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28 Best Fire Pit Accessories to Consider

Building a backyard fire pit is a great way to elevate the coziness factor of your home. 

Best Fire Pit Accessories

However, once you have the fire pit installed, you still need the right fire pit accessories to take it to the next level. Whether it is an open fire, a flameless variant, or a portable fire pit- these accessories help create the perfect ambiance for your next backyard burn. 

And with a wide variety of accessories available today, what are the best fire pit accessories you should invest in? Our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know to make sitting around the fire an enjoyable and safe activity. 

With that being said, let’s get into it! 

Backyard Fire Pit Accessories 

  1. Fire Extinguisher

Before we get into any fun accessories, let’s talk about installing some safety features next to the fire pit. An outdoor fireplace is not necessarily a dangerous feature to have in your home. But as the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry, right? 

Placing a fire extinguisher near the fire pit area can keep injuries and damage to a minimum. Whether it is in the form of an actual fire extinguisher or a simple bucket of sand or water, make sure there is easy access to extinguish at a moment's notice. 

If you do decide to go the fire extinguisher route, double-check the pressure gauge to ensure it works properly. An extinguisher that has a low pressure will be unable to shoot correctly, and having a way to extinguish the fire quickly makes for a better fire pit experience overall. 

  1. First-Aid Kit

Despite having a fast extinguishing method, injuries are still a possibility, especially if you have an outdoor fire pit. Scraped knees, a minor burn, and even bug bites are inevitable occurrences outdoors. And treating them in a timely manner is essential, especially when a burn is involved. 

Ideally, a first-aid kit should have a versatile collection of treatments, such as bandages and cold compresses. Bug spray and burn cream are other handy pieces to include in the first-aid kit for your next backyard bonfire party.

  1. Fire Pit Spark Screen

Installing a spark screen around the fire pit is a great accessory to keep sparks from flying out of the pit. This screen is even more essential for a wood-burning fire pit where crackles and sparks are more common. 

Logs and wood have trapped air and moisture that heat up slowly and get released suddenly, causing sparks. These sparks can cause injury and damage if they fall onto a flammable surface. Keeping a spark screen will make sure these small cracks and pops are contained within the fire pit. 

When choosing a spark screen, there are a number of shapes and sizes to choose from. Usually, manufacturers will provide a compatible screen for your own fire pit. However, if there are no screens for your specific model, make sure the screen is large enough to cover the pit completely. 

  1. Snuffer

Once the fire has died down or the guests begin heading home, you may need a way to put out the fire quickly. And the safest method of doing so would be to use a fire pit snuffer. Essentially, a snuffer is a metal plate that is placed over the fire pit to cut off the oxygen and extinguish the flame in seconds. 

Snuffers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose one according to the layout and size of your own fire pit. There are handles to help lower the snuffer onto the flame and limit your exposure to heat. 

Using a snuffer has many benefits over other quick extinguishing methods like water or throwing sand. For one, a snuffer keeps the area clean and doesn't splash ash out of the pit the way water will. Additionally, it is much faster than letting the fire die down on its own, cutting down on the potential accidents that the remaining embers can cause. 

However, always practice caution when using a snuffer, as the remaining embers and surrounding surfaces can still be hot. If your fire pit manufacturer does not have a compatible snuffer, search for one that is suitable for your fire pit size and shape. Remember that making sure the snuffer completely blocks off the opening is essential to cut off the oxygen supply and put out the fire. 

  1. Fire Pit Tongs

One accessory that also helps make the fire pit a more functional space is a pair of tongs. This small investment can help move firewood and logs around easier. Moreover, being able to feed more wood onto the flame or in a specific spot keeps the fire burning nice and hot. 

Using fire pit tongs keeps your clothes and fingers at a safe distance from the flame while still being functional. Tongs are easily available at any hardware store, making them a simple addition that exponentially increases safety while using the fire pit. 

  1. Fire Pit Poker

The large diameter of a wood-burning fire pit can make it challenging to add more wood to the flames, which is where a fire pit poker can come to the rescue. 

Similar to the fire pit tongs, it is used to move around burning logs and firewood. Its long design allows you to move the firewood around without getting too close to the flames. 

Length is a significant factor to consider when choosing a poker for your backyard fire pit. As compared to fireplace pokers, which are shorter, these pokers are considerably longer. After all, you don’t want to be reaching over an open flame while trying to move firewood around. 

