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9 Best Granite Sealers Of 2022 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

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Granite is considered an investment by most homeowners. However, maintaining it well increases its value and appeal over time, justifying its high price. 

A natural stone like granite can add aesthetic appeal and value to any home. However, it is also a relatively expensive addition. To maintain its looks and value over time, it is imperative to seal it using the best granite sealer. 

Fortunately, there are dozens of granite sealers in the market to choose from. It is natural to be overwhelmed by the options, but don’t worry! We are here to help. 

In this guide, we will talk about the top 9 granite sealers for your home. Furthermore, we have curated a short guide to help you choose the most suitable one for your needs. 

So without further delay, let’s get straight to the reviews.

Top Granite Sealers Reviewed

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  1. Granite Gold GG0036 Sealer

Are you looking for a food-safe granite sealer for your kitchen countertops? Consider the Granite Gold Sealer, which is entirely non-toxic, biodegradable, pH balanced, and safe for your home. Moreover, it is versatile and comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle. To know more about it, read on.

Granite Gold Water-Based Sealer Spray Protection for...
  • Granite Gold Sealer creates a barrier providing maximum...
  • Specially formulated for granite, marble, travertine,...

Why Did We Like It?

When it comes to applying a granite sealer on kitchen countertops, you need one that is food-safe and non-toxic. Fortunately, the Granite Gold Sealer is one of the best options on the market. 

The spray comes in a water-based solution which is easy-to-use and very convenient for regular applications. Spray it directly on the granite surface and wipe it off using a lint-free, soft cloth. Repeat the steps a couple of more times for the best results. 

Every ingredient in this granite sealer is non-toxic and non-acidic, so you don’t need to worry about abrasive chemicals damaging the surface. Furthermore, the formula is pH balanced and efficiently forms a protective barrier. This protects the beautiful natural stone from stains, marks, scratches, and soil build-up.

Remember to allow the formula to cure for 24 hours after applying it. We also recommend waiting for at least 20 minutes between applications for the best results.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Our only gripe with this product was its long curing time. You need to wait for at least 24 hours for it to cure completely, during which time it is best to avoid using the countertop. This may be inconvenient for some users who need to use their kitchen countertop or other granite surfaces during the curing period. 

  • Easy to use spray bottle formula
  • pH balanced
  • Forms a protective barrier on granite surfaces
  • Affordable
  • Long curing time
  1. TriNova SYNCHKG079542 Granite Sealer & Protector

It’s time to move on to our next recommendation; the TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector. Made in the US, this granite sealer and protector is one of the best products you can get for several reasons, which we will state below. Moreover, it comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle, making it convenient for regular use.

Granite Sealer & Protector – Best Stone Polish, Protectant...
  • ✅ Professional Quality Stone Care – TriNova’s Granite...
  • ✅ Advanced-Action Stain Protection – This spray uses a...

Why Did We Like It?

Protecting your granite surface is essential; otherwise, you may notice a dull, faded appearance which can be unsightly. However, finding the right products is not always easy. 

We have extensively tested some of the best granite sealers in the market and found the TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector as one of the top-rated and most convenient sealers. It comes in an excellent ready-to-use spray bottle that you can use directly on granite surfaces. 

After waiting for a few moments, wipe the formula away using a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. It is entirely water-based and safe to use since it does not contain any harsh chemicals and toxins. 

Furthermore, the formula forms a protective layer over the granite surface. This layer effectively acts as a shield against scratches, etches, marks and stains, keeping your granite surface looking new and beautiful for years.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We noticed that this granite sealer is not marked as “food-safe.” Although this is not a deal-breaker, it is worth considering if you place food products directly on your granite counter. 

We recommend using a chopping board or a tray instead of placing the food directly on the counter after applying the product. 

  • Quick-drying solution
  • It can be used once a month
  • Adds shine and gloss
  • Forms a protective layer
  • No indication whether it is “food-safe”
  1. Miracle Sealants 511QT6 Impregnator Sealer

Applying a sealer every few months can be tedious work. The Miracle Sealants 511QT6 Impregnator Sealer is one of the best products out there because of how long-lasting and effective it is. This sealer eliminates the need for frequent applications as it protects and adds shine to any granite surface within minutes.

Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator Sealer, Quart,...
  • For use inside or out on a variety of surfaces including...
  • Formula is oil and water resistant that creates an invisible...

Why Did We Like It?

In our opinion, the most attractive feature of this granite sealer is its promise of longevity. Sealing granite countertops and other surfaces can seem like a chore after a point in time, especially when it requires frequent resealing. 

