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9 Best Router Bit Sets to Add to Your Woodworking Toolkit

The HILTEX 10100 router bits set is the best overall kit in terms of cost, bit variety, durability, and applications. That said, the choice of the best router bit set may vary based on personal preferences and project needs. 

Best Router Bits

Router bit sets are collections of cutting tools used with wood routers. These sets provide a variety of bit types and profiles for different woodworking tasks. They include straight, chamfer, round-over, and other bits, allowing craftsmen to achieve diverse cuts and designs. Router bit sets are essential for enhancing the versatility and capabilities of wood routers, enabling precise shaping and detailing in woodworking projects. 

Like drills, router bits are highly versatile tools, but they come in hundreds of options that can leave beginners confused. As such, it’s important to know what makes a router bit set the best on the market. So, to help you choose the best router bits set on the market, I’ve curated a list of nine products. Read on to find out how you can choose one to include in your toolbox! 

Below, discover the finest router bits for your home woodworking endeavors:

  • HILTEX tungsten carbide router bits: The HILTEX set offers 15 affordable ¼” bits with YG8 tungsten carbide tips for heat resistance and durability. Universal ¼” shanks enhance compatibility, and the set includes various profiles for versatile woodworking applications.
  • KOWOOD router bits: The KOWOOD set of 15 router bits with a ¼” shank is ideal for beginners. Crafted with a durable steel body and anti-kickback design, these bits ensure stability and safety. Versatile, they work exceptionally well with softwood and come in a sturdy wooden case.
  • Wolfride flush-trim router bit set: The Wolfride set features four industrial-grade carbide bits with ¼-inch shanks. Offering cutting radii from ¼-inch to ½-inch, these bits promise smooth cuts across materials like MDF, solid wood, and plywood. While generally clean, occasional marks may be left. The bits operate smokelessly and with minimal noise.
  • BOSCH carbide-tipped router bit: Bosch's premium set includes 30 router bits with micro-grain carbide tips for smooth cuts in softwood, hardwood, and composites. The anti-friction coating reduces residue, and the set is housed in a durable plastic case.
  • MNA router bit set: The MNA set offers 25 high-density C3 carbide bits for professional woodworkers. Wear-resistant and precise, these bits cut through various woods with stability. The ¼-inch shank set includes profiles like cove box, dovetail, and Roman ogee, with an anti-kickback design for safety.

1. Best overall: HILTEX tungsten carbide router bits

The HILTEX tungsten carbide router bits set is an affordable option that comes with 15 pieces of ¼” bits. These bits are designed to tackle all kinds of woodworking needs through clean and precise cuts.

The YG8 tungsten carbide router bit tips are highly resistant to heat and durable as well. This extends to every bit in the set, which makes them effective for woodwork projects. During my time testing this set, I found that the bits were equally as effective on both hardwood and softwood species.

Each bit comes with a ¼” universal shank that can be used with all wood router models. Additionally, certain bits have a bearing roller built into them to make cuts smooth and well-aligned. That said, I did notice that the bearings need to be cleaned out often to get the desired results.

The set includes bits that can be used to edge, trim, vein, and groove wood effectively. And its shank diameter ensures that both hobbyists and woodworking professionals can use the bits effectively. 

And lastly, to make storage easy, the bit set comes with labels that contain images for easy identification. The set is in a sturdy wooden case that is quite portable and can be stowed away in any corner of your workshop.

Material: YG8 tungsten carbide | Shank Size: 1/4" | Bit Profiles: Straight bit, cove box, cove tail, 90° V-groove, mortising, round corner, dovetail, Roman ogee, chamfer, panel pilot, flush trim | Case/Storage: Wood

2. Best beginner-friendly router bit: KOWOOD router bits

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly router bit set, the KOWOOD router bits set may be an option to consider. This is a set of 15 router bits with a ¼” shank, which helps it suit multiple applications.

Each KOWOOD router bit is fashioned from a durable steel body with an alloy blade attached to it. And the solid hardened steel build affords the bits some durability, along with an anti-kickback design for safety.

While testing the bits, I found that the bits are stable and vibrate very little during operation. Moreover, they can be paired with many router models like wood CNC machines, making the bits suited for all types of woodwork. That said, the bits are limited to be used on certain material types only. In my experience, the KOWOOD router bits work the best with softwood species.