  1. Heat-Resistant Gloves

Moving around the fire pit can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Whether it is for adjusting the spark screen or dropping in some firewood, the surfaces are hot all around. And this is where heat-resistant gloves come in. 

A quality pair of gloves that can withstand the heat can definitely come in handy. Ideally, you want to look for gloves that are not just heat-resistant but also have a textured grip to prevent slipping or accidental drops. 

  1. Fire Glass/ Lava Rocks

A common feature of propane fire pits is clear fire glass beads as an alternative to firewood. While these beads are extremely elegant, they may not render the look you want in a backyard fire pit. What’s more, it is easy to get cut on the sharp edges of the fire glass beads. 

Lava rocks are an alternative that can be used in place of fire glass beads. However, these rocks are not much to look at as compared to the variety of glass beads available. If you want a change in the overall aesthetic of the fire pit, changing out the base of the fire pit is a great way to go. 

Regardless of which base you decide to go with, make sure it is tempered glass. If it isn’t tempered, it can crack and shatter once exposed to the fire. These glasses have the advantage of being able to withstand any weather conditions, so making the investment is worth it. 

  1. Fire Starter

Any backyard fire pit setup is incomplete without a proper collection of fire starters and kindling to get the party going. But jumping straight into firewood is difficult to get a steady flame burning. So, keeping a couple of newspaper stacks in the vicinity is an inexpensive and easy way to get the fire burning. 

Other options of fire starters that are readily available are toilet paper and dryer lint. A common method of making homemade fire starters is stuffing a toilet paper roll with lint. As lint catches fire quickly, it makes for great kindling and spreads to the roll in no time at all. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use homemade starters, there are a few available on the market. These starters use cedar shavings or fatwood to create the initial flame. Wrapped in a wax binder, these compact starters catch fire and light just as quickly as lint does. 

  1. Fire Steel/Lighter

Starting a fire in an outdoor pit can prove to be a challenge that many people face. Usually, a small lighter is used to light the kindling and then thrown into the pit, hoping it ignites. However, the weather can be against you, with the wind blowing every which way, extinguishing any flames before it catches. 

Keeping fire steel around the fire pit can make your life much easier and get a flame going in no time at all. Unlike a butane or electric arc lighter, it doesn’t need any refilling or charging to work. Simply get the sparks going, and your kindling will be able to catch. 

  1. Firewood Ash Bucket

A common feature of an outdoor fire pit is an ash bucket to keep it clean, as it makes for easier maintenance. Not only is it safer, but it also allows you to store the ash safely before disposing of it while keeping the pit clean. 

Ash from fire pits can be quite hot even when removed from the pit, so a thin bucket can be burned through quickly. So, while choosing an ash bucket, make sure it is durable enough to withstand a certain level of heat. 

Another feature to look out for in a bucket is a lid to keep the ash inside. Outdoor fire pits are exposed to wind and can blow up the ash out of the bucket. A simple lid solves this problem, making for a helpful addition in terms of fire pit accessories. 

  1. Seating

Sitting around the fire is the key attraction of any fire pit. And in this regard, Adirondack chairs are a favorite type of outdoor seating due to their simple and comfortable design. With a flat pair of armrests and inclined seats, these chairs are a go-to seating option that matches any backyard fire pit. 

One drawback to Adirondack chairs is their inability to fold away. This shouldn’t be a problem in a permanent setup; however, if you are strapped for space, then you may want to reconsider. And a great alternative is folding chairs that have padding for comfort. 

Furthermore, there are different types of seatings that have unique features built into them, such as cup holders and storage for packing them away. Mix and match your favorite features to find the best fire pit seating arrangement for your setup. 

  1. Mosquito Repellent

Dealing with bugs and mosquitoes is always a big issue during a bonfire party, especially when the sun goes down. But there are certain types of wood that can be burned to ward off these pests. Combine them with the already burning wood in the fire pit, and you will have a natural repellent that will practically cover the entire backyard. 

One of the best “burning” mosquito repellents is sage or rosemary. Of course, the ground-up version in the pantry will not be as effective, as they are not fresh enough to release thick smoke and deter mosquitoes. So, look for a fresh bunch and throw it into the fire pit to get it burning. 