With Miracle Sealants, we could sit back and relax for up to 2 years without worrying about when to reseal the surface. Not just that, if applied correctly, this can be effective for up to 20 years. Of course, we don’t recommend waiting that long, just to be on the safe side. 

Moving on, we loved how easy it was to apply this product. Just pour it out on a safe, clean surface and apply it to your granite countertop. Allow it to cure for at least 3 to 5 hours before using the surface again. 

The formula has a unique UV protection feature that protects your granite surface from most weather elements.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Overall, this liquid granite sealer is an excellent purchase. That said, it can be slightly challenging to pour out from the container, especially since it does not come with an in-built sprayer. You need to be careful while pouring out its contents, or there is a risk of spillage and unnecessary wastage. 

  • Fast-drying solution
  • Does not leave white streaks
  • Adds gloss and shine
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Pouring out the contents can be tricky
  1. Rock Doctor 35106 Granite Sealer

Our next recommendation features an excellent granite sealer that comes in an easy-to-use aerosol form. Because of its ease of use and convenience, this product has become one of the most popular choices amongst users. Moreover, it is fast-working and very effective, so you don’t need to wait too long before using the surface again.

Rock Doctor Granite Sealer, 18 Ounce
  • For use on granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces
  • Penetrates deeply to bond with natural stone and provides a...

Why Did We Like It?

Do you like your granite countertops to look clean and shiny all year round? Of course, doing this regularly requires time, effort, and investment. What if we told you there was a product that was easy to use, would clean and add shine to granite, and lasts for almost a year? 

It may sound too good to be true. However, we extensively tested the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer on various granite surfaces before reaching our conclusion. In our opinion, this is one of the best granite sealers in the market. 

Its ease of use makes it an ideal product for most. Furthermore, it comes in a handy spray bottle that covers an area of 100 square feet. All you need to do is spray it on your granite surface, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe it off. 

The best part is, it not only cleans and protects but also adds a natural shine to the stone surface.


What Could’ve Been Better?

All said and done; this product is relatively short-lived. You will need to reapply the sealer at least once every six months or once a year. Although this isn’t a deal-breaker, you need to keep it in mind when considering this product. 

  • Adds shine and gloss
  • Safe to use on kitchen countertops
  • Easy to use spray form
  • Provides a natural barrier
  • A short-lived formula that needs to be reapplied frequently
  1. Black Diamond Stoneworks GP QT 2-in-1 Cleaner & Sealer

Whatever your needs are, the Black Diamond Stoneworks 2-in-1 Cleaner & Sealer can be an ideal option. Whether you are looking for a small product to cover smaller areas of granite or a large 4-gallon one, this brand offers multiple options for all your requirements. 

Black Diamond Stoneworks GRANITE PLUS! 2 in 1 Cleaner &...
  • STREAK FREE CLEAN- Safe for food contact pH neutral No-rinse...
  • BUILT IN SEALER makes surfaces easier to clean and protects...

Why Did We Like It?

If you are looking for a straightforward solution for all your granite-related problems, look no further. The Black Diamond Stoneworks 2-in-1 Cleaner & Sealer is the answer. This product is available in multiple sizes; from a small 1-pint bottle to larger 4-gallon options. 

In terms of usage, it is super easy and convenient, thanks to its spray bottle formula. It enables you to spray the fast-working formula directly on the granite surface, where it starts to work within minutes. 

Moreover, this formula works efficiently to clean and seal any granite surface. You can use it daily to clean and maintain the surface, or reapply the sealer once every few months when required. 

We recommend opting for the 1-quart bottle size as it is the most convenient one to use. One bottle will cover up to 300 square feet, so you don’t need to worry about running out of formula.


What Could’ve Been Better?

The only minor drawback we noticed with this product was its relatively long curing time. As such, it took about eight hours to cure completely, which can be annoying for some users. However, you can apply the sealer at night and allow it to cure without disturbing the surface, enabling you to use it the following day. 

  • Convenient spray bottle formula
  • Environment-safe ingredients
  • 2-in-1 solution
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Long curing time
  1. Supreme Surface SSAIO-8.5OZ-BP Granite Cleaner & Sealer

It’s time to move on to our next recommendation. This time, we bring you the Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner And Sealer. As the name suggests, this product cleans and seals your granite surface in one. Moreover, it offers almost 1500 sprays per bottle. Its easy-to-use spray bottle formula enhances its appeal and value amongst users.

Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Cleaner Polish and...
  • This treatment uses powerful cleaning agents to break down...

Why Did We Like It?

Few sealers can match up to the power and convenience of the Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner And Sealer. For starters, its easy-to-use spray bottle formula makes cleaning your granite surface a breeze. However, its magic lies in how wonderfully it seals the surface within minutes, protecting it from oils, marks, stains, and spills. 

Moving on, this product comes with a soft cloth which makes cleaning and buffing easier. Spray the formula directly on the granite surface and allow it to sit for a few minutes before wiping it off with the included cloth. Cleaning and sealing have been made easy with this product. 

We also love the gloss and shine the formula adds to the natural stone surface, even if you are using it for the first time. Moreover, it is entirely pH neutral, so it won’t damage your granite in any way.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Overall, this product is an excellent sealer and can be used as required. That said, because of its pH-neutral composition, the cleaner is only effective for surface-level stains and marks. You cannot remove deep, stubborn stains that have been embedded into the granite surface. 

  • Easy to use
  • It comes with detailed instructions
  • It can be used regularly for cleaning granite surfaces
  • pH neutral formula
  • Cannot remove stubborn or embedded stains
  1. Aqua Mix 30882-4 Sealer’s Choice Gold

If you have granite flooring at home or are looking to seal large surfaces, consider the Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold. It is available in a large 32-ounce bottle which is ideal for sealing and protecting extensive surfaces. Moreover, it does not add sheen or gloss to the surface, preventing it from becoming slippery and causing accidents or injuries.

Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold Quart, 32 Ounce
  • Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold is a no-sheen, natural look,...
  • Water-Based Formula is a world-wide best seller

Why Did We Like It?

Moving on to our next item, we have the Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold. This granite sealer typically comes in a large bottle which is ideal for sealing and preparing large surface areas. You can use this product for sealing large granite countertops, floors, and other granite surfaces. 

Overall, the formula will cover almost 375 square feet and works ideally as a pre-grouting sealer. That said, pouring out the formula can be a messy affair since there is no spraying mechanism included. It is best to gently pour out the formula on a large surface and use a mop or cloth to spread it. 

One of the best things about the sealer is that it does not contain any ingredients that will provide sheen or gloss to the granite surface. This is especially important when you want to pour the mixture on a floor, as slippery floors can be hazardous.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Unless you plan on using this formula on a smaller surface area, pouring it out should not be much of a problem. Since it does not come with a sprayer, nor does it feature a spout, pouring the formula can be slightly tricky. 

  • Long-lasting formula
  • Ideal for large surface areas
  • Versatile
  • Safe to use for kitchen countertops as well as floors
  • Pouring the formula out can be slightly messy
  1. Tuff Duck Granite Sealer

We have almost reached the end of our list; however, we still have a couple of recommendations for you. Moving on, we want to introduce to you the Tuff Duck Granite Sealer. This product is ideal for those looking for a long-term solution for their granite surfaces. Read on to find out more about it.

Tuff Duck Granite, Grout and Marble Sealer 1 Gallon Stone...
  • Maximum protection for Granite, Grout, Marble, Travertine,...
  • Penetrating sealer will not affect the natural appearance of...

Why Did We Like It?

The next granite sealer we have for you is from the brand Tuff Duck. This item, much like the previous one on our list, is ideal for extensive granite surfaces like floors and tiles. That said, you can safely use it in your kitchen and bathrooms as well if required. 

This 1-gallon granite sealer formula can cover up to 800 square feet, so you don’t need to worry about running out of product while sealing your floors. Moreover, it contains powerful active ingredients that effectively form a tough barrier against most stains, marks, oils, spills, and other contaminants. 

What’s more, you don’t need to wait for more than 2 to 5 minutes before wiping it off the granite surface. Its ease of use and fast working time makes it one of the most popular granite sealers on the market.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Overall, this item is excellent for most large granite surfaces that need to be sealed. That said, the smell of the product is relatively strong. We recommend having proper ventilation while using it and ensuring that there are no pets or children around, at least till the smell dissipates. 

  • Leaves behind a glossy finish
  • It does not create streaks
  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting formula
  • The smell can be pretty strong
  1. Stone Care International 5203 Stone Sealer

Are you looking for a powerful granite sealer that won’t stain or leave annoying white steaks? Consider the Stone Care International Stone Sealer. This product is excellent for both professional and residential use. Furthermore, it is a food-safe formula, enabling you to use it on kitchen countertops and eating spaces.

