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Best Liquid Floor Wax for Hardwood Floors | Guide

You can prolong the life of your hardwood flooring by waxing it with products like the Quick Shine high-traffic hardwood floor luster and polish or the Minwax hardwood high gloss floor reviver. While the former can protect the floor from UV rays, the latter has an easy-to-use formula for adding shine and protection

Best Liquid Floor Wax For Hardwood Floors

Waxing your hardwood floors can have multiple benefits like restored shine, better damage protection, and an even appearance. As the solvents in the wax evaporate, a durable coating covers the floor to render these advantages. 

However, with so many products on the market, choosing the right one can become challenging, especially for first-time buyers. That’s why we are here to review the top 6 liquid floor wax options and provide all the information you must know to make the right choice.

Listed below are the best liquid floor wax for hardwood floors:

  • Quick Shine: The Quick Shine High-Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster And Polish excels in being non-toxic and UV-resistant, with its Carnauba ingredient enhancing the hardwood's natural grain. Its potential downside is the unclear water resistance capability.
  • Minwax: The Minwax Hardwood High Gloss Floor Reviver offers a time-saving, single-coat application that revives old, dull hardwood floors. Its limitation lies in possibly underperforming in high-traffic areas.
  • Weiman: The Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Polish Restorer Combo provide dual functionality, both cleaning and waxing hardwood floors. It expertly fills scratches but is not compatible with waxed, oiled, or unfinished wood floors.
  • Howard Products: The Howard Product is ideal for multiple wooden surfaces, this Howard Products polish sustains the wood’s health. The longer drying time on unfinished surfaces is a known constraint.
  • Rejuvenate: The Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer And Polish bond excellently with existing finishes providing a high-gloss shine. It's noteworthy to consider the high shine might lead to slippery floors.

1. Quick shine high-traffic hardwood floor luster & polish - Best overall liquid wax

Quick Shine has been providing premium products for maintaining hardwood floors, and its high-traffic floor luster and polish is one such product. It has a simple and ready-to-use formula that’s free from any harsh substance like aluminum, ammonia, paraben, formaldehyde and phthalate, making it relatively safe for use. As such, the brand suggests this liquid wax is safe for use around pets and kids. 

One of the main ingredients in this floor wax is Carnauba, which adds a deep glow to the hardwood floor, enhancing its natural color. Not only that, but this luster and polish can also fill in the micro scratches on the surface for an even appearance and reinforced durability. And this is what makes the product suitable for hardwood floors with heavy foot traffic. 

Moreover, it can offer protection against UV (ultraviolet) rays, meaning you may use the product for sealing and polishing outdoor hardwood floors. However, it’s not clear if the product is waterproof or not. 

Application-wise, the brand recommends squirting the product in S-Shape in small sections and quickly spreading it uniformly with wide strokes. Once the first layer is applied, it will dry down for a glossy finish in about 30 minutes, and you should wait for an hour before applying the second coat. This coat will dry in 24 hours, but you should prevent the treated surface from moisture for 24 hours. 

Quantity: 27 fl. oz. (800 ml) | Approximate Coverage: 500 sq. ft. | Scent: Fragrance-free | Single Coat Drying Time: 30 minutes

2. Minwax hardwood high gloss floor reviver - Best floor wax for old and dull hardwood floors

If you’re looking to wax hardwood floors without spending a lot of time, this product from Minwax may fit the bill. This brand is among the top wood finishing and wood care products brands in America, and this floor wax is an addition to its long list of reliable products. 

Made from a blend of water-based ingredients, this product works best for old and dull hardwood as well as other wood floors. Besides, applying this reviver doesn’t require any special preparation- as long as the floor is dry and free from any dirt or debris, you can easily apply it. 

The key ingredient in this formula is polyurethane (urethane), which is known for its ability to restore shine on even the dullest wood floors. Along with the other water-based ingredients, this floor reviver can add shine and a durable protective layer to the finished floors. 

You can apply it on unpolished floors or unfinished wood floors, and the product can do the job with only a single coat. Let the coating air dry for at least 2 hours on light foot traffic wood floors, but you should wait for 24 hours before replacing any furniture. 

