressive user convenience features. Professionals recommend this product due to its high-powered engine and advanced pump system.

Let’s check what it has to offer in detail.

No products found.

Why did we like it?

The product takes the cake for power and performance with its sturdy 3500 PSI engine, which is capable of boosting up to 4.2 GPM. The secret behind its superb performance is its 13 HP certified Honda OHV motor, which lets us adjust the water pressure as per our needs while delivering the best services.

Now, although most of the washers rely on pulling ropes to be turned on, this product offers an advanced key ignition feature that makes the task easier. It takes user comfort even further with its low fuel indicator feature and battery-operated DC burner. Moreover, the heater comes with a temperature adjustment feature that lets us choose how hot we’d like the water to be.

The build material of this model consists of a sturdy steel frame and pneumatic wheels, which combines durability and portability to provide a comfortable user experience. The H3612 also comes with a 2-year warranty period, which makes it a complete value-for-money product to us.

What could have been better?

Despite being a hot water washer, this model doesn’t feature a turbo nozzle, which lowers its efficiency by a great deal. It’s unfortunate that it has to be bought separately, which means higher costs and unrequited hassle. Also, the manufacturers should consider building a sturdier hose storage space.

  • Can boost up to 4.2 GPM
  • Key-ignited power feature
  • DC burner system for heat adjustment
  • 2-year warranty period
  • 13 HP Honda OHV motor
  • Doesn’t feature a turbo nozzle
  • Disappointing hose storage
  1. Easy Kleen Commercial Gas-powered Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Easy Kleen commercial range, launched by globally renowned brand Kohler, reshapes the dynamics of high-performance washers with its powerful 14 HP motor. If you’re looking for one of the best hot water pressure washers without going above your limited budget, the Easy Kleen may just be your cup of tea. 

No products found.

Why did we like it?

Being our last item, this product is quite efficient at handling commercial jobs with ease. It’s because the model can heat water up to 150 degrees in a short time. Now, heating is very easy and quick when it comes to the Easy Kleen model, as its heating coil is protected with a ceramic blanket to enhance its efficiency. 

Furthermore, we found the adjustable thermostat on its burner quite convenient in helping us set the temperature according to our needs. The level of versatility that it provides overall makes it quite suitable as a commercial water heater. It also comes with a steel roll cage, protecting the engine and extending the whole product life by a great deal.

Similar to the SIMPSON MB1518, it also offers 13-inch pneumatic wheels that help during transportation, setting the bar higher for efficiency. Lastly, the pump comes with a 5-year warranty period, which is significantly higher than our other recommendations.

What could have been better?

This product appears to be quite huge, taking up a lot of space for storage. So, unless you have a large garage or storage room, buying this model may cause you a little trouble. Also, we’ve found that unlike most of our recommendations, this model isn’t quite efficient at slow soap cleaning, limiting its versatility to some extent.

  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Oil sentry automated detection
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • High durability
  • Not compact at all

Best Small Hot Water Pressure Washer 2

Small Hot Water Pressure Washer Buyers Guide 

Are you aware of what makes a hot water pressure washer qualify as an outstanding model? There are numerous features to cross-check, which helps in deciding whether the product is worth your investment or not.

And that’s why we have enlisted the significant factors to keep in mind before you buy one, which is as follows-

Maximum heat

Not many of us know, but if you’re planning to clean impurities like oil and grease, the water has to be heated at a minimum of 150 degrees. Likewise, if a product doesn’t provide an average heating level of 150 degrees, there wouldn’t be much cleaning you can do with it. Just to be safe, buy the ones that offer at least 200 degrees, as those are eligible for versatile applications.

Hose Material

Most of the hose pipes in cheaper products are built with low-quality rubber, which doesn’t last long while dealing with higher temperatures on the daily. Just make sure that if the hose is rubber, then its either Nitrile or silicone rubber; otherwise, it’s a waste of your investment. Only these two types of rubber are resistant to extreme temperatures.

PSI level

Being a pressure washer, the machine must offer a higher operating pressure. If you have commercial needs, it’d be wise to opt for a model that provides at least 3000 PSI. Although the ones that offer lower PSI are still ideal, they aren’t as efficient at removing oil and grease. The higher the GPM and PSI, the greater the cleaning power the model would be able to generate.

User convenience

Not to forget, hot water pressure washers are naturally huge and bulky. Most of the time, these products are too huge to move freely, for which you’d need a sturdy roll cage. So in case you aren’t lucky enough to find a compact and lightweight model, double-check whether the manufacturers are providing a durable steel roll cage with sturdy pneumatic wheels for easy transportation. 

Product type

There are mainly three types of hot water pressure washers, namely electric, gas-powered and diesel-powered models. The electric ones are quite durable and require low maintenance, although they are utterly inefficient without electricity. On the other hand, the diesel and gas-powered models do not require any external source of energy to be operated, although they aren’t as compact and portable. Also, although the electric models are the best for indoor use, the latter two are better used outdoors.


Before we take our leave, let’s have a quick highlight of what we’ve learned- NorthStar products offer the highest operating pressure and heat level in the market right now. SIMPSON is the best choice if you’re looking for higher user convenience. Last but not least, Shark is your go-to option if you’re intrigued by best values and good-quality products.

On that note, we hope that you’ve enjoyed going through our top 9 small hot water pressure washers list. Have you learned anything new about hot water pressure washers through our article? Or do you believe we’ve missed out on something? 

Go down on the comment section below and share your thoughts with us! We’ll see you soon with more content on your daily tools, and until then, stay tuned!

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