Another option that you can use is burning pinyon wood which releases a smell that mosquitoes don’t like. However, this type of wood is mainly found in the southwest US, so finding it may be challenging. If you are able to find this wood, then it is definitely handy to keep around near an outdoor fire pit. 

  1. Log Rack

Outdoor fire pits will benefit significantly from a log rack to store firewood. Going back and forth to the stack of logs in the corner of the backyard is not the best use of your time. Hence, storing them next to the pit makes for a much more efficient way of keeping the flame going. 

Not only does a log rack save time, but it also saves space by keeping the pile of logs compact. A log rack is a solid fire pit accessory that keeps your backyard fire pit clean and ready for the party. 

  1. Fire Pit Heat Deflector

Installing a heavy-duty heat deflector has many benefits, like preserving the patio or backyard while controlling where the heat is directed. Of course, this fire pit accessory is more applicable to wood-burning fire pits than a propane or gas fire pit. 

A common occurrence with wood-burning fires is that the heat shoots upwards rather than outwards and around the pit. Much of the warmth is lost in the process, making the flames from the pit practically useless. However, a heat deflector can keep the heat going in the direction you want. 

Deflectors are available in square or round designs and can be installed either below or above the fire pit. The benefit of installing one above the pit is protecting any overhead structures. 

Heat damage can damage wooden structures, such as gazebos and patios, over time. But by keeping the heat away from the structure itself, the deflector takes the brunt of the damage and directs it back to the people below. 

  1. Fire Pit Cover

Outdoor fire pit setups will benefit from a cover or lid to keep it dry and clean when not in use. A lid makes the outdoor fire pit just a tad bit more weather-resistant. Getting the pit ready for the next party is much easier when it is already clean and dry. 

Additionally, there are fire pit covers that have a specialized resistance to UV rays that protect the metal from UV damage. Placing a cover over the pit can also prevent moisture from seeping in and causing mildew damage. Another valuable feature to look for is a drawstring to keep the cover tightly fastened around the pit to withstand the toughest of winds. 

Measure out the boundary of the fire pit and find a suitable lid to ensure a secure fit. Keeping a lid is an essential piece to any backyard fire pit to keep it functional throughout any weather condition. 

  1. Fire Pit Grate

Placing a grate over the pit is beneficial in providing a cleaner burn and makes cleaning up much more manageable. A grate that has a stainless steel build is able to withstand heat and keeps the firewood elevated above the ashes. 

Furthermore, by having a grate installed, the option of using charcoal as a starter is easier. The grate elevates the firewood from the bottom of the pit to accommodate the charcoal. This can come in handy, especially if you are grilling or choose to use it as a more efficient starter. 

Another purpose that the grate serves is to keep the ash at the bottom of the pit, where it can be easily swept away for disposal. Any logs or firewood intact remain on top of the grate and can be lifted off while the fire pit is being cleaned. 

  1. Propane Tank

If you are using a propane fire pit, then you will need a propane tank or two. Starting fires without having to go into the house to get a tank keeps the fun going without leaving the fire pit. As a general rule of thumb, having a replacement tank is recommended in case the current tank runs out. 

Furthermore, a barbecue grill that runs off propane will also benefit from having a spare tank handy. With so many tanks, it can become costly to replace them with a fresh one every time. To counter this, there are dealers available that charge less to refill the empty tanks rather than replace them. 

  1. Propane Tank Stand

To complement the propane tank, a dedicated storage space keeps the backyard clutter to a minimum. If aesthetics are a big focus for you, then these storage options are a clever way to keep the tank out of sight. What’s more, they will still be ready to go at a moment's notice should you need to switch out a tank. 

Among storage tank options, there are a few that are cleverly designed to replicate logs or seating. It blends right in with the rest of the fire pit accessories and stays out of the way. 

Another benefit of having a dedicated propane tank stand is keeping your patio and fire pit area free from rust rings. A propane tank that is exposed will be prone to rusting and seeping onto whatever it is standing on. The resulting rust rings are pretty tricky to get off stone and cement; an easy fix is keeping the tank covered in a dedicated stand.

  1. Roasting Sticks

A classic child menu activity is roasting marshmallows, something that adults and kids alike can enjoy together. Roasting sticks are a great and safe way to help children take part in this timeless activity. Sitting around the backyard fire pit with a couple of roasting sticks feels different than making smores in the house. 