Overall, this product is pretty cost-effective, but it may not be suitable for heavy foot traffic floors. 

Quantity: 32 fl. oz. (946 ml) | Approximate Coverage: Maximum 225 sq. ft. | Scent: Mild Chemical Scent | Single Coat Drying Time: 120 minutes

3. Weiman hardwood floor cleaner & polish restorer combo - Best cleaner and floor wax combo

One of the most important steps for waxing hardwood floors is cleaning the surface properly so that the wax can better adhere to it for optimum efficiency. However, finding a cleaner compatible with hardwood floors can be difficult. And that’s where the Weiman hardwood floor cleaner and polish restorer combo stand out. 

The cleaner comes in a ready-to-use formula to remove dirt, dust and scuff marks from hardwood flooring, and its citrus scent doesn’t leave any nasty odor. Just spray a few squirts from the bottle on the floor and mop it or clean the surface with a soft cloth. 

Next, the floor polish restorer is made from a special micro-filling technology that can remove scratches and create a scratch-resistant layer on finished wood surfaces. Moreover, it’s compatible with different types of wooden floors like engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl tile and laminate floors. However, the product is not for use on waxed, oiled, unsealed or unfinished floors. 

The brand recommends applying this liquid wax in zig-zag motions and using a dry mop to spread it uniformly while working in small sections. It takes only 30 minutes for a single coat to dry down for a natural finish, but you can apply more for a high-gloss effect. Make sure each coat is allowed to dry for 45 to 50 minutes and don’t apply more than 3 coats in 24 hours. 

Quantity: 32 fl. oz. (946 ml) | Approximate Coverage: 590 sq. ft. | Scent: Citrus | Single Coat Drying Time: 30 minutes

4. Howard Products wood polish & conditioner - Best liquid floor wax for conditioning

This wood polish can be used for practically any wooden surface, such as floors, doors, wooden furniture, cabinets, etc., for adding a soft luster and a protective layer. Its potent formula is made from different types of wax (beeswax and Brazilian carnauba wax) and ‘wood oils’ (mineral and wood oil) that penetrate deep into the wood. 

While the wax components add shine to the surface, the oil components ‘feed’ the wood grain to keep it from fading, drying and subsequently cracking. At the same time, they are devoid of silicone and linseed oils, which can make the drying process longer and take away from the durability of the floor. 

As such, this polish and conditioner formula can be applied to both unfinished and finished hardwood surfaces (including floors) to enhance the natural beauty and depth of grain. 

However, keep in mind that you need to work in very small sections by saturating a lint-free cloth with the polish and wiping it on the floor. The formula typically dries within 20 minutes, after which you can wipe off any excess with a dry cloth. But unfinished flooring may take longer to dry, generally overnight. 

And you can apply the polish as soon as you notice instances of fading color or drying. 

Quantity: 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) | Approximate Coverage: 500 sq. ft. | Scent: Orange | Single Coat Drying Time: 20 minutes

5. Rejuvenate professional wood floor restorer & polish - Best floor wax for high gloss shine

The Rejuvenate professional wood floor restorer has been exclusively developed for hardwood flooring and it can bond with existing finishes to create a shiny and durable protective coating. As a result, users don’t need to perform the extra step of sanding for waxing hardwood floors with this product. And its formula can fill in scratches to provide an even appearance. 

Much like the Minwax hardwood high gloss floor reviver, this formula facilitates one-layer application that dries in just an hour to give an ultra-slick coat that’s high on shine. You can pour the liquid directly on the floor and use a microfiber mop to spread it uniformly across the floor. 

That said, you can apply a second coat (if deemed necessary) after allowing the first coat to dry for at least 2 hours. Moreover, it’s suitable for application on both residential and commercial wood flooring. 

In hindsight, the water-based polyurethane bonds in the formula stick to the hardwood surface (and any existing finishing) to resist any stain and spill without wax residue. The brand also claims that the polish can last for years, thereby reducing the need for frequent maintenance and the cost of regular waxing. 

However, some users have mentioned that the floor can become slippery after the last coat has dried, which can take some time to go away. 