Included with the bit set is a wooden case that can be used to stow the bits away when not in use. The case is quite sturdy and can be carried along to different locations without any issues. For those who need to travel to access the workshop, this may be a convenient addition.

The KOWOOD router bits set includes profiles like the Roman ogee, flush-trim, straight bit or dado bit, panel pilot bit, dovetail bit, corner round bit, and more. Certain bit types include a durable ball bearing to be used as a guide while edging and trimming that can help prevent a banged-up edge.

Material: Steel, alloy blade | Shank Size: 1/4" | Bit Profiles: Corner round, dovetail, 45° chamfer, panel pilot, cove, cove box, flush trim, Roman ogee, straight, mortising, 90° V-groove | Case/Storage: Wood

3. Best router bits with the smoothest finish: Wolfride flush-trim router bit set

The router bit set from Wolfride comes with four different router bits to suit various purposes. Each bit has a ¼-inch shank, which can work with most router models on the market. 

Additionally, each router bit has a different cutting radius to suit the various use cases. These include ¼-inch, 5/16-inch, ⅜-inch and ½-inch diameters.

The cutting edge of each bit is created using industrial-grade carbide, which is both durable and offers a smooth cutting finish. These bits require nearly all of the shank to be inserted and secured properly to be used well.

While using the Wolfride router bit set, I found that the bits cut wood panels in a precise manner. I was able to use it with MDF, solid wood, plywood, and other types of lumber quite effectively. That said, I did find that the washer underneath the ball bearing tends to leave marks on wood on rare occasions.

Nonetheless, the flush-trim router bit set doesn’t produce any smoke or high-pitched noises while cutting. Machining noises aside, I noticed no odd sounds coming during my time testing the bits.

Material: Industrial-grade carbide | Shank Size: 1/4" | Bit Profiles: Top-bearing flush trim | Case/Storage: Plastic

4. Best multipurpose router bit set: BOSCH carbide-tipped router bit

In the premium price range, you may consider the Bosch router bit set as an option for woodworking projects. The set comes with 30 router bits, along with a universally compatible accessory.

These are multipurpose router bits meant to cut through wood with precision and durability. The micro-grain carbide-tipped cutting edges enable a smooth and precise finish, making them suitable for softwood, hardwood, and wood composites. Moreover, each bit has an anti-friction coating applied to it that reduces residue build-up. 

This was reflected in the performance of these bits, showing no trouble cutting through laminate panels, plasterboards, or MDF during testing. I did feel that the latch mechanism could have been made from metal or a similar sturdy substitute instead of plastic.

With 30 bits, the Bosch router bit set can cover a wide range of applications. The set includes bits like ⅜-inch chamfer bits, 1-inch dovetail router bits, ⅝-inch rabbeting bits, ⅝-inch V-groove bits, and more.

And to store the bits, the set includes a hard plastic storage case, as seen in many products from the brand. The case itself includes an easy and safe pick system that minimizes injury risk while taking the bits out.

Material: Carbide-tipped | Shank Size: 1/4" | Bit Profiles: Roundover, chamfer, dovetail, hinge mortising, single-flute pilot panel, double-flute flush laminate trim, top bearing straight trim, double-flute straight, Roman ogee, wavy edge, cove, core box, V-groove, rabbeting | Case/Storage: Plastic

5. Best router bit set for professionals: MNA router bit set

The 25-bit MNA router set is a kit designed to match the dimensions and standards required by the United States of America. Made using high-density C3 carbide, the MNA router bits offer wear resistance and well-sharpened edges for a seamless finish.

This set is geared towards the professional woodworker, offering several types of bits to be used in various circumstances. Each bit is capable of cutting through all types of wood, including MDF, hardwood, medium-density fiberboard, and softwood. 

You can find bit varieties that include cove box bit, dovetail bit, Roman ogee bit, round over bit, chamfer bit, and many more. These have a ¼-inch shank that is compatible universally with all major routers.

While testing, I found the router set to be quite precise and stable. The router bits allowed very little vibration to pass through the tool, making the working experience less tiring. Moreover, its anti-kickback design provides a degree of safety during operation.

That said, I did feel that the bits could have been a little longer. Being a little shorter than expected, the paint on the MNA bits may flake off while working, which is not an ideal prospect.