Stone Care International Stone Sealer - 128 Ounce (1 Gallon)...
  • For use on all solid stone surfaces including granite,...
  • Protects stone surfaces from water and staining while...

Why Did We Like It?

Those in need of a multipurpose product for their granite surfaces will appreciate the Stone Care International Stone Sealer. You can use this formula as per your requirements, making it an extremely versatile and convenient solution for most users. 

While the formula offers excellent cleaning and polishing capabilities, it is best used as a sealer. Apply the formula directly on your granite surfaces and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Wipe it off gently using a clean, soft cloth. Repeat this once every six months for the best results. 

Although this large jug was made to seal extensive granite surfaces, you can use it on smaller surfaces like kitchen countertops as well. Purchase the high-quality trigger that enables you to spray the formula directly on countertops and other surfaces. Apply the same process and wipe it off gently after a few minutes.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Our only gripe with this item was its heavy fumes and odors. As such, it is best to properly ventilate your rooms when using the sealer. Moreover, ensure that you keep all your doors and windows open, as well as turn on the fans. The odor should dissipate naturally within a few hours. 

  • Easy to use formula
  • It can be used with a trigger
  • Safe for food counters
  • Long-lasting solution
  • Heavy fumes and odor

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Granite Sealer Buyer’s Guide

With that, we have finally reached the end of our comprehensive list of recommendations. Hopefully, you have already found the right product for your needs. However, if you haven’t decided yet, no worries. 

In this section, we will discuss some of the most important things to consider when purchasing the right granite sealer for your home. So, let us begin! 

  1. Sealer Form 

Although we have primarily added liquid sealers to our list, you will find several other forms in the market. These vary from aerosol sealers to wax and other polishing compounds. 

As such, applying liquid and aerosol sealers is an easier option. Wax and polishing compounds typically require some elbow grease, so we do not recommend this if you have back or shoulder problems. 

Moreover, liquid sealers penetrate the natural stone surfaces much more efficiently, making them a better option for most users. You can also consider aerosol cans if convenience and fast coverage are of importance. 

  1. Longevity

You may have realized that different granite sealers come with varying longevity options. While some sealers guarantee to last for at least a year or more, others may require reapplication more often. 

There is no right or wrong answer to how often you should seal granite surfaces. Surfaces that are used frequently may require more frequent application of sealers than others. However, keep in mind that sealing a granite surface requires a bit of effort, which you should be prepared for. 

It is vital to remove all items from the granite surface before you begin. Furthermore, you should only seal the surface after having thoroughly cleaned it. In this case, it may be easier to opt for a 2-in-1 granite cleaner and sealer if you want to make the job slightly more manageable.

  1. Curing Time

Any granite sealer requires a certain amount of time to cure before you can use the surface again. While most products require a couple of hours, you may come across certain sealers that need to be left undisturbed overnight or even for 24 hours. 

If you aren’t in a hurry to use the surface, you may consider opting for heavy-duty granite sealers, which require more time to cure. However, if you need to use the granite surface and cannot afford to leave it undisturbed overnight, it is best to opt for formulas that cure within a couple of hours. 

  1. Glossy Vs. Matte

Several granite sealers in the market promise to add shine and gloss to the surface after curing. Theoretically, glossy granite is much more aesthetically pleasing and appealing than matte surfaces. 

That said, it is not always the safest option for all surfaces. For example, opting for glossy granite floors may not be safe, especially if you have children, pets, or elderly people using the floors. The slippery surface may cause accidents and injuries which could have easily been avoided. 

Depending on your needs and tastes, it is imperative to check the finish of a granite sealer before purchasing it. Sealers that add sheen can be ideal for kitchen countertops and other smaller surfaces, but not for bathrooms, tiles, and floors.

Leveling with countertops of making a kitchen modern domestic cabinets


Finding the right granite sealer does not have to be an overwhelming task. 

We hope our guide helped you understand the various types of granite sealers in the market. Moreover, we sincerely hope that you found the right one for your requirements. 

Before we sign off, we want to take a moment to talk about some of our favorite products. Overall, we like the Granite Gold GG0036 Sealer as it contains biodegradable ingredients and is safe to use for most homes. 

However, those looking for a powerful, professional sealer can consider the Miracle Sealants 511QT6 Impregnator Sealer and the Black Diamond Stoneworks GP QT 2-in-1 Cleaner & Sealer.

Leave a comment below and let us know if you agree with our verdict. Until next time, stay safe!

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