Furthermore, roasting sticks can come in handy if you are trying to cook or grill anything over the fire. Of course, a barbecue would be a more practical option, but in terms of coziness, nothing can beat holding a stick over an open flame and watching as it slowly cooks. 

Extra precautions should be taken to ensure that children don’t get hurt, especially when sharp roasting sticks and an open flame are involved. Keeping that in mind, the rods designed exclusively for children have a backward-facing hook at the end, so the sharp part is pointing down, preventing any accidental poking. 

  1. Popcorn Popper

Another popular food option around the fire is popcorn; it is easy to prepare and is excellent finger food for parties. Having a popcorn popper handy is a quick and easy way to provide entertainment and food at the same time. 

What’s more, there is little to no risk of injury with this accessory. There are various types, such as an all-in-one kit that can be held over the fire and cooked directly. This kit has no risk of causing burns and is easy to set up and clean. 

However, if you prefer a traditional pan-fried popcorn, then throwing a pan of kernels, butter, and preferred seasoning is a quick and effortless snack. Popcorn is a great food to have for fire pits that has no risk but great tasting rewards. With such a simple cooking process, having a popcorn popper is an obvious food choice for any gathering or party. 

  1. Food


Where there are roasting sticks, there is also the need to have food to roast. Food is an essential part of any fire pit, from graham crackers and marshmallows to making smores for the kids or veggies to cook and grill. 

Whatever your preferred choice of food is to cook over a backyard fire pit, have them prepped and ready to go. Once the heat is on, simply slide them onto the stick and enjoy cooking them while sitting around the fire pit. 

  1. Cooler

Additionally, no backyard meal is complete without a cooler full of cold, refreshing beverages. A cooler on the patio or next to the fire pit will save you the hassle of going back to the house to grab a drink. 

Finding a cooler with a heavy-duty design is definitely recommended as it can come in handy not just for backyard fire pit sessions but other outdoor activities. These coolers can take a beating while keeping the ice and a plethora of drinks at a cool temperature for days. Having a pair of wheels on the cooler can also help you wheel it around much easier. 

  1. Colored Flames

For those looking to add a bit of a wow factor to their fire pit, a colored flame is a great option that uses little money. These packets can change the color of the fire for a few minutes, boosting the entertainment factor of your fire pit. 

Kids and adults alike will be mesmerized by the different flame colors. Although this is not essential among fire pit accessories, it is definitely a nifty trick to pull off for guests. 

What’s more, it is incredibly straightforward to change the flame color, meaning anyone can do it. Simply drop the packet, unopened, onto the open fire pit, and watch as the colored flame show begins. It will die down and return to its normal color within five minutes.  

  1. Lighting 


Although a fire pit is excellent at providing light at night, it is not always sufficient to cover the entire outdoor area. To solve this problem, setting up alternate light sources like fairy lights and tiki torches can help. 

Additionally, tiki torches and other small light arrangements can create a special ambiance in the backyard. There are both real flame and electrical variants available, depending on what mood you are trying to set. However, an electrical light source is always recommended as they are much safer and easier to manage than lighting an actual fire. 

  1. Ax

An essential fire pit accessory is an ax to split firewood to prep for the next session. Gathering logs and the like is the first step; however, cutting them down to size can prove to be challenging. This is where an ax comes in to facilitate a more effortless cutting experience. 

Among ax heads, there are specific designs meant to cut firewood exclusively. The head of these axes is shaped like a wedge to split the log cleanly and evenly. This uniquely shaped head reduces the amount of effort needed to cut the logs. 

However, a simple ax from any hardware store will get the job done as well. Specialized axes do not come cheap, but they can last for generations if properly taken care of. 

  1. Broom

Another handy tool to have in any fire pit setup is a broom to sweep up stray coals or spills. Accidents are inevitable in any gathering, whether it is a spilled drink or knocking over the pit. A broom quickly sweeps away the coals or liquid before anyone can step on it and get hurt. 

Keeping the area clean can prevent accidents from happening. It is a simple tool that doesn’t take up too much space yet is incredibly effective. 

  1. Bluetooth Speaker

While speakers do not directly affect the fire pit itself, they are a great way to set the mood for any gathering. Investing in a quality speaker setup can help elevate the fire pit experience. 