Material: C3 carbide | Shank Size: 1/4" | Bit Profiles: Mortising, combination bevel, cove, cove box, straight, panel pilot, bearing flush trim, chamfer, dovetail, round over, V-groove, Roman ogee | Case/Storage: Aluminium

6. Best value-for-money router bit set: TOOLDO router bit set 24 pieces

Offering 24 pieces in the set, the TOOLDO router bit set is a kit designed for DIY woodworking projects. It comes with a machine-sharpened C2 carbide blade to facilitate spotless cuts.

The toolkit is geared to beginners who are starting out on their woodworking journey. It allows them to understand how these bits work with different types of lumber and develop preferences accordingly. 

Each bit in the TOOLDO router bit set comes with a universal 1⁄4-inch shank that is compatible with any router tool. Moreover, some of these bits come with ball bearings that make cuts easier to align while providing a smooth finish. Made with hardened steel, the bits are powder-coated for added durability.

They can also be used for trimming, grooving, and texturing different types of lumber. You can use it to create contoured edges on a laminate surface for the desired finish. That said, I did find that the bits tended to heat up the longer I worked with them. 

And lastly, the set comes in a packing box with dedicated slots to make storage simple and accessible. 

Material: C2 carbide | Shank Size: 1/4" | Bit Profiles: Mortising, keyhole, dovetail, V-groove, straight, flat bottom round over, panel pilot, flush trim, round over, edge beading, cove, Roman ogee, 45° chamfer, slot cutter | Case/Storage: Packing box

7. Best router bits for crafting: Yakamoz router bit set

The bowl-and-tray template router bit set from Yakamoz is a three-piece kit designed for professional-quality finishes. Made from C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide, each bit comes with industrial build quality, making them highly durable.

Each bit has a shank made from hardened steel featuring an anti-kickback design. Moreover, to prevent heat generation while working, the bits have a heat-resistant Teflon coating.

And as for the blade itself, it has been treated with heat to sharpen router bits and make them more durable. The alloy blade has also been precision-balanced to make operation as smooth as possible.

You can use the Yakamoz router bit set to make the precise cuts required to create small bowls, jewelry boxes, tackle boxes, and more. The toolkit can be a part of those enthusiastic about crafting and precision carving woodworking projects like picture frames.

That said, the three-bit set does feel a little limited in terms of what one can create with them. An additional few pieces would have gone a long way for the Yakamoz set.

Lastly, the bit set can be used to cut a multitude of composition materials, including hardwood, softwood, plywood, and more.

Material: C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide | Shank Size: 1/4" | Bit Profiles: Bowl | Case/Storage: No case

8. Best starter router bit set: Yonico router bits set

The Yonico router bits set is a kit of 15 bits with a ¼-inch shank. With several types of bits included, the router bit set can be an option for beginners to consider.

With a ¼-inch shank for each bit, the bits are coated with Teflon to reduce friction. In turn, the reduced friction helps reduce heat generation as well, making them highly heat-resistant. 

Each bit blade is made with premium-quality C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide blades. This results in a sharper edge that lasts for a long time. Moreover, they feature silver induction brazing that further increases their durability and maximum strength.

The Yonico router bit set includes straight bits, roundover bits, cove bits, slot cutter bits, and more. With such a high selection of bits, the kit can be used in most woodworking situations, making it versatile.

You’ll find the bits encased in a storage box that keeps organization simple and transportation easy. It’s worth mentioning that the bits were a little difficult for me to remove from their storage case initially.

Material: C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide | Shank Size: 1/4" | Bit Profiles: Straight, flush trim, pattern, dovetail, bevel trim, Roman ogee, chamfer, round over, cove, slotting cutter | Case/Storage: Wood

9. Router bit set with the highest variety: Teebits router bits set

Coming in a set of 35 pieces, the Teebits router bit set includes ¼-inch universal shanks that can be used by professionals and beginners alike. The set includes a variety of bits suited for common woodwork projects, including slot cutter bits, classical cove bits, round-nose bits, flush-trim bits, and more.

Made using the industry standard C3 carbide, the Teebits router bits resist wear and tear while providing a consistent and precise finish. The edges are sharp enough to cut through all the common wood types like MDF, particle board, hardwood, and softwood. 

During testing, the Teebits router bits proved quite effective on most of these wood types. With certain bits including a high-quality bearing, the router bits are simple to guide through lumber. That said, I did find the set struggling a little against hardwood species, which can limit its use case a little.

Lastly, the bit set comes in an aluminum carry case to protect it from any external damage, and to ensure customer satisfaction. The bits slot into the provided spaces easily and don’t budge during transport.