Quantity: 32 fl. oz. (947 ml) | Approximate Coverage: 525 sq. ft. | Scent: Wooden | Single Coat Drying Time: 45 minutes

6. Pipihua beeswax furniture wood polish & conditioner - Best non-toxic floor wax

Pipihia is among the most reliable home floor wax brands on the market, and its beeswax furniture and wood polish is a versatile product that can be used on floors as well. Made from different natural ingredients like Carnauba wax, eucalyptus oil and orange oil and mixed with potent mineral oils, the formula is non-toxic and non-GMO. In other words, it’s suitable for use in practically any room. 

The formula acts as a penetrating wood sealer to moisturize the grain from within and restore any dryness, thereby reducing the chances of cracking. Apart from that, the shine from the wax can infuse new life into dull wood floors as well as prevent water spots and scratches. You can even apply this polish on newly finished floors to improve floor life. 

At the same time, the formula doesn’t leave any harsh odor, sticky residue or toxins on the floor. Just pour a little floor wax on a soft and clean cloth and apply it in the direction of the grain on the finished hardwood surface. 

But the drying time of the formula is significantly longer (a minimum of 3 hours), after which you should polish the floor thoroughly with a dry cloth to get rid of any excess liquid. 

Quantity: 15.52 fl. oz. (480 ml) | Approximate Coverage: 80-100 sq. ft. | Scent: Natural | Single Coat Drying Time: 180 minutes

What is the best liquid floor wax for hardwood floors?

The table below compares liquid floor wax products for hardwood floors. It includes the quantity (fluid ounces and milliliters), coverage (square feet), scent, and drying time (minutes) for each product.

ProductQuantityApproximate CoverageScentSingle Coat Drying Time
Quick shine high-traffic hardwood floor luster & polish27 fl. oz. (800 ml)500 sq. ft.Fragrance-free30 minutes
Minwax hardwood high gloss floor reviver32 fl. oz. (946 ml)Maximum 225 sq. ft.Mild chemical scent120 minutes
Weiman hardwood floor cleaner & polish restorer combo32 fl. oz. (946 ml)590 sq. ft.Citrus30 minutes
Howard Products wood polish & conditioner16 fl. oz. (473 ml)500 sq. ft.Orange20 minutes
Rejuvenate professional wood floor restorer & polish32 fl. oz. (947 ml)525 sq. ft.Wooden45 minutes
Pipihua beeswax furniture wood polish & conditioner15.52 fl. oz. (480 ml)80-100 sq. ft.Natural180 minutes

Liquid Floor Wax Buyer’s Guide

Although all of the products mentioned above are suitable for waxing hardwood floors, there are a few factors buyers should keep in mind to ensure that your requirements are met properly. These include: 

1. Formula

The formula of liquid floor wax for hardwood will largely depend on its ‘function.’ For instance, liquids that are meant just to add a layer of wax on the floor will typically contain ingredients like beeswax and Carnauba wax, while those meant for wood conditioning may contain oils as well. 

But no matter which type of formula you choose, it’s always better to opt for a natural floor wax that doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. As such, you can check the product description to see if the formula is eco-friendly, non-GMO and doesn’t contain any toxins. 

However, as a rule of thumb, wear work gloves and a nose mask while applying the wax coat. Also, make sure that the entire room is properly ventilated, as most floor wax tends to have a strong smell that can be troublesome for most users. 

2. Compatibility

Hardwood floors can be both finished (sealed) and unfinished (non-sealed); hence, it’s important to choose a formula that’s compatible with the type of flooring in your home or office. While some products can be used for both, others are meant for only a specific type. And using the wrong type of wax for your hardwood floor can lead to dullness, fading and even reduced durability. 

Another factor in this regard is the compatibility of the wax with other surfaces, like wood furniture and doors. This way, you won’t have to invest in different wax products for different parts of your home or office. 

3. Additional Features

People generally apply floor wax to make the floor slip-resistant and shiny, but with time, floor wax formulas have been developed to provide additional benefits. For example,  lacquer-based wax liquids popular today add more durability to waxed hardwood floors than shellac-based wax products that were popular years ago. 