If you are looking for a speaker for an outdoor setup, then make sure they are weatherproof and drop-resistant. Not to mention, the speaker should have a solid and clear sound output. Portability and connectivity are the two main draws in having an outdoor speaker, so pay attention to how much it weighs and other connectivity options. 

With all these features, a heavy-duty outdoor speaker is by no means a light purchase. However, it is definitely a solid investment as it can be used in other outdoor situations as well with ease. 

Benefits Of Fire Pit Accessories 

Best Fire Pit Accessories
Investing in a fire pit makes for a great addition to any backyard that will be the center of gatherings and parties alike. But it only makes sense that you would want it to be as smooth as possible. And by including the right fire pit accessories, you can have a smoother and more streamlined interaction with your setup.  

Certain fire pit accessories bring more durability, while others, such as a fire pit cover, can increase their lifespan. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, these accessories can change the way you approach the fire pit. 

One of the primary considerations when buying fire pit accessories is increasing safety while the flame is on. If you have many guests or young children around the yard, it can be scary to have an open flame. As such, precautions and treatment accessories can help cut down on damage and injuries before they happen. 

Other handy accessories can help you start the fire easier or keep it clean while it is not being used. These fire pit accessories help increase the lifespan and also make for a more leisurely start the next time you decide to start the fire pit again. 

No matter how often the pit is used or what you use it for, there are sure to be suitable fire pit accessories for you. It just takes a bit of inspiration and know-how to get the ideas flowing. Every yard and setup is unique, so mix and match these accessories to suit your needs. 

Choosing A Fire Pit Accessory

There are three main points to look for among fire pit accessories and keep in mind to choose the best option for you. With such a wide range available, it can be easy to go overboard or become overwhelmed. 

To keep the choice simple and make sure you only have what you need, keep these points in mind. Keeping a list of features you would like the pit to have is also a good idea. 

  1. Variety 

Fire pits can quickly become cluttered with extra accessories and tools that may be helpful but also obsolete. Make sure you invest in tools that provide the most efficiency and solve a problem you may be facing. 

Whether or not an accessory is necessary needs to be carefully considered to make sure you aren’t buying unnecessary items. With the range of accessories available, it is common to see multiple tools performing the same function. Keep it down to the bare essentials, then look for specific fire pit accessories to fill in the gaps. 

By limiting yourself to the bare essentials first, you can see what is actually needed and also realize where a particular tool or feature is lacking. From there, you can make a list of additional features and functions you may want and, in the process, keep down the clutter. 

  1. Safety 

Fire pits can be dangerous if they are not treated carefully. The risk of injury and damage can be limited by including a few accessories that eliminate potential hazards. 

While personal safety is a highlight of some accessories, the safety of the tool itself is something that should be considered as well. For example, the material that the accessory is made of can make or break a decision. There is no point in having a safety feature if the safety feature itself is dangerous to use. 

Protection from heat and sharp edges are two of the main things you want to initially keep an eye out for. Once these two facets are covered, you can look for other safety features such as a snuffer to safely put out the fire. 

  1. Durability 

If your fire pit setup is outdoors, then durability is a crucial factor to consider when choosing fire pit accessories. These items are just as exposed to the elements as the pit itself. To make sure they are able to go the distance, take note of their resilience to various factors. 

Moisture damage and rust are two of the common types of damage that outdoor pieces are exposed to. Having a rust-proof and weather-resistant accessory is sure to provide the necessary protection to keep them performing efficiently. 

Many fire pit accessories are designed to increase the lifespan of the pit, so the durability of the accessory is a huge consideration. It is pointless to have protection that breaks down within weeks; making the investment early on is a good idea. 

High-quality materials and design can also help in increasing the durability of the accessory. While it is not always directly related, the materials used and resistance are two of the main factors to consider in terms of accessory durability. 

Best Fire Pit Accessories


Hopefully, with these fire pit accessories, you have a better idea of how to elevate your own fire pit experience. 

Including just a few of these affordable accessories in your own fire pit can drastically change how efficient your setup is. Whether you are simply looking for a few minor additions or a complete overhaul, the best fire pit accessories are the ones you deem worth their price. 

Regardless of what you decide to include in your fire pit setup, the investments will pay off in the memories created around the fire. But remember to always stay safe around the fire.

Thanks for reading, and until next time! 

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