Material: C3 carbide | Shank Size: 1/4" | Bit Profiles: Slot cutter, Roman ogee, double Roman ogee, cove, classical cove, cove box, straight, chamfer, round over, dovetail, round nose, mortising, 90° V-groove, flush trim, wave edge, reading | Case/Storage: Aluminum carry case

What are the best router bit sets for woodworking excellence?

Embarking on a woodworking venture? Dive into our curated list of top-notch router bit sets, each with unique features designed to elevate your projects. From versatile bit profiles to durable materials, these sets offer precision and variety. Discover the ideal set for your woodworking toolkit, enhancing your craftsmanship with ease and finesse.

ProductMaterialShank SizeBit ProfilesCase/Storage
HILTEX 10100 Router BitsYG8 tungsten carbide1/4"Straight bit, cove box, cove tail, 90° V-groove, mortising, round corner, dovetail, Roman ogee, chamfer, panel pilot, flush trimWood
KOWOOD Router BitsSteel, alloy blade1/4"Corner round, dovetail, 45° chamfer, panel pilot, cove, cove box, flush trim, Roman ogee, straight, mortising, 90° V-grooveWood
Wolfride Router Bit SetIndustrial-grade carbide1/4"Top-bearing flush trimPlastic
BOSCH Router Bit SetCarbide-tipped1/4"Roundover, chamfer, dovetail, hinge mortising, single-flute pilot panel, double-flute flush laminate trim, top bearing straight trim, double-flute straight, Roman ogee, wavy edge, cove, core box, V-groove, rabbetingPlastic
MNA Router Bit SetC3 carbide1/4"Mortising, combination bevel, cove, cove box, straight, panel pilot, bearing flush trim, chamfer, dovetail, round over, V-groove, Roman ogeeAluminium
TOOLDO Router Bit SetC2 carbide1/4"Mortising, keyhole, dovetail, V-groove, straight, flat bottom round over, panel pilot, flush trim, round over, edge beading, cove, Roman ogee, 45° chamfer, slot cutterPacking box
Yakamoz Router Bit SetC3 micro-grain tungsten carbide1/4"BowlNo case
Yonico Router Bits SetC3 micro-grain tungsten carbide1/4"Straight, flush trim, pattern, dovetail, bevel trim, Roman ogee, chamfer, round over, cove, slotting cutterWood
Teebits Router Bits SetC3 carbide1/4"Slot cutter, Roman ogee, double Roman ogee, cove, classical cove, cove box, straight, chamfer, round over, dovetail, round nose, mortising, 90° V-groove, flush trim, wave edge, readingAluminum carry case

Router bits sets buyer’s guide

Every good wood shaper needs a set of router bits to work with. After all, the tool is useless without the instrument that enables it to create cutouts, sharp edges, decorative surface cuts, and more. Of course, if you’ve never purchased bits before, choosing the right router bit profiles can be a little puzzling. 

It’s important to remember that you don’t need an abundance of bits for most woodwork projects. You can choose to build your repertoire of router bits slowly, buying them only as the need arises. And since good router bits last a long while, you can make the most out of your collection by choosing the right ones. 

Let’s take a look at what makes for a set of high-quality router bits. 

1. Router bit profile categories

The profile defines the very edge of a bit that is used to make different kinds of cuts and patterns. And for different purposes, you will need a different router bit profile. 

There are several different kinds of router bit profile categories, including basic ones like straight, flush-trim and pattern, edge-forming, joinery, and specialty bits. Each of these comes in a variety of lengths and diameters, making them highly versatile tools. 

A. Straight router bits

As the name suggests, straight router bits are designed to make straight cuts into a material, forming a groove or hollowing an area out.  You can also create grooves across the wood grain or make room for an inlay or a mortise and tenon, much like a table saw

B. Flush-trim and pattern router bits

Next, the flush-trim and pattern bits are the bit-type meant to trim the edges of two material flushes to create pieces identical to one another. These can be used for the construction of templates for a specific pattern as well, and are often paired with trim routers.  Flush-trim and pattern bits use a pilot bearing that matches the radius of the cutter, usually located at the top, bottom, or both. 

C. Edge-forming router bits

If you want to create decorative edges, you may need edge-forming router bits. These bits have several subtypes, such as chamfer router bits and ogee bits to cut various decorative edges. While these may contain a pilot bearing to serve as a guide, that may not always be the case. You can use these to add a finishing touch to your carpentry project. 