Likewise, some floor wax liquids have waterproofing and stain-resistant ingredients to protect the shiny look of your hardwood floors. As such, you can choose a product that best matches the needs of your floor. 

4. Preparation Requirements

Floor wax liquids, irrespective of their formula, require a clean surface for effective adherence. However, some products may require users to take off any existing finishing or moisture from the floor. Moreover, you may need to use sandpaper to even out the entire floor before applying the wax. 

On the other hand, some products may be applied directly on any existing floor finishing without sanding. That’s why all wax bottles come with detailed preparation instructions, which should be strictly followed for the best results. 

5. Application Tool And Process

Floor wax liquids can be applied using different ‘tools’ like a sponge mop, microfiber cloth pad, terry cloth head, or even a brush. Here again, you will find the recommendation in the product descriptions so that you can select a product that’s compatible with the existing application tools at your home. 

That said, most of these additional resources aren’t very expensive, so you don’t have to worry about incurring heavy expenses if this is your first time waxing floors. 

Talking about the application process, the general technique is to apply a thin layer of the wax directly on the clean floor and spread it uniformly with the recommended tool. You may then be required to polish the floor with a clean cloth after letting the wax coating air dry according to the time mentioned in the instructions. 

6. Quantity And Coverage

You may think that more liquid wax will cover a larger area, but that may not always be the case. As such, the area that one bottle of liquid wax can cover primarily depends on the number of coats required to wax floors. 

So, a 30-fl.oz. liquid wax bottle that requires multiple coatings may only cover 300 sq. ft. of floor space, whereas a 2-fl.oz. liquid wax bottle may cover 400 sq. ft. with its single-coat formula. 

Can you apply colored wax on hardwood floors?

Unless you’re looking to conceal the original, natural color of the hardwood or change the color of the floor altogether, applying a colored wax may not be the best idea. The primary function of hardwood floor wax is to restore and reveal the natural shine of waxed floors, and colored wax liquids are typically used as an exception. 

In short, the decision to choose a clear or colored wax will depend on the personal preferences of the user. 

Is liquid wax better than solid wax or solid paste wax?

The biggest advantage of liquid wax over other types of wax like solid or solid paste is that the former is easier to apply and it typically has a fast drying time. Besides, liquid floor wax products are ideal for unvarnished hardwood floors, unfinished cork, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and linoleum floors. But they shouldn’t be used for vinyl and urethane-finished floors. 

What’s the difference between varnish and floor wax?

While varnish forms a tough coat or protective seal on hardwood floors, floor wax penetrates deeper into the wood and needs to be ‘buffed’ in to restore the natural shine of the surface. It’s not as durable as varnish, but waxed floors can still offer some form of resistance to scratches and regular wear and tear. 

Keep in mind, though, that you may apply wax over varnish but not vice versa. 

Should you wax darker or lighter woods?

Both dark and light wooden floors may become dull and develop scratches over time, meaning they may need waxing from time to time. However, with darker woods (like dark oak), the signs of wear and tear may not be visible for long. But waxing such floors regularly can help prolong their durability, delaying the signs of damage even further. 

How to maintain waxed wooden floors?

One of the best things you can do to maintain your newly waxed hardwood floors is to clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt and debris. Aside from that, you can use a mild floor cleanser (instead of soap) to thoroughly clean the surface from time to time. 

We’d also suggest placing a natural rubber mat at the entrance of the room with the waxed floor and a carpet on the floor itself to minimize the accumulation of dust and debris. And when it’s time to remove the existing coat of wax for a new one, use a soft cloth (like a towel) dipped in white spirit to soften the wax. Then scrub with steel wool dipped in the same spirit to get rid of it completely. 

If you’re looking for an all-around liquid wax that can make your hardwood floors shiny and add considerable protection, the Quick Shine high-traffic hardwood floor luster and polish may be your best bet. Its non-toxic formula is safe for use in both indoor and covered outdoor areas. 

However, if you don’t have much time on your hands to revive your old wooden floors, the Minwax hardwood high-gloss floor reviver can come in handy with its no-prep-needed formula. 

But irrespective of which product you choose, make sure you give it adequate time to dry while protecting the floor from wind or humidity.