D. Joinery router bits

For making the mating profiles suited for woodworking joints, you can use joinery router bits. These include bits that have a spinning pilot bearing that is located at the top, such as a rabbeting router bit. You can find specialized joinery bits of various diameters on the market to create rabbets of several sizes. 

E. Specialty router bits

And lastly, you can choose specialty bits that are designed with a particular task in mind. These can include sign-making router bits for manufacturing a template, raised panel bits for shaping the edges of a panel, and more. Specialty bits are typically small and may be used in handheld routers, with certain subtypes being used only in a table router for safety

Here is a brief list of quality router bits you can use for your woodwork project: 

  • Fiberglass router bits 
  • Finger joint bits 
  • Keyhole router bits 
  • Lamination router bits 
  • Metal router bits 
  • MDF router bits 
  • Plywood router bits 
  • Tongue-and-groove router bits 
  • Drawer lock router bits 

2. Router bit shanks

A router bit shank is one of the four main components of a bit, making up the cylindrical portion of the bit. It is connected directly to the collet of the router. 

You can find router bit shanks in two types, namely ¼” and ½” diameter shanks, with certain bits having interchangeable options. Having the flexibility of being able to use a ¼” or ½” collet is generally preferable over those that only offer one. 

3. Router bit cutting edges

The choices for router bit cutting edges are usually two: High-Speed Steel (HSS), or carbide-tipped. You may find that the latter is more prevalent on the market, featuring a cutting edge that is harder than carbon steel and capable of holding an edge longer. That said, a carbide tip can also be quite brittle, being likely to cause chip damage to the cutters. 

HSS bits, on the other hand, are the more affordable option in terms of upfront costs. The lower upfront cost may be the only advantage they bring, particularly since you may find yourself replacing them often. This can potentially negate the advantage of having to pay less money for the blade. 

And since a carbide router bit lasts a long time and rarely requires replacements, they become the more cost-effective option in the long run. All you need to remember about a carbide router bit is that you must store it carefully to avoid damaging it for as long as possible. 

4. Router bit sets

You will likely purchase a complete set of quality router bits rather than just a single type when starting out. Choosing the best set of router bits can vary based on the type of work you’re doing and what you need from the set. 

That said, you can rely on router bit sets listed below that can cover nearly all needs: 

  • 12 and 15-piece router bit sets that include bits like straight, ogee, and chamfer bits 
  • 24 and 35-piece sets that contain more specialty bits for various applications 
  • Oversized router bits that come with 80 or more pieces, covering nearly every need 

Are all router bits universal?

No, not all router bits are universal and designed to be used with every type of router model. While many router bits are compatible with a wide range of routers, there are specific bit types that are engineered for certain router models. These specialized bits may have unique features or dimensions that make them incompatible with other router models, thus limiting their usability.

Do all router bits have ball bearings?

No, not all router bits have ball bearings. Only certain bit types, such as rabbet bits, flush-trim bits, chamfer bits, Roman Ogee bits, and others, are designed with ball bearings to assist in routing a specific pattern and adjusting the cutting depth. These bearings are particularly beneficial for tasks such as etching, molding, or carving doors, stiles, picture frames, or cabinetry.

Why do router bits break?

Router bits can break for various reasons, but one common cause is running the router at the wrong speed. Running the router too slowly can generate excessive friction and heat, weakening the bit's structure and eventually causing it to break.

Conversely, feeding the lumber into the bit too quickly can overload the gullets, potentially leading to a jam and other complications during woodworking projects like making a wooden countertop.

What router bit type is the best for creating a smooth surface?

The router bit type that is best for creating a smooth surface is a spiral bit. The shearing action of a spiral bit allows it to maintain constant contact with the lumber, resulting in a smoother finish. By using a spiral bit, you can avoid the need for additional sanding after routing, making it an ideal choice for achieving a smooth surface.

If you’re a beginner in the world of wood routers and router bits, choosing between these bit sets can be a little confusing. After all, they are all designed to fulfill different roles.

Based on my time testing the products, the router bit set that stood out the most was the HILTEX 10100 router bit set. It is an affordable router bit set with enough bit variety to be used in most furniture projects. That said, it wholly depends on what your project is and what you need from the bits. As such, options like the Bosch and Wolfride set can also be the best